News Headlines - 20 February 2019

Labour infected with antisemitism says 8th MP to quit UK party - Jerusalem Post

UK Labour MP Joan Ryan has become the eighth member to resign from the party due to antisemitism in its ranks and its policies on Brexit.
Ryan said that Labour has become “infected” with antisemitism and that its leader, Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to lead the country.
On Monday, seven Labour MPs resigned from the party in protest of the party’s failure to deal with its antisemitism problem, which they said has changed Labour’s character, and due to their frustration with its bumbling policy on Brexit, which is the central political issue in the UK today.

EU agrees to cut greenhouse gas emissions from trucks | Reuters

The European Union agreed on Tuesday to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from new trucks and buses by 30 percent by a 2030 deadline as part of its commitment to cut its output of greenhouse gases.

French police officers attacked by yellow vest protesters while trapped in their car

Police in Lyon, France have released footage of 'Yellow Vest' protestors attacking two police officers trapped in their car with rocks and other objects.

Japanese SDF jet crashes, 2 crew rescued - NHK WORLD

Japan's Defense Ministry has confirmed a F-2 fighter jet has crashed off the coast of western Japan and the crew of two has been rescued alive.
Officials described the condition of both crew members, who were pulled from the sea, as "conscious."

Naomi Osaka blames scrutiny over coaching split for Dubai defeat - BBC Sport

Japan's Naomi Osaka blamed scrutiny following the split from her coach for defeat in her first match since becoming world number one.
The Australian and US Open champion, 21, was beaten 6-3 6-3 by France's Kristina Mladenovic in the Dubai Tennis Championships second round... Asked if she could block out reaction to the news, she said: "I couldn't. This match is the result of that."








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