News Headlines - 06 April 2019

U.S. Role in Yemen War Will End Unless Trump Issues Second Veto - The New York Times

The House on Thursday gave final passage to a bipartisan resolution forcing an end to United States military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, sending President Trump a pointed rebuke over his continued defense of the kingdom after the killing of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.
The 247-to-176 vote, with 16 Republicans joining all House Democrats, invoked the rarely used War Powers Act to curb the president’s executive power to wage war without congressional approval. It most likely sets up the second veto of Mr. Trump’s presidency, this time to publicly defend a four-year conflict that the United Nations has deemed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with thousands of civilians killed and millions suffering from famine.

Ecuador rejects WikiLeaks claim it plans to expel Julian Assange

Ecuador has denied WikiLeaks' claims that it is set to expel Julian Assange from its embassy in London, rejecting what it called "an attempt to stain the dignity of the country."
...On Friday, WikiLeaks tweeted that Assange would be expelled from the embassy "within 'hours to days'" and claimed that Ecuador "already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest."

Brexit: UK couple issued different passport versions - BBC News

A British couple who applied for their passports on the same day received different versions - one with European Union on the cover, the other without.
The new burgundy passports were introduced from 30 March, the day after the UK was supposed to leave the EU... The Home Office said some people may still receive the old version until stocks run out.

Deputy land minister resigns over remark - The Japan News

A senior official of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration resigned on Friday, after suggesting that he acted voluntarily for the interests of Abe and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso over a road project.

Olympics: JOC to name judo federation head Yamashita as new chief - The Mainichi

The Japanese Olympic Committee is set to name former Olympic judo gold medalist Yasuhiro Yamashita as successor to President Tsunekazu Takeda, who is under investigation by French authorities for alleged bribery, multiple sources said Friday.







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