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News Headlines - 31 January 2020

Brexit: The UK has officially left the EU - what happens next? - BBC News

It's official - the UK has left the European Union.
A cause for celebration for some, a sobering moment for others. The UK formally ended its EU membership at the stroke of midnight on Friday in Brussels, 23:00 GMT in London.
A projection of a countdown clock in Downing Street marked the occasion.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed the "dawn of a new era", promising "real national renewal" after 47 years of EU membership.

Alastair Stewart's exit due to multiple 'errors of judgment' | The Guardian

Stewart resigned on Wednesday, three weeks after he sent a tweet to a black man including the term “angry ape”. The message, quoting the Shakespeare play Measure for Measure, was sent to political adviser Martin Shapland during a disagreement between the two.

Huawei sold more phones than Apple in 2019 despite no Google apps - Business Insider

Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple in 2019, according to market research from Counterpoint Research and Strategy Analytics.
Between figures from both reports, Huawei sold around 240 million smartphones in 2019 compared to Apple's 197 million. It also means that Huawei took Apple over as second-largest smartphone maker in the world. Huawei also sold about 35 million more smartphones than it did in 2018. Samsung is holding its first place lead with about 295 million smartphones sold in 2019.

Australia state announces inquiry into catastrophic bush fires | Al Jazeera

New South Wales, the Australian state worst hit by this season's enormous bushfires, has announced an independent inquiry into the continuing blazes, including the reasons why they started and the role that climate change may have played.
The six-month inquiry that will begin this week will examine how state authorities prepared and responded to the "unprecedented" 2019-20 bushfire crisis, state Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Thursday.

French man killed in avalanche on Japan ski mountain - The Straits Times

The body of a French man was found on Friday (Jan 31) after an avalanche struck a northern Japanese mountain where he was backcountry skiing with seven other French citizens, local police said.
The death of Mr Sylvain Lethier, 38, was confirmed after a rescue team found his body off the slopes of the Tomamu ski resort in the northern Hokkaido region, a brief police statement said.
The avalanche happened on Thursday afternoon, when the group of eight went off the resort's ski courses to venture into the untouched snow on the mountain.

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東京新聞:EU離脱日 象徴の地で英が特別閣議 日産が立地 住民不安配慮?


GM「ハマー」復活発表 来年秋、EVトラックで - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


中国に配慮か 緊急事態宣言で後手に回ったWHO - 産経ニュース


東京五輪へWHOと連携 新型肺炎対処でIOC


ゴーン被告の逮捕状取得…手助けの男3人も : 読売新聞オンライン


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News Headlines - 30 January 2020

Coronavirus: WHO declares global health emergency | DW

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday declared the coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern.
The health agency described the emergency as an "extraordinary event" as other countries are at risk. Therefore a coordinated global response is required in order to contain a virus that broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan three weeks ago.

As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Anti-Chinese Sentiment - The New York Times

In Japan, the hashtag #ChineseDon’tComeToJapan has been trending on Twitter. In Singapore, tens of thousands of residents have signed a petition calling for the government to ban Chinese nationals from entering the country.
In Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam, businesses have posted signs saying that mainland Chinese customers are not welcome. In France, a front-page headline in a regional newspaper warned of a “Yellow Alert.” And in a suburb of Toronto, parents demanded that a school district keep children of a family that had recently returned from China out of classes for 17 days.
The rapid spread of the coronavirus that has sickened about 9,800 people - the overwhelming majority in China, with all of the 213 deaths there - has unleashed a wave of panic and, in some cases, outright anti-Chinese sentiment across the globe.

Japan's former emperor Akihito collapses unconscious at his residence and undergoes MRI scan | Daily Mail Online

Japan's former emperor Akihito, who abdicated last year, collapsed and lost consciousness at his residence yesterday.
When the 86-year-old fell, Empress Emerita Michiko was nearby and pressed an emergency alarm at the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Akihito was still unconsciousness when the doctor arrived but was snoring. He was taken to his bedroom for recuperation.

Mexico's economy shrinks for first time in 10 years, in blow to president - Reuters

Mexico’s economy contracted last year for the first time in a decade, data showed on Thursday, as businesses curbed investment due to concern over the economic management of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and forecasts for 2020 are also weak.
Adjusted for seasonal swings, Latin America’s no. 2 economy contracted by 0.1% in 2019 after growth of just over 2% the previous year, according to a preliminary estimate published by national statistics office INEGI.

New York City Stores Must Accept Cash, Council Says - The New York Times

The City Council approved legislation on Thursday that prohibits stores, restaurants and other retail outlets from refusing to accept hard currency.
The measure puts New York at the forefront of a national movement to rein in so-called cashless businesses: New Jersey, Philadelphia and San Francisco all approved such bans last year, and several other cities are considering similar moves. Massachusetts has had a law requiring retailers to accept cash and credit since 1978.
But New York City officials have also targeted ride-sharing and meal-delivery apps, as well as facial recognition for building entries - all in an effort to blunt the impact of advancing technology on those who are unable to use it because of financial circumstances, unwilling to for philosophical reasons or vulnerable to its darker aspects.

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欧州議会、英EU離脱案を承認 議員らが惜別の大合唱:AFPBB News

欧州議会(European Parliament)は29日、英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱(ブレグジット、Brexit)協定案を承認した。……欧州議会の議員らは賛成621、反対49で離脱協定案を承認。英国は今後、EUの各組織から離脱するものの、今年末までの移行期間中はEUの規則の大半に従うことになる。
 投票後、議員らは、別れの曲であるスコットランド民謡「オールド・ラング・サイン(Auld Lang Syne、日本では『蛍の光』として知られる)」を合唱した。……議員の多くは、離脱協定案に賛成票を投じるのはブレグジットを支持するからではなく、合意なき離脱による混乱を回避するためだと言明。

日産・ルノー3位後退、成長鈍化が鮮明 トヨタ、3年ぶり2位浮上―19年世界販売:時事ドットコム


米韓は無症状の帰国者を2週間隔離 日本政府は帰宅を許可…リスクはないのか? - FNN.jpプライムオンライン


グレタさん 名前などを商標登録へ「運動や活動守りたい」 | NHKニュース

グレタさんは29日、インスタグラムで声明を出し、自分の名前の「グレタ」や温暖化対策を求める若者たちの運動の名称「Fridays For Future」が勝手に商品の販売やPRなどに利用されていると訴えました。

暴徒化したマンUファン組織がCEO自宅を襲撃「面と向かって言うことにした」 | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 29 January 2020

Nintendo wins legal battle against one of Tokyo's real-life 'Mario Kart' tours | Engadget

Mario Kart-themed go-karts may soon disappear from the streets of Tokyo following a decisive legal win by Nintendo. On Wednesday, the gaming giant announced that Japan's Intellectual Property High Court had ordered Mari Mobility, one of the more popular go-kart operators in Tokyo, to pay a 50 million yen (approximately $458,000) fine for infringing on its IP rights
The court order ends a multi-year legal battle between the two that started in 2017 when Nintendo sued Mari Mobility, then known as MariCar, for copyright infringement. In 2018, a court ordered the company to pay a 10 million yen (approximately $91,600) fine.

Prosecutors search office of Ghosn's ex-lawyer | NHK WORLD

Japanese prosecutors have begun searching the office of a lawyer who served for former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn. Ghosn, who has been indicted in Japan over financial misconduct, escaped to Lebanon last month, skipping bail.
The prosecutors are investigating Ghosn's flight as suspected violation of the immigration control law. They say those who helped him flee could be charged on suspicion of aiding a criminal in avoiding capture.
They searched the office of lawyer Junichiro Hironaka in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on Wednesday morning. Hironaka was among Ghosn's defense team.

Top court upholds divorce of Samsung chairman's eldest daughter | Yonhap News Agency

Ending a legal fight that lasted over five years, South Korea's top court said Monday it has reaffirmed a lower court's ruling accepting a divorce claim filed by Lee Boo-jin, the eldest daughter of the family that owns Samsung.
The Supreme Court upheld the lower court's decision that ordered the Hotel Shilla chief to pay 14.1 billion won (US$12.1 million) in an asset split to her estranged husband, Im Woo-jae. The court granted parental rights and custody of their only child to Lee.

Controversial Nike Vaporflys to escape ban but running shoe rules will tighten | The Guardian

World Athletics will not be imposing a blanket ban on the controversial hi-tech Nike Vaporflys that have transformed athletics when it announces its long-awaited decision on shoe technology on Friday, the Guardian understands.
Instead the sport’s governing body is expected to announce a temporary suspension of any new shoe technology until after the Tokyo Olympics this summer, alongside the launch of a comprehensive research project to examine just how advantageous the shoes, and others like it from rival brands, are at elite level.

Left holds Italy's Emilia Romagna in key regional vote - The Local

The defeat was a major rebuff of Salvini and his nationalist League, which had hoped to score a historic upset and force snap elections in the regional vote in Emilia Romagna, but a high turnout favoured the incumbent centre-left candidate.
The Democratic Party's (PD) Stefano Bonaccini won 51.36 percent of the vote against the anti-immigrant League candidate Lucia Borgonzoni's 43.68 percent, according to official results released by the interior ministry on Monday.

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CNN.co.jp : トランプ米大統領が中東和平案発表 「イスラエル寄り」でパレスチナ反発


英政府、5G構築へのファーウェイ参入を容認--米の圧力に屈せず - CNET Japan

 英国は、軍事基地と核施設、およびCritical National Infrastructure(最重要国家基盤)における安全関連および安全重視のネットワークでのファーウェイ機器の使用は許可しないとした。英国の5Gネットワークの中核部分の構築にも、同社製品の使用は許可されない。同社製品の使用は、機器や装置を携帯電話基地局に接続する、周辺アクセスネットワークに限定される。

ルノー最高経営責任者にVW子会社CEOのルカ・デメオ氏 - 毎日新聞


ベルギーの前国王、隠し子を認知 DNA検査で陽性 - BBCニュース


英アンドルー王子の「協力ゼロ」と米検事 エプスタイン被告捜査:AFPBB News

未成年少女を性的目的で人身取引した罪で起訴され、勾留中に死亡した米富豪、故ジェフリー・エプスタイン(Jeffrey Epstein)被告の捜査をめぐり、支援すると公言した英国のアンドルー王子(Prince Andrew、59)から米連邦捜査局(FBI)が得られた「協力はゼロ」だった。米検事が27日、明らかにした。

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News Headlines - 28 January 2020

Japan confirms virus in man who had not been to China - The Jakarta Post

Japanese authorities said Tuesday a man with no recent travel to China has contracted the novel strain of coronavirus -- apparently after driving tourists visiting from Wuhan, where a deadly outbreak began.
The man in his sixties from Nara in western Japan drove two groups of Wuhan tourists earlier in January and was hospitalized on Saturday with flu-like symptoms, the health ministry said.
Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said the country had confirmed two new cases, bringing the total so far in Japan to six.

Coronavirus: Death toll climbs to 106 as China tightens measures - BBC News

The death toll from the new coronavirus now stands at 106, with the number of infections almost doubling in a day to more than 4,500.
The rise comes as governments scramble to control the spread of the virus. Hong Kong is going to slash cross-border travel with mainland China... The virus has spread across China and to at least 16 countries globally.

Space Debris Tracker Says Two Uncontrolled Satellites Might Hit US on Jan. 29 in the Most Dangerous Collision Ever! | Tech Times

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, two uncontrolled space satellites will likely hit each other along their passage above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America, according to a space debris tracking team.
The two said satellites were identified as the "IRAS (13777), the decommissioned space telescope launched in 1983, and GGSE-4 (2828), an experimental US payload launched in 1967."

EU seeks to force through single standard phone charger | Financial Times

Brussels wants to force tech companies to adopt a universal mobile phone charger, setting up a clash with Apple that argues it will wipe out its Lightning connector cable used on the iPhone.
According to a leaked document setting out the new European Commission’s policy programme, Brussels will present measures calling for the creation of a common EU smartphone charger in the third quarter of the year.

Philips plans to sell or spin off domestic appliances business | Financial Times

Royal Philips plans to sell its domestic appliances arm or spin it off into a separately listed company as the Dutch conglomerate focuses on the healthcare sector.
A sale of one of the best-known consumer electronics brands in Europe would mark the latest in a series of divestments for the Amsterdam-based group, which has sold its lighting, television and entertainment divisions in recent years.

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脱「使い捨て包装」なるか ネスレ、再生プラ切り替えへ2300億円投資 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)


アウシュビッツ強制収容所 解放75年で追悼式典 | NHKニュース


日本人シェフ、フランスで初の三つ星獲得 ミシュラン:朝日新聞デジタル


ゲームがテーマの「Atari ホテル」発表。eスポーツスタジオやアタリゲームコーナー、レストラン併設 - Engadget 日本版

そのアタリを継承する仏 Atari SA. (元アンフォグラム)によると、「アタリホテル」はアリゾナ州フェニックスを皮切りにラスベガスやサンフランシスコ、サンノゼ、シアトル、オースティン、シカゴ、デンバーに開業予定。

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News Headlines - 27 January 2020

Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says - The New York Times

President Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser, John R. Bolton.
The president’s statement as described by Mr. Bolton could undercut a key element of his impeachment defense: that the holdup in aid was separate from Mr. Trump’s requests that Ukraine announce investigations into his perceived enemies, including former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter Biden, who had worked for a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was in office.
Mr. Bolton’s explosive account of the matter at the center of Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, the third in American history, was included in drafts of a manuscript he has circulated in recent weeks to close associates. He also sent a draft to the White House for a standard review process for some current and former administration officials who write books.

A year on, Juan Guaidó’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela has stalled | The Guardian

A year ago, on 23 January 2019, Juan Guaidó, chairman of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled national assembly, proclaimed himself president of the country and vowed to remove Nicolás Maduro from power. Guaidó’s pretender government was swiftly recognised by the Trump administration, as well as by the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Brazil, and eventually some 50 countries in total. As street protests flared in Caracas, it seemed to many outside Venezuela that Maduro’s days in office were numbered – and with them those of Chavismo, the radical left-populist movement that first surged to power in 1998 under Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez. Yet, one year on, Maduro remains firmly ensconced in the presidential Miraflores Palace. And not only has the US-backed attempt at regime change failed to dislodge him, but it is now Guaidó’s position at the head of the Venezuelan opposition that is looking shaky.

Wuhan mayor admits 'withholding info' about China coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

The mayor of a Chinese city ravaged by a new deadly virus has admitted that his government withheld information about an outbreak from the public.
Zhou Xianwang, the mayor of Wuhan, confessed that his team had not released information about the situation 'in time'. He also said that the city was seeing human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus 'on a large scale'.
The revelations came after Mr Zhou yesterday disclosed that around five million Wuhan residents had left the city before it went into lockdown last Thursday.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s aunt makes surprise public appearance, six years after husband’s shock execution | South China Morning Post

Kim Jong-un’s aunt has made a surprise public appearance, six years after her husband was executed as a traitor.
Kim Kyong-hui, 73, was with Kim Jong-un and other party officials when they watched a Lunar New Year’s music performance, the North’s official KCNA news agency reported Sunday.

SUMO/ Lowest ranked wrestler wins New Year sumo tournament:The Asahi Shimbun

For only the second time, the lowest ranked sumo wrestler in the top makuuchi division walked away with the Emperor’s Cup... The last time the lowest ranked makuuchi wrestler came out on top was when Takatoriki won the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament of 2000 as maegashira No. 14.
But Tokushoryu, whose highest rank until now was maegashira No. 4, is the first wrestler to win a tournament marking his return to the makuuchi division.

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英、EU離脱で記念硬貨 延期続き「三度目の正直」 :日本経済新聞


巨額の“暗号資産”流出から2年 180億円分すでに資金洗浄か | NHKニュース


ロスチャイルド家子孫、ウィーン市を提訴 ナチスが解散した基金めぐり:AFPBB News

欧州のユダヤ系財閥ロスチャイルド(Rothschild)家の子孫が、オーストリアのウィーン市が同家の公益信託基金を不法占有し、ナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)時代の法令を「持続させている」として、同市を相手取って訴訟を起こした。……ナサニエル・マイアー・フォン・ロートシルト(Nathaniel Meyer Freiherr von Rothschild)男爵の弟の末裔(まつえい)、ジェフリー・ホーゲ(Geoffrey Hoguet)氏の代理人は訴状で、ウィーン市が「ナチスの没収命令がまだ存在しているかのように振る舞っている」と主張している。

オランダ首相、ナチス虐殺で初めて謝罪 ユダヤ人保護せず - BBCニュース


「STEINS;GATE」ハリウッドで実写化、世界配信ドラマの企画進行中 - 映画ナタリー

これは「STEINS;GATE」10周年プロジェクトの一環として、本日1月26日に開催されたイベント「科学ADVライブ S;G 1010th ANNIVERSARY」内で発表されたもの。実写化の企画制作はNetflixで配信中の「オルタード・カーボン」「グレイス&フランキー」などを手がけるスタジオ、スカイダンス・テレビジョンが担当。世界配信のテレビシリーズドラマとして企画が進められている。

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News Headlines - 26 January 2020

Memorial for Tetsu Nakamura killed in Afghanistan | NHK WORLD

A Japanese doctor who was killed in Afghanistan has been honored in a memorial held in his hometown in southwestern Japan.
Tetsu Nakamura, who represented the Japanese NGO Peshawar-kai, spent years in the war-ravaged country providing humanitarian support and helping with water projects.
He was fatally shot by unidentified gunmen while traveling by car in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, in December.

Turkey earthquake: Rescue efforts near end as death toll rises - BBC News

Efforts to find survivors from a powerful earthquake in eastern Turkey have begun winding down as the death toll climbed to at least 36.
The magnitude-6.8 quake shook Turkey's Elazig province late on Friday, causing buildings to collapse.
Some 45 people have been pulled alive from the rubble so far... More than 1,600 people were injured in the earthquake, with 104 still in hospital, officials said.

The New US Space Force Logo Looks Just Like 'Star Trek' And There's a Reason Why

The Space Force logo was unveiled by President Donald Trump Friday, who wrote in a tweet: "After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!"
It drew immediate mockery among social media users... But if it is a case of imitation, then the plagiarism may not be new: the logo is strikingly similar to that of the Air Force Space Command that was founded in 1982 and succeeded by Space Force in December 2019.

Water taxi driver refuses to take reporters to Harry and Meghan's suspected B.C. home | CBC Radio

... when a Japanese television company tried to book his water taxi to visit a waterfront property believed to be Prince Harry and Meghan's new residence, Arsenault says he knew he had to decline the offer... At first, Arsenault says the television company didn't mention anything about Harry and Meghan. But when they told him where they wanted to go, he says he was suspicious.

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash at 41

Retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna died Sunday morning in a fatal California helicopter crash that killed seven others... Bryant, 41, played for 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers and is considered one of the best basketball players of all time. He won five NBA championships, was an 18-time All-Star and is fourth on the NBA’s all-time scoring list... At 34 years old, Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to surpass the 30,000 point mark. He retired in 2016, and was scheduled to headline the 2020 NBA Hall of Fame nominees.

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ECBが戦略検証開始、総裁「調整力発揮」 成長リスク下向き - ロイター


イタリア与党「五つ星運動」党首辞任、政権に逆風 :日本経済新聞


在日ロシア大使館が批判コメント 「日本がスパイ妄想狂仲間入り」 | 共同通信


米外資新規制、日本「ホワイト国」外れる 強まる安保色 :日本経済新聞


批判の声も……エリザベス女王の孫とダイアナ元妃の姪、中国のミルクブランドのCMで対決|エル・ガール オンライン


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News Headlines - 25 January 2020

Brexit: Boris Johnson signs withdrawal agreement in Downing Street - BBC News

Boris Johnson has signed the Brexit withdrawal agreement in Downing Street... Earlier on Friday, European leaders signed the document in Brussels, before it was transported to London by train.
The signings mark another step in the ratification process, following Parliament's approval of the Brexit bill earlier this week. The European Parliament will vote on the agreement on 29 January.

U.S. extradition battle over Huawei's Meng ends first phase but Canada court fight continues - Reuters

The first phase of battle over whether Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou should be extradited to the United States wrapped up on Thursday after four days, with lawyers for Meng challenging prosecution claims that her alleged actions are a crime in Canada... In a Vancouver courtroom, lawyers for Meng opposed the Canadian prosecutor’s arguments saying her alleged actions are not a crime in Canada because the charges of bank fraud are dependent on violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. Canada had no sanctions against Iran when the extradition process began.

6 Central Banks Form Digital Currency Use Case Working Group - CoinDesk

Six central banks have formed a working group with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to share findings as each investigates potential cases for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
The group will be comprised of the central banks of Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, the U.K. and Japan, as well as the European Central Bank (ECB) and the BIS. Announced by all seven members Tuesday, each institution will continue assessing the "economic, functional and technical design choices, including cross-border interoperability" of CBDCs and will sharing any findings.

Boy stabbed through neck by jumping needlefish | The Star Online

A supposedly fun family bonding activity took a turn for the worse when a boy was stabbed through the neck by a needlefish.
The teenager from Indonesia is now in a stable condition.
Muhammad Idul went fishing with his parents in Sulawesi island on Saturday, Jan 18. While they were there, a couple of needlefish started jumping out of the water and “attacking” them, as per Antara News via Mothership last Tuesday, Jan 21.

Coco Gauff stuns Naomi Osaka to reach Australian Open fourth round - CNN

Teenager Coco Gauff stunned defending champion Naomi Osaka with a 6-3 6-4 victory to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open.
The 15-year-old American needed just 67 minutes to beat the No. 3 seed and set up a meeting with either China's Zhang Shaui or compatriot Sofia Kenin.
Gauff was totally dominant for large periods of the match and perhaps even surprised herself with the ease of her victory.

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米「テスラ」 時価総額 自動車メーカーで世界2位に | NHKニュース


国連、職員の「WhatsApp」使用を禁止 安全性を問題視  :日本経済新聞


ソフトバンクの機密情報、ロシアに譲渡か 元社員逮捕  :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:ユダヤ人収容解放75年 プーチン氏発言が物議「欧州の一部 ナチスに加担」


米大統領、28日のイスラエル首相との会談までに中東和平案公表へ - ロイター


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News Headlines - 24 January 2020

ICJ orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya | Al Jazeera

The Hague-based International Court of Justice has ordered Myanmar to take emergency measures to prevent genocide of the Rohingya... According to the Statute of the ICJ, the court has the power to order provisional measures when "irreparable prejudice could be caused to rights which are the subject of judicial proceedings". The court found that the condition of urgency had been met in this case.
In November the Gambia filed a suit against Myanmar alleging it was committing "an ongoing genocide against its minority Muslim Rohingya population" and violating the 1948 Genocide Convention.
Provisional measures are steps to take aimed at preventing further harm and comes as the first step in the legal case.

Thai Opposition Party Survives Sedition Scare, But Threats Still Loom | Voice of America

Thailand's Constitutional Court acquitted the country's most vocal opposition party of sedition on Tuesday, sparing it an imminent death but setting the stage for its possible dissolution over a loan the party received in an alleged breach of election laws.
The upstart Future Forward Party has been a cornerstone of Thailand's opposition bloc in Parliament since finishing a strong third in national elections last March that returned 2014 coup leader Prayut Chan-ocha to power, ostensibly ending five years of military rule.

Jeff Bezos hack: UN experts demand probe of Saudi crown prince - BBC News

UN human rights experts have demanded an immediate investigation into allegations Saudi Arabia's crown prince hacked Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone.
They said Mohammed bin Salman should also be investigated for "continuous, direct and personal efforts to target perceived opponents".
A message from a phone number used by the prince has been implicated in a breach of Mr Bezos's data.
The kingdom's US embassy has denied the "absurd" story.

North Korea confirms former defence commander is new foreign minister - CNA

North Korea's state media on Friday (Jan 24) confirmed that Ri Son Gwon, a former defence commander with limited diplomatic experience, has been appointed the country's new foreign affairs minister.
The official KCNA news agency reported Ri, the latest military official to be promoted under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, gave a speech as minister at a New Year dinner reception hosted by the ministry on Thursday for embassies and international organisations.

Pension Payments in Japan to Rise for 2nd Straight Year - JIJI PRESS

Public pension payments in Japan in fiscal 2020 from April will be raised by 0.2 pct year on year, up for the second straight year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Friday.
The growth rate reflects a cut by 0.1 percentage point under an adjustment scheme known as "macroeconomic slide" aimed at keeping the growth of pension benefits below that of price and wage increases.
This means that pension payments in the coming fiscal year will drop in real terms, as the size of growth in pension benefits will be smaller than that of price and wage rises.

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英EU離脱まで1週間 年内は実質残留:時事ドットコム


CO2濃度、最大規模上昇へ 豪州森林火災も影響―英気象庁:時事ドットコム


スズキ、排ガス検査不正でオランダ当局が改善命令 - ロイター


仏政府、ゴーン被告捜査強化へ-ベルサイユ披露宴やオマーン資金巡り - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : 米政権、外国人妊婦の入国制限へ 「出産旅行」を懸念


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News Headlines - 23 January 2020

Wuhan, Center of Coronavirus Outbreak, Is Being Cut Off by Chinese Authorities - The New York Times

Chinese authorities on Thursday morning closed off Wuhan - a city of more than 11 million people and the epicenter of a pneumonia-like virus that has spread halfway around the world - by canceling planes and trains leaving the city, and suspending buses, subways and ferries within it.
The announcement, shared on Chinese state media just hours before it was to take effect, was a significant escalation from just the day before, when the authorities had urged people not to travel to or from the central Chinese city but had stopped short of shutting down transportation.

Ghosn Predicted Nissan Will Go Bankrupt by 2022, Lawyer Says - Bloomberg

Nissan Motor Co. will go bankrupt within two to three years, Carlos Ghosn told a defense attorney during more than 10 hours of interviews before the auto executive skipped bail and left Japan.
The former chairman and chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA made the prediction last year in a series of conversations about his arrest and prosecution, said Nobuo Gohara, a former prosecutor who also is a vocal critic of Japan’s justice system... Gohara said he met with and interviewed Ghosn five times during a two-month period, just before the former auto executive fled, for a book he planned to publish before the start of Ghosn’s trial, which no longer is likely to happen. Gohara last met with Ghosn two days before his December escape to Beirut.

Toshiba finds doubtful transactions in unit, to revise past statements - CNA

Toshiba Corp said on Saturday it "could not confirm existence" of transactions worth some 20 billion yen (US$181.59 million) at one of its subsidiaries in the first half of this fiscal year, prompting it to revise past financial statements.
The irregularities, which occurred over multiple years, were uncovered at Toshiba IT-Services Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary, as a result of an internal probe launched at the end of November, Toshiba said in a statement.

Lebanon's new government may have little reserves left to stabilize economy - Reuters

Lebanon’s new government faces huge upcoming debt repayments and a currency peg at breaking point, but it may already have run out of the hard cash firepower it needs to tackle these problems.
The heavily indebted country faces hefty bond repayments coming up in March and April, when $1.34 billion and $842 million of interest and principal respectively come due.
Analysts expect the central bank to be able to foot the bill, for now, though some in Beirut believe a rescheduling or restructuring is preferable.

Doomsday Clock Ticks To 100 Seconds Before Midnight : NPR

Two years after moving the metaphorical minute hand of its Doomsday Clock to within two minutes of midnight - a figurative two-minute warning for all humanity - the science and security board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists revealed Thursday that it has moved that minute hand another 20 seconds closer to the midnight hour... Never since the clock's 1947 Cold War debut has it come so close to the putative doomsday annihilation represented by the 12 a.m. hour.

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EU離脱法案、英上院も承認 1月末離脱へ :日本経済新聞


ギリシャ初の女性大統領が誕生へ 63歳、専門は憲法:朝日新聞デジタル


民主候補争い、サンダース氏が首位に 米CNN調査 :日本経済新聞


三菱自、排ガス規制逃れか 独検察、関係会社捜索 デンソーも疑い - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


モンティ・パイソンのテリー・ジョーンズさん、77歳で死去 - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 22 January 2020

France will delay digital tax on technology giants after talks with US | Euronews

France will delay its digital tax in a move that could avoid a trade war with the US.
Bruno Le Maire, France's finance minister, said that he and his American counterpart had reached an agreement that would allow them to "progress towards a solution".
The tax would have hit US technology giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon that make at least €750 million globally and €25 million in France. It would have seen a 3% duty imposed on their French turnover.

Architect of C.I.A. Interrogation Program Testifies at Guantánamo Bay - The New York Times

On the witness stand was James E. Mitchell, a psychologist and architect of the Bush-era interrogation program that had inflicted torture on prisoners held in secret C.I.A. prisons after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
Defiantly, he described how the program came about and why in his view it was necessary, growing emotional only when recounting how he came to the conclusion that it was his patriotic duty to personally implement the techniques he had devised.

Coronavirus: WHO steps back from declaring public health emergency | The Guardian

The World Health Organization has stepped back from declaring the growing viral pneumonia outbreak in China to be a public health emergency of international concern, saying its expert committee would meet again on Thursday to discuss more evidence from its teams on the ground.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry petition is signed by 80,000 Canadians demanding Megxit pair pay for their own security

More than 80,000 Canadians have signed a petition demanding that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pay for their own security as the cost of Megxit continued to spiral.
The breakaway couple and eight-month-old baby Archie are currently being shielded by a six man team of British bodyguards and Canadian Mounties.

Australian Open: Ball girl peeling banana blown out of proportion, says Elliot Benchetrit - CNN

Now Benchetrit has offered his account of events, and insists he's amazed at the furore.
'At 6-5 in the final set, during the changeover, I asked the ball girl to peel the banana for me as I had put some cream on my hands in order not to sweat," he said.
"She had done it once before at the beginning of the match. But the second time the chair umpire stepped in and told me that the ball girl was not my slave and I had to peel the banana myself.
"I could not believe that the umpire said that and I find incredible how this situation got out of control on social media without people knowing what really happened on court."

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「IS妻」入国で与党から離脱 ノルウェー右派の進歩党:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


トランプ大統領の弾劾裁判始まる | NHKニュース


「量子暗号」世界で競争激化 東芝、実用化で先陣  :日本経済新聞


「難民は犯罪者だ」通りに響く怒声  右派台頭の町、刺殺事件が住民引き裂く ベルリンの壁崩壊30年(3) | 47NEWS


『キャッツ』実写映画の悪評が止まらない 「ポルノ。ワースト。恐怖」の声も | 女子SPA!

 アメリカ最大の映画批評サイト「ロッテン・トマト Rotten Tomato」では21%の低評価(1月7日時点)と、これまた厳しい結果になっています。

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News Headlines - 21 January 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus: C.D.C. Identifies First U.S. Case in Washington State - The New York Times

A man in his 30s in Washington State is infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, the first confirmed case in the United States of a mysterious respiratory infection that has killed at least six people and sickened hundreds more in Asia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Tuesday... The infected man, a resident of Snohomish County, Wash., developed symptoms after returning from a trip to the region around Wuhan where the outbreak began.

Myanmar panel: No evidence of genocide against Rohingya | DW

An independent commission appointed by Myanmar's government said Monday that war crimes were likely committed against the Rohingya ethnic minority by Myanmar security forces during counterinsurgency operations.
The "Independent Commission of Enquiry," (ICOE) was formed in 2018 in response to international calls for accountability from Myanmar over the Rohingya crisis.
Although the ICOE statement implies that Myanmar's security forces are guilty of major abuses, which is more direct than previous public statements by Myanmar's government, the panel said there is "no evidence" of genocide.

France apology after history textbook links CIA to 9/11 - BBC News

A French publisher has apologised after a history textbook that appeared in bookshops in recent weeks suggested the 11 September 2001 attacks were probably "orchestrated by the CIA".
The debunked conspiracy theory was apparently highlighted on social media initially by a group of schoolteachers... On its website, the publisher said the phrase should never have appeared.

Super Bowl 2020: Chiefs vs 49ers ticket prices soaring - CNN

The Super Bowl matchup is set with the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, and this highly anticipated game has sent ticket prices soaring.
On the online ticket platform SeatGeek, the average resale price is currently $6,232. Although, the average price for tickets sold in the past 24 hours was even higher at $6,785.
The Kansas City Chiefs will be facing the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.
Taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Sunday, February 2, the demand for this year's Super Bowl is at an all-time high with it trending to be the most expensive Super Bowl ever.

Lord Hall to step down as BBC's director general - BBC News

Lord Hall said the decision had been hard, adding: "If I followed my heart I would genuinely never want to leave."
But he said he felt it was important the BBC had the same leader for the BBC's mid-term review in 2022 and the renewal of its charter in 2027.
The National Gallery subsequently announced he had been appointed chair of its board of trustees.

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フランスで相次ぐアジア系襲撃 「アジア人は金持ち」の固定観念か:AFPBB News

活動家らは、ミンさんが襲われたような事件を世間はあまり知らないが、アジア系フランス人を狙った暴力事件は相次いでおり、その理由は、人種差別的な固定観念とアジア人は皆「裕福な」観光客という思い込みによるものではないかと懸念している。……アジア系住民に対する襲撃が最初に注目を集めたのは2016年、パリ北部で紳士服店を営んでいた張朝林(Zhang Chaolin)さん(当時49)が襲われ、死亡する事件が起きたときだ。……フランスでは人種別の統計が禁じられているため、こうした襲撃に関する公式のデータは存在しない。だが活動家らは、特定のパターンが見えてきたと指摘する。

モスクワの牛丼松屋、半年で閉店 ロシア進出1号店、売り上げ不振 | 共同通信


ゴッホの暗い自画像は「本物」 精神病時に描く―ノルウェー所蔵:時事ドットコム


マドンナ45分前にドタキャン、8度目の公演中止 : 日刊スポーツ

公演中止は「MADAME X」ツアー開始以来、今回で8度目。同公演のチケット購入者は19日午後7時45分、開始予定時刻の45分前になって、中止を知らせるメールを受け取ったという。

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News Headlines - 20 January 2020

Japanese justice minister: our system is fair | Financial Times

Recent developments in the case of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance who fled Japan for Lebanon at the end of December, have focused international attention on the Japanese criminal justice system. This system is designed to ensure the sound functioning of corporate life, while at the same time safeguarding the basic human rights of suspects and the accused.

Mitsubishi Electric reports cyber-attack | NHK WORLD

Mitsubishi Electric says it suffered a cyber-attack last year that may have compromised personal and corporate data. The company is engaged in businesses ranging from household appliances to communications, space and defense.
The electronics giant says the hacking came to light after an in-house terminal showed suspicious movements last June. The company did not identify any suspects for the unauthorized access.
Mitsubishi says it confirmed there was no breach of sensitive data on defense, electric power, railroad and other critical infrastructure.

New China virus: Cases triple as infection spreads to Beijing and Shanghai - BBC News

The number of people infected with a new virus in China tripled over the weekend, with the outbreak spreading from Wuhan to other major cities.
There are now more than 200 cases, mostly in Wuhan, though the respiratory illness has also been detected in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
Three people have died. Japan, Thailand and South Korea have reported cases.

Gary Neville: Ex-Man Utd right-back criticises Old Trafford recruitment - BBC Sport

Former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville has criticised the club's recruitment and says things are "going to get bad" at Old Trafford.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side lost 2-0 at Premier League leaders Liverpool on Sunday, a result which left them 30 points behind their Anfield rivals.
United are also five points adrift of the Champions League qualifying places.

Osaka makes net-busting start to Australian Open title defence

Naomi Osaka began her Australian Open title defence in emphatic fashion, breaking the net with a blockbuster serve as she dismantled unseeded Czech Marie Bouzkova on Monday... Thrid seed Osaka saw her victory march held up for a few minutes early in the second set after a fizzing serve clocked at 183 kilometres per hour (114 miles per hour) damaged a net tether at the 15,000-capacity Rod Laver Arena.
"Broke the net today," Osaka tweeted afterwards to her more than 500,000 followers, along with a video of three maintenance personnel rushing onto court to repair the broken fixture.

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プーチン大統領、24年の任期満了での退任を示唆 : 読売新聞オンライン


ロシアの原子力が世界を席巻 米に燃料供給 日本は距離 :日本経済新聞


独、4州と脱・石炭合意 38年までに実現へ 4.8兆円支援 :日本経済新聞


FCAと鴻海、折半出資でEV製造合弁会社を設立へ - ロイター


ゴーン逃亡のレバノンが無政府状態に、銀行も襲撃される | ニューズウィーク日本版


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News Headlines - 19 January 2020

Putin Says He Doesn’t Want Return to Soviet-Era Lifetime Leaders - Bloomberg

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he favors keeping term limits in place, arguing against a return to the Soviet-era practice of lifetime leaders.
Asked by a World War II veteran if he backed ending a ban on more than two presidential terms -- which would allow Putin to continue ruling after 2024, when he will be 71 -- the president said this would make it impossible to ensure an orderly transition of power.
“It would be very worrying to return to the situation in the mid-1980s, when heads of state stayed in power until the end of their days, one after another,” Putin said on a visit to St. Petersburg to mark the 77th anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad, according to the government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Space Force uniform revealed on Twitter - CNNPolitics

The new US Space Force has shown off its utility uniform, and it's bound to look familiar.
Technically, the nation's freshest military branch revealed its new name tapes, which attach to the uniform. "U.S. Space Force" can be read in blue embroidery, a Twitter entry posted Friday shows.
The larger point is that the name tapes are going on the same kind of camouflage uniforms already in use by the Army and Air Force.

Facebook says technical error caused vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name - Reuters

Facebook Inc on Saturday blamed a technical error for Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appearing as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologizing for any offense caused.
Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Presidential Palace in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, January 18, 2020. Nyein Chan Naing/Pool via REUTERS
The error came to light on the second day of a visit by the president to the Southeast Asian country, where Xi and state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi signed dozens of agreements covering massive Beijing-backed infrastructure plans.
A statement about the visit published on Suu Kyi’s official Facebook page was littered with references to “Mr Shithole” when translated to English, while a headline in local news journal the Irrawaddy appeared as “Dinner honors president shithole”.

When sexual abuse was called seduction: France confronts its past - BBC News

An 83-year-old French writer once feted by the Paris intellectual set now finds himself ostracised because of his writings about sex with teenage boys and girls.
From the 1960s onwards, Gabriel Matzneff made no secret of his passion for seducing adolescents. But a new book by one of the teenagers he slept with in the 1980s has led to a criminal investigation for rape of a minor.
And now debate is raging in France about who is more to blame: Matzneff himself or the world he moved in.

Legendary chef Paul Bocuse's restaurant loses its third Michelin star

The restaurant of famed French chef Paul Bocuse, who died almost two years ago, has lost the coveted Michelin three-star rating it had held since 1965, the guide said on Friday.
The Michelin Guide told AFP the quality of L'Auberge du Pont de Collonge in Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or near Lyon, near Lyon, “remained excellent but no longer at the level of three stars”.
The restaurant, in France’s food-obsessed southeast, will have two stars in the 2020 edition.

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日米安保条約、19日に署名60年:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


独元外交官らをスパイ容疑で捜査 中国情報機関に協力か:時事ドットコム


県とリトアニア「人道観光」推進 千畝生誕120年、命のビザ80年 :中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


ヘンリー王子夫妻、英王室が離脱認める 経済的自立へ :日本経済新聞


20世紀フォックスから「フォックス」消す ディズニー:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 18 January 2020

Shinjiro Koizumi becomes first Japanese cabinet minister to take paternity leave | The Independent

Japan’s environment minister has been praised for announcing his decision to take paternity leave, making him the first cabinet minister to do so in the country.
Shinjiro Koizumi, who is expecting his first child with wife Christel Takigawa, revealed in a staff meeting earlier this week that he will take two weeks off following the birth later this month.
The 38-year-old explained that he hoped his decision would encourage other new fathers to follow his example and also take paternity leave.

‘Chibanian’ wins recognition as Japan’s first geological age:The Asahi Shimbun

For the first time, Japan has carved out a spot for itself among the hundred or so geologic ages recognized by scientific organizations.
The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) on Jan. 17 chose “Chibanian,” or Chiba age, for the period between about 129,000 and 774,000 years ago.
The name stems from the discovery of the geological strata defining the boundary on the international geologic time scale in the city of Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.

Kobe marks quarter-century anniversary of massive quake disaster - The Mainichi

The western Japan city of Kobe and its vicinity on Friday marked the 25th anniversary of the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that claimed the lives of 6,434 people.
Local residents and victims' families observed a moment of silence at 5:46 a.m., the moment the Great Hanshin Earthquake struck the port city in Hyogo Prefecture and neighboring areas on Jan. 17, 1995.

No Brexit Day plan for Big Ben as countdown clock to light up No 10 - BBC News

The clock will tick down to 23:00 GMT, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson will give a "special" address to the nation in the evening, the government said.
A special 50p coin will also enter circulation to mark the occasion.
But the plans do not include Big Ben chiming, after Commons authorities said the cost could not be justified.A campaign to find the £500,000 needed to make Big Ben ring when the UK leaves the EU has raised more than £200,000, but the House of Commons Commission cast doubt on whether it was permitted to use public donations to cover the costs.

US prison guards request clemency for death row inmate

Nick Sutton, 59, was sentenced to death for the January 1985 murder of another prisoner, Carl Estep, while he was already serving a life sentence for killing his grandmother in 1979.
Sutton, who was also convicted over two other murders, is to be executed on February 20.
But his attorneys, with the backing of at least seven current and former prison officials and some relatives of his victims, have submitted a petition for clemency to Republican Governor Bill Lee... In 1994, he helped a prison guard who had fallen and lost consciousness by alerting other personnel.
Sutton also helped save the lives of two inmates, his lawyers say.

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スコットランド独立めぐる住民投票、英政府が正式に拒否 - BBCニュース


ノルウェー中道右派連立政権、キリスト教民主党参加で過半数確保 - ロイター


BOSE、日米欧などの119店閉店へ 数カ月以内に:朝日新聞デジタル


スウェーデンのトビー、視線検知で技能伝承など支援  :日本経済新聞


ア軍サイン盗みの'被害者'ダルビッシュに米記者同情 「何億という金額を失った」 | Full-count


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News Headlines - 17 January 2020

Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV - CNNPolitics

In a tense and dramatic exchange in the moments after the Democratic debate Tuesday night, Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of calling her a liar on national television.
Sanders responded that it was Warren who called him a liar and said they should not talk about it right then.
When the CNN/Des Moines Register debate concluded, the studio audience and viewers saw Warren walk over to Sanders and not shake his outstretched hand. The two senators seemed to have a heated and brief exchange before Sanders appeared to throw his hands up, turn and walk away. The video of the exchange aired live with no audio.
But sound of the moment was caught by CNN's microphones and found Wednesday.

Flybe saved after ministers and investors seal rescue deal | The Guardian

The immediate future of Flybe was secured on Tuesday night after ministers agreed a rescue deal with shareholders to keep Europe’s largest regional carrier flying.
The package of measures includes a potential loan in the region of £100m and/or a possible short-term deferral of a £106m air passenger duty (APD) bill, plus a pledge to review taxes on domestic flights before the March budget.
After the spectre was raised of another UK airline failure, Flybe’s owners Connect Airways - a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic - were persuaded to commit millions more to cover ongoing losses.

Venice canals almost dry, two months after severe floods - BBC News

Low tides have left canals in Venice almost dry, just two months after severe flooding left much of the Italian city under water.
Boats have been seen almost beached as water levels dip drastically.
The canals look more like mud trenches and getting around has become a problem for many in the city.
In November, Venice experienced its highest water levels in more than 50 years in what some said was a direct result of climate change.

Painting found inside Italian gallery wall confirmed as a Gustav Klimt | The Guardian

A painting found hidden in an Italian gallery in December is an authentic Gustav Klimt piece stolen almost 23 years ago, experts have confirmed.
The Portrait of a Lady was one of the world’s most sought-after stolen artworks before it was found concealed in a wall of the Ricci Oddi modern art gallery, the same gallery from where it went missing in the northern city of Piacenza.

Scottish FA expected to ban children heading footballs within weeks - BBC News

The governing body is expected to announce a ban on under-12s heading the ball in training later this month.
A similar ban has been in place in the US since 2015.
But Scotland would become the first European country to impose a restriction on head contact.

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オランダ、国名の通称「Holland」の使用を廃止 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)

「Holland」の使用をやめ、英語では「the Netherlands(ザ・ネザーランズ)」となる公式名に切り替えるというこの決定は、国際社会でのオランダのイメージや観光客の流れを管理するために新たに始められた大規模なブランディング活動の一環だ。……今後は、Hollandという名称は全ての宣伝媒体から削除され、企業や大使館、政府機関や大学は公式名称であるNetherlandsのみの使用を求められるようになる。

EU、気候変動に122兆円 温室ガス「ゼロ」へ計画:時事ドットコム


ボーイング、首位陥落 737MAX出荷停止響く | 共同通信


トヨタ、「空飛ぶクルマ」に本格参入  :日本経済新聞


JPモルガンが最高益4兆円 市場部門が回復 :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 16 January 2020

Labour leadership: Five candidates through as nominations close - BBC News

Emily Thornberry will join four others in the next round of the contest to become Labour leader, after winning the support of enough MPs and MEPs.
The shadow foreign secretary passed the threshold of 22 backers less than 10 minutes before nominations closed.
She was helped by Clive Lewis quitting the race - with several of his backers switching to back her candidacy.

Musharraf: Death penalty for ex-Pakistan president thrown out - BBC News

A court in Pakistan has overturned the death sentence handed down to former president Pervez Musharraf by declaring the legal process unconstitutional.
Gen Musharraf had challenged the formation of special court which found him guilty of treason last December.
On Monday, the Lahore High Court sided with the exiled general, who seized power in a 1999 coup and was president from 2001 to 2008.
The decision meant Gen Musharraf was "a free man", one prosecutor said.

China's car sales fell 8% in 2019 and the slump is entering its third year - CNN

China's car sales are stuck in a major slump that shows little sign of ending as the country's massive economy slows.
The country's car market shrank for the second year in a row last year, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers on Monday.
The national auto industry body said total car sales fell 8.2% to just under 25.8 million in 2019, after having slid nearly 3% in 2018 in the first contraction since the 1990s. December car sales in China dipped 0.1%, according to the data, marking 18 straight months of declines.

Japan and Thailand Confirm New Cases of Chinese Coronavirus - The New York Times

Thailand and Japan each reported new cases of a coronavirus that has left two people dead and at least 40 sick in China, adding to concerns about the spread of the virus beyond Chinese borders ahead of a major holiday.
Health officials in Thailand on Friday said they had found a second case of the mysterious pneumonialike coronavirus in that country, in a 74-year-old Chinese woman... On Thursday, Japan’s Health Ministry said that a Chinese man in his 30s tested positive for the coronavirus. The man, a resident of Kanagawa Prefecture, just south of Tokyo, returned to Japan on Jan. 6 after traveling to Wuhan.

Huge Eruption of Philippines Volcano Seen from Space | Live Science

Forty-three years after its last eruption, the Taal Volcano awoke on Jan. 12, sending a plume of steam and sulfur skyward and forcing the evacuation of thousands of people on the island of Luzon, Philippines.
This eruption was captured in images by Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite. An animation of the satellite data, released by NASA's Earth Observatory, shows the volcanic plume as it spread over the course of Jan. 12 and 13.

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米中貿易「第1段階の合意」に署名 対立の根残したまま:朝日新聞デジタル


米下院、トランプ大統領弾劾訴追決議を上院に送付-21日裁判開始 - Bloomberg


ロシア内閣総辞職、プーチン氏は憲法改定を提案 院政の布石か - BBCニュース




ナイキ厚底シューズ 国際陸連が禁止か 複数英紙報じる/デイリースポーツ online


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News Headlines - 15 January 2020

Iran announces arrests over downing of plane that killed 176

Iran said Tuesday that authorities have made arrests for the accidental shootdown of a Ukrainian passenger plane, which killed all 176 people on board and set off protests in the country demanding accountability after officials initially concealed the cause of the crash... Iran at first dismissed allegations that a missile had brought down the plane, but in the face of mounting evidence officials acknowledged on Saturday - three days after - that its Revolutionary Guard had shot down the plane by mistake as the force braced for a possible military confrontation with the United States.

Iran plane downing: Person who filmed video 'arrested' - BBC News

Iran says it has arrested the person who filmed the footage showing a Ukrainian passenger plane being shot down by a missile... Flight PS752 was brought down after it took off from Tehran on Wednesday last week, killing all 176 people on board.
Iran has said it was shot down by accident and announced the arrest of several people over the incident.

Google wants to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome within two years | TechCrunch

Google today announced its plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome within the next two years. The fact that Google will drop support for these cookies, which are typically used to track users across the web, doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, given Google’s announcements around privacy in Chrome, including its proposed “privacy sandbox.” But this aggressive timeline is new and puts the company on a track that will have repercussions for a lot of other industries, as well.

Offices of ex-justice minister, wife searched over election scandal - The Mainichi

Prosecutors searched on Wednesday offices of former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai and his wife in Hiroshima over alleged law violations in her election.
Kawai, 56, and his 46-year-old wife Anri are suspected of having paid 13 female campaign announcers a daily allowance of 30,000 yen ($273), double the amount allowed by law, during the House of Councillors election campaign in July, in which she won a seat, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Badminton star Momota flies home after Malaysia fatal accident - CNA

Badminton world number one Kento Momota was released from a hospital in Malaysia on Wednesday (Jan 15) and boarded a plane back to Japan, two days after he was treated for injuries in a car crash in which his driver was killed.
The 25-year-old Japanese faces two months out to recuperate from his injuries, after the vehicle carrying him to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) crashed in the early hours of Monday.

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米、中国の「為替操作国」指定を解除 - BBCニュース


英独仏、イラン核合意巡り「紛争解決手続き」発動 制裁再開も - ロイター


ゴーン被告、日産の陰謀は「仏大使から聞いた」 - ロイター


独検察、VW排ガス不正で6人を追加起訴 :日本経済新聞


アストロズが監督とGMを解任、サイン盗みでMLBから厳罰受け:AFPBB News

米大リーグ(MLB)、ヒューストン・アストロズ(Houston Astros)のA.J.ヒンチ(A.J.Hinch)監督とジェフ・ルーノウ(Jeff Luhnow)ゼネラルマネジャー(GM)は13日、ワールドシリーズを制した2017年シーズンにサイン盗みを行っていた疑惑を調査していたリーグ側から2020年シーズンの職務停止処分を受けた。これを受けて球団は両者を解任した。……両者への処分に加え、アストロズにはMLBの規定で定められた最大限の罰金500万ドル(約5億5000万円)が科された。また、同球団は2020年と2021年のドラフト1巡目と2巡目の指名権も剥奪された。

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News Headlines - 14 January 2020

NHK can launch online simulcasting if it reviews 'compliance' and fee collection systems: ministry panel | The Japan Times

A government panel has given the green light for NHK to start simultaneously broadcasting its TV programs online as the popularity of streaming grows.
The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry’s panel said in a draft report Friday that the plan for the simulcasting service is “appropriate.” NHK aims to launch it in fiscal 2019.
The ministry plans to submit a bill to revise the broadcast law, which prohibits simultaneous streaming on the grounds it could harm private TV networks. Disaster reports and live sports coverage are among the few exceptions under the law.
The report also says that NHK must conduct management reforms to improve compliance and review its system for collecting subscription fees before launching the simulcasting service.

Yamaha warns musicians not to climb in instrument cases after Ghosn escape - Reuters

Yamaha Corporation, has warned people not to try and squeeze inside musical instrument cases after reports former Nissan Motor boss Carlos Ghosn fled Japan concealed inside in one.
“We won’t mention the reason, but there have been many tweets about climbing inside large musical instrument cases. A warning after any unfortunate accident would be too late, so we ask everyone not to try it,” the Japanese company said in a post on its twitter account on Jan. 11.

Fugitive businessman Carlos Ghosn demands €15 million from Renault | Euronews

Carlos Ghosn, the former Renault boss who has fled Japan where he faces prosecution, has started a legal battle with the French carmaker to claim an annual pension of nearly €800,000 as well as €15 million in shares.
The fugitive businessman is challenging Renault in court, after the company announced last year he had lost his rights to his top-level pension as he was believed to have resigned from his post while in prison in Japan... The board of directors also considered the former CEO to have lost his rights to shares allocated to him between 2015 and 2018. Their settlement was subject to him maintaining a presence in the company four years after their allocation, “except in the event of retirement”.

Google parent company’s top lawyer leaving amid claims of misconduct

The chief legal officer of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, who recently came under fire for his relationships with women who worked at the company, announced Friday that he will retire at the end of the month.
David Drummond connected his exit to the December departure of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, writing in an email sent to employees that “the company is entering an exciting new phase, and I believe that it’s also the right time for me to make way for the next generation of leaders.”
Drummond joined Google in 2002 and became its first general counsel. He moved to Alphabet in 2015, after Google created the holding company and became one of its subsidiaries. He played a key role in landmark decisions, including Google’s exit from China, and oversaw its acquisitions of Android and YouTube.
In August, former Google attorney Jennifer Blakely wrote in an essay on Medium that she had a longtime affair with Drummond. Shortly after they had a child together, she said she was moved from the legal department and abandoned by Drummond.
Blakely also accused Drummond of having extramarital affairs with other women at the company, a claim that has been further investigated by a law firm that Alphabet’s board hired to examine its handling of allegations of sexual misconduct by company executives, according to documents obtained by the New York Times.

The Venezuelan Parliament says that in 2019 inflation closed at 7,374, 4% | MbS News

The parliamentarian explained that inflation in December 2019 was 33.1%, while that of November had closed at 35%.
“That is, we remain on a path of high inflation, below 50%, but high inflation,” he said... According to the update of the economic projections of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), accumulated inflation would close in 2019 at 200,000%, and in 2020 at 500,000%.

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VWの新車販売、4年連続世界一濃厚 19年1097万台  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ、EVシフトで2030年までに41万人の雇用喪失も=現地紙 - ロイター


CNN.co.jp : MSの「ウィンドウズ7」がサポート終了、数億人に影響か


東京新聞:スペイン新政権発足 民主化後初の連立 閣僚の半数女性


ヘンリー王子夫妻、女王が「移行期間」認める 英加で生活へ 〈AFPBB News〉

英国のヘンリー王子(Prince Harry)とメーガン妃(Meghan, Duchess of Sussex)夫妻が主要王族の地位から退くと発表したことを受け、エリザベス女王(Queen Elizabeth II)は13日、夫妻の将来についての計画が固まるまでの間、夫妻に英国とカナダを行き来する「移行期間」を認めると発表した。……女王は「ヘンリーとメーガンは、新たな生活では公費に頼りたくないとの意思を明示した。従って、私たちは夫妻がカナダと英国で暮らす移行期間を設けることで合意した。これらは私の家族が解決すべき複雑な問題であり、すべきことは多くあるが、私は数日以内に最終決定がなされるよう求めた」という。

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News Headlines - 13 January 2020

Nissan executives step up planning for potential split from Renault | Financial Times

Senior executives at Nissan have accelerated secret contingency planning for a potential split from Renault as the downfall of Carlos Ghosn continues to reverberate through the 20-year-old automotive alliance.
The plans include war-gaming a total divide in engineering and manufacturing, as well as changes to Nissan’s board, according to several sources, and have been ramped up since Mr Ghosn’s dramatic escape from Japan in late December.

With Ghosn Gone, Greg Kelly Faces a Legal Battle Alone - WSJ

Greg Kelly, the man Carlos Ghosn left behind to face charges of financial crimes alone, says his own case will suffer without his one-time boss.
Mr. Kelly had expected Mr. Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., to speak in his defense against Japanese charges he tried to hide tens of millions of dollars in Mr. Ghosn’s compensation. With him gone, Mr. Kelly, a former senior executive at the company, says his trial will be adversely affected: Mr. Ghosn was key to corroborating his side of the story, he said.

Ships using the Panama Canal will see an extra charge for fresh water - The Washington Post

The Panama Canal will begin collecting a freshwater surcharge from ships using the waterway, authorities announced Monday, as part of actions to address a scarcity of rainfall after the surrounding area recorded its fifth driest year of the last seven decades in 2019.
Canal administrator Ricaurte Vásquez said the new measure aims to protect the supply of fresh water for shipping activity and human consumption.

Iran's only woman Olympic medalist seeks asylum | NHK WORLD

Iran's only woman Olympic medalist has expressed her intention to seek asylum, criticizing Iranian authorities for oppressing her.
Taekwondo athlete Kimia Alizadeh posted a comment on Instagram on Saturday, two days after Western and other media reported she had left Iran for the Netherlands to seek asylum.

Oscar Nominations 2020: ‘Joker’ Leads With 11 Nods; Three Others Get 10 - The New York Times

The 92nd Academy Awards will be a showdown between old and new Hollywood: Netflix amassed a leading 24 nominations on Monday, including best picture honors for “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story,” but traditional studios were only a heartbeat behind... “Joker” (Warner Bros.), which portrays the DC Comics villain as sharing the psychological traits of real-life mass shooters, led all films with 11 nominations, including ones for best picture, director (Todd Phillips), actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and score (Hildur Gudnadottir).

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宇宙の覇権狙う中国 アルゼンチンに初の「基地」 米国の「裏庭」で存在感 - 毎日新聞


チェコ首都プラハ市、台北と姉妹都市へ 中国は「信頼できないパートナー」:AFPBB News

チェコの首都プラハのズデニェク・フジブ(Zdenek Hrib)市長(38)は12日付の独紙に寄せた論評で、中国を「信頼できないパートナー」だと非難すると同時に、台湾の台北市と姉妹都市関係を結ぶ方針を明らかにした。……海賊党(Pirate Party)に所属するフジブ市長は、独週刊紙ウェルト日曜版(Welt am Sonnta)への寄稿の中で、中国は「怨恨(えんこん)に満ちており」、チェコの世論に影響を及ぼそうとしていると述べた。

マルタ新首相にアベーラ氏 ムスカット内閣の法律顧問:朝日新聞デジタル


仰天報道 カルロス・ゴーンの父親は神父を銃殺し、死刑判決を受けていた | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)


マラガ、性的動画が流出したサンチェス監督を解任:AFPBB News

スペイン2部リーグのマラガ(Malaga CF)は11日、半裸のわいせつな姿が映っている動画がインターネットに流出したビクトル・サンチェス(Victor Sanchez del Amo)監督を解任したことを発表した。
 サンチェス監督は、現役時代はレアル・マドリード(Real Madrid)やスペイン代表でもプレーした43歳。問題の動画が流出したことを受けて7日に停職となっていたが、クラブと「友好的な別れ」に至ることはできず、この日解任が発表された。

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News Headlines - 12 January 2020

Taiwan's Tsai wins landslide in stinging result for China - CNA

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen won a landslide victory on Saturday (Jan 11) as voters delivered a stunning rebuke of Beijing's campaign to isolate the self-ruled island and handed its first female leader a second term.
Tsai, 63, was greeted by thousands of jubilant flag-waving supporters outside her party headquarters, hailing a result which looks set to infuriate China.

China reacts to Taiwan election results | NHK WORLD

China's Taiwan Affairs Office issued a statement on Saturday night.
The office said, without mentioning the historic victory of incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen with a record number of votes, that the Chinese government adheres to the basic policy of peaceful reunification, "One Country, Two Systems", and the One China principle.
The office stressed that the government resolutely opposes any separatist schemes and acts for the independence of Taiwan.

U.S. Army plans to expand Asian security efforts to counter China - Reuters

The U.S. Army plans to deploy two specialized task forces to the Pacific capable of conducting information, electronic, cyber and missile operations against Beijing, a Pentagon official said on Friday.
The task forces were slated to deploy over the next two years, U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said at an event brook.gs/39VM3fS in Washington... The units, called Multi-Domain Task Forces, would help neutralize some capabilities China and Russia already possess. The units would potentially be equipped with long range precision weapons, hypersonic missiles, precision strike missiles, electronic warfare and cyber capabilities, McCarthy said, without citing any locations.

Federal Aviation Administration plans to fine Boeing $5.4 million over faulty 737 Max parts - CBS News

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it plans to fine Boeing $5.4 million for installing substandard parts on the wings of 178 of its 737 Max jetliners, which have been grounded since two crashes were linked to other systems on the planes.
The proposed civil penalty follows an FAA announcement last month that it would fine Boeing more than $3.9 million for installing the same parts on other versions of the 737.

Tributes pour in as Oman mourns Sultan Qaboos - BBC News

World leaders and the people of Oman have paid tributes to Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, the Arab world's longest-serving ruler who died on Friday at 79... Widely seen as popular, Qaboos set Oman on a path to development after coming to power in a bloodless coup in 1970.
His cousin Haitham bin Tariq Al Said has been sworn in as successor.

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ウクライナ機撃墜めぐりイラン首都で抗議デモ トランプ氏はイラン国民を支持:AFPBB News

イランがウクライナ機撃墜を認めたことを受け、首都テヘランで11日、犠牲者176人の追悼集会が抗議デモに発展した。保守系ファルス(Fars)通信が報じた。ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領はツイッター(Twitter)で、デモを行うイラン国民の「味方」だと明言し、イラン政府が弾圧を行わないようくぎを刺した。
 AFP特派員によると、数百人の学生が11日午後、テヘラン中心部にあるアミール・キャビール工科大学(Amirkabir University of Technology)に集まり、旅客機墜落による死者を追悼したという。

デモ過激化を扇動? 駐イラン英国大使を当局が一時拘束 : 読売新聞オンライン


英領北アイルランド、共同自治が3年ぶり復活 EU離脱で前途多難:時事ドットコム


トヨタのプラット氏、完全自動運転「(業界で)後ずれ」  :日本経済新聞


カニカマ消費量世界一は日本じゃなかった 生産量の1位は意外すぎるあの国|AERA dot. (アエラドット)


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News Headlines - 11 January 2020

Leaders of Japan's two main opposition parties fail to agree on merger - The Mainichi

The leaders of Japan's two main opposition parties -- the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) and the Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) -- fell short of a merger agreement on Jan. 10... The CDP and the DPFP will each hold intraparty meetings next week to report the details of the negotiations and consult with their legislators. The DPFP has also decided to postpone a party convention scheduled for Jan. 19.

'On right side of history': Xi Jinping praises Kiribati for switch to China | The Guardian

China’s president Xi Jinping has praised Kiribati for being “on the right side of history” after the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding in China on Monday.
The agreement, which signs the Pacific nation up to China’s belt and road initiative, comes after Kiribati severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established them with China in September last year.

France protests: PM offers pension compromise in bid to end strike - BBC News

In a letter, Mr Philippe said he was willing to withdraw a proposal which would raise the age at which workers can claim their pension from 62 to 64.
One of France's largest unions, the CFDT, welcomed the announcement saying it showed a willingness to compromise.
However, the CGT union called the proposal "a smokescreen".

Boeing Releases Troubling Employee Messages Predating 737 Max Disasters : NPR

The latest documents Boeing has released related to the design and certification of the 737 Max paint a dark picture of employee reactions to problems that came up during the development of the now-grounded airliners.
The documents include emails and internal communications. In one message, employees mock the Federal Aviation Administration and brag about getting regulators to approve the jets without requiring much additional pilot training.
In another document, an employee ridicules colleagues involved in the development of the troubled plane, saying, "This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys."

On the day U.S. forces killed Soleimani, they targeted a senior Iranian official in Yemen - The Washington Post

On the day the U.S. military killed a top Iranian commander in Baghdad, U.S. forces carried out another top-secret mission against a senior Iranian military official in Yemen, according to U.S. officials.
The strike targeting Abdul Reza Shahlai, a financier and key commander in Iran’s elite Quds Force who has been active in Yemen, did not result in his death, according to four U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

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イラン、ウクライナ機撃墜認める 軍事施設接近で「誤射」:時事ドットコム


生命の証拠求め火星探査 今年、米中や欧ロが打ち上げ 有機物など詳細分析 :日本経済新聞


ユリ・ゲラー氏 英首相官邸公募の「変わった技能を持った奇人変人」に立候補― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


コアラの焼死「数万匹」か 豪の森林火災、対応遅れに批判も(共同通信)


プロサッカー選手、認知症などの死亡のリスク「一般人の3倍以上」 : 読売新聞オンライン


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News Headlines - 10 January 2020

Carlos Ghosn banned from leaving as Lebanon takes French passport and requests dossier from Tokyo | The Japan Times

Lebanon banned former auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn from travel Thursday and asked Japan to hand over his file on financial misconduct charges as Tokyo urged the fugitive to return... On Thursday morning, a day after Ghosn made an impassioned defense in front world media of his decision to jump bail and flee Japan, he gave testimony to Lebanese prosecutors over Interpol’s Red Notice urging his arrest.

Lawyer nixes prosecutors' seizure of PC used by Ghosn - The Mainichi

Tokyo prosecutors' attempts to seize a computer used by former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn at his lawyer's Tokyo office, apparently in connection with his escape from Japan, were blocked Wednesday, Ghosn's defense team said.
Investigators of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office visited the office of Junichiro Hironaka, a member of Ghosn's defense team, following his refusal to voluntarily submit the personal computer that Ghosn used there. But the lawyer did not allow them to enter the office.

JDI May Have Overstated Inventory in Fiscal 2015-2016: Asahi

Japan Display is suspected of inappropriately overstating a cumulative total of 10b yen in inventory, which may have inflated the company’s operating results and led to the postponement of loss, Asahi reports, citing unidentified people.
Overstatement started shortly after former CEO Mitsuru Homma took up his role in June 2015 and continued through fiscal 2016, before Japan Display got financial assistance

Ex-Sumitomo Heavy employee suspected in ¥640 million embezzlement

A former secretary at Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. is suspected of embezzling more than 600 million yen from the company over, police said, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Jan. 9).
Thus far, police have accused Junko Tamura, 60, who was in charge of accounting for the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Trade Union Federation, of using a company computer to transfer 50 million yen from a bank account for union pensions to an account of her own.
All told, Tamura is believed to have used similar means to misappropriate a total of 640 million yen. Tamura, who was arrested on Tuesday, admits to the allegations, police said.

China identifies new strain of coronavirus as source of pneumonia outbreak - The Washington Post

Chinese researchers investigating the cause of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak have discovered a new strain of coronavirus, a species of viruses that can cause deadly illnesses such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), according to Chinese state media and the World Health Organization.
A group of Chinese experts this week isolated and obtained the genome sequence of the new virus, which is believed to be responsible for sickening dozens of people who visited a wild-animal market last month in Wuhan, in central China, state media reported Thursday.

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ウクライナ機墜落 欧米各国「イランが誤撃墜」 イランは否定 | NHKニュース


8カ月の政局不安に終止符 スペイン初の連立政権…地域政党が影響力 - 産経ニュース


英下院、EU離脱法案を可決 1月末に実現へ :日本経済新聞


デジタル課税巡る米仏対立、15日間で解決目指す=仏経財相 - ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 歌手ジャスティン・ビーバーさん、ライム病を告白


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News Headlines - 09 January 2020

How Prince Harry 'defied the Queen' by announcing plans for him and Meghan Markle to quit as senior royals | London Evening Standard

Prince Harry defied clear instructions from the Queen not to announce that he and Meghan are to quit as “senior” royals, the Evening Standard has been told.
The Queen made it clear to her grandson that he should not proceed with any announcement this week about his future after he requested a meeting with her at Sandringham, according to senior sources.
The Duke of Sussex’s apparent refusal to comply with an explicit request from the head of the royal family will help to explain the unprecedented expressions of “hurt” and “disappointment” from the palace over last night’s statement.

Hong Kong exchange chief warns of economic 'devastation' from protests - Reuters

The “depth of the devastation” inflicted on Hong Kong’s economy by more than six months of anti-government protests will be seen in the coming weeks, the chief of the city’s stock exchange operator said on Thursday.
The warning came as Hong Kong-based companies are expected to show the scars of the sometimes violent protests that forced businesses to shut and scared away visitors over the next few weeks when they report their annual results.

Geely, Mercedes-Benz launch $780 million JV to make electric smart-branded cars - Reuters

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd and Mercedes-Benz on Wednesday said they would each invest 2.7 billion yuan ($388.77 million) in a China-based venture to build “premium and intelligent electrified” vehicles under the smart brand.
The 50:50 venture has received regulatory approval and will be based in the Chinese coastal city of Ningbo, the Chinese and German automakers said in a statement. Like Mercedes-Benz, smart is a Daimler AG marque.

Plastic packaging ban 'could harm environment' - BBC News

Consumer pressure to end plastic packaging in shops could actually be harming the environment, a report says.
Firms are swapping to other packaging materials which are potentially even worse for the environment, the cross-party Parliamentary group warns.
Glass bottles, for instance, are much heavier than plastic so are far more polluting to transport.
Paper bags tend to have higher carbon emissions than plastic bags - and are more difficult to re-use.

'1917' could get a big box office lift from Golden Globes win - Los Angeles Times

The surprise Golden Globe awards for historical battlefield drama “1917" couldn’t have been better timed for Universal Pictures.
Sam Mendes’ harrowing World War I picture is going into wide release Friday, in more than 3,300 theaters in the U.S. and Canada, after earning a pair of key honors from the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn... The upset wins are seen as a boost for “1917’s” chances at the Oscars, for which nominations will be announced Monday.

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トランプ大統領、イランへの抑制的対応を示唆-国民に向け演説 - Bloomberg


中国「15日に署名」 米と貿易協議の第1段階で合意 :日本経済新聞


IMFがアテネの事務所閉鎖へ、ギリシャの危機脱却受け=首相 - ロイター


ゴーン被告、マクロン氏を暗に批判 ルノー・日産の関係悪化を誘発 - ロイター


ヘンリー王子夫妻「引退」表明 主要王族から、英と北米で生活へ:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 08 January 2020

Donald Trump takes the off-ramp in Iran confrontation (for now) - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump decided Wednesday that taking his foot off the gas in the rapidly escalating conflict between the United States and Iran was the right move.
Flanked by the Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a legion of high-ranking military officers, Trump spoke carefully from two teleprompters set up in the back of the room -- delivering the message that, despite Iran launching more than a dozen missile strikes at two sites in Iraq less than 24 hours ago, he was comfortable with calling an end to the outright hostilities.

Carlos Ghosn to speak for first time since Japan escape : The Standard

Carlos Ghosn is set to hit back at allegations against him when the fugitive car magnate faces the world's media on Wednesday for the first time since his Houdini-like escape from Japan.
The former Renault-Nissan boss, who denies any wrongdoing, skipped bail while awaiting trial on multiple charges of financial misconduct including allegedly under-reporting his compensation to the tune of $85 million.
As the globe-trotting mogul prepared to tell his side of the story at a highly anticipated news conference in Lebanon, his lawyers lashed out at Nissan, saying its investigation was aimed at "taking down Carlos Ghosn".

Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals - BBC News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they will step back as "senior" royals and work to become financially independent.
In a statement, Prince Harry and Meghan also said they plan to split their time between the UK and North America.
The BBC understands no other royal - including the Queen or Prince William - was consulted before the statement and Buckingham Palace is "disappointed".

Princess Anne's daughter Zara Tindall handed driving ban

Princess Anne's daughter Zara Tindall has been handed a driving ban after speeding through the Cotswolds in her LandRover.
The 38-year-old equestrian star and granddaughter of the Queen was caught going 91 mph close at Dartley Bottom in rural Gloucestershire last year.
Mrs Tindall already had nine points on her licence for other driving offences, leading magistrates in Cheltenham to issue a mandatory six-month ban after imposing a further four points.
The wife of former Gloucester and England rugby back Mike Tindall did not attend court as she was in Australia, where she has been advised not to get behind the wheel.

Malaga suspend manager Victor Sanchez after sex video is leaked | The Independent

Spanish club Malaga have suspended their head coach Victor Sanchez after an explicit video featuring the 43-year-old was posted on social media.
The video was widely shared on Twitter and Whatsapp on Tuesday and features Sanchez exposing his penis to the camera while wearing a Malaga training shirt.
Writing on Twitter, Sanchez claimed he had been blackmailed over the video prior to it being made public.

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「米国のテロリスト80人殺害」イラン国営テレビ報道 :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : イランのイラク米軍基地攻撃、犠牲者の報告なし 米当局者


イランでウクライナ機墜落、乗客乗員176人全員死亡 墜落の瞬間映像か:AFPBB News

イランの首都テヘランのイマム・ホメイニ空港(Imam Khomeini International Airport)で8日、ウクライナ国際航空(Ukraine International Airlines)のPS752便が離陸直後に墜落し、乗客乗員176人全員が死亡した。国営イラン通信(IRNA)が伝えた。

米民主指名争い、ブルームバーグ氏が選挙スタッフを大量投入 - ロイター


「プレイステーション 5」のロゴマーク公開 - AV Watch

ソニーは、米国ラスベガスで1月7日~10日(現地時間)に開催される「CES 2020」のプレスカンファレンスにおいて、次世代コンソールゲーム機「プレイステーション 5」(PS5)のロゴマークを公開した。2020年の年末商戦期に発売すると予告している。……さらにその特徴として、ULTRA HD Blu-rayを再生できる事や、3Dオーディオ機能、コントローラーに従来の振動技術に代わりハプティック技術を使い、ボタンに抵抗力を感じさせるアダプティブトリガーを採用している事、超高速アクセスが可能なカスタムSSDの搭載、ハードウェアとしてレイトレーシングに対応している事などを説明した。

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News Headlines - 07 January 2020

Toyota to build 'city of the future' at the base of Mount Fuji | The Japan Times

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to build a prototype “city of the future” at the base of Mount Fuji, powered by hydrogen fuel cells and functioning as a laboratory for autonomous cars, smart homes, artificial intelligence and other technologies.
Toyota unveiled the audacious plan for what it plans to call “Woven City,” in a reference to its origins as a loom manufacturer, on Monday at the big CES annual consumer electronics trade show.

DENSO Works with Qualcomm to Develop Next-Generation Cockpit Systems | DENSO Global Website

DENSO Corporation and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, today announced the companies’ joint efforts in developing next-generation cockpit systems... To enhance this critical information exchange, DENSO aims to develop next-generation integrated cockpit systems harnessing Qualcomm Technologies’ information and communication technologies, including cutting-edge semiconductors and software solutions developed for smartphones and DENSO’s expertise in in-vehicle requirements, functional safety, quality, and security technologies for HMI products.

California officials sue billionaire over access to beach

California officials are suing a billionaire who has been fighting for more than a decade to keep a secluded beach to himself, a move designed to ensure that the public always has access to the scenic stretch of sand.
The lawsuit filed Monday on behalf of the California State Lands Commission and Coastal Commission seeks a court order demanding that Vinod Khosla remove all gates and signs on or near the only road to the beach that runs through his private property.
The lawsuit contends that without court orders, Khosla will keep imposing improper restrictions to public access to Martins Beach near Half Moon Bay, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of San Francisco.

France commemorates Charlie Hebdo terror attack, five years on

The attack on the weekly -- with its long history of mocking Islam and other religions -- was the first in a series of assaults that have claimed more than 250 lives since January 7, 2015, mostly at the hands of young French-born jihadists.
It sent shockwaves through France, exposing divisions in the multicultural modern Republic and sparking an intense debate about Muslim integration and press freedom.
The Kouachi brothers who killed 12 people in their strike on Charlie Hebdo claimed to be avenging the magazine's publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed deemed offensive by many Muslims.

Cause of mysterious pneumonia cases still unknown, Chinese officials say

The cause of mysterious pneumonia cases in the Chinese city of Wuhan remains unknown, health authorities in the city said Sunday, as the number of infected people rose to 59 from 44 on Friday.
Seven of the sick are listed as critically ill, down from 11 on Friday. The number of close contacts of cases under medical observation has risen to 163.
Sunday’s statement, the third from the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission about the incident, is the first to give information about when people became infected. The first person known to have become ill began to show symptoms on Dec. 12 and the last date of symptom onset among the sick was Dec. 29, the statement said.

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ゴーン被告の妻に逮捕状 証人尋問で偽証疑い 東京地検特捜部 - 産経ニュース


イラン、すべての米軍部隊を「テロリスト」に指定へ:AFPBB News

イラン国会は7日、同国のガセム・ソレイマニ(Qasem Soleimani)司令官を米軍が殺害したことをめぐり、すべての米軍部隊を「テロリスト」に指定する法案を可決した。……今回新たに採択された法案では、米軍および国防総省の職員、提携機関、スパイ、指揮官、ソレイマニ司令官の「殉教」を命じた者らが「テロリスト」に指定された。

米軍、イラク撤退示唆の書簡を「誤って」送付 イラク陸軍宛に - BBCニュース


ソニー、自動運転車をCESで披露 20年度に公道実験  :日本経済新聞




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News Headlines - 06 January 2020

Former Japanese lawmaker Yukiko Miyake found dead outdoors in Tokyo - The Mainichi

Former lower house lawmaker Yukiko Miyake was found dead outdoors in Tokyo several days ago, with police suspecting she might have committed suicide, investigative sources said Monday.
Miyake, 54, was a TV reporter before she won her House of Representatives seat in the August 2009 general election. She was a member of the then-ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

New Labor leader will be appointed on April 4 - The Media HQ

The leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he would retire after the terrible performance of the general election of the party, but was expected to be replaced earlier.
Today, the National Executive Committee of the party agreed that Saturday, April 4, would be the date on which a new leader will be installed.
So far, the confirmed candidates are the secretary of Brexit in the shadow, Sir Keir Starmer, the secretary of Foreign Affairs in the shadow, Emily Thornberry, the minister of the Treasury in the shadow, Clive Lewis, and the backbenchers Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy .

How the world's worst rapist Reynhard Sinaga came from a 'very rich' family in Indonesia | Daily Mail Online

Reynhard Sinaga, 36, preyed on at least 195 young men and police admit the true figure may be higher. Jailing him for 30 years, a judge called him a 'monster'.
Sinaga incapacitated victims with the date rape drug GHB before filming his attacks.
Sinaga, who mostly targeted heterosexual students in Manchester, was convicted of 159 attacks, including 136 rapes, eight attempted rapes and 15 indecent assaults against 48 victims.

How Finland's fake four-day week became a 'fact' in Europe's media | News Now Finland

Back in August 2019 some senior Social Democrat politicians and party activists gathered in Turku on Finland’s southwest coast, for an event to mark the organisation’s 120th anniversary... At one point during the discussion Sanna Marin floated the idea that Finland’s productivity could benefit from either a four-day working week, or a six-hour working day (she never suggested both).
Marin also tweeted about it at the time, noting plainly that it was an SDP party goal to reduce working hours - but to be clear, again, this was never official government policy.

Helen Sharman: 'Aliens exist and could be here on Earth' - BBC News

Dr Helen Sharman told the Observer Magazine that extra-terrestrial life is bound to be somewhere in the universe.
"Aliens exist, there's no two ways about it," she said, adding that "there must be all sorts of different forms of life" among the billions of stars.
Dr Sharman, 56, made history when she travelled to the Soviet space station Mir in May 1991.

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イラン、無制限でウラン濃縮へ 兵器級に近づく恐れ | 共同通信


カタルーニャ首相失職へ、選管が州議員地位を剥奪 スペイン:AFPBB News

スペインの選挙管理委員会は3日、同国北東部カタルーニャ(Catalonia)自治州のキム・トラ(Quim Torra)首相から同州議会議員の地位を剥奪した。この決定によりトラ氏は、自治州首相としての職を失う。

北マケドニア首相辞任 EUの拒否受け4月総選挙:時事ドットコム


富士フイルム、米ゼロックスと提携解消へ - 産経ニュース


英メディアはリバプール南野のデビュー戦を絶賛「監督が傑出したと評価」「将来性が詰まっていた」「プレス能力が通用」(THE PAGE)


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News Headlines - 05 January 2019

Spain′s Sanchez loses first of two chances to return as PM | DW

Sanchez fell 10 votes short of the 176 votes needed to secure an absolute majority in the 350-seat assembly, receiving just 166 in favor, with 165 against and 18 abstentions. One lawmaker did not attend the vote.
Sanchez will have a second chance on Tuesday, when the bar for success will be lowered to a simple majority and he will only need more votes in favor of his reelection than against it.
Spain has been without a proper government for most of the past year after two inconclusive elections in April and November.

Japan says Ghosn's escape inexcusable, orders investigation - The Mainichi

Justice Minister Masako Mori said she had ordered an investigation after Ghosn issued a statement a few days ago saying he was in Lebanon.
She said there were no records of Ghosn's departure from Tokyo.
She said his bail has been revoked, and Interpol had issued a wanted notice. Departure checks needed to be strengthened to prevent a recurrence, Mori said.

Australian prime minister is jeered in wildfire-ravaged zone

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was confronted by angry residents who cursed and insulted him Thursday as he visited a wildfire-ravaged corner of the country.
Locals in Cobargo, in New South Wales, yelled at him, made obscene gestures and called him an “idiot” and worse, criticizing him for the lack of equipment to deal with the fires in town. They jeered as his car left. In the New South Wales town of Quaama, a firefighter refused to shake hands with him.

Rod Stewart accused of hitting guard outside US kids' party

British pop star Rod Stewart has been charged for allegedly punching a hotel security guard in the chest outside a children's party in Florida, according to a police report obtained by US media.
The 74-year-old singer of "Forever Young" and numerous other hits was with his family at The Breakers, a luxury hotel in Palm Beach, on New Year's Eve when he was refused access to a party in the children's section of the resort, US media reported on Friday.

8 mutilated lions found at South African farm | New Straits Times

South African police on Saturday said they had launched an investigation after eight mutilated lion carcasses were discovered at a private game farm... Local media reported that poachers were thought to have fed the lions, found at the game farm in the country’s North West province, with poisoned chicken, but police refused to speculate saying investigations were still underway.

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トランプ氏、イランに追加攻撃警告「52カ所を標的」 :日本経済新聞


イラン司令官殺害で論調割れる=「慎重でない」「自衛行動」―米主要紙:AFPBB News


中露はイラン支持、鮮明に  - 産経ニュース


オーストリアで中道右派・国民党と環境政党・緑の党が連立政権樹立 - 毎日新聞


武井壮、車上荒らし被害「スーツケースも鞄も洋服も全部」DA PUMP・KENZOの紅白衣装も― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能


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News Headlines - 04 January 2019

Carlos Ghosn was right to flee Japan, says British boss Michael Woodford | The Times

Carlos Ghosn was right to jump bail and escape Japan, according to a British businessman who fled Tokyo in fear of his life after exposing a scandal that rocked the country in 2012.
Michael Woodford, 59, former chief executive of the camera manufacturer Olympus, told The Times that he could “understand exactly why Carlos Ghosn did it. There is a grave doubt about whether he would have had a fair trial and I’m very sympathetic to that”.

Carlos Ghosn might not be as safe in Lebanon as he thought - The Washington Post

A group of lawyers on Thursday lodged a complaint with Lebanon’s judiciary charging that visits he made to Israel in his position as chairman of Renault and later Nissan constitute a crime under laws forbidding citizens from interacting with Lebanon’s arch-foe, which has been in a state of war with Lebanon for the past 60 years.
That could put him in a tougher position than any charges of embezzlement or financial wrongdoing, which are the norm among elites in Lebanon’s deeply corrupt society.

Volkswagen in 'Dieselgate' settlement talks with 400,000 German owners | The Guardian

Volkswagen is in discussions over an out-of-court settlement with more than 400,000 German owners of vehicles that were affected by the carmaker’s “Dieselgate” emissions-rigging scandal.
Germany’s VZBV - an umbrella group of consumer rights organisations - said it had entered talks about a “pragmatic solution in the interests of customers” but stressed that talks were at a very early stage and would remain confidential.

Prince William Announces Earthshot Environment Prize | Time

Prince William has announced a multi-million pound prize for “visionaries” working to solve “Earth’s greatest environmental problems,” from climate change to air pollution. The Earthshot Prize will be awarded to five winners, every year, for the next 10 years. The initiative’s goal is to provide “at least 50 solutions to the world’s greatest problems by 2030.”
The prize was designed by and will initially be handled by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - headed by Prince William and Kate Middleton. More than 60 organizations and experts were consulted in the process; in time, the Earthshot Prize will likely become an independent organization that continues to involve environmental NGOs, according to a press release from Kensington Palace.
This year, the initiative will debut a series of “Earthshot challenges,” according to its website, with a goal of “[seeking] answers to the biggest issues currently facing the planet, including: climate and energy, nature and biodiversity, oceans, air pollution and fresh water.”

Unusual Heat in Norway - Novinite.com

January 2, 2020 is the hottest January day in Norway
Rare heatwave covered western Norway in early January, during a period in which temperatures generally should be below zero.
The highest temperature of 19 ° more than 25 ° C above the monthly average was measured in Rauma. People there have been enjoying the country's warmest January temperatures ever recorded at 19C - with some, including the mayor, swimming in the sea, BBC reported. January 2 is the warmest January day in Norway since statistics are recorded and the hottest day for any winter from December to February on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

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東京新聞:仏、交通スト30日目 過去最長 政府と労組、年金改革譲らず


米、中東に3500人増派へ イラクの米国民に退避要請:朝日新聞デジタル


中国 ファーウェイ 米圧力も年間売り上げは18%増 13兆円に | NHKニュース


米加州「ギグワーカー」保護法、ウーバーなどが提訴  :日本経済新聞


AIの乳がん識別、専門家上回る グーグル発表、マンモ画像検診で(共同通信)


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News Headlines - 03 January 2019

The Times picks Shinjiro Koizumi as one of 20 faces to watch for in 2020 | The Japan Times

The Times newspaper has selected Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi as one of its twenty people to look out for in 2020.
The British paper said there are two opposing views of Koizumi: Either he is a hereditary political aristocrat with a pretty face but no original ideas or he is the most interesting and promising Japanese politician of his generation, adding that Koizumi will face a real test this year.

Bribery suspect linked to casino firm claims payoffs to 5 other Japan lawmakers - The Mainichi

An individual linked to a Chinese company who allegedly bribed legislator Tsukasa Akimoto over a project to open an "integrated" casino resort in Japan has told prosecutors that he handed over some 1 million yen (about $9,250) each to five other lawmakers, including former Cabinet ministers, investigative sources said.
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office special investigation unit suspects that the Chinese company, 500.com Ltd., attempted to win favour across a broad swathe of Japan's political class for its bid to join a casino resort project. Prosecutors are apparently probing whether the money was actually given to the five other politicians.

Ghosn said to have carried 1 of 2 French passports | NHK WORLD

The lawyers took his passports, issued by France, Brazil and Lebanon, as required under the bail conditions.Sources say France had issued two passports to Ghosn for some reason, and that the lawyers initially held both of them... The lawyers reportedly asked the court to change the conditions of bail, and the court allowed Ghosn to carry one of the two French passports with him in a locked case.

Carlos Ghosn Sneaked Out of Japan in Box Used for Audio Gear - WSJ

Former auto titan Carlos Ghosn, packed into a case typically used for concert audio equipment, was sneaked onto a private jet at an airport in Osaka, Japan, late Sunday, according to people familiar with the matter, in what has become one of the corporate world’s most stunning cases of bail jumping.

Montenegro MPs held after violent protest over religion law - France 24

More than a dozen opposition MPs were detained in Montenegro's parliament Friday after they violently protested a controversial law on religious freedom, which was passed after the group was taken away.
The law has raised tensions in recent weeks between the government and a pro-Serb opposition which is close to the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), Montenegro's main religious body.
The most sensitive piece of the legislation is a clause requiring religious communities to prove ownership of properties from before 1918, when Montenegro lost its independence, in order to keep them.

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イラン司令官殺害、首都で追悼式 「米国に死を」敵意あおる | 共同通信


トルコ、リビア派兵を議会が承認-エルドアン大統領に負託 - Bloomberg


フルーツ風味の電子たばこ禁止 若年層での流行受け―米食品医薬品局:時事ドットコム


豪南東部 森林火災被害拡大のおそれで3度目の非常事態宣言 | NHKニュース


井上靖氏69年にノーベル賞候補 初推薦、資料を開示 | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 02 January 2020

A million attend pro-democracy demo, say organisers, as Hong Kong police halt protest early amid vandalism, tear gas | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Hong Kong’s first police-approved protest march of the year was cut short after officers clashed with protesters over a vandalised bank.
March organisers Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) estimated that over 1.03 million people took to the streets on Wednesday, though they said it was difficult to give an accurate figure.

Taiwan: Law passed to quell China′s influence ahead of elections | DW

The Anti-Infiltration Law is meant to stop Beijing from taking sides in the January 11 presidential vote. China has tried to isolate the government of President Tsai Ing-wen over the territory's sovereignty.

Taiwan's Chief of General Staff among 8 dead in Black Hawk crash | Taiwan News

Eight passengers aboard an Army UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in the mountains of northern Taiwan this morning have died, including the Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).
The helicopter took off at 7:50 a.m. from Songshan Air Force Base bound for a base in Yilan's Dong'ao for an inspection. For unknown reasons, communication with the helicopter was lost at around 8 a.m. this morning, and it apparently made a forced landing in the mountains of New Taipei City's Wulai District, reported CNA.

Cyprus: British woman found guilty of lying about gang rape in resort town - CNN

A British woman has been found guilty of lying to police after alleging she was gang-raped by 12 Israeli youths in Cyprus.
The 19-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found guilty on a single charge of causing public mischief, her lawyer told CNN.
The woman had claimed she was attacked by 12 Israeli tourists on July 17 at the Pambos Napa Rocks hotel in the resort of Ayia Napa, where she was staying. But 10 days later the woman retracted her statement, and police arrested her.

UNICEF Estimates 400,000 Babies Will Be Born Worldwide On New Year's Day : NPR

UNICEF, the United Nations children's agency, estimates that some 400,000 babies will be born on New Year's Day - "an auspicious day for childbirth around the world," it said in a press release.
UNICEF says the Pacific island nation of Fiji will most likely have delivered 2020's first baby - and it's expected to have 39 births on Jan. 1. The United States will deliver the last baby of New Year's Day, where women are expected to welcome 10,452 babies into the world.

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米軍約750人を中東に増派、イラクの大使館襲撃受け - ロイター


トルコ、ゴーン被告のフライトめぐり7人拘束 現地報道:AFPBB News

会社法違反などの罪で起訴され保釈中の日産自動車(Nissan Motor)元会長のカルロス・ゴーン(Carlos Ghosn)被告が、日本からトルコを経由してレバノンへ入国した問題に絡み、トルコ当局が操縦士4人を含む7人を拘束したと、トルコの民営デミルオレン通信(DHA)が2日、報じた。……ゴーン被告の逃亡の経緯は依然不明だが、同被告は12月29日に関西空港(Kansai Airport)からプライベートジェットでトルコのイスタンブールに向かい、同市からさらに空路でレバノンの首都ベイルートに入ったと考えられている。

「日米で月面着陸」NASA長官が提案 「宇宙強国」中国をけん制 - 毎日新聞


欧州ガス市場、米露攻防 米、シェア拡大狙い制裁/露、安定供給へ新ルート - 毎日新聞


ローマ教皇、女性信者の手をたたく 翌日に謝罪:AFPBB News

ローマ・カトリック教会のフランシスコ教皇(Pope Francis)は1日、前日に信者らと交流した際、自分の手をつかんで引っ張った女性の手をたたいたことを謝罪し、「女性に対するいかなる形の暴力」も非難する演説を行った。

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News Headlines - 01 January 2020

North Korea threatens to resume nuclear and ICBM testing - BBC News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said he is ending the suspension of nuclear and long-range missile tests put in place during talks with the US.
Mr Kim also said his country would soon introduce "a new strategic weapon".
But he left a door open for dialogue, and said the scope of any testing would depend on the US's "attitude".

Protesters call for Lebanon's new PM to quit as crisis deepens | The Guardian

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Beirut home of Lebanon’s new prime minister on Saturday, calling for Hassan Diab’s resignation less than 10 days after he was appointed.
Lebanon is without a cabinet and in the grips of a deepening economic crisis after a two-month-old protest movement forced Saad Hariri to stand down as prime minister on October 29.
Anti-government protests continued after Hariri’s resignation, while political parties negotiated for weeks before nominating Diab, a professor and former education minister, to replace him on December 19.

Iran Says Seized Tanker With 'Illegal' Oil In Hormuz

Iranian state media are reporting that the country's paramilitary Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has seized a foreign tanker and crew that it says were carrying illegal oil.
The December 30 reports did not say what country's flag the ship was flying.
But the Iranians said the vessel was carrying more than 1 million liters of fuel and was taken into custody on December 29 near Larak Island in the Strait of Hormuz, according to an IRGC press statement quoted by the semiofficial Fars news agency.

Thai cave rescuer dies from year-long blood infection - BBC News

A member of the rescue team that saved 12 boys and their football coach from a flooded cave in Thailand last year has died from an infection he picked up during the operation, officials said.
Petty Officer Beirut Pakbara, a Thai Navy Seal, contracted a blood infection during the rescue at Tham Luang cave.
Beirut was under medical supervision but his condition worsened and he died on Friday, a statement said.

Archeologists discover ancient Mayan palace in eastern Mexico - Reuters

Archeologists have discovered a large palace likely used by the Mayan elite more than 1,000 years ago in the ancient city of Kuluba, near the modern day tourist hot spot of Cancun in eastern Mexico, Mexican anthropology officials said.
The remains of the six-meter high building, 55 meters (180 feet) long and 15 meters wide, suggest the palace was inhabited for two long periods between 600-1050 A.D., the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said in a statement.
The Mayan civilization reached its peak between 250 and 900 A.D., when it ruled large swaths of what is now southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

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日米貿易協定が発効、米大統領選イヤーで第2弾交渉は年内進展なしか - Bloomberg


在イラク米大使館を群衆が襲撃、トランプ大統領はイランを非難 - Bloomberg


MS、北朝鮮傘下?50ドメイン差し止め…サイバー攻撃に関与 : 読売新聞オンライン


ベルリン家賃高騰、値上げに「壁」 市が凍結強制へ、8割超が賃貸:朝日新聞デジタル


未来を描いたデザイナー、巨匠シド・ミード氏、死去 - ITmedia NEWS

 米Ford Motorの工業デザイナーとして出発したミード氏は1970年に独立。未来的な造形手腕が高く評価され、SF大作映画の重要な部分のデザインを多く担当した。最初の映画版「スター・トレック」(1979年)ではV'Gerを。「ブレードランナー」(1980年)ではスピナーと都市デザインを、「TRON」(1980年)ではライトサイクルを、「2010年宇宙の旅」(1983年)ではレオーノフ号を、「エイリアン2」(1986年)のスラコ号、「YAMATO2520」(1995年)ではフューチャーコンセプトデザインを担当した。「∀ガンダム」(1998年)に「ヒゲ」をつけたことでも知られている。サイバーパンク作品「JM」(1995年)も担当。「ブレードランナー2049」(2017)では再び都市デザインを担当している。

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