News Headlines - 06 March 2019

Senate set to reject Trump's national emergency declaration | The Guardian

Donald Trump’s declaration of an emergency on the Mexican border will be rejected by the Senate, the most senior Republican in the US upper chamber has admitted.
The Democratic-controlled House has already voted to reject the national emergency declaration. A rejection in the Republican-controlled Senate would send a powerful signal that Trump’s control of his own party may be slipping.
If his national emergency declaration is rejected, Trump could veto that rejection. A presidential veto can be overruled by both houses of Congress, but only with two-thirds majorities, which is unlikely, meaning the declaration is likely to stand in the end.

Carlos Ghosn: former Nissan chairman released on bail in Tokyo | The Guardian

Carlos Ghosn has been freed from detention in Tokyo, almost four months after the former Nissan chairman was arrested for financial misconduct... Live TV footage showed Ghosn, dressed in a dark blue uniform, light blue baseball cap and surgical face mask, being escorted out of Tokyo detention centre by several officials and taken to a silver van. Reports said that a car from the French embassy had arrived at the detention centre, as media helicopters swirled overhead.

Kagoike couple at heart of Japan PM Abe's Moritomo Gakuen cronyism scandal plead not guilty | The Japan Times

The former head of a school operator and his wife, who are at the heart of a cronyism scandal linked to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of fraud related to public subsidies for their schools, claiming their arrests were politically motivated.

Japan's health ministry approves world's first trials for using iPS cells to treat corneal disease | The Japan Times

The health ministry conditionally approved Tuesday the world’s first clinical study to treat patients with corneal disease by using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
The study, to be conducted by a team of researchers from Osaka University, will be the sixth time the government has authorized clinical studies using iPS cells.

Arata Isozaki Won 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Now See Pictures Of His Work : NPR

Isozaki won the Pritzker Architecture Prize on Tuesday, a lifetime achievement award so prestigious, it's often known as the Nobel Prize for architects. And according to the prize's judges, it was in part Isozaki's endless attempts to rebuild - to make something new from old forms, to experiment on the edge of what's possible - that earned him the honor.








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