News Headlines - 28 March 2019

Brexit: Petition to revoke Article 50 to be debated next week - BBC News

The government has officially responded to the record-breaking petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled, which will be debated by MPs next week.
The petition, which has passed more than 5.75m signatures, has been scheduled for debate on Monday, 1 April along with two other Brexit petitions.
Responding, the government said it "acknowledges the considerable number of people" who have signed it.

BMW 'interested in taking over Honda's Swindon site' | The Guardian

Honda last month announced that it would cease production in Swindon in 2021, dealing a major blow to a British car industry that already faces an uncertain future over Brexit. However, the availability of a ready-made plant could prove attractive to buyers if the UK maintains a stable trading relationship with the EU. Honda employs 3,500 people in Swindon, all of whom are expected to lose their jobs in 2021.
BMW has been eyeing the plant for several weeks, although it is not thought that a decision will be made until well after the status of the future UK-EU trading relationship is confirmed.

Sandy Hook victim's father apparently took his own life - BBC News

The father of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim has been found dead, having apparently taken his own life, police say.
Newtown, Connecticut, police said Jeremy Richman was found in his office building on Monday.
The 49-year-old was the father of six-year-old Avielle, one of 20 children killed in the December 2012 shooting.

'I'm really, really sorry' - Vegan YouTube star captured eating fish on camera apologises to her fans - Independent.ie

Yovanda Mendoza Ayres, aka Rawvana, was recorded eating seafood in a video posted by another vlogger a couple of weeks ago.
She adapted the raw vegan diet six years ago and claimed she experienced good results - she was sleeping and feeling and looking better, and her skin had cleared - which inspired her to blog about her veganism and become a health coach.
However, she told her followers in a video earlier this month that she experienced a raft of health issues over the last few years.

'Monster nine-foot' alligator invades golf course in Georgia | The Guardian

An alligator, thought to be around nine-foot long, made an unexpected appearance on the 17th green at a club in Georgia, stopping a group of golfers in their tracks.
Ed Vance, who filmed the incident at The Club at Savannah Harbor on Sunday, told The Island Packet: 'The video doesn’t pick it up, but the ‘thud, thud, thud’ sound was what you would think a dinosaur sounds like. It was surreal.'







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