News Headlines - 02 December 2019

Facebook Removes Seven U.K. Tory Party Ads After BBC Complaint - Bloomberg

Facebook Inc. removed seven Conservative Party social media ads on Sunday after the British Broadcasting Corp. complained they distorted the perception of the news service’s impartiality.
“We have removed this content following a valid intellectual property claim from the rights holder, the BBC,” a Facebook spokesman said in an emailed response to questions.
We’re aware of Conservative Party Facebook adverts using edited BBC content. This is a completely unacceptable use of BBC content which distorts our output and which could damage perceptions of our impartiality. We are asking the Conservatives to remove these adverts.

Trump renews tariff threat on Brazil and Argentina - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump announced Monday that the US will "restore" steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, citing a "massive devaluation of their currencies."
... Formal notices of the tariffs were not immediately announced by the Treasury or Commerce Departments or the Office of the US Trade Representative. Both Brazil and Argentina were exempted from 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs last year when Trump was attempting to avoid a trade war with those countries.

Hong Kong Unrest Costs GDP Growth 2 Percentage Points - Bloomberg

Hong Kong is expected to record its first budget deficit since 2004 with the economy sustaining damage equivalent to 2 percentage points of output growth, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said... Almost six months of ongoing protests and export pressure from the U.S.-China trade war have put enormous strain on Hong Kong this year.

Second terror suspect returned to prison as officers begin working through list of 69 suspects

A total of 69 violent jihadists, who have been released from prison early, will have their licence conditions tightened as part of the government's crackdown in the wake of Usman Khan's London Bridge attack.
Two convicted terrorists have already been recalled to prison since Friday's outrage and around half a dozen more are expected to join them in the coming days.

Sperm whale dies with 100kg 'litter ball' in its stomach - BBC News

A sperm whale which died after stranding on the Isle of Harris had a 100kg "litter ball" in its stomach.
Fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags and plastic cups were among the items discovered in a compacted mass.







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