News Headlines - 02 February 2020

China builds new hospital in 10 days to combat coronavirus - Xinhua

China has built a makeshift hospital in 10 days to battle against the novel strain of coronavirus in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak in central China's Hubei Province.
Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital was delivered Sunday in Wuhan. It is dedicated to treating patients infected with the virus.
A total of 1,400 medical staff from the armed forces are tasked with treating patients in Huoshenshan Hospital starting from Monday. The medics consist of 950 people from hospitals affiliated to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Joint Logistic Support Force, and 450 from medical universities of the army, navy and air force of the PLA who were sent to Wuhan earlier.

China shuts down city of Wenzhou, far from virus epicentre - The Straits Times

The eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou restricted the movement of residents and closed roads on Sunday (Feb 2) in the most drastic steps taken by authorities outside the epicentre of a deadly virus.
Only one resident per household is allowed to go out every two days to buy necessities, the authorities said, in the city of nine million, while 46 highway toll stations have been closed.

Streatham shooting: Man shot dead by armed police after two stabbed in south London terror attack | London Evening Standard

A man has been shot dead by armed police after two people were stabbed during a terror attack in south London.
Officers were called to the incident outside an Iceland supermarket in Streatham at around 2.30pm on Sunday.
Witnesses reported seeing a man with a "machete and silver canisters on his chest being chased" by someone who appeared to be an undercover police officer.

Somalia declares national emergency over locust surge | Al Jazeera

Somalia has become the first country in the Horn of Africa to declare a locust infestation sweeping the region as a national emergency.
The country's Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement on Sunday the desert locust surge "poses a major threat to Somalia's fragile food security situation".

Novak Djokovic says he did not overstep mark when touching umpire's shoe | The Guardian

The Serbian lost his cool when he was handed back-to-back time violations in the one game for taking too long to serve. With the score locked at 4-4 in the second set, the second penalty came at break point and cost him a first serve, with Djokovic losing the game.
A furious Djokovic marched past the umpire’s chair and tapped Dumusois’s foot and sarcastically exclaimed: “You made yourself famous in this match. Great job. Especially in the second one. Great job. You made yourself famous. Well done, man”.
Dumusois did not react. But, according to the official grand slam rule book, Djokovic could find himself hit with a $US20,000 ($A30,000) fine, although penalties are discretionary.







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