News Headlines - 02 March 2019

British prejudice against immigrants is among lowest in Europe, study shows

Just one in 10 Britons would object to neighbours of a different race while only 15 per cent do not want immigrants living next door, a new study has found. Research has shown that British prejudice against immigrants is among the lowest in Europe, and comparable to most other wealthy EU and English speaking nations.
US researchers said the findings challenge the prevailing attitudes about Brexit suggesting that the vast majority of people in Britain do not have an issue with immigration.

SDF draws fire for recruitment poster featuring female anime characters in skimpy costumes | The Japan Times

A Self-Defense Forces recruitment office in Shiga Prefecture has caused a stir by releasing a poster that features female anime characters wearing super-short skirts, which expose what appear to be underwear. Some people have described the image as a form of sexual harassment.

Thailand to apply to join trans-Pacific FTA this month: official - The Mainichi

Thailand will apply this month to join a trans-Pacific free trade agreement, aiming to ensure it is not left behind by its competitors in the vibrant region, according to a senior Thai government official.

Mystery still surrounds break-in at North Korean embassy in Madrid - The Local

A week after a break-in at the North Korean embassy in Madrid, Spanish authorities were on Friday still trying to shed light on the mysterious theft of computers and office equipment...North Korea's ambassador to Spain was expelled in 2017 as a "persona non grata" after nuclear tests and missile firings by Pyongyang.
Since then, North Korea has had diplomatic representation in Madrid but no ambassador.

It’s Spielberg vs. Netflix as the Post-Oscar Academy Wars Continue | IndieWire

Steven Spielberg isn’t basking in the glow of Best Picture Oscar-winner “Green Book,” which he supported in this year’s contentious Oscar race. His Academy Award attention is now devoted to ensuring that the race never sees another “Roma” - a Netflix film backed by massive sums, that didn’t play by the same rules as its analog-studio competitors.
As far as he’s concerned, as it currently stands Netflix should only compete for awards in the Emmy arena; as the Academy Governor representing the directors branch, Spielberg is eager to support rule changes when it convenes for its annual post-Oscar meeting.








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