News Headlines - 01 December 2019

Suicide of ex-JDI official in embezzlement case | NHK WORLD

NHK has learned that a former senior official of LCD panel maker Japan Display died in a suspected suicide after having been dismissed for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars of the company's money... Japan Display, or JDI, disclosed last month that the accountant embezzled nearly 580 million yen, or more than 5 million dollars, over a four-year period until October 2018.

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide - BBC News

Daimler, the German carmaker that owns Mercedes-Benz, has said it will shed at least 10,000 jobs worldwide as it seeks to fund the switch to electric cars.
Daimler personnel chief Wilfried Porth told journalists the number of jobs lost would be "in the five figures".
The move comes days after rival Audi said it would cut 9,500 of its 61,000 jobs in Germany for similar reasons.

Apple 'taking a deeper look' at map policies after calling Crimea part of Russia - Reuters

Apple Inc is “taking a deeper look at how we handle disputed borders” after it referred to the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula as part of Russia in its Maps and Weather apps for Russian users, a company spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday.
Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters that Apple has not made any changes to its maps outside of Russia and made the change for Russian users because of a new law that went into effect in that country.

Australia’s first underwater hotel opens at the Great Barrier Reef | PerthNow

Newly-released pictures of Reefsuites on the reconstructed pontoon at Hardy Reef - which was badly damaged in 2017's Cyclone Debbie - show aquarium-like partially glass-bottomed rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.
Guests will be able to observe the reef and all its wildlife after dark when the two rooms open to the public from December 1.

How Edinburgh became the Aids capital of Europe - BBC News

While Glasgow had more users, it was Edinburgh where the Aids epidemic hit hardest.
And Dr Roy Robertson, a GP on the sprawling Muirhouse estate, was among the first doctors to work out why.
He made the connection between addicts' habit of sharing needles and the city's spiralling Aids crisis.







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