News Headlines - 14 June 2019

Tory leadership: Matt Hancock quits contest - BBC News

Matt Hancock has quit the contest to become Conservative leader - and prime minister - a day after coming sixth in the first ballot of the party's MPs... Further ballots are scheduled to take place next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to whittle down the contenders until only two are left. The process could be speeded up if anyone else drops out.

Huawei delays global launch of foldable phone by three months - Reuters

Huawei will delay the launch of its much-touted foldable 5G Mate X smartphone by three months, the latest setback for the company that was slapped with U.S. sanctions last month.
The Mate X, a competitor to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Fold, is expected to be rolled out globally in September, Vincent Pang, Huawei’s head of corporate communications, said on the sidelines of the WSJ Tech D.Live conference in Hong Kong.

A Novice Player Gets a Painful Lesson in Middle East Peacemaking - WSJ

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a rough debut as Middle East peacemaker, ending the first trip by a Japanese leader to Iran in 41 years with the U.S.-Iran conflict even more volatile than before.
Mr. Abe went to Tehran on Wednesday hoping to serve as a bridge between the U.S., Japan’s closest ally, and Iran, with which Tokyo has maintained warm ties.

Japan’s use of Google Earth data to choose Aegis Ashore missile defence site labelled ‘inept’ | South China Morning Post

Japan’s defence ministry is under fire after admitting it relied on erroneous data from the Google Earth app to narrow down potential locations for its state-of-the-art Aegis Ashore missile defence system.
Officials have also admitted they failed to carry out inspections of the candidate sites - an omission one defence analyst described as “inept” and which raised questions about the ministry’s decision-making processes.

How Tokyo's suburban housing became vast ghettoes for the old | The Guardian

Many Japanese know the Atago complex as the setting for Whisper of the Heart, an animated film from Studio Ghibli written by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki that topped the domestic box office in 1995. The romantic film depicts the lives of junior high school students whose imaginations are transported through writing stories to each other.
The real Atago complex, however, is home to almost no young people. Japan’s population is ageing rapidly, though not so much in Tokyo, where just under a quarter of residents are older than 65. But in the Tama City suburb the proportion is 29.6%, and is expected to rise to 32.6% over the next decade - increasing more than twice as fast as the Tokyo average.







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