News Headlines - 04 June 2019

Kim's sister back in public eye at North Korea's mass games - Stripes

The powerful younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a public event in Pyongyang for the first time in more than 50 days, casting further doubt on media speculation that he had ordered her to lay low over the failed nuclear summit with Washington.
North Korea's state media on Tuesday showed Kim Yo Jong clapping aside her brother, his wife and other top officials at the 150,000-seat May Day Stadium, where thousands of gymnasts, dancers and flip-card-wielding spectators worked in precise unison to perform "The Land of the People."

KAWS Collaboration With Uniqlo Debuts-Chaos Ensues

Demand for Brooklyn-based artist KAWS’ latest collaboration with Uniqlo resulted in Black Friday-style brawling among shoppers in China, captured in a series of viral social media videos. The collection drops in Europe and the U.S. today.

Dutch girl, 17, raped as child is allowed to die at home because 'life was unbearable' | Metro News

Noa Pothoven said her ‘suffering was unbearable’ and died last Sunday in a hospital bed in her living room in Arnhem, Netherlands. Noa penned an autobiography called ‘Winning or Learning’ about her battles with mental illness after reportedly being molested and raped at a young age. As a result she suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anorexia.

Franco's exhumation suspended by Spain's Supreme Court - The Local

Spain's Socialist government had planned to move the remains on Monday from the opulent mausoleum near Madrid to a more discreet state-run pantheon but the plans have been fiercely resisted for nearly a year by Franco's heirs.
The court said in a statement it had decided unanimously to suspend the exhumation to avoid "harm" that could be caused if it was ultimately found that his remains should not have been moved.

Andrew Cuomo casts doubt on recreational marijuana bill passing before New York legislature adjourns - Washington Times

New York is unlikely to legalize recreational marijuana before lawmakers adjourn for the year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated this week.
Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, told reporters during a news conference Monday that the state Senate lacks the votes to pass a bill that would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, casting doubt on its odds of passing before the legislative session ends June 19.







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