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News Headlines - 30 April 2019

Emperor Akihito: Japanese monarch declares historic abdication - BBC News

Japan's Emperor Akihito has declared his abdication in a historic ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
In his last public address as emperor, Akihito handed over the symbols of power and thanked the public for their support during his 30-year reign... He is the first Japanese monarch to stand down in more than 200 years.
Akihito technically remained emperor until midnight (15:00 GMT on Tuesday).

Venezuela Crisis: Guaidó Calls for Uprising as Clashes Erupt - The New York Times

Clashes between antigovernment protesters and law enforcement officers erupted in Caracas on Tuesday after the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, appeared alongside soldiers at a military base and called for the population to rise up against the president, Nicolás Maduro.
Mr. Guaidó has urged the Venezuela military to join his side since he declared himself interim president more than three months ago. But it was a new step for him to make the declaration with men in uniform by his side. Still, it is unclear how much of the military supports him.

IS Leader Appears In Video For First Time In Five Years

The leader of the extremist Islamic State (IS) group has appeared in a video for the first time in five years.
The video -- released by the IS's media outlet, Al-Furqan, on April 29 -- shows Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appearing with an unkempt, bushy gray and red beard while sitting on the floor against a wall... Baghdadi, 47, last appeared in a video while delivering a sermon at the Al-Nuri Mosque in 2014 in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which had been taken by IS forces when they swept over large swathes of Iraq and Syria. It was during that speech that he declared the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

Ex-US North Korea envoy Joseph Yun says Trump approved signing of Warmbier pledge - CNNPolitics

Joseph Yun, the former State Department Special Representative for North Korea, confirmed Monday that he signed an agreement to pay North Korea $2 million for the release of American student Otto Warmbier in 2017.
In an interview with CNN's Jim Sciutto, Yun said that he did so with the approval of then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and that it was his understanding President Donald Trump had also signed off on the decision.

President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims - The Washington Post

It took President Trump 601 days to top 5,000 false and misleading claims in The Fact Checker’s database, an average of eight claims a day.
But on April 26, just 226 days later, the president crossed the 10,000 mark — an average of nearly 23 claims a day in this seven-month period... In the first 100 days, Trump averaged less than five claims a day, which would have added up to about 7,000 claims in a four-year presidential term.

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トランプ氏「両陛下に心から感謝」 TBS NEWS


バイデン氏「打倒トランプ」前面 初の支持者集会 - 産経ニュース


ソフトバンク子会社、米携帯との合併延期 : 読売新聞オンライン




米“爆破テロ計画”元兵士逮捕 NZ銃乱射に「報復必要」 - FNN.jpプライムオンライン


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News Headlines - 29 April 2019

Man arrested over entering Prince Hisahito's school - The Mainichi

A 56-year-old man was arrested Monday on suspicion of entering the premises of the junior high school Prince Hisahito attends, police said, after knives were found on the prince's classroom desk last week.

Japanese bureaucrat in drugs arrest - NHK WORLD

Police in Tokyo have arrested a government bureaucrat for allegedly smuggling illegal drugs into Japan... Police say he received a package sent by international mail containing about 22 grams of stimulants with a street value of more than $11,000.
Customs officials found the drugs stashed inside a fashion magazine while checking a suspicious package sent from the United States.
Police say the shipping address was not Nishida's, but he instructed a post office to deliver it to his home.

Jokowi wants to move capital out of Java - The Jakarta Post

The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) presented its initial study on the relocation plan during a Cabinet meeting led by Jokowi on Monday, where the top executives discussed alternatives to establish a new political and government hub amid environmental concerns and overcrowding in Jakarta... The first was to keep Jakarta as the capital but establish a government district centered around the Presidential Palace and the National Monument to improve efficiency, while the second option was to establish a new capital located 50 to 70 kilometers outside Jakarta.

Experts warn Macron against rushing to rebuild Notre-Dame

Macron pledged to rebuild the cathedral within five years, after a devastating fire destroyed its spire and reduced much of the roof to cinders on April 15.
In the weeks that followed, a special bill was drafted, that - if approved - would allow the government to speed the project along by bypassing public procurement legislation and laws on cultural heritage.
Yet Macron’s apparent determination to rebuild Notre-Dame as quickly as possible has left many experts worried. In an open letter published on Monday by French daily Le Figaro, 1,170 architects, conservationists and academics from around the world called on the French president not to rush into reconstruction.

Ashdown Forest fire: Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood ablaze

Ashdown Forest - the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood - went up in flames overnight as a fire swept across six acres of land... The forest gave birth to AA Milne's famous creation. The Hundred Acre Wood, from the author's children's books, is actually named after the Five Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest.

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F35A異例の日米捜索、青森沖 3隻態勢、水深1500メートル | 共同通信
墜落死したサラ選手とみられる遺体写真、ネットで拡散 英警察が捜査:AFPBB News
今年1月に飛行機事故で不慮の死を遂げたエミリアーノ・サラ(Emiliano Sala)選手(当時28)のものとみられる遺体の写真がインターネット上で拡散していることから、英警察当局が捜査に乗り出している。……英南部ドーセット(Dorset)の警察はAFPに対し、「サラ氏の遺体と報じられている写真がソーシャルメディア上で共有されていると把握している」と文書で回答。……サラ選手の遺体とされる写真は、イングランド南部ボーンマス(Bournemouth)の霊安室で撮影されたものとみられる。
バンクシーのネズミはなぜ傘をさしているのか? ストリートの現実主義とファンタジー |美術手帖
バンクシーは、イギリスのブリストルで活動を始めた1990 年代当初は、フリーハンドのグラフィティを描き、アルファベットで「BANKSY」とボムする(グラフィティを書きなぐる)タギングも残していた。しかしその後、ロンドンに移ってからは、ラットのステンシル画を大量に描き始めるようになる。
『アベンジャーズ/エンドゲーム』北米の初日興収が史上最高! - シネマトゥデイ
マーベル映画『アベンジャーズ/エンドゲーム』の北米における現地時間26日(金)の初日興行収入(木曜夜のプレビュー上映を含む)が、速報値で1億5,670万ドル(約172億円)の歴代最高記録を樹立した。これまで『スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒』(2015)が保持してきた初日興収記録1億1,911万9,282ドル(約131億円)を大幅に上回る快挙だ。(数字は Box Office Mojo 調べ、1ドル110円計算)

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News Headlines - 28 April 2019

Denso profit drops 23% on increased investment, market slowdown

Denso, the Toyota Group company that is Japan's biggest auto parts supplier, reported a 23 percent decline in operating profit for the latest fiscal year... CEO Koji Arima predicted that revenue and operating profit will increase in the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, thanks to rising sales of electrification and safety related products.
Denso announced separately April 26 that Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor, will be appointed to its board, pending approval at Denso's annual shareholder meeting.

Weak South Korean economy and cooling North Korea ties threatening Moon Jae-in's political future | The Japan Times

South Korea’s Moon Jae-in has staked his presidency on tackling two big challenges: North Korea and the economy. Both are proving to be stubborn foes.
The country’s gross domestic product contracted 0.3 percent in the first quarter - the biggest decline in a decade - the Bank of Korea said Thursday. The blow came just two days before the president was expected to mark the first anniversary of his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un - with an event snubbed by the North Koreans.

Feral cats in Australia: Government again in spotlight for plan to kill 2 million cats by 2020 | abc7news.com

Australia's federal government is once again in the spotlight for a years-old plan to cull 2 million feral cats by 2020, this time after details emerged about the reported use of poison-laced sausages to reduce the island's wild cat population.
Modern feral cats are the same species as domesticated house cats, but they hunt and survive in the wild without human contact. Scientists have linked the large cat population's predatory behaviors with the decline and, in some cases, the extinction of more than two dozen of Australia's native species.

Maria Butina sentenced to 18 months for trying to infiltrate US right and NRA The Guardian

A federal judge sentenced the Russian gun-rights activist Maria Butina to 18 months in prison on Friday, after she tried to infiltrate US conservative groups and the National Rifle Association to promote Russian political interests around the 2016 election.
After serving time in prison, Butina, 30, would be deported, a US district court judge said in a ruling the Russian embassy in Washington attacked as “political” and driven by “repressive US legislation”.
The judgment, which Butina can appeal, is a turning point in a high-profile case that came amid speculation over the extent of Russian interference in American politics.

NASA detects first 'Mars quake', and here's what it sounds like

The first "Mars quake" has been detected, NASA announced Tuesday... NASA said this is the first trembling that appears to have come from inside the planet, as opposed to being caused by forces above the surface, such as wind.
The sound was detected by NASA's Insight Lander, a robot spacecraft that's now sitting on the Martian surface. The sound was detected on April 6, 2019.

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米がイラン原油全面禁輸へ 日本などへの制裁除外は延長せず - BBCニュース
別の米製品でも5人死亡 ベビーベッド70万台回収へ - 産経ニュース
英名門大学の100人近い学生、登録された性別の変更を要請(The Telegraph)
天皇即位「スーパーボウルの100倍大事」 日米首脳会談 :日本経済新聞

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News Headlines - 27 April 2019

Knives found near Japan Prince Hisahito’s desk at Tokyo school, intruder caught on security video | South China Morning Post

Two kitchen knives have been found at the school desk of Japan’s Prince Hisahito, grandson of Emperor Akihito, with security camera footage showing a suspicious man trespassing on the grounds, media reported on Saturday.
The incident came as authorities were strengthening security before the popular emperor’s abdication next week after a 30-year reign.

Japan emperor: The mysterious Imperial Treasures - BBC News

On 1 May, Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne after his father abdicates, becoming the new emperor of Japan.
Both the abdication and accession will involve deeply symbolic Shinto ceremonies, and central to them will be three objects - a mirror, a sword and a gem - known as the Imperial Treasures or Regalia.
The origins and whereabouts of the mysterious objects are shrouded in secrecy, but myths about them are peppered throughout Japanese history and pop culture.

Leica's promo referencing the Tiananmen Massacre went viral on China's social media. Then, it disappeared. | Hong Kong Free Press

A new video promoting the German camera company Leica has caused an uproar on the Chinese internet, resulting in a ban on the video and its derivatives. Produced by Leica’s ad agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, a five-minute video was launched in Brazil on April 16 to celebrate 100 years of the brand.
The video, titled “The Hunt,” features a collage of photographers documenting violence and hardship in different parts of the world. It is book-ended with scenes from inside a Beijing hotel in 1989, where a photographer is harassed by Chinese military officers but then left alone. Gunfire can be heard in the background as the photographer walks to the window, and raises his camera. Reflected in the lens, we see the infamous image of military tanks moving through Tiananmen Square towards a single protester standing before them.

Possible Banksy emerges as Extinction Rebellion protests close - ITV News

The end of the 10 days of climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion activists has been marked by the daubing of what appears to be a Banksy mural.
The environmental artwork sprung up on a wall in Marble Arch around the time the demonstrators gathered nearby to celebrate the closing of their spell of disruption in central London.
While there is no confirmation the piece is by the famed artist, it does bear a similar stencilled style.

Competition regulator blocks Sainsbury's £7.3 billion takeover of Walmart's ASDA - Reuters

Britain’s competition regulator on Thursday blocked Sainsbury’s proposed £7.3 billion takeover of Walmart-owned Asda - a huge blow to the supermarket groups who wanted to combine to overtake market leader Tesco.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ruling is also a major setback for Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe, the architect of the deal and the group’s boss since 2014. For Walmart, the deal was a way to exit Britain, one of the weakest performers in its global portfolio, as it moves to revamp its international operations.

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トランプ氏、FRB人事で指名断念 でも実は「譲歩」?:朝日新聞デジタル


スイス中銀、マイナス金利政策は必要=総裁 - ロイター




ZOZO、欧州とアメリカから撤退 「ゾゾスーツ」不評で - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 26 April 2019

Shifting to more diverse hiring practices | The Japan Times

Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation) and representatives from universities have compiled an interim report calling for a departure from the long-established practice in which most big companies recruit prospective graduates en masse around the same time of year to start working in April - and a shift to more diverse hiring practices, such as year-round hiring, which is much more common in other countries and is increasingly being adopted here by firms in the IT and other growth sectors. The move reflects a sense of crisis among many Japanese firms that if they stick to the established hiring practice they will lose out in the race to secure employees with the knowledge and skills they need in the increasingly competitive and globalized business environment.

2 Japan opposition parties agree to merge ahead of upper house poll - The Mainichi

The leaders of the Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) and the Liberal Party (LP) agreed to merge the two opposition parties ahead of the House of Councillors election, now just months away.
DPFP leader Yuichiro Tamaki and LP co-head Ichiro Ozawa reached a formal agreement on the merger during an April 26 meeting at DPFP headquarters. The meeting followed a general assembly of DPFP members of both houses of the Diet held at the party headquarters in the predawn hours of April 26, where a majority of attendees agreed on the LP merger.

Japan nuclear regulator to halt reactors without anti-terrorism systems - Reuters

Japan’s nuclear regulator on Wednesday said it would start ordering shutdowns on any reactors for which power companies have not met deadlines for installing anti-terrorism safety features.
The deadlines start next year and are different for each reactor. The earliest deadline falls in March 2020 for Kyushu Electric’s Sendai reactor in southwestern Japan.

Myanmar court rejects final appeal by jailed Reuters journalists | The Guardian

The highest court of Myanmar has denied the final appeal of the two Reuters journalists who were imprisoned for their reporting on the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, upholding the seven-year prison sentence and dashing the last hope that justice would be served.
The swift ruling, by Myanmar’s highest court, was a devastating blow to Wa Lone, 33, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 29, who were arrested in December 2017 and accused of breaking a colonial-era Official Secrets Act, and have now been in jail for 16 months.

Hundreds of thousands protest against Algeria's ruling elite - Reuters

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the departure of Algeria’s ruling elite rallied peacefully in Algiers for a tenth consecutive Friday.
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika stepped down after 20 years in power this month, bowing to pressure from the army and weeks of demonstrations mainly by young people seeking change.

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ゴーン被告保釈 妻との接触禁止の条件も…


旭日旗を容認、習指導部 対日関係の改善を意識 :日本経済新聞



新天皇となる皇太子さまが英オックスフォード大学留学時代の思い出を記した著書「テムズとともに」の英訳本「The Thames and I」が、このほど英国で再刊された。5月の即位を控え、日英交流団体「日本協会」が日本文化と社会への理解促進を目的に企画した。

北の非核化には多国間の保証必要、「米だけでは不十分」=ロ大統領 - ロイター


ズラビシュヴィリ・ジョージア大統領が南オセチアに関して米ドラマを批判 | TRT 日本語


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News Headlines - 25 April 2019

Joe Biden 2020: Former vice president Joe Biden says he's running for president in video announcing bid released today - live updates - CBS News

Ending months of speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday he is launching his third presidential campaign. Instantly joining the race as an early frontrunner, the former vice president and more than a dozen major Democratic candidates seek to deny President Trump a second term.

Otto Warmbier case: North Korea presented U.S. with $2 million bill for care of comatose student - The Washington Post

North Korea issued a $2 million bill for the hospital care of comatose American Otto Warmbier, insisting that a U.S. official sign a pledge to pay it before being allowed to fly the University of Virginia student home from Pyongyang in 2017.
The presentation of the invoice - not previously disclosed by U.S. or North Korean officials - was extraordinarily brazen even for a regime known for its aggressive tactics.
But the main U.S. envoy sent to retrieve Warmbier signed an agreement to pay the medical bill on instructions passed down from President Trump, according to two people familiar with the situation. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Japan to Compensate Forcibly Sterilized Patients, Decades After the Fact - The New York Times

More than 20 years after it repealed a eugenics law, Japan has agreed to compensate victims of a decades-long government program under which thousands of people were forcibly sterilized because of intellectual disabilities, mental illness or genetic disorders.
Under a bill passed by Japan’s Parliament on Wednesday, the government will offer 3.2 million yen, or about $28,600, to each of the survivors who were sterilized between 1948 and 1996 under the law.
Of the estimated 25,000 people who were sterilized, the government has identified about 5,400, and it is not known how many are still living.

Japan's Hitachi plans to sell chemical unit, sources say - Reuters

Japan’s Hitachi Ltd plans to sell its majority stake in Hitachi Chemical, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters, in what would mark the latest deal by the sprawling conglomerate to streamline its businesses... The sale of Hitachi Chemical could start as early as next month, one of the sources said, adding that the unit could attract strategic suitors as well as buyout funds. Both sources declined to be identified as the information is not public.

Sri Lanka says 60 people arrested since Easter Sunday blasts - Reuters

More than 60 people have been arrested since the rash of Easter Sunday suicide bombing attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that killed at least 359 people, the leader of the country’s parliament said on Wednesday.

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CNN.co.jp : 米司法省、GE元技術者らを起訴 技術を中国に流した罪


ソフトバンクとグーグル兄弟会社が提携--成層圏の“空飛ぶ基地局“を実用化へ - CNET Japan

ソフトバンクは4月25日、 AeroVironment, Incと設立した合弁会社「HAPSモバイル」を通して、成層圏通信プラットフォーム「HAPS(High Altitude Platform Station)」を活用した事業を展開すると発表した。またHAPSモバイルは、米国でHAPS事業を展開する、グーグルの親会社であるアルファベット傘下のLOONと戦略的関係を構築するとともに、資本提携すると発表した。

メイ英首相、5Gにファーウェイ製品使用一部容認か - 産経ニュース


英財務省、次期中銀総裁の選考手続き開始 - ロイター


スコットランド首相、独立問う住民投票再実施の準備開始を表明 - ロイター


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News Headlines - 24 April 2019

Sri Lanka bombings: Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks | World news | The Guardian

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that killed more than 320 people, the group’s Amaq news agency has said.
The terrorist group released a photograph of the alleged ringleader of the attacks, as well as what it said was the nom de guerre of each attacker. The group said the bombers targeted citizens of the US-led coalition fighting Isis and referred to Easter as an “infidel holiday”.

Indonesia urged to review polls after over 100 election workers, police die of exhaustion - The Straits Times

The death from exhaustion of more than 100 Indonesian election workers and police officers during the world's largest one-day vote has triggered calls for a review of the simultaneous presidential and legislative polls.
More than seven million workers were deployed as almost 245,000 candidates vied for about 20,000 posts, according to the General Elections Commission.
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Wiranto said 139 officials were confirmed dead as of Wednesday (April 24), while the commission said more than 500 fell ill after the vote.

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Leaders Sentenced to Prison | Time

Eight Hong Kong activists were handed sentences of up to 16 months in prison on Wednesday for their roles organizing pro-democracy demonstrations in 2014.
The activists were convicted on charges of public nuisance and incitement two weeks ago, a verdict that some perceived as underscoring eroding political freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese enclave under pressure from Beijing.

Theresa May defies security warnings of ministers and US to allow Huawei to help build Britain's 5G network

Theresa May has given the green light to a Chinese telecoms giant to help build Britain's new 5G network despite warnings from the US and some of her most senior ministers that it poses a risk to national security.
The National Security Council, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, agreed on Tuesday to allow Huawei limited access to help build parts of the network such as antennas and other “noncore” infrastructure.
Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, Gavin Williamson, Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary, and Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary, were said to have raised concerns about the approach.

Treasury's Mnuchin misses congressional deadline to hand over Trump tax returns - Reuters

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin failed to meet a final congressional deadline on Tuesday for turning over President Donald Trump’s tax returns to lawmakers, setting the stage for a possible court battle between Congress and the administration.

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日仏首脳、日産・ルノー連合支持を表明 ゴーン容疑者逮捕でも:AFPBB News


東京新聞:米エアバッグ、1230万台調査 トヨタ車で死亡事故も


テスラのEVが爆発、上海の駐車場で 調査チーム派遣  :日本経済新聞


トランプ氏、ツイッターCEOにフォロワー減の不満伝える=関係筋 - ロイター


トランプ米大統領、6月に訪英へ 初の国賓待遇 - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 23 April 2019

SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son Lost $130 Million on Bitcoin - WSJ

Masayoshi Son, the billionaire founder of SoftBank Group Corp., made a huge personal bet on bitcoin just as prices for the digital currency peaked, losing more than $130 million when he sold out, according to people familiar with the matter.
Mr. Son, who launched the world’s biggest venture-capital fund on the strength of his long-term investing acumen, made the investment in late 2017 at the recommendation of a well-known bitcoin booster, whose investment firm SoftBank bought that year, the people said.

Toyota establishes research institute in China to study hydrogen, green technologies - Reuters

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp said on Sunday it was setting up a research institute in Beijing in partnership with Tsinghua University to study car technology using hydrogen power and other green technologies that could ease environmental problems in China.
The initiative, outlined by Toyota’s President and Chief Executive Akio Toyoda in a speech at Tsinghua University, is part of the Japanese carmaker’s efforts to share more technology with China as it seeks to expand its business in the country by beefing up manufacturing capacity and distribution channels, a source close to Toyota said.

Samsung Delays Launch of Galaxy Fold Smartphone | Fortune

Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of its anticipated folding smartphone after a number of reviews noted the device was too flimsy.
The company, in a press release, says it has pushed the launch back of the Galaxy Fold from the original target of April 26.

New IRA admits responsibility for murder of Lyra McKee - Irish Times

The New IRA admitted responsibility for the death of McKee in Derry. In a statement given to The Irish News using a recognised code word, the group offered “full and sincere apologies” to her family and friends.
The New IRA is an amalgam of armed groups opposed to the peace process and it recently claimed responsibility for parcel bombs sent to London and Glasgow in March.

Prince Louis: Kate's pictures mark first birthday - BBC News

Official photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's youngest child, Prince Louis, have been released to mark his first birthday.
Taken by the duchess, the images show the prince in the grounds of the family's home, Anmer Hall, on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.
Catherine also took Prince Louis' first official portraits, shortly after his birth on 23 April last year.

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ギリシャ、IMF融資早期返済を正式申請 20年期限の37億ユーロ - ロイター


スペイン総選挙、与党がリード拡大 過半数には届かず=世論調査 - ロイター


アップル「密約」の呪縛 「日の丸液晶」に蹉跌  :日本経済新聞


動画アプリ「TikTok」急ブレーキ 米印で問題浮上  :日本経済新聞


マーベル宇宙とは? どこから手をつければいいのか解説、最終章公開で - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 22 April 2019

Carlos Ghosn indicted again - NHK WORLD

Prosecutors in Tokyo have brought another indictment against Carlos Ghosn for aggravated breach of trust... Prosecutors claim Ghosn sent money to a car dealership in Oman and some of it wound up in a Lebanese shell company he controls.
They say Nissan lost nearly 5 million dollars as a result of the transaction... Ghosn has denied all of the allegations.

China extends holidays and removes songs to avoid anniversary protests | Financial Times

National holidays are usually set well in advance. So when Beijing abruptly announced an extra three days of official holidays in early May, schools and businesses had to scramble to accommodate the new schedule.
The sudden change is just one of the measures the Chinese capital has taken to make sure no untoward gatherings are held to mark the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, which spurred the modernisation of Chinese politics and society. It is followed by the even more sensitive 30th anniversary of the June 4 1989 military suppression of student and worker protests on Tiananmen Square.
Songs have been taken off music streaming platforms and controls on academics tightened ahead of the two anniversaries. To prevent any possible unrest, China extended the May 1 national holiday from one day to three days in the hope that many residents take vacation outside the capital.

Trump touts New York Times op-ed saying media owes him an apology

In another tweet from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida where the president was spending the holiday weekend, he referred to a New York Times opinion piece from last week in which the writer called on the liberal media to apologize to Trump.
“Do you believe this? The New York Times Op-Ed: MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OWE TRUMP AN APOLOGY,” the president wrote. “Well, they got that one right!”
The author, Christopher Buskirk, said the “media and political elites” have a lot of work to do to regain Americans’ trust.

Girl's deadly reaction to toothpaste is extremely rare, allergist reminds parents - CNN

Monique Altamirano's 11-year-old daughter, Denise Saldate, died of a severe allergic reaction to toothpaste, she told Allergic Living.
Denise, who had a severe dairy allergy, had recently been given a prescription toothpaste that unknowingly contained a milk-derived protein. The California girl's parents were careful to check food labels for milk and other potential allergens but did not think to check the toothpaste, which triggered a deadly allergic reaction that did not respond to an epinephrine pen or inhalers, Altamirano told the magazine.

Polanski sues Oscars academy for reinstatement | The Japan Times

Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski is suing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, demanding his reinstatement nearly a year after the organization expelled him amid the #MeToo movement.
Polanski, who in 1977 pleaded guilty in California to statutory rape, argued in a court filing in Los Angeles that the academy wrongly denied him a hearing when it voted in May to oust him amid the nationwide furor sparked by sexual-abuse revelations against famed producer Harvey Weinstein.

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英ロンドン、「絶滅への反逆」運動デモ6日目 逮捕者700人超に:AFPBB News

英ロンドンで20日、気候変動の危険性を訴える抗議運動「絶滅への反逆(Extinction Rebellion)」の6日目の大規模デモが行われた。デモが始まった15日以降、逮捕者は718人に上っている。

欧州議会選、中道右派が「与党」維持へ=調査 - ロイター




ルノー、日産に統合再提案 日産は拒否へ  :日本経済新聞




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News Headlines - 21 April 2019

At least 138 Killed in Sri Lanka in Easter Attacks

Sri Lanka has imposed a curfew, effective immediately, following a series of Easter Sunday explosions at churches and hotels... At least 138 people were killed and hundreds more hospitalized from injuries in near simultaneous blasts that rocked three churches and three luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter, a security official told The Associated Press, in the worst violence in the South Asian country since its civil war ended a decade ago.

Japan's ruling LDP loses two out of two Lower House by-elections in possible harbinger for July polls | The Japan Times

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party was dealt a crushing blow Sunday after losing the Lower House by-elections in Okinawa and Osaka, viewed as a harbinger for the Upper House election just a few months away, Kyodo News projections showed.
The loss of both national races in the second wave of the unified elections marked a significant setback for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who doubles as head of the ruling party.
It is the first time the LDP has lost a national by-election since Abe’s second term began in 2012, excluding the uncontested Lower House by-election in Kyoto Prefecture in 2016.

Sir Graham Brady to tell Theresa May: Stand down or be ousted | The Sunday Times

Theresa May will be told this week that she must step down as prime minister by the end of June or her MPs will change the Tory party leadership rules to force her out.
Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the back-bench 1922 committee, is set to visit May to tell her that 70% of her MPs now want her to resign for botching Brexit and presiding over a collapse in Tory support.
MPs on the executive of the committee will meet on Tuesday to decide whether to tear up the rules to allow a new vote of no confidence in May before December. Insiders say “swing voters” are leaning towards changing the rules unless she agrees to go by June 30.

Claims of Shoddy Production Draw Scrutiny to a Second Boeing Jet - The New York Times

When Boeing broke ground on its new factory near Charleston in 2009, the plant was trumpeted as a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub, building one of the most advanced aircraft in the world. But in the decade since, the factory, which makes the 787 Dreamliner, has been plagued by shoddy production and weak oversight that have threatened to compromise safety.
A New York Times review of hundreds of pages of internal emails, corporate documents and federal records, as well as interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees, reveals a culture that often valued production speed over quality. Facing long manufacturing delays, Boeing pushed its work force to quickly turn out Dreamliners, at times ignoring issues raised by employees.

Beavers released in Yorkshire anti-flooding trial - BBC News

Two beavers have been introduced into a Yorkshire forest in an effort to naturally manage water flows.
The pair of Eurasian beavers will be monitored to see how they affect the landscape and whether their actions can help prevent flooding.
The five-year Forestry England project will check if the creatures maintain dams and boost biodiversity.

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パリ・デモの一部暴徒化、ノートルダム大聖堂への寄付も批判 | MBS




タイガー・ウッズ復活劇、勝利の裏で名を上げた“あの企業” - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン


C・ロナウドが大記録! ユーベ優勝で史上初…英・西・伊の“三ヶ国制覇”を達成 | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 20 April 2019

N. Korea Says Bolton Comments on Third Summit Are Foolish: KCNA - Bloomberg

North Korea has criticized U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton for his comments downplaying a possible third summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, according to KCNA... North Korea’s Foreign Ministry diplomat Choe Son Hui was quoted by the news agency as saying. “I’m not sure if he meant to be humorous, but for me, his comments were unattractive and foolish.”
Bolton on Wednesday said the U.S. would need more evidence North Korea is ready to give up its nuclear weapons before Trump would meet Kim for a third time. His tone was more pessimistic than other members of the U.S. administration including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who earlier rejected calls by Pyongyang to be removed from the negotiation table.

U.S. authorities make first arrest in mysterious raid of North Korea’s Embassy in Spain - The Washington Post

U.S. authorities have made the first arrest related to the mysterious raid of North Korea’s Embassy in Spain in which masked assailants tied up staff, stole computers and fled to the United States, according to two people familiar with the matter.
On Thursday, federal authorities arrested Christopher Ahn, a former U.S. Marine and a member of Free Joseon, a group dedicated to the overthrow of North Korea’s Kim Dynasty.

Agreement made to clarify eel distribution - NHK WORLD

Delegates from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan ended the two-day meeting in Tokyo on Friday. They hope to save the Japanese eel from extinction.
Japan's fisheries agency says the amount of young eels caught in the country during the 4-month period through February this year was a record low 0.8 tons... Japan was hoping for a deeper cut at the latest conference, but officials refrained from tightening regulations as the biggest harvester, China, was absent for the fifth straight year.

Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo - Japan Today

A car collided with a garbage truck in Tokyo on Friday, killing a woman and her daughter and injuring eight pedestrians... Police said the car, driven by an 87-year-old man, hit a pedestrian first, then continued on for about 70 meters where it collided with the garbage truck, with both vehicles hitting people on a crossing... The driver told police that the car's accelerator was not able to return to its original position.

Columbine Survivors Reflect, and Reckon With Specter of Future Shootings - The New York Times

Twenty years after two students attacked Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 of their peers and one teacher and marking the beginning of an era of school threats and mass shootings, Columbine’s survivors are now parents.
On Saturday, the anniversary of the attack, many of those survivors returned to the school, walking its hallways with their children before heading to a memorial in a nearby park. The faces of their dead classmates flashed on a video screen as armed deputies stood by and the sun fell behind the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

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寄付と再建方法で論争 ノートルダム火災、仏社会結束ならず:AFPBB News

集まった寄付金8億5000万ユーロ(約1070億円)については、その一部が貧困層支援に使われるべきではないかとの声が上がっている。……大聖堂の再建に対しては、フランソワ=アンリ・ピノー(Francois-Henri Pinault)氏やベルナール・アルノー(Bernard Arnault)氏をはじめとするフランスの大富豪や大企業がそれぞれ1億ユーロ(約130億円)を超える寄付を表明。しかし、「ジレ・ジョーヌ(黄色いベスト、gilets jaunes)」運動の抗議デモが5か月にわたり続くフランスでは、富の不平等と低所得者層の窮状に注目が集まっており、巨額の寄付は批判を呼んだ。



五つ星運動党首「イタリア連立政権崩壊の危機」、連立相手の同盟を批判 - ロイター


女性記者銃撃死、IRAの分派組織がテロ関与か : 読売新聞オンライン


アディダス、単一素材のスニーカー 100%再生可能に  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 19 April 2019

Ministry inspects Suzuki HQ as part of dodgy inspection probe - The Mainichi

The transport ministry inspected the headquarters of Suzuki Motor Corp. on Friday as part of an investigation into improper quality inspections that led the automaker to recall more than 2 million cars in Japan... Suzuki reported to the ministry Thursday a recall of 2.02 million cars, record-high in a single domestic filing, after an investigation by outside lawyers found that uncertified employees checked car brakes before shipment and some certified workers falsified inspection records over the period from 1981 until January this year.

Nissan Denies Nikkei Report on Global Car Output Cut of 15% - Bloomberg

Nissan Motor Co. denied a report by the Nikkei that it’s planning to cut global output by around 15 percent for the fiscal year to March 2020, even as the carmaker struggles to reignite earnings and sales while dealing with the fallout from the arrest of ex-chairman Carlos Ghosn.
Nissan issued a rare response calling the details in the report “completely incorrect,” saying that it lodged a protest with the newspaper over its coverage. The Japanese automaker is seeking to produce around 4.6 million units, the lowest in nine years, according to the newspaper.

Sony bulks up anime business in China - Nikkei Asian Review

YO -- Sony plans to broaden its footprint in China's anime industry, aiming to apply a proven formula it has used in Japan, combining both new shows and merchandise to tap into a market that already exceeds $26 billion.

Tokyo to exhibit possible Banksy work - NHK WORLD

The illustration was discovered on a tide gate on the waterfront in Tokyo's Minato Ward in December of last year. People have noted its resemblance to works by renowned street artist Banksy. The anonymous artist is known for painting satirical artworks on buildings and other structures.
Tokyo authorities stored the illustration in a warehouse, and have been trying to determine whether it was created by the reclusive artist.
Koike said in a speech in Tokyo on Wednesday that her office has been trying to contact Banksy, so far without success. She said she is considering displaying it at the Tokyo government office during the holiday season in late April and early May.

Trump Administration Announces Measures Against Cuba, Venezuela And Nicaragua : NPR

The Trump administration has announced new sanctions and penalties against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua aimed at both ending the rule of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and weakening Cuba's communist regime.
One of the measures will allow lawsuits against foreign companies operating on property in Cuba that was seized from U.S. citizens during the Cuban revolution - a reversal of more than 20 years of U.S. policy.

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トランプ氏「これで私は終わりだ」 司法妨害の疑い言及 米ロシア疑惑報告書 - 毎日新聞


米雑誌大手、タブロイド誌売却 報道倫理に批判高まる:日本経済新聞


米FCC、中国移動の参入申請を却下へ 安保リスク懸念:日本経済新聞




韓国・現代自、ゴーン日産前会長の元側近をグローバルCOOに起用 - ロイター


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News Headlines - 18 April 2019

Abe aide hints at delay in consumption tax hike - NHK WORLD

The government is preparing to increase the tax from 8 to 10 percent on October 1, but comments by the Liberal Democratic Party's Acting Secretary General, Koichi Hagiuda, have cast doubt on that plan.
Hagiuda told a net-cast program on Thursday that the Japanese economy is weakening slightly. He said the timing of the tax increase will depend on the results of the Bank of Japan's quarterly "tankan" survey of business sentiment. The next report is due out in July.
Hagiuda said if the survey shows that executives feel a sense of danger, the government won't "be able to take everyone to the edge of a cliff."

Tencent wins key approval to sell Nintendo's Switch in China - Reuters

China’s Tencent has won a key approval to start selling the Nintendo Switch in the country, paving the way for the console to enter the world’s largest video games market two years after it was first released worldwide.
Authorities in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong gave the green light on Thursday to Tencent Holdings to distribute the Nintendo Switch console with a test version of the “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” game, a statement on the government’s website showed.

India's Jet Airways Ceases Operations Amid Financial Woes : NPR

But earlier this week, that once-dazzling fleet of 120 planes was down to just seven. And before dawn Thursday, after months of wooing investors for cash that just didn't come, Jet Airways landed its last plane on the tarmac at its home base in Mumbai - at least for now.
Creditors say they're "reasonably hopeful" that a bidding process with potential investors would be able to save the company. Otherwise, if it declares insolvency under India's new 2016 bankruptcy law, Jet Airways' creditors may seek to dismantle the company and recover their debts within 180 days.

Egypt to vote on extending Sisi's term on April 20-22 | Al Jazeera

Egypt will hold a three-day referendum starting on Saturday over proposed constitutional changes that could allow President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to stay in power until 2030.
The ballot will run between April 20-22 and will also see voters decide on whether an upper parliamentary chamber should be created, Lasheen Ibrahim, the chairman of the National Election Authority, said in a statement on Wednesday.

N.Korea's Kim oversees test of new weapon with 'powerful warhead'

North Korea's Kim Jong Un has supervised the test-firing of a new tactical weapon with a "powerful warhead", state media reported Thursday, in the first test of its kind since nuclear negotiations with Washington stalled.
The test marks a ratcheting up of tensions weeks after a summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump collapsed without agreement.
It also comes after satellite imagery suggested heightened activity at a nuclear test site.

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自動運転、ウーバーと連合 トヨタやソフトバンクG  :日本経済新聞


ギリシャ、ナチス占領で賠償請求 ドイツ政府に、議会が方針可決 | 共同通信


欧州自動車販売、3月は前年比‐3.6% 日産とフォードが大幅減 - ロイター






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News Headlines - 17 April 2019

Taiwan's Richest Man Says He May Run For President

Foxconn’s billionaire founder and chairman, Terry Gou, said on Tuesday that he is considering running for Taiwan’s presidency in 2020.
Speaking on the sidelines of an event in Taipei that marked the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, Gou said he would decide within the next few days whether to run for president as a candidate of the opposition party Kuomintang (KMT).

Indonesia's Joko Widodo poised to claim big win in presidential poll

Joko "Jokowi" Widodo is on track to claim a thumping victory and a second five-year term as Indonesia's President, with "quick counts" of ballot papers indicating he has defeated Prabowo Subianto by about eight to 10 percentage points.
Five reputable companies undertook the count of ballot papers, a process that has proved accurate in the past. They all forecast - with about 70 per cent of the count completed - that Joko had won between 54.6 and 55.2 per cent of the two-party-preferred vote by Wednesday evening.

Alan Garcia, former Peru president, dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound - CNN

Former Peruvian president Alan Garcia died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head as police were preparing to arrest him on Wednesday morning... Garcia, who served as president from 1985 to 1990 and from 2006 to 2011, was under investigation for money laundering and taking bribes in connection with a massive corruption scandal that has engulfed a number of former Latin American leaders.

Nuclear fuel removed from crippled Japan plant | New Straits Times

The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima power plant on Monday began removing atomic fuel from inside a building housing one of the reactors that melted down in 2011.
The delicate operation represents the first time the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has pulled out fuel rods from inside a highly contaminated building containing the melted-down reactor, and comes four years behind schedule.
Due to high radiation levels, technicians used remote-controlled equipment to haul fuel from a “storage pool” inside the building.

Toyota to build Corolla in Brazil that will run on electricity, ethanol and gas - Reuters

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday it will begin building in Brazil a new version of the Corolla sedan that will run on electricity, ethanol and gas, the first vehicle of its kind to be built in Latin America.

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アップルとクアルコム、すべての訴訟取り下げで合意 - CNET Japan


米は対日赤字削減要求、現時点で合意なし 日米通商交渉 - ロイター




マクロン大統領「5年以内に再建」 24年パリ五輪視野か ノートルダム大聖堂火災 - 毎日新聞


クイーン来日公演へ 「ボヘミアン」ヒット受け来年1月:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 16 April 2019

Thousands block roads in Extinction Rebellion protests across London | The Guardian

Thousands of people have blocked well-known landmarks including Waterloo Bridge in central London, bringing widespread disruption to the capital in a “climate rebellion” that organisers say could last several days... The protests are part of a global campaign organised by the British climate group Extinction Rebellion, with demonstrations planned in 80 cities across 33 countries in the coming days.

Toyota unveils first electric SUVs at Shanghai motor show | The Japan Times

Toyota Motor Corp. on Tuesday unveiled the first two electric SUV models it plans to mass market in China as a major auto show got underway in Shanghai showcasing the newest vehicles by the world’s automakers... Toyota will begin selling the electrified C-HR and IZOA models in 2020. Executive Vice President Moritaka Yoshida said they represent the first in the Japanese automaker’s plan to roll out more than 10 EV models globally by the first half of the 2020s.

Mount Aso in Kumamoto erupts - NHK WORLD

Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, has erupted.
The Meteorological Agency says the volcano erupted at 6:28 p.m. on Tuesday. Smoke mixed with volcanic ash rose about 200 meters from the mountain's crater.
The agency raised the alert level for Mount Aso to two on a scale of one to five on Sunday, after detecting active volcanic tremors and an increase in volcanic gas emissions.

Exclusive: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation | WIRED

MARK CERNY WOULD like to get one thing out of the way right now: The videogame console that Sony has spent the past four years building is no mere upgrade.
You’d have good reason for thinking otherwise. Sony and Microsoft both extended the current console generation via a mid-cycle refresh, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 spawning mini-sequels (the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro). “The key question,” Cerny says, “is whether the console adds another layer to the sorts of experiences you already have access to, or if it allows for fundamental changes in what a game can be.”
The answer, in this case, is the latter. It’s why we’re sitting here, secreted away in a conference room at Sony’s headquarters in Foster City, California, where Cerny is finally detailing the inner workings of the as-yet-unnamed console that will replace the PS4.

'Super Saturdays' to highlight schedule for Tokyo Olympics | The Japan Times

Tokyo 2020 sports director Koji Murofushi walked a full news conference through the highlights of the marquee event, which will run from July 24 to Aug. 9... The competition will begin two days before the July 24 opening ceremony, with softball and women’s soccer players taking to the field on July 22.

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ノートルダム大聖堂の火災、朝までに鎮圧 尖塔と屋根が崩落 - BBCニュース


EUの新著作権指令、4月17日に成立へ プラットフォーマーの責任増大 - ITmedia NEWS


英外相、トヨタ幹部らと会談 「合意なき離脱」回避への努力を説明  :日本経済新聞


日産副社長、近く辞任へ 幹部離脱続く - 産経ニュース


英ヘンリー王子夫妻の赤ちゃん、米で納税義務? 二重国籍取得で:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 15 April 2019

Huge fire sweeps through Notre Dame Cathedral - in pictures | The Guardian

Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames on Monday afternoon, causing its main spire to collapse and raising fears for the future of the 850-year-old building and its precious artworks

Ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn charged in Dieselgate scandal | DW

Public prosecutors in the German city of Braunschweig have brought charges against former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn over his role in the Dieselgate scandal, they said on Monday. Four other managers were also charged, they said.
Winterkorn stepped down as Volkswagen CEO in 2015 after revelations that the carmaker had programmed computers in its vehicles to detect when they were being tested and had altered the running of diesel engines to conceal the true level of emissions.

China Investigates Ericsson Over Licensing as 5G Competition Heats Up - WSJ

Authorities in China are investigating Swedish telecom-equipment giant Ericsson AB while the firm’s Chinese rival, Huawei Technologies Co., moves to counter a U.S. campaign to limit its business, the latest signs of global jockeying to shape next-generation 5G information networks.
Some 20 investigators from China’s State Administration for Market Regulation raided Ericsson’s Beijing office Friday, said a person familiar with the matter. Ericsson spokesman Peter Olofsson confirmed the investigation late Sunday

South Korea's Asiana Airlines to be put up for sale - The Straits Times

Asiana Airlines, South Korea's second-biggest air carrier, would be put up for sale in the near future as its parent company, Kumho Asiana Group, was struggling with liquidity crunch and massive debts.
Kumho Asiana Group decided to sell off its flagship unit of Asiana Airlines through the board of directors' meeting of Kumho Industrial, the largest shareholder of the air carrier that owned a 33.47 per cent stake, local media reported on Monday (April 15).
The stake was valued at about 300 billion won (S$358 million).

Shinji Okazaki to leave Leicester City on free transfer this summer

The Japan international, who will be 33 on Tuesday, has proven a hugely popular figure in the Leicester dressing room since a £7.5m move from Mainz in 2015 but is now ready to pursue a new challenge.
Okazaki made 30 appearances under Claudio Ranieri as Leicester lifted the Premier League title in the 2015/16 season, scoring three goals.
But first-team opportunities have been limited over the last 18 months, with Huddersfield failing with a £200,000 bid to sign him in January.

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日本政府、ルノー・日産の統合に昨年春に反対-仏紙JDD - Bloomberg


日本人留学生不明事件 仏当局が容疑者のいるチリへ




CNN.co.jp : 「無宗教」の米国人、カトリック教徒などと並んで最多に 米調査


CNN.co.jp : タイガー・ウッズ、マスターズで優勝 11年ぶりのメジャー制覇


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News Headlines - 14 April 2019

Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party | Al Jazeera

Leading British eurosceptic Nigel Farage has launched a new political party with a promise of a "democratic revolution" in UK politics, beginning with the European Parliament elections in May.
The Brexit Party has 70 candidates and sees the upcoming elections, which begin on May 23, as a "first step", Farage said at the launch event in the English city of Coventry on Friday.

Isis plans to copy Paris atrocity with fresh wave of carnage | The Sunday Times

In Paris four years ago 130 people died when Isis terrorists stormed the Bataclan concert hall and attacked other soft targets across the city. In Manhattan two years later a pick-up mowed down cyclists and runners by the Hudson River, killing eight.
Isis operatives remember the atrocities well. Documents seen by The Sunday Times show that they are actively planning to recreate them in new attacks across Europe and the Middle East.
Detailed plans for terrorist assaults in Europe, funded and controlled by Isis leaders, are exposed in the trove of chilling documents.

Is Anyone Listening to You on Alexa? A Global Team Reviews Audio - Bloomberg

Amazon.com Inc. employs thousands of people around the world to help improve the Alexa digital assistant powering its line of Echo speakers. The team listens to voice recordings captured in Echo owners’ homes and offices. The recordings are transcribed, annotated and then fed back into the software as part of an effort to eliminate gaps in Alexa’s understanding of human speech and help it better respond to commands.

Russell Bateman's Skinny Bitch Collective under fire for using native Kenyans as workout props - ABC News

When renowned fitness coach Russell Bateman posted videos on Instagram of his invite-only fitness group Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC) on a retreat in Kenya, it set off a ripple of outrage across the platform.
The videos from the retreat that were posted over the weekend show a group of Western-looking women using Kenya's tribal Maasai people as props in their workout routine.
The backlash was so swift Mr Bateman had issued an apology and deleted his Instagram account within days.

Coffee not essential for life, Swiss government says - BBC News

The Swiss government wants to put an end to its emergency stockpile of coffee after declaring that it is "not essential" for human survival.
Switzerland began storing emergency reserves of coffee between World War One and World War Two in preparation for potential shortages... It now hopes to end the practice by late 2022. But opposition is mounting.
It currently has 15,300 tonnes saved up - that's enough to last the country three months.

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欧州委、200億ユーロの対米関税リスト作成 17日公表=外交筋 - ロイター




Amazon Prime年会費1000円引き上げ、4900円に  :日本経済新聞


米石油シェブロン、総額5兆円超で同業アナダルコ買収 :日本経済新聞


世銀新総裁「債務の透明性注目」 中国融資への懸念念頭:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 13 April 2019

Suzuki Motor to recall 2 million cars due to false brake checks:The Asahi Shimbun

Suzuki Motor Corp. announced April 12 it would recall about 2 million vehicles manufactured in domestic plants since April 2016 after admitting to more falsifications than it had previously acknowledged that involve key safety features, including brakes.
The recall is projected to cost the company about 80 billion yen ($714 million).
An investigative report by a team of outside lawyers released the same day referred to egregious handling of safety inspections by those in charge at the three plants in Japan.

Toshiba shares slump after sale of U.S. LNG business canceled - Reuters

Toshiba Corp shares fell by the most in two months on Friday after an agreement to offload its U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) business collapsed, a blow for the Japanese company which has been shedding assets to turn around its business.
Toshiba said late on Thursday that China’s ENN Ecological Holdings Co had scrapped an agreement to take over the LNG business due to a failure to get approvals from shareholders and a U.S. panel that monitors foreign investments.

TPK joins investment in Japan Display - Taipei Times

TPK Holding Co, a touch sensor supplier for Apple Inc’s iPads, yesterday said it has joined a consortium that is to invest ¥60 billion (US$535.9 million) for a 50 percent stake in ailing Japan Display Inc (JDI), as it seeks to secure its display supply and broaden its customer base.
The announcement ended three months of speculation about TPK’s involvement in talks to help the financially troubled Japanese display supplier... Changing its tune, TPK yesterday said it has signed a letter of intent to invest US$230 million in a consortium, Suwa Investment Holdings LLC, that would acquire a 49.82 percent stake in Japan Display.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un open to third summit with Trump -- but only if U.S. changes stance - The Washington Post

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he would be prepared to meet President Trump for a third summit, but only if the United States fundamentally changes its approach. He also warned that his patience is running out.
In a speech to the Supreme People’s Assembly in Pyongyang, Kim offered no hints of new concessions or ideas from his regime after the failure of February’s summit, putting the blame squarely on the United States and throwing the ball into Washington’s court.

India election 2019: marathon vote begins to decide Modi's fate | The Guardian

The world’s largest ever election has started in India, with voters in 20 states casting their ballots in the first phase of a marathon six-week poll.
The contest in the vast country of 1.3 billion people is dominated by local issues but also viewed as a referendum on the prime minister, Narendra Modi, a staunch Hindu nationalist who rode a wave of popularity five years ago to become the first leader of a majority government in decades.
Polls are now open in 91 seats, about a sixth of the total in the Indian parliament’s lower house, with six more voting days to be held before the results are announced on 23 May.

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財政赤字容認、米で論争 異端「MMT」左派が支持 :日本経済新聞


運転手は従業員か ウーバー、事業モデル崩れるリスク :日本経済新聞


ディズニーの動画サービスは米国で11月開始 月額6.99ドル 2年以内に世界の主要地域で展開 - ねとらぼ


Windows 10最新版は「ハードウェアの安全な取り外し」しなくてもUSBメモリを抜ける - ねとらぼ

Microsoftは、Windows 10のバージョン1809以降では、PCに差したUSBメモリなどを抜く際に「ハードウェアの安全な取り外し」をせずにそのまま抜いてもいいと明らかにしました。
 従来USBメモリなどをPCから外す際には「ハードウェアの安全な取り外し」をクリックしてから外す必要がありましたが、バージョン1809からはそのまま外せる「Quick removal」モードがデフォルトになります。それ以前のバージョンでは、「Better performance」モードがデフォルトになっていました。

自分の精子使った不妊治療医は「49人の父親」 オランダ:AFPBB News

オランダにあった不妊治療クリニックの院長が自分の精子を治療に使用していた問題で、少なくとも49人が院長の血縁上の子どもであることが分かった。このクリニックで生まれた子どもとその親を代表する団体「ディフェンス・フォー・チルドレン(Defence for Children)」が12日、DNA鑑定の結果として発表した。
 クリニックの院長だったヤン・カールバート(Jan Karbaat)氏は2017年に89歳で死亡。また、クリニックは不正が報じられた後、2009年に閉鎖されている。……オランダの裁判所は今年2月の判決で、カールバート氏との血縁が疑われる子どもと母親らが独自に比較鑑定を行えるよう、同氏のDNA鑑定結果を子どもらに開示することを命じた。

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News Headlines - 12 April 2019

Kim Jong Un given new title amid broader North Korean political shake-up | NK News

DPRK leader Kim Jong Un was in the Friday morning edition of party daily the Rodong Sinmun described as “supreme representative of all the Korean people,” in what represents a new title amid a broader reshuffle in the country’s top leadership.
The comments reportedly came at Thursday’s session of the country’s rubber-stamp Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) - its first meeting since elections in March.
During Kim Jong Un’s reelection as chairman of the country’s State Affairs Commission (SAC), state media reported, top official Choe Ryong Hae used the new phrase to describe the DPRK leader.

South Korea WTO appeal succeeds in Japanese Fukushima food dispute - Reuters

South Korea won the bulk of its appeal on Thursday in a dispute at the World Trade Organization over import bans and testing requirements it had imposed on Japanese seafood in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Last year a WTO dispute panel supported Japan, saying South Korea was wrong to keep its initial trade restrictions in place. But Thursday’s ruling overturned several key points of that verdict, saying South Korea’s measures were not overly restrictive and did not unfairly discriminate against Japan.
The appeal looked solely at the panel’s interpretation of the WTO rules, without going into the facts about the levels of contaminants in Japanese food products or what the right level of consumer protection should be.

NHK reporter laughed at for asking black hole team for more on Japan’s contributions - Japan Today

This week scientists released the first-ever captured image of a black hole. It’s a major milestone in scientific progress, and it can’t help but make most of us ponder both the vastness of the cosmos and the amazing capabilities of the human species.
However, to one reporter from Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, this momentous milestone was also the perfect opportunity to remind the world that Japan is pretty great too, you know... After the reporter speaks his home country’s name, there’s a brief pause, followed by a roll of soft laughter from the other journalists in attendance. A handful of Japanese Twitter users, though, have responded in a harsher tone.

Israel's Beresheet spacecraft crashes on Moon - BBC News

The first privately funded mission to the Moon has crashed on the lunar surface after the apparent failure of its main engine.
The Israeli spacecraft - called Beresheet - attempted a soft touchdown, but suffered technical problems on its descent to the lunar surface... Only government space agencies from the former Soviet Union, the US and China have achieved soft lunar landings.

New York City Has a Y2K-Like Problem, and It Doesn’t Want You to Know About It - The New York Times

On April 6, something known as the GPS rollover, a cousin to the dreaded Y2K bug, mostly came and went, as businesses and government agencies around the world heeded warnings and made software or hardware updates in advance.
But in New York, something went wrong - and city officials seem to not want anyone to know.
At 7:59 p.m. E.D.T. on Saturday, the New York City Wireless Network, or NYCWiN, went dark, waylaying numerous city tasks and functions, including the collection and transmission of information from some Police Department license plate readers.

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アサンジ容疑者、米司法省が起訴-ハッキング共謀の罪で - Bloomberg


米大統領、110億ドルの欧州製品に関税導入表明 EU側も報復へ - ロイター


米ウーバーが上場申請、ソフトバンクGが筆頭株主 :日本経済新聞


揺らぐスウェーデンの平等社会、富裕層減税で格差拡大へ - ロイター


市長に無名の28歳主婦 ロシアのシベリア小都市  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 11 April 2019

Sudan's army removes President Bashir after 30 years in power | The Guardian

Sudan’s army has removed President Omar al-Bashir from power after 30 years, following months of protests that escalated at the weekend when demonstrators began a sit-in outside the defence ministry compound in central Khartoum.
Bashir had been arrested “in a safe place”, the Sudanese defence minster and army general Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf said in a statement broadcast on state media. A military council will take control of the country for two years, after which elections would be held, Ibn Auf added.

Baby with DNA from three people born in Greece | The Guardian

A baby with DNA from three people has been born in Greece following a controversial fertility treatment.
The baby boy, weighing 2.9kg (6lb), was born on Tuesday and both he and his mother, who is 32, are said to be in good health.
The doctors behind the treatment, from Greece and Spain, say it marks a historic advance - it is the first time an IVF technique involving DNA from three people has been used with the aim of addressing fertility problems.

Bridgestone to join Toyota and JAXA int'l space mission to Moon

Bridgestone Corp. said Wednesday it will become a part of Toyota Motor Corp. and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's joint mission to send a rover to the Moon.
The world's leading tire maker announced its participation at the Space Symposium in Colorado. JAXA is planning to launch the five-year mission in 2029.

Tesla and Panasonic hold off on Gigafactory expansion

Tesla and Panasonic are delaying plans to expand the electric car maker's Gigafactory 1 battery plant in Nevada. The two companies decided to freeze spending on the world's largest EV battery plant following less-than-stellar demand of new Teslas, reported Nikkei Asian Review. The two companies had initially planned to raise capacity by 50 percent by next year. Panasonic has also apparently canceled plans to invest in Tesla's new Gigafactory in Shanghai, as well.

'Cowboy Bebop' Anime Star Comments On Netflix's Live-Action Cast

When it comes to Cowboy Bebop, the anime has gained an all-star reputation with fans. Over the years, the series has become one of anime’s most critically praised projects, and it is about to get a new lease on life. Netflix is making headway on their adaptation of the series, and one anime star is weighing in on the series.
Not long ago, reports went live about Netflix and its plans for Cowboy Bebop. It seems the lead cast for the adaptation has been selected as John Cho will play Spike Spiegel. And, for anime fans, they should know the pick has the approval of Spike’s English voice actor.

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EUとイギリス、ブレグジットの延期に合意 10月31日まで - BBCニュース


CNN.co.jp : 「ウィキリークス」の創設者、ジュリアン・アサンジ容疑者を逮捕


ゴーン前会長妻、3時間の証人尋問 不正関与を否定か:朝日新聞デジタル




トルコ、新空港に全面移転 「世界最大に」と政府 - 産経ニュース

トルコの最大都市イスタンブールのハブ(拠点)だったアタチュルク国際空港から、新国際空港への全面移転作業が6日、完了した。…… 移転作業は5日未明に始まり、トラブルはなかったという。新空港への全面移転は当初、昨年10月の予定だったが、部分開港前に建設作業員のデモが起きるなどし、延期が繰り返されてきた。

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News Headlines - 10 April 2019

Japan Olympics minister expresses intention to resign over gaffes - The Mainichi

Japanese Olympics minister Yoshitaka Sakurada on April 10 expressed his intention to resign to take responsibility for a series of gaffes.
Sakurada conveyed his intention to step down to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga at the prime minister's office following a gaffe earlier that day relating to Japan's recovery from the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.
During a party in Tokyo for Hinako Takahashi, a member of the House of Representatives belonging to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Sakurada had stated, "Ms. Takahashi is more important than restoration. Please extend your assistance."

The last surviving Doolittle Raider, Richard E. Cole, dies at 103 - ABC News

Retired Lt. Col. Richard E. Cole, the last surviving Doolittle Raider, has died. He was 103... In early 1942, Cole volunteered for "Special Mission Number 1," according to an Air Force news release. He trained at Eglin Air Field and on April 18, 1942 served as then-Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle's copilot during a raid on Tokyo.

Black hole picture captured for first time in space ‘breakthrough’ | The Guardian

The picture shows a halo of dust and gas, tracing the outline of a colossal black hole, at the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light years from Earth.
The black hole itself - a cosmic trapdoor from which neither light nor matter can escape - is unseeable. But the latest observations take astronomers right to its threshold for the first time, illuminating the event horizon beyond which all known physical laws collapse.
The breakthrough image was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a network of eight radio telescopes spanning locations from Antarctica to Spain and Chile, in an effort involving more than 200 scientists.

About 1 in 4 Japanese adults in their 20s and 30s is a virgin, study says - CNN

Japanese adults have their first heterosexual sexual experiences later than their counterparts in the United States and the UK, according to a new study.
Public health experts at the University of Tokyo found that sexual inexperience was on the rise in the country, with the percentage of women aged 18 to 39 who'd never had sex rising to 24.6% in 2015 from 21.7% in 1992.
The change was greater for men of the same age, with 25.8% virgins in 2015, up from 20% in 1992.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pays for groceries of a mum who forgot her wallet | Stuff.co.nz

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has shown a compassionate side during a recent visit to a supermarket.
Ardern confirmed that she recently helped out a mother-of-two who had forgotten her wallet while shopping at Countdown in Ponsonby, Auckland... When Ardern was asked by a journalist during a press conference in Hamilton on Thursday whether she had paid for the woman's groceries, she said "yes".

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ネタニヤフ氏が勝利宣言 イスラエル総選挙、右派過半数か - 毎日新聞




米NY市、はしか流行で非常事態宣言 予防接種を義務化 - ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 英、離婚手続き見直し 「無用な非難合戦」回避へ


CNN.co.jp : NZのバーガーキング、「巨大な箸」の広告が炎上して取り下げ


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News Headlines - 09 April 2019

Japan's air force loses contact with F-35 stealth fighter - Reuters

Japan’s military said on Tuesday it lost contact with one of its Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters over the Pacific Ocean close to northern Japan.
Japan’s first squadron of F-35s has just become operational at the Misawa air base and the government plans to buy 87 of the stealth fighters to modernize its air defenses as China’s military power grows.

In video, ousted Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn claims he's a victim of 'conspiracy' | The Japan Times

In a highly anticipated video released Tuesday, Carlos Ghosn characterizes his ousting from the automaker he led for 20 years as “a conspiracy” by “selfish” Nissan executives afraid to forge ahead in its alliance with Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Renault SA... According to Junichiro Hironaka, one of his lawyers, Ghosn originally named individuals as masterminds of the conspiracy, but the defense team redacted those names at their discretion after getting consent from Ghosn. The video was aired to journalists a day after Nissan formally expelled Ghosn, who faces charges of financial misconduct and breach of trust, from its board at an extraordinary shareholders meeting.

Japan to have new banknotes in 2024, one featuring Hokusai's 'Great Wave'

Japanese banknotes will be redesigned for the first time in two decades in 2024 with one of them featuring possibly the country's most iconic art piece in the world -- ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," the government said Tuesday.
The famous woodblock print from the "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" series by Hokusai (1760-1849) that depicts a large frothy wave with Japan's highest peak in the background will be printed on the reverse side of the 1,000 yen bill, Finance Minister Taro Aso said in a news conference.
In the first design overhaul since 2004, Japan will also introduce new 10,000 yen and 5,000 yen bills with cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting protections.

Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders found guilty in 2014 protests - Nikkei Asian Review

Nine leaders of Hong Kong's 2014 pro-democracy Occupy Central movement were found guilty on Tuesday for their involvement in the protests that paralyzed the financial hub for 79 days.
The defendants, aged 24 to 75, on Tuesday called on people in Hong Kong to continue the fight for democracy, as hundreds of supporters chanted slogans outside a district court in West Kowloon where the verdict was delivered.
The verdict was the latest in a series of jail sentences against high-profile protesters in the former British colony amid growing international criticism of the erosion of the city's freedoms and autonomy as Beijing tightens its grip. The sentences will be handed down on a later date.

Oregon woman lived 99 years with organs on the wrong side of her body

A 99-year-old Oregon woman may have died not knowing that many of her organs were not where they should've been.
Rose Marie Bentley is thought to be the oldest person with a rare condition called situs inversus with levocardia, meaning that her heart was in the right place, but her liver and other abdominal organs grew on the left side of her body - the opposite of typical human anatomy.

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ゴーン元会長妻「日本へ戻る」 聴取に応じる用意 :日本経済新聞


トランプ米大統領が国土安全保障省の人事刷新指示、警護隊長官退任へ - ロイター


「ロンドンに無視され続け」没落した港町 EU離脱熱望:朝日新聞デジタル




大坂なおみ、国別対抗戦フェド杯の代表入り辞退 : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 08 April 2019

Nissan shareholders vote to remove Ghosn as director - Japan Today

Nissan's shareholders ousted the automaker's former chairman Carlos Ghosn from its board on Monday, seeking to shut the door on an era capped by scandal.
More than 4,000 people gathered at a Tokyo hotel for a three-hour extraordinary shareholders' meeting and signaled their approval for dismissing Ghosn with applause. They also approved the appointment of French alliance partner Renault SA's Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard to replace Ghosn. Renault owns 43 percent of Nissan.

Turret truck driver killed in elevator accident at new Toyosu fish market - The Mainichi

A man died at the new Toyosu Central Wholesale Market in Koto Ward, Tokyo, on April 8 after being crushed by the door of a freight elevator while driving a small turret truck, police said.
The man, who was in his 50s, worked at the market as a driver of the small trucks. Known as taare in Japanese, they are small motorized vehicles used to transport goods quickly within the market.

Takuma Sato wins Indy Grand Prix of Alabama to earn fourth career IndyCar crown | The Japan Times

Takuma Sato had one “little moment” when his car went into the grass late in the race.
Other than that, the Japanese driver didn’t have too many worrisome moments at Sunday’s Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on his way to a fourth career IndyCar victory.

G1 Supercard: Kazuchika Okada wins IWGP title at Madison Square Garden | SI.com

Wrestling at Madison Square Garden will never be the same.
The “World’s Most Famous Arena” played host to the G1 Supercard show on Saturday, and history was made when Kazuchika Okada won the IWGP heavyweight championship. Okada’s victory marks the first time New Japan Pro Wrestling’s prestigious world title has ever changed hands outside of Japan.
And it happened on 7th Avenue between West 31st and West 33rd, right in the heart of New York City.

Prince William joins Her Majesty’s secret service with stint at MI6, MI5 and GCHQ | South China Morning Post

As one of the most recognisable public figures in the world, Britain’s Prince William would not make as effective a 007 as legendary fictional spy James Bond.
But that did not stop the heir to the British throne spending the last three weeks working with the security services, including in Bond’s own foreign intelligence unit MI6.
The Duke of Cambridge ended the top-secret attachment - which also included a week with domestic intelligence service MI5 and cybersecurity agency GCHQ - on Saturday, according to Kensington Palace.

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米国土安全保障長官が辞任、解任との指摘も 不法移民対策巡り - ロイター


トヨタHEV技術外販の真意、フォルクスワーゲンEVへの焦り | 日経 xTECH(クロステック)

 VWは2019年3月に、同年末から生産を開始するEV専用PF「Modular Electric Toolkit(MEB)」を他社に販売すると表明した。「電動車時代」になるはずの2020年代。VWは主役に立つパワートレーンとして、トヨタが強いHEVではなく、EVにするための具体策を示したわけだ。

スペイン総選挙、与党社会労働党が支持率31.1%でトップ=世論調査 - ロイター




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News Headlines - 07 April 2019

Ghosn’s wife to appeal to French government to help ex-Nissan boss | Financial Times

The wife of Carlos Ghosn has flown to Paris to increase pressure on the French government to intervene and help her husband as the former Nissan chairman begins a stretch of solitary detention in Tokyo.
In an interview with the Financial Times just hours before boarding her flight out of Japan on Friday night, Carole Ghosn said that her husband’s previous 108-day imprisonment had left him “a different person” and that normal life under bail conditions had been impossible... France insisted at the weekend that it was doing what it could to help Mr Ghosn, with Jean-Yves Le Drian, the foreign minister, raising the matter of his detention with his Japanese counterpart Taro Kono at a G7 meeting in France.

Battle for power in Libya reaches the capital Tripoli | Euronews

The Libyan National Army says it has advanced into the outskirts of Tripoli as it continues its thrust against the internationally recognised government.
Fighting has been reported near the former international airport, which the LNA claims now to control.
The secretary general of the United Nations held talks with offensive leader Khalifa Haftar on Friday, but left the country without achieving a breakthrough.

Apple Music Overtakes Spotify in Paid U.S. Subscribers - WSJ

Apple Music has surpassed Spotify Technology SA in paid U.S. subscriptions, according to people familiar with the matter, in a shift that escalates the music rivals’ contest for listeners world-wide.
Apple Inc.’s streaming-music service has been adding subscribers in the world’s biggest music market more rapidly than its Swedish rival-a monthly growth rate of about 2.6% to 3%, compared with 1.5% to 2% for Spotify-the people said.

Microsoft's eBook store: When this closes, your books disappear too - BBC News

There’s bad news for users of Microsoft’s eBook store: the company is closing it down, and, with it, any books bought through the service will no longer be readable.
To soften the blow, the company has promised to refund any customers who bought books through the store (a clue that there may not have been that many of them, hence the closure. Microsoft did not offer further comment).
But just think about that for a moment. Isn’t it strange? If you’re a Microsoft customer, you paid for those books. They’re yours.
Except, I’m afraid, they’re not, and they never were - when you hand over money for your “book”, what you’re really paying for is access to the book. That access, per the terms and conditions of every major eBook store, can be taken away at any moment.

Ex-sumo wrestler Baruto becomes Estonian lawmaker - NHK WORLD

A retired sumo wrestler has been elected to Estonia's parliament. Kaido Hoovelson was formerly known as Baruto.
The country's election commission announced on Wednesday that Hoovelson had won a seat in last month's general election... Hoovelson was elected when another candidate decided not to take up his seat.
Hoovelson is set to begin work as a lawmaker when the Estonian parliament convenes on Thursday.

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黒海で対ロシア警戒強化=NATO、艦船派遣-外相理:AFPBB News


墜落事故「システムが誤作動」 ボーイングCEO認める:朝日新聞デジタル


Altaba(旧米Yahoo!)、Alibaba株売却で解散へ - ITmedia NEWS

 Altabaは、米Yahoo!が主要事業を米Verizonに売却して投資会社となった際、変更した企業名。この解散で、企業としての米Yahoo!は完全になくなる。なお、Yahoo!の米国でのサービスは現在、Verizon傘下のVerizon Media Groupの1メディアとして存続している。

北欧諸国のレイプ被害者対応に不備、アムネスティが非難:AFPBB News

国際人権団体アムネスティ・インターナショナル(Amnesty International)は3日、男女平等における先進地域として名高い北欧4か国で、「レイプ事件が驚くほどの高水準に上って」おり、被害者への対処もうまくいっていないとする報告書を発表した。

ベルギーに水中撮影スタジオ開設、嵐のシーンもOK - ロイター


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News Headlines - 06 April 2019

U.S. Role in Yemen War Will End Unless Trump Issues Second Veto - The New York Times

The House on Thursday gave final passage to a bipartisan resolution forcing an end to United States military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, sending President Trump a pointed rebuke over his continued defense of the kingdom after the killing of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.
The 247-to-176 vote, with 16 Republicans joining all House Democrats, invoked the rarely used War Powers Act to curb the president’s executive power to wage war without congressional approval. It most likely sets up the second veto of Mr. Trump’s presidency, this time to publicly defend a four-year conflict that the United Nations has deemed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with thousands of civilians killed and millions suffering from famine.

Ecuador rejects WikiLeaks claim it plans to expel Julian Assange

Ecuador has denied WikiLeaks' claims that it is set to expel Julian Assange from its embassy in London, rejecting what it called "an attempt to stain the dignity of the country."
...On Friday, WikiLeaks tweeted that Assange would be expelled from the embassy "within 'hours to days'" and claimed that Ecuador "already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest."

Brexit: UK couple issued different passport versions - BBC News

A British couple who applied for their passports on the same day received different versions - one with European Union on the cover, the other without.
The new burgundy passports were introduced from 30 March, the day after the UK was supposed to leave the EU... The Home Office said some people may still receive the old version until stocks run out.

Deputy land minister resigns over remark - The Japan News

A senior official of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration resigned on Friday, after suggesting that he acted voluntarily for the interests of Abe and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso over a road project.

Olympics: JOC to name judo federation head Yamashita as new chief - The Mainichi

The Japanese Olympic Committee is set to name former Olympic judo gold medalist Yasuhiro Yamashita as successor to President Tsunekazu Takeda, who is under investigation by French authorities for alleged bribery, multiple sources said Friday.

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英EU離脱「6月末まで再延期」メイ首相が要請 : 読売新聞オンライン


米雇用統計:3月雇用者数19.6万人増、予想上回る-時給伸び鈍化 - Bloomberg


アマゾン、3000基超の衛星打ち上げを計画 高速通信参入へ :日本経済新聞


デジタル課税、国際ルール化 米国案軸に検討、G20で方向性 - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン


離脱を懸念する英国人留学生 他EU加盟国の市民権取得相次ぐ - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 05 April 2019

8 Activists Arrested in Saudi Arabia, Including 2 US-Saudi Citizens

Saudi Arabia has arrested at least eight writers and activists, including two who hold dual U.S.-Saudi citizenship, in the latest crackdown on supporters of female activists.
Rights workers say the detained have all expressed support for a group of Saudi women activists, now on trial for allegedly defaming the kingdom over its treatment of women.
The U.S. State Department has confirmed the arrest of two Americans.

Judge orders Elon Musk and the SEC to settle Tesla tweet dispute

Tesla chief Elon Musk told reporters outside the Manhattan Federal Courthouse that he was "very happy" over the outcome of the SEC's latest complaint against him. The commission sought to hold him in contempt for violating their previous settlement over a financially relevant tweet, after all, but the judge has merely ordered both parties to resolve their dispute outside of court. "Take a deep breath, put your reasonableness pants on, and work this out," District Judge Alison Nathan said during the hearing.

Samsung's profit drops 60% on slump in panels and chips - Nikkei Asian Review

Samsung Electronics' earnings plunged more than 60% in the first quarter from a year ago, as sinking prices for display panels and memory chips dealt a blow to the global supplier.
Operating profit tumbled 60.4% to 6.2 trillion won ($5.5 billion) for the January-March quarter, the South Korean company said on Friday, a far larger drop than market estimates of 7.8 trillion won. Revenue slid 14.1% to 52 trillion won... The announcement came one week after Samsung, which is both a supplier and competitor to smartphone rival Apple, issued an unusual profit warning, saying that first-quarter results would fall short of the market consensus.

Hayabusa 2 tries to create crater on asteroid by dropping bomb:The Asahi Shimbun

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency scientists sent a signal to the Hayabusa 2 space probe on April 5 cueing it to drop a bomb over the asteroid Ryugu to blast a crater into it.
JAXA officials said Hayabusa 2 then descended to about 500 meters above the asteroid, where it released the explosive device.
The probe's impactor device is programmed to descend for about 40 minutes after getting the signal to a height of about 200 meters and then detonating, sending an approximately 2-kg copper mass into Ryugu's surface at a speed of 2 kilometers per second.

Ever dreamed of a night with Mona Lisa? Now you can! | Reuters.com

''Night at the Museum'' will soon become a reality for two guests who will win ''tickets'' to spend a night at the Louvre in Paris, courtesy of Airbnb.

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米MIT、中国ファーウェイ・ZTEとの協力打ち切り - ロイター


ベゾス氏離婚、史上最大の財産分与に 妻に株式4兆円:AFPBB News

米アマゾン・ドットコム(Amazon.com)創業者ジェフ・ベゾス(Jeff Bezos)氏とマッケンジー(MacKenzie Bezos)さん夫妻は4日、夫婦が共有するアマゾン株式の75%をベゾス氏が保持し、マッケンジーさんが約360億ドル(約4兆円)相当の株式を受け取る離婚調停で合意した。史上最大の財産分与となる。
 マッケンジーさんの発表によると、米紙ワシントン・ポスト(Washington Post)と民間宇宙開発企業ブルー・オリジン(Blue Origin)の保有株式すべてと、マッケンジーさんが保持する残りのアマゾン株式の議決権はベゾス氏に譲渡される。

ゴーン容疑者が逮捕前、仏メディアに「私は無罪だ」 : 日刊スポーツ


アサンジ氏、大使館から追放か ウィキリークス発表 :日本経済新聞


NZ銃乱射テロ タラント被告を精神鑑定へ - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 04 April 2019

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn served 4th arrest warrant; calls it 'outrageous' - Japan Today

Former Nissan Motor Co Chairman Carlos Ghosn was rearrested Thursday over a new allegation that he was responsible for a $5 million loss made by the automaker, the fourth time he has been arrested in Japan.
The new arrest warrant, served for an allegation of aggravated breach of trust over a payment made to a distributor in Oman, marks another turn for the once-feted auto tycoon, who was preparing to defend his innocence at trial.

Japan's 7-Eleven to replace leader as firm considers changing 24-hour policy | Reuters

Japan’s biggest retail group Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd said it is replacing the head of its 7-Eleven convenience store business, amid pressure to abandon its 24-hour store policy due to a shortage of workers.
The company has come under pressure to change after complaints by franchise owners, some of whom were forced to keep working amid massive snowstorms or in the wake of a family death, attracted nationwide attention.

Japan Post Insurance to Sell $3.7 Billion Shares in Global Deal - Bloomberg

Japan Post Holdings Co.’s insurance unit is conducting a secondary sale of shares held by its parent worth 409 billion yen ($3.7 billion) in a global offering.
In its first sale since its listing in November 2015, Japan Post Insurance Co. plans to sell 112.6 million shares in Japan and 55.5 million shares overseas, the Tokyo-based insurer said in a filing Thursday. Another 24.1 million shares could be offered in an over-allotment, with 16.9 million of those in Japan and the rest abroad, it said.

Facebook's Zuckerberg confident of stopping interference in 2020 campaign - Reuters

Facebook Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is confident the world’s biggest social network will do better in 2020 at stopping “bad actors” from manipulating the U.S. presidential election... U.S. intelligence agencies say there was an extensive Russian cyber-influence operation during the 2016 campaign aimed at helping Donald Trump, a Republican, defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations.
Zuckerberg said here the social media giant had implemented a lot of different measures since 2016 to verify any advertiser who is running a political ad and create an archive so anyone could see what advertisers are running, who they are targeting and how much they are paying.

Tennis Superstar Naomi Osaka Signs with Nike - Nike News

Two-time Grand Slam winner and current World No. 1 Naomi Osaka has joined Nike’s elite roster of professional athletes... Osaka’s deal begins this week. Her first official competition in Nike gear will be the WTA Event in Stuttgart, beginning April 22.

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英首相、焦点の野党協議開始 「合意なき離脱」回避探る  :日本経済新聞


英EU離脱延期を義務付け 英下院が1票差で可決 :日本経済新聞


ルノー、ゴーン前CEOの支出に「重大な疑念」 調査結果発表:AFPBB News

仏ルノー(Renault)は3日、日産自動車(Nissan Motor)と設立したオランダの統括会社「ルノー日産BV(RNBV)」に対する日産との共同調査の結果、カルロス・ゴーン(Carlos Ghosn)前最高経営責任者(CEO)による数百万ユーロ(数億円)分の支出に「重大な疑念」が生じたと発表した。

トヨタ・GM・フォード 自動運転の基準作りで連携 :日本経済新聞


米ベライゾンが5G開始 前倒しで「世界初」 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 03 April 2019

21-Year-Old Student Dead After Getting In Car She Thought Was Uber - Rolling Stone

Last Friday morning, Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old college student at the University of South Carolina, ordered an Uber at 2:00 a.m. after spending the night out with her friends. She was last seen on surveillance footage getting into a black Chevy Impala in downtown Columbia, thinking it was her Uber. It was not.
On Saturday, Columbia police chief Skip Holbrook announced that Josephson’s body had been found by turkey hunters in Clarendon County, a rural area 65 miles southeast of Columbia.
Although Holbrook did not reveal the cause of death, he did announce that a suspect had been arrested in relation with Josephson’s murder: 24-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland, who was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping.

Toyota to offer royalty-free use of patents - NHK WORLD

Toyota says it will provide other makers with the rights to more than 23,000 patents for hybrid-related parts and systems. These include electric motors and power control units... The company hopes the move will encourage more automakers to produce hybrids. This should help lower production costs for entirely electric vehicles -- which share key components with hybrids.

Carlos Ghosn on Twitter: Ready to ‘tell the truth’ about events:The Asahi Shimbun

Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn promised to "tell the truth" at a news conference next week, taking to Twitter to announce his first briefing since being released on bail and hours after a report that prosecutors were preparing a fresh case against him... The account was created this month. It was the sole tweet, posted in Japanese and English.
Under the terms of Ghosn's bail he is not allowed to use the internet, although the tweet may have been made on his behalf, as is common with celebrities and other high-profile figures.

Japan assures world that Reiwa is all about 'beautiful harmony' and has nothing to do with 'command' | The Japan Times

The Foreign Ministry confirmed Wednesday the name for Japan’s forthcoming new Imperial era, Reiwa, means “beautiful harmony” in English... The move is intended to dispel what the ministry considers erroneous reports overseas that the new era name has connotations of “command” or “order” - one of the most common meanings of the kanji for rei that forms the first half of Reiwa.

Brunei implements stoning to death under anti-LGBT laws - BBC News

Brunei is introducing strict new Islamic laws that make anal sex and adultery offences punishable by stoning to death.
The new measures, that come into force on Wednesday, also cover a range of other crimes including punishment for theft by amputation.
The move has sparked international condemnation.

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IMF、世界経済見通しを下方修正へ  :日本経済新聞


トランプ氏のFRB批判止まず、利上げ停止でも不満強める - WSJ


デンソー、2億3000万円支払いで和解=米集団民事訴訟 | 乗りものニュース


Google+、予告通り4月2日に約7年半の歴史に幕 - ITmedia NEWS


61歳米女性が孫を代理出産 同性結婚した息子のために - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 02 April 2019

Lego's Spike Prime kits give kids the confidence to code

STEM has a bit of an image problem: Despite efforts to make it colorful and friendly, it's still intimidating to a lot of students. When there are parents shoving electronics kits at them while offering no help and teachers insisting that learning to code is fundamental to their career prospects, some kids end up completely turned off. But now Lego Education has a $330 kit, Spike Prime, aimed at building coding literacy and overcoming the confidence problem that drives many kids away from STEM before they reach high school.

Chinese woman arrested carrying malware into Trump resort

President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort just dealt with a decidedly unusual malware 'attack.' A Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang has been charged with making false statements to a federal officer and entering restricted property after she visited Mar-a-Lago on March 30th carrying a thumb drive apparently loaded with malware.

Hundreds take part in ‘silly walk’ parade - BBC News

Hundreds of people took part in a Monty Python-inspired "silly walk" parade in the Hungarian capital Budapest to mark April Fools’ Day... The idea was inspired by a sketch in the 1970s comedy series Monty Python, where actor John Cleese played a civil servant walking in unusual ways to the "Ministry of Silly Walks".

Mick Jagger to undergo heart surgery - CNN

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is set to undergo heart surgery this week, a source close to the band tells CNN.
The source said the surgery is to replace a valve in his heart... The news comes three days after The Rolling Stones postponed their North American tour that was set to kick off on April 20 in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Pope Francis on Lionel Messi: 'He's great, but he is not God' | The Guardian

The five-times Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi has earned the nickname 'D10S', a combination of his shirt number and the Spanish word for God - Dios - but Pope Francis has said 'it is a sacrilege' to give the Barcelona captain that title.
In an interview with La Sexta, the leader of the Catholic Church, praised his Argentinian compatriot saying: 'He's great to watch - but he's not God.'

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英議会、離脱代替案を再否決 関税同盟残留は3票差 :日本経済新聞


産業機械見本市がハノーバーで開幕 工場、5Gで進化 :日本経済新聞


仏ルノー、ゴーン被告のオマーンへの支払いを検察に通報-関係者 - Bloomberg


ドイツで小型機墜落、ロシアのS7航空共同経営者が死亡:AFPBB News

ドイツのフランクフルト南郊で3月31日、小型機が墜落し、乗員乗客3人が死亡した。現地警察が明らかにした。犠牲者の一人は、ロシアのS7航空(S7 Airlines)の共同経営者、ナタリア・フィレワ(Natalia Fileva)氏(55)だったと同社が明らかにした。

CNN.co.jp : 米、中米3カ国への援助打ち切り 「移民キャラバン」受け


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News Headlines - 01 April 2019

Japan reveals name of new imperial era will be 'Reiwa' - BBC News

Japan has announced that the name of its new imperial era, set to begin on 1 May, will be "Reiwa" - signifying order and harmony.
The country's current era, Heisei, will end in a month with Emperor Akihito's historic abdication.

Japan chooses new imperial era of 'Reiwa' from Japanese rather than Chinese source for first time

Unusually, the new era name was not selected from traditional Chinese texts, as has been the case since Japan’s first gengo began more than 1,300 years ago in 645AD.
Instead, Reiwa was taken from a Japanese classic for the first time in the nation’s history, with the word originating from 7th century Manyoshu, the country’s oldest existing collection of poetry... The decision to subvert tradition and use a Japanese rather than Chinese text to mark a new and modern era for Japan appears to tie in with the nationalist leanings of prime minister Shinzo Abe’s conservative government.

New Japanese era a boon for Aussie property website - CNA

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia said it had an unexpected surge in traffic to its website - Reiwa.com - after the era of emperor Naruhito's rule was named.
Seventy per cent of the day's traffic to reiwa.com was from Japan, according to institute spokeswoman Sjanna Sandalova.
In Japanese, "Reiwa" consists of two characters: "Rei", which can have meanings related to "order" but also "auspicious" and "Wa", usually translated as "peace" or "harmony".
For the many residents of Perth, REIWA is synonymous with the hunt for a two-bedroom apartment near the Swan River.

2 Japanese teenagers found drowned in Australian lake - Japan Today

Two 16-year-old Japanese boys have been found dead in Australia's Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island after being reported missing while in Queensland state on a school homestay tour.
The boys' bodies were discovered by police divers on Saturday morning.

Thai police arrest 15 Japanese in Pattaya call center scam targeting Japan | The Japan Times

Thai police have said 15 Japanese have been arrested for alleged involvement in a call center scam that defrauded people in their homeland.
The police said Friday that the 15 were arrested following a raid on an upscale house in the beach resort town of Pattaya... The sources said the police launched an investigation after rumors began circulating of a Japanese gang running a phone scam in town.

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コメディアンと現職で決選投票へ ウクライナ大統領選:朝日新聞デジタル


スロバキアで初の女性大統領が誕生へ 決選投票を制す:朝日新聞デジタル


北朝鮮、スペインの大使館襲撃事件は「重大なテロ攻撃」と批判 | ロイター


英国:EU離脱混乱、仏も備え 港町、税関・検疫の建設急ピッチ 旅行者減、不安も - 毎日新聞


岡崎 今季限りでのレスター退団を明言 日本復帰は否定「ヨーロッパでもう一回」― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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