News Headlines - 10 February 2020

Beijing locked down as Wuhan virus continues to spread in China | Taiwan News

As the Wuhan virus continues to spread across China unabated, Beijing authorities on Sunday evening (Feb. 9) announced that the city is being locked down.
As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to rage across China, 80 cities have been locked down under "closed-off management" measures. On Sunday, Beijing authorities announced an "Epidemic prevention and control notice of strict closed community management" and declared that the city is going under lockdown, reported the Beijing Daily.

Federal Judge Expected to Clear Way for T-Mobile and Sprint Merger - WSJ

A federal judge is expected to approve T-Mobile US Inc.’s merger with Sprint Corp., according to people familiar with the matter, clearing the way for the two wireless rivals to combine and overcoming a state antitrust challenge.
The decision, which these people said is expected to be made public Tuesday, would hand the carriers a victory over a group of state attorneys general who argued the merger could result in higher cellphone bills for customers.

Docs allegedly show Imperial Japanese Army's chemical weapons unit's escape from China - The Mainichi

Official documents have been found that appear to detail the escape by purported members of the former Imperial Japanese Army's chemical weapons research unit from occupied China around the end of World War II.
The documents were introduced on Feb. 8 by Katsuo Nishiyama, a professor emeritus at Shiga University of Medical Science, at a symposium held at Kyoto University in the west Japan city's Sakyo Ward.
During World War II, Unit 731 is believed to have carried out secret research including human experiments on Chinese prisoners of war, and developed biological weapons and poisonous gases. The official documents Nishiyama presented were originally compiled by the postwar Japanese government, and include information on how the unit pulled out of Manchuria (present-day Northeast China).

Russian sisters reunite 78 years after wartime separation | The Guardian

As teenagers, the sisters lived with their parents in Stalingrad, the city now known as Volgograd that was the site of one of the bloodiest battles the war. They were separated in 1942 during the civilian evacuation to escape Nazi encirclement.
Yulia, who was born in 1928, was evacuated with her mother to the city of Penza, about 310 miles (500km) to the north. And Rozalina was evacuated with her factory colleagues to the industrial city of Chelyabinsk, about 870 miles to the north-east in the Urals.

Apple reportedly enters in iPhone SE 2 trial production, device may launch in March

The much-anticipated affordable iPhone SE2 has reportedly entered in trial production and is likely to be released in March, reports stated.
The information about the launch of the iPhone was leaked by the famous tipster Evan Blass, who goes by user name @evleaks.
As per the reports, the device is expected to be named as iPhone 9 and it will be priced around $399.







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