News Headlines - 05 December 2019

US says Iran protest death toll may surpass 1,000

The United States said Thursday that Iranian authorities may have killed more than 1,000 people in a crackdown on demonstrations, which Washington cast as the clerical regime's worst-ever internal challenge.

Tories promise Brexit and Budget in first 100 days - BBC News

Boris Johnson has promised to pass his Brexit deal and bring a Budget within 100 days if he is elected PM.
The Tory leader said it would include his pledge to raise the National Insurance threshold to £9,500, along with cash for schools and the NHS.

California Recovers $23M From Auto Parts Makers' Bid Rigging - The New York Times

California has recovered more than $23 million from settlements with 52 automobile parts manufacturers for illegal bid rigging that jacked up consumer costs, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Wednesday... The state's largest such settlement, $4.25 million, was reached this week with DENSO Corp., though some settlements with other companies date to 2015.

Dog or wolf? Frozen 18,000-year-old puppy gives scientists pause

An 18,000-year-old puppy buried for centuries in a lump of frozen mud was unveiled on Monday by scientists who hope it can help bridge the connection between dogs and wolves.
The puppy, which was male, was discovered 18 months ago, preserved in a layer of permafrost in Siberia’s Far Eastern reaches, according to Dave Stanton, a research fellow at the Center for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm and one of the scientists who examined its DNA.

Kentucky and Michigan to Play a Game in London Next Season - The New York Times

Kentucky and Michigan will play a game in London next season as part of a new deal between the men’s basketball programs that lets Kentucky showcase its team abroad and gives Michigan a multiyear series against one of the top universities in the sport... The London game is scheduled for December 2020 at the O2 arena, a stadium that has been used by the N.B.A. over the past few seasons.







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