News Headlines - 06 July 2019

Jaguar Land Rover reveals UK EV plans | The Engineer

The first new electric car to be produced at the plant will be Jaguar’s XJ luxury saloon, which has so far been exported to over 120 countries. The news was confirmed to staff at Castle Bromwich as production of the current XJ ceased... As well as safeguarding thousands of jobs, the move is the next stage in the delivery of the company’s electrification strategy which in January saw confirmation of plans to bring battery and Electric Drive Unit (EDU) assembly to the Midlands.
Set to be operational in 2020, the new Battery Assembly Centre at Hams Hall will have an installed capacity of 150,000 units. Together with the Wolverhampton Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC), home of Jaguar Land Rover’s global EDU production, these facilities will power the next generation of Jaguar and Land Rover models.

Donald Trump under fire for July 4 military parade | Financial Times

Donald Trump came under fire for politicising the US Independence Day celebrations, after ordering a large military parade through the nation’s capital city and delivering a speech of his own at the Lincoln Memorial... Mr Trump’s demand to include tanks and military jets in the July 4 festivities this year breaks with tradition in Washington, where hundreds of thousands of people typically gather for a night of patriotic songs and fireworks broadcast on national television.
The president on Thursday morning hyped the event, declaring on Twitter: “People are coming from far and wide to join us today and tonight for what is turning out to be one of the biggest celebrations in the history of our Country.”

Thousands Protest Waste Incinerator Plans in China's Wuhan

Authorities in the central Chinese city of Wuhan have detained around 20 people in a crackdown this week on a mass street protest at plans to build a new waste incineration plant, RFA has learned.
Amid chants of "Give us back our clean environment!", an estimated 10,000 residents from apartments near the Yangluo industrial development area in Wuhan's Xinzhou district turned out against the plan on Tuesday and Wednesday, local residents said.
The local government dispatched around 1,000 riot police to disperse the crowd, with large numbers of injuries reported, they said.

UNESCO approves Mozu-Furuichi as cultural heritage | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

A UNESCO committee has decided to register a group of ancient burial mounds in Japan's western prefecture of Osaka as a World Cultural Heritage site... The Mozu-Furuichi Tumulus Clusters which span the cities of Sakai, Habikino and Fujiidera, consist of 49 mounds built between the late fourth and fifth centuries.
Among them is a keyhole-shaped tomb, which the Imperial Household Agency considers to be the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 10-Minute Clip Surfaces Online

Neon Genesis Evangelion has been at the forefront of conversation recently thanks to the recent worldwide re-release on Netflix... After a brief 20 second teaser surfaced last year, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 has shown fans the first ten minutes of the film during Japan Expo 2019 in Paris, France. And it's surfaced online... At Japan Expo 2019 in Paris, the film held a special "Shin Evangelion Gekijoban AVANT 1 (Beginning 10 Minutes 40 Seconds 00 Frame) 0706 Version" screening which will showed off the first ten minutes of the film before it's title card... The first poster for the film has appeared as well, and it's just as intense and mysterious as this new clip is. The new film is currently slated for a release sometime in 2020,







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