News Headlines - 24 February 2019

Okinawa votes in referendum on US military base relocation - Stripes

The people of Okinawa are voting Sunday on a plan for a U.S. military base relocation in a referendum that will send a message on how they feel about housing American troops in Japan, who many see as a burden on the group of tiny southwestern islands.
The referendum is technically not binding but interest is high for testing the public sentiment about the plan to relocate Futenma air base, which is pushed by the national government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Emperor voices emotion over 30 years on throne - The Japan News

The Emperor expressed deep emotion on Sunday over marking the 30th anniversary of his accession to the Chrysanthemum Throne amid congratulations offered by people at home and abroad... Looking back on the Heisei era, which began the day after his enthronement in January 1989, the Emperor said, “Japan had a period free of war for the first time in modern history, backed by the strong will of the people aspiring for peace.”
But he added, “Japan also faced many unexpected difficulties.”

Theresa May delays Brexit vote for a fortnight and refuses to censure ministers demanding A50 extension

Theresa May has delayed a vote on her Brexit deal for up to two weeks and refused to censure Remain ministers for calling for Article 50 to be extended. The Prime Minister repeatedly refused to criticise Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clarke after they vowed to support a backbench bid to take a no-deal exit from the EU off the table.
Mrs May said her meaningful vote could be held as late as March 12, which would leave just two and a half weeks until the UK’s planned exit date from the EU.

Ian Austin becomes 9th MP to quit UK Labour - POLITICO

Ian Austin has become the ninth MP to quit Britain's Labour Party this week, telling his local paper the party is "broken."... The Dudley North MP said that Labour has been taken over by the hard left and accused the party of being harder on people who complain about anti-Semitism than it is on racists.
Austin said he has not spoken to the Independent Group, which consists of eight former Labour MPs and three former Conservative MPs.

French Court Won't Block Catholic Abuse Film 'By the Grace of God' | Hollywood Reporter

The film was inspired by the case against Preynat, indicted two years ago for sexual assault and accused of molesting more than 80 boys. The priest, who denies the charges, said that the film undermines his presumption of innocence and would unfairly impact his trial. He sued to block the film's release until after his trial, which is expected to happen some time later this year.
However, the French court rejected his bid, though the film still faces an additional legal challenge that could stop its scheduled release Feb. 20.








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