News Headlines - 02 June 2019

Tiananmen 30 years on - China's great act of 'forgettance' - BBC News

There are no official acts of remembrance for the events of 1989 in Beijing. But that statement, although factually correct, is far too neutral.
In truth, what happened in Tiananmen Square is marked faithfully each year by a massive, national act of what might more properly be called "forgettance".
In the weeks leading up to 4 June, the world's biggest censorship machine goes into overdrive as a huge dragnet of automated algorithms and tens of thousands of human expurgators cleanse the internet of any reference, however oblique.

Ex-ambassador arrested over murder of son - Japan Today

A 76-year-old former top bureaucrat of the farm ministry arrested for the murder of his son suggested during police questioning that his son's social withdrawal and violent behavior were the motive behind the act, investigative sources said Sunday... The investigative sources quoted Kumazawa as saying his son "tended to be withdrawn from social life and showed violent behavior" toward him and his wife.
The former bureaucrat also suggested to the police he became worried about the possibility of his son acting impulsively and harming people, the sources said.

Bangladesh to charge 16 with murder of woman, 19, burned to death | The Guardian

The killing of Nusrat Jahan Rafi last month prompted protests across Bangladesh, with the prime minister promising to prosecute all those involved.
Rafi was lured to the rooftop of the Islamic seminary she attended in her hometown of Feni, where her attackers asked her to withdraw a sexual harassment complaint filed with police against the headteacher.
When she refused, she was doused in kerosene and set on fire. She died five days later. Her death highlighted an alarming rise in sexual harassment cases in the country.

Mount Etna spews lava and ash in spectacular new eruption | The Independent

Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, is spewing ash and lava once again.
A new phase of eruptions began last week shooting a column of ash into the sky. New cracks then opened up in the volcano sending lava down its flank.
However, officials say the activity is taking place at its summit and does not pose a risk to people.

Queen Victoria as you've never seen her before - BBC News

High-quality film of Queen Victoria on her last trip to Ireland has been rediscovered.
The footage was taken a year before she died... The British Film Institute has a free library of Victorian film, and you can see more of MoMA's archives here.







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