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News Headlines - 31 March 2020

Olympic leaders misguided in setting new date for Tokyo Games

In these extraordinary times, in the midst of sickness and death and despair and uncertainty throughout the world, we now know the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will begin July 23, 2021, one day earlier than they would have started this summer..... Once again, the International Olympic Committee has displayed how utterly tone deaf it can be. Everyone on earth is trying to live through, cope with and survive a pandemic. We don’t need to know the date of an event in 2021, even if it’s the world’s largest. Not today... Just a week ago, the IOC gave itself four weeks to decide whether to postpone this summer’s Olympics. Now that the Games are postponed, the IOC took less than a week to rush to give us a new date. There are still three weeks left on the clock from the previous deadline.

Adidas, H&M to stop paying rent over outbreak closures | DW

Many shops across Germany have been shut under regional state pandemic control decrees, but are receiving support from a new federal law that seeks to give tenants temporary relief.
Adidas spokesman Jan Runau told German ARD public television on Friday that the sports outfitter would temporarily suspend its rental payments at locations where "our shops are closed," but that the company is in "close consultation" with its landlords.
Kai Warnecke, the head of the German Property Owners' Federation, warned that defaults on payment unveiled by Bavaria-based Adidas must not set a precedent. "If so, it would be the end of the real estate market."

German state finance minister Thomas Schäfer found dead | DW

The body of a man identified as Thomas Schäfer, the finance minister of the German state of Hesse, was found on a high-speed train line in the town of Hochheim between Frankfurt and Mainz, police confirmed Saturday.
The presence of a body on the tracks was first reported by witnesses to paramedics, who were unable to initially identify the remains due to the extent of the injuries.
Investigators said an investigation on the scene confirmed the identity of the man as Schäfer and that the death was likely a suicide. Police did not immediately release further details of the case.
The politician apparently left a note before taking his own life, German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported, citing sources close to the investigation. The note, according to the report, referenced Schäfer's reasons for his apparent suicide.

Harry and Meghan post final SussexRoyal Instagram message | Sky News

Harry and Meghan have written their final post on their SussexRoyal Instagram account, thanking followers "for the support, the inspiration and the shared commitment to the good in the world".
From today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use their Sussex Royal Instagram account or website, as they officially start their new independent life.

French national orchestra plays Bolero - from home

Musicians from the Orchestre national de France have posted online a version of Ravel’s Bolero played from their homes during Covid-19 confinement.
Usually based at the Maison de la Radio near the Eiffel Tower, the orchestra’s members have used technology to play together at a distance.
The result - which can be viewed on YouTube - is an enjoyable version of the classic in which the listener can watch each individual player and identify who is playing certain sections of music, as more and more players progressively join in and the sound builds up.

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東京五輪7月23日開幕 パラリンピック8月24日開幕 決定 | NHKニュース


東京五輪招致で組織委理事に約9億円 汚職疑惑の人物にロビー活動も  - ロイター


ゴッホの絵、盗まれる 新型コロナで休館中―オランダ中部:時事ドットコム


CNN.co.jp : スペインのマリア・テレサ王女、新型コロナに感染して死去


ハリー王子夫妻に「警備費は自分で払って」とトランプ大統領 - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 30 March 2020

Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus - Reuters

Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, who had been hospitalised after being infected with the new coronavirus, has died, becoming the first Japanese celebrity to die of the virus... Shimura, 70, one of Japan’s best-known comedians with a career dating back to the early 1970s, reportedly had surgery for pneumonia in 2016. He developed a fever and respiratory problems on March 19 and was hospitalised, media said.
Dominating the television comedy scene in the 1970s and 1980s, one of his best-known acts was a clueless feudal lord with a face painted white with thick black eyebrows.

Shimura's death widely reported outside Japan | NHK WORLD

The news that Japanese comedian Shimura Ken died after contracting the coronavirus has been widely reported outside Japan.
In Taiwan, Shimura is well known among people in their late 30s and older who grew up watching Japanese TV comedy shows... Foreign news agencies also widely reported Shimura's death.

Coronavirus could take years to run its course, world must brace itself: PM Lee - The Straits Times

It could take several years for the coronavirus to go around the world and run its course unless something happens to abort that process, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, adding that the world will have to brace itself for a long battle ahead.
In an interview on Sunday (March 29) with CNN's Fareed Zakaria about Singapore's much-lauded response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Lee said he hesitates to call the Republic a "success story".

Italy coronavirus death toll passes 10,000. Many are asking why the fatality rate is so high - CNN

Italy's death toll is now the highest in the world at 10,023. Fatalities passed the grim milestone on Saturday, with an increase of 889 since the last figures were released on Friday, according to Italy's Civil Protection Agency.
With 92,472 confirmed cases, Italy appears to have the highest death rate on the planet. Compare it to China, the epicenter of the pandemic, which has a roughly similar number of confirmed cases at 81,997, but under a third as many deaths, at 3,299, according to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.
Indeed Italy now has the second-highest number of confirmed cases in the world after the United States, which stands at 105,470. But the US has a fraction of the deaths, at just over 1,700.
As Italy enters its sixth week of restrictions, many are asking: why does its death rate seem so much higher than other countries?
Experts say it's down to a combination of factors, like the country's large elderly population which is more susceptible to the virus, and the method of testing that's not giving the full picture about infections.
Distorted numbers
Italy's number of confirmed cases is "not representative of the entire infected population," said Dr. Massimo Galli, head of the infectious disease unit at Sacco Hospital in Milan. The real figure was "much much more."
Only the most severe cases are being tested, added Galli, and not the entire population -- which in turn, skews the death rate.

Work starts on Birmingham Airport Covid-19 mortuary for up to 12,000 bodies - ITV News

Work has started on a temporary mortuary at Birmingham Airport with space for up to 12,000 bodies in a worst-case scenario amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
The airport is next to Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC), which has already been mooted as a possible location for a temporary field hospital.
The hangar facility will initially have space for 1,500 bodies “but will expand to hold more”, according to the West Midlands and Warwickshire strategic co-ordination group, made up of police, councils and other agencies.

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CNN.co.jp : モスクワ、全域で外出禁止に 新型コロナ感染拡大阻止へ


外出禁止、完全解除まで半年以上 英政府、段階的な見直し必要―新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


CNN.co.jp : 感染リスク低減へ「距離をとって」、企業各社がロゴで呼びかけ


「ハリウッドが死んだ」 コロナ禍12万人失業 映画館閉鎖、撮影は中断 - 毎日新聞


ドイツ政府「アーティストは必要不可欠であるだけでなく、生命維持に必要なのだ」大規模支援 | ニューズウィーク日本版


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News Headlines - 29 March 2020

France uses special trains to evacuate coronavirus patients from overwhelmed hospitals - The Local

France on Sunday staged its largest evacuation of coronavirus patients to date from hospitals in the hard-hit east, increasing efforts to free up intensive care units as officials brace for even more serious cases in the coming days.
The two specially modified TGV high-speed trains carried 36 patients from Mulhouse and Nancy toward hospitals along France's western coast, in an effort to free up intensive care units as officials brace for even more serious cases in the coming days.
Dozens of hospital workers, flanked by police and soldiers standing guard, spent hours installing four patients in each wagon in an operation that began before dawn.

8 people die as ambulance plane bound for Tokyo is engulfed by fire at Manila airport - The Straits Times

Eight people were killed when an ambulance plane caught fire as it was taxiing on a runway at Manila’s main airport on Sunday evening (March 29).
A flight manifest showed the plane was carrying an ailing Canadian and his American companion, three pilots, a doctor, a nurse and a flight medic. All died. The incident happened at around 8pm.
The plane, operated by local charter service Lionair, was headed to Tokyo, in Japan.

Italian scientists investigate possible earlier emergence of coronavirus - Reuters

Italian researchers are looking at whether a higher than usual number of cases of severe pneumonia and flu in Lombardy in the last quarter of 2019 may be a signal that the new coronavirus might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought.
Adriano Decarli, an epidemiologist and medical statistics professor at the University of Milan, said there had been a “significant” increase in the number of people hospitalized for pneumonia and flu in the areas of Milan and Lodi between October and December last year.
He told Reuters he could not give exact figures but “hundreds” more people than usual had been taken to hospital in the last three months of 2019 in those areas - two of Lombardy’s worst hit cities - with pneumonia and flu-like symptoms, and some of those had died.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set up permanent home in California after fleeing coronavirus lockdown in Canada - The Sun

PRINCE Harry and Meghan have fled Canada amid the coronavirus pandemic and have moved permanently to California.
They took a private flight to the Los Angeles area before the borders between Canada and the US were shut.
The Sussexes will set up a new home close to Hollywood, where we are told they are currently living in lockdown with their ten-month-old baby Archie.

Cirque du Soleil considering options after closing shows, laying off most staff | CTV News

Cirque du Soleil says it hasn't made a decision on steps it will take to stay afloat after cancelling all of its shows and laying off almost all of its employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Company spokeswoman Caroline Couillard says the company is working with all of its partners, as well as with the federal and Quebec governments, to determine how to best support it and prepare for a return to activities as soon as the pandemic is brought under control.
The company's debt is estimated to be US$900 million.

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NATOに北マケドニアが加盟 30か国の体制に | NHKニュース


ドイツ、イタリア重症者受け入れ 空軍機搬送「連帯示す」 | 共同通信


仏16歳少女、せきの始まりから1週間でウイルスの犠牲に 苦悶の遺族:AFPBB News

 首都パリで亡くなった少女の名はジュリー(Julie A.)さん。姓はAという頭文字だけが公表されている。新型ウイルス感染症は高齢者や既往症のある人々がかかりやすいとされており、ジュリーさんは同国最年少の犠牲者となった。

米国のコロナ感染者、10万人突破 米大学集計:AFPBB News

米ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学(Johns Hopkins University)の集計によると、米国の新型コロナウイルスの感染者は日本時間の28日午前6時50分時点で10万人を超えた。
 同州のアンドルー・クオモ(Andrew Cuomo)知事は27日、同州での流行のピークは3週間後以降になるとの見解を示した。

108億円の節減に…ユベントス、選手らと給与4か月分カットで合意 | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 28 March 2020

Japan's Abe vows unprecedented stimulus as Tokyo coronavirus cases rise - Reuters

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday promised an unprecedented package of steps to cushion the world’s third-biggest economy from the coronavirus pandemic, saying the country was close to a national emergency as infections surged.
Abe said the “huge, powerful” measures will include fiscal stimulus, monetary steps and tax breaks for companies, though the details have not been finalised.

Abe under attack over his wife’s ‘sakura’ bash with friends : The Asahi Shimbun

Now an internet news site has posted a photo of Abe’s wife, Akie, posing with a number of celebrities in front of a cherry tree.
Normally, that wouldn't be big news. But given calls for the public to refrain from holding cherry blossom viewing parties in light of the new coronavirus epidemic, Abe once again found himself the target of dogged questioning.
The News Post Seven site operated by the Shogakukan Inc. publishing company reported on the cherry viewing by Akie and friends on March 26.

Coronavirus riots erupt near Wuhan as locals leave quarantine only to be told they can’t travel anywhere else in China - The Sun

ANGRY mobs rioted near coronavirus-ravaged city Wuhan after leaving quarantine and being told they couldn't travel elsewhere in China.
Shocking footage showed crowds attack cops and overturn police vehicles on a bridge linking Wuhan - the capital of Hubei Province - and neighbouring Jiangxi after the province's Covid-19 lockdown was relaxed.

Army helps make temporary hospital at New York's Javits Center one of the largest in the country - ABC News

With the Army's help, the temporary field hospital at New York City's Javits Convention Center could be able to house 2,910 beds, making it one of the largest hospitals in America. Established in record time, the temporary hospital is an example of the surge of federal and military resources into New York to help with the novel coronavirus pandemic, including the Army Corps of Engineers, two Army field hospitals, and the Navy’s hospital ship the USNS Comfort.
Over the last week the Army Corps of Engineers has been busy transforming the convention center’s expansive exposition halls into an overflow medical facility that beginning Monday will treat patients who are not infected with the novel coronavirus. The treatment of non-COVID-19 patients is designed to make it easier for medical facilities in New York to focus treatment on patients infected with the virus.

France withdraws troops from Iraq over coronavirus

France will withdraw its contingent of troops from Iraq, mostly trainers to local armed forces, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the chief of staff said on Wednesday.
France has around 200 military personnel working in Iraq either as trainers or in the headquarters of coalition forces in Baghdad... The UK defense ministry had already announced some of its troops would come home, citing a “reduced requirement for training” Iraqi security forces.

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2兆ドル米経済対策法が成立 雇用危機と景気減速に対処:朝日新聞デジタル


東京新聞:米、GMに人工呼吸器製造を命令 50年制定の国防生産法で


英ジョンソン首相、新型コロナ陽性 保健相も感染公表:朝日新聞デジタル


新型コロナウイルス イタリアの感染者数 中国を上回る | NHKニュース


ソフトバンクGも出資の英OneWebが新型コロナで破産申請 74の衛星を残して - ITmedia NEWS


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News Headlines - 27 March 2020

Son Has Now Pledged 40% of His Stake in SoftBank to Lenders - Bloomberg

Masayoshi Son pledged an extra 10.1 million SoftBank Group Corp. shares to lenders in the past two weeks as he unveiled an ambitious plan to overhaul his Japanese conglomerate and silence critics.
Son has now committed 227 million SoftBank shares as collateral, worth about $8 billion, according to regulatory filings. That’s about 40% of his 27% stake in the publicly traded conglomerate. The newly pledged shares were worth about $360 million at Friday’s close... Son’s net worth is $12 billion, which excludes the value of the pledged shares. It has fallen $3.6 billion so far this year and has been one of the more volatile fortunes tracked by Bloomberg.

Petition urging WHO head to resign gets traction | NHK WORLD

An online petition calling for the head of the World Health Organization to resign over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic has received over 560,000 signatures worldwide.
The petition on the US-based Change.org platform says that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is unfit for his role as WHO Director-General. It says the spread of the coronavirus is partly due to his underestimation of the situation.

4 Passengers Dead Aboard Cruise Ship Anchored Off Panama - The New York Times

Four passengers have died aboard a cruise ship now anchored off the coast of Panama and two people aboard the ship have tested positive for the coronavirus, the cruise line said Friday, with hundreds of passengers unsure how long they will remain at sea.
Holland America Line said in a post on its Facebook page that more than 130 people aboard the Zaandam had reported flu-like symptoms.

Baseball: Pitcher Fujinami, 2 other Tigers players now positive with coronavirus: source - The Mainichi

Hanshin Tigers players Shintaro Fujinami, Hayata Ito and Kenya Nagasaka have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the team confirmed Friday.
A day after it became known that 25-year-old pitcher Fujinami tested positive for the virus, the infections of outfielder Ito and catcher Nagasaka, two teammates he was known to have dined with, were also announced.

Cat catches coronavirus in third known human-to-animal transmission | Metro News

A woman has infected her cat with coronavirus in only the third known case of human-to-animal transmission across the world. The virus was detected in the cat’s faeces after it experienced diarrhoea, vomiting and breathing difficulties, the country’s Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment body (FPS) said during a press conference today. The unidentified owner, who is from Liege in the country’s French-speaking Wallonia region, had close contact with her pet, which is now recovering from the virus, authorities added.

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独、韓国モデルに検査拡大 新型コロナ対策の内部文書:時事ドットコム


新型コロナ、夏に終息の公算小 高温多湿でも活発=欧州当局 - ロイター


BCGワクチン臨床試験へ 新型コロナに効果か―豪研究所:時事ドットコム


丸紅、最終赤字1900億円 20年3月期、資源安で3900億円損失  :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:三菱商事、ルノーに出資か 日仏連合強化と報道


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News Headlines - 26 March 2020

What comes after coronavirus for economy? Worry about stagflation

However, there will be a surge in demand as fear abates, customers return to shopping centers and restaurants, and businesses and consumers look to borrow at historically low interest rates. Ultimately, the imbalance will create a lopsided recovery with slow output growth with accelerating prices and inflation; in other words, stagflation.
To avoid this dangerous scenario, the Fed would need to take quick action to reverse their recent rate cuts. But the political environment created by a president who calls for zero interest rates even when the economy is near full employment and a weary public emerging out of recession will make this unlikely.

Coronavirus may have infected half of UK population - Oxford study | Financial Times

The new coronavirus may already have infected far more people in the UK than scientists had previously estimated - perhaps as much as half the population - according to modelling by researchers at the University of Oxford.
If the results are confirmed, they imply that fewer than one in a thousand of those infected with Covid-19 become ill enough to need hospital treatment, said Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology, who led the study. The vast majority develop very mild symptoms or none at all.

Japan’s Virus Success Has Puzzled the World. Is Its Luck Running Out? - The New York Times

Ever since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Japan in mid-January, health officials have reassured the public that they have moved quickly to prevent the virus from raging out of control. At the same time, though, Japan has puzzled epidemiologists as it has avoided the grim situations in places like Italy and New York without draconian restrictions on movement, economically devastating lockdowns or even widespread testing.

Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus? | Science

Researchers in four countries will soon start a clinical trial of an unorthodox approach to the new coronavirus. They will test whether a century-old vaccine against tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial disease, can rev up the human immune system in a broad way, allowing it to better fight the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 and, perhaps, prevent infection with it altogether. The studies will be done in physicians and nurses, who are at higher risk of becoming infected with the respiratory disease than the general population, and in the elderly, who are at higher risk of serious illness if they become infected.

Italian Mayor Hunts Down People Not Staying at Home 'Go Play With Your PlayStation at Home'

In response to reckless behavior, local authorities have been taking things in their own hands: enter Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari, a large city located in the south of the country.
Decaro posted a video on Facebook that, while showcasing the seriousness of the situation, might also make you smile thanks to some iconic Italian wit, which is something we all need nowadays.
Decaro himself is shown patrolling the streets of the city a few days ago, hunting down stragglers who ignored instructions to stay at home, going about their business and playing around.
In the video, you can see him approach two men playing ping pong on the beach and saying “Ping pong isn’t allowed. You can’t play ping pong. Let’s go. Go home to play with your PlayStation” then warning them that the police is coming and they should immediately go home.

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副大統領候補の人選急ぐ 女性起用明言、意中は誰?―民主バイデン氏:時事ドットコム


EU 北マケドニア・アルバニアと加盟交渉開始へ | NHKニュース


ロシア、改憲法案の投票延期 新型コロナ拡大を警戒 :日本経済新聞


「日本のコロナの謎」 検査不足か健闘か、欧米注視:時事ドットコム


英チャールズ皇太子、新型ウイルスに感染 - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 25 March 2020

Tokyo residents asked to stay indoors at weekend due to coronavirus - The Mainichi

The metropolitan government confirmed 41 cases the same day, more than double its previous daily record of 17 the day before. On Tuesday, Tokyo overtook the country's northern main island of Hokkaido as the prefecture with the most infections.
Koike said at a press conference that Tokyo is facing an "important phase in preventing an explosive rise in the number of infections."
She also called on Tokyo residents to work at home on weekdays and avoid going out at night as much as possible.

LDP mulls support for Yuriko Koike's re-election as Tokyo governor | The Japan Times

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is considering supporting the re-election of Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike in the July 5 gubernatorial poll, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai, who sees Koike as “a candidate who can win,” apparently overrode the wish of the party’s Tokyo chapter, which was aiming to field its own candidate for the gubernatorial election.
Koike trounced the LDP’s candidate in the 2016 Tokyo gubernatorial election.

Japanese comedian Ken Shimura tests positive for COVID-19 - The Mainichi

Veteran comedian Ken Shimura has tested positive for the new coronavirus, his agency said Wednesday, making him the first Japanese entertainment figure to announce their infection publically.
Shimura, 70, is known for performing popular characters such as "Baka Tonosama" (stupid lord) and "Henna Ojisan" (strange uncle) on TV shows. He was scheduled to start working in April on a movie based on the book "The Name Above the Title."

Coronavirus in India: Modi Orders Total Lockdown of 21 Days - The New York Times

India’s prime minister ordered all 1.3 billion people in the country to stay inside their homes for three weeks starting Wednesday - the biggest and most severe action undertaken anywhere to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
“There will be a total ban of coming out of your homes,” the prime minister, Narendra Modi, announced on television Tuesday night, giving Indians less than four hours’ notice before the order took effect at 12:01 a.m.

Zororo Makamba, prominent 30-year-old Zimbabwe broadcaster dies of coronavirus - CNN

A prominent 30-year-old television journalist has died in Zimbabwe after contracting the new coronavirus infection, the first person to die in the country from the virus.
Zororo Makamba was one of the two people who tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday... Makamba contracted the disease while he was in New York and was in isolation at Wilkins hospital, Harare's only isolation facility.

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東京新聞:<新型コロナ>米経済対策 過去最大220兆円 大人1200ドル給付検討


CNN.co.jp : 銃のパニック買いが発生、新型ウイルス不安で 米


ドライバーに不便な街づくりで歩行者の死亡事故ゼロ 北欧の2首都(The Guardian)


ジャパンタイムズが慰安婦の表記を再変更、社長と編集主幹は退任 - ロイター


豪作家、中国スパイだった 地元メディア報道 | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 24 March 2020

Toyota, NTT team up on developing smart city platforms - Reuters

Toyota Motor Corp and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp have agreed to work together on developing smart cities and will invest 200 billion yen ($1.8 billion) in each other to cement the relationship, the two companies said on Tuesday.
The two companies will develop a data platform which will compile and analyze information from homes, vehicles, and public institutions, which will be used to create new services focusing on transportation, health, and energy usage.
Under the agreement, Toyota will take a 2.07% stake in Japan’s biggest telecoms company, while NTT will take a 0.9% stake in the automaker.

UK government draws up plans to buy into airlines | Financial Times

The UK government is drawing up plans to buy equity stakes in airlines and other companies hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, after warnings that the economic packages it has announced so far will not be enough to save them.
The plans would see the UK taxpayer inject billions of pounds into companies including British Airways in exchange for shares that would eventually be sold back to private investors, according to three people briefed on the proposals.
Two of the people said the government was contemplating the move after being warned by bankers that the support it has already unveiled - including £330bn of loan guarantees - would not be enough to stave off the collapse of companies that had seen their revenues all but evaporate.

Amid coronavirus, NYC officials tout safety of masturbation - New York Daily News

The city Health Department, in a list of Saturday tips for enjoying sex in this scary time of social distancing and shuttered bars, cited masturbation as the safest option currently available.
“You are your safest sex partner,” advised health officials. “Especially if you wash your hands (and any sex toys) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex.”

Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk - Reuters

Infectious disease experts guiding the Japanese government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak sounded the alarm on Tuesday that people are not taking the threat seriously... Over the three-day holiday this past weekend, Tokyo’s public parks were full of people at cherry blossom-viewing parties while the K-1 kickboxing organization held matches before 6,500 fans at the Saitama Super Arena.

Olympic torch relay began in 1936 at Hitler's Berlin Games - Japan Today

The torch relay was not always a fixture of the modern Olympics, which began in 1896.
The relay tradition started at Adolph Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics - the Games of the XI Olympiad - and was the brainchild of Carl Diem, who was the head of the organizing committee.
The Tokyo Olympic relay is scheduled to begin its Japan leg on March 26 in northeastern Fukushima prefecture.

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安倍首相 IOC会長と電話会談 1年程度の延期を提案か | NHKニュース


WHO、パンデミックが「加速している」 新型ウイルス感染者が30万人超える - BBCニュース


英も不要不急の外出禁止 感染阻止へ「国家的努力」―新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


ドイツ 感染者2万人超で死者86人 大規模検査で早めに対応か | NHKニュース


イタリア3部クラブの元会長、コロナウイルス感染により37歳の若さで死去 | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 23 March 2020

Olympics 2020 postponed: IOC member says coronavirus forces change

Veteran International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound told USA TODAY Sports on Monday afternoon that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are going to be postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“On the basis of the information the IOC has, postponement has been decided,” Pound said in a phone interview. “The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on July 24, that much I know.”
Pound, a Canadian who has been one of the most influential members of the IOC for decades, said the Games will likely be moved to 2021, with the details to be worked out in the next four weeks. He said he expects the IOC to announce its next steps soon.

Fed announces unlimited QE and sets up several new lending programs - MarketWatch

The Federal Reserve on Monday announced it would purchase an unlimited amount of Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities in order to support the financial market. The Fed said it would buy assets "in the amounts needed" to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy. The Fed had previous set a $700 billion limit for asset purchases. In addition, the Fed announced several new lending programs worth $300 billion to support companies hurt by the shutdown of the U.S economy. In a statement, the Fed said aggressive efforts must be taken to limit the losses of jobs and income.

SoftBank stock has best day in 12 years after unveiling huge buyback plan - CNN

SoftBank announced a mammoth plan Monday to sell $41 billion worth of assets, buy back shares and shore up its finances, giving the company's stock its best day in more than a decade.
The plan involves selling or liquidating up to 4.5 trillion Japanese yen ($41 billion) worth of holdings, which the Japanese tech group says will help it repurchase up to 2 trillion Japanese yen ($18 billion) in stock, its second big buyback in a month.
The remaining funds will be used to pay off debt, buy back bonds and improve cash flow, according to the company. It said the transactions would take place over the next year.

Chinese inquiry exonerates coronavirus whistleblower doctor | The Guardian

The Chinese doctor who was reprimanded for “spreading rumours” after he sought to warn colleagues about the emergence of Covid-19 has been officially exonerated by an investigation into his death.
However the report has also been criticised for not going far enough, after it only recommended the reprimand against Dr Li Wenliang be withdrawn.
Li had posted to a group chat with other medics about some patients showing signs of a new Sars-like illness in early December, well before Chinese authorities admitted to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus.

Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for Coronavirus in Prison | Time

Harvey Weinstein tested positive for the coronavirus at a state prison in New York while serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault, the head of the state correctional officers union said Monday.
The 68-year-old former film producer, who was hospitalized with heart issues in recent weeks, was diagnosed and quarantined just days after being transferred to the state’s maximum security Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo.
Weinstein was previously locked up at New York City’s notorious Rikers Island jail complex, which has had a spate of coronavirus cases.

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IOC、東京五輪延期を検討 来月までに結論―中止は議題にせず:時事ドットコム


メルケル首相、会見後に自宅隔離 陽性の医師と接触:朝日新聞デジタル


必需品以外、生産停止 1日で800人死亡―イタリア:時事ドットコム


「三菱スペースジェット」10号機が初飛行 飛行試験は最終段階に - TRAICY(トライシー)


外へ出たネコはどこへ行く? 大規模調査の結果がついに判明 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

 調査開始から6年が経ち、ついに結果が2020年3月11日付けで学術誌「Animal Conservation」に発表された。そこで明らかになったのは、ほとんどのネコにとっては自宅の近くが一番らしい、ということだ。

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News Headlines - 22 March 2020

Canadian Olympic Committee won't send athletes to Olympics this summer | TheHill

The Canadian Olympic Committee announced Sunday that it would not field athletes for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games set to be held in Tokyo this summer, citing the ongoing coronavirus outbreak... The Australian Olympic Committee on Sunday told athletes to prepare for the Games to be held in early 2021, while Australia's prime minister reportedly said in a statement that Australian Olympians would not be allowed to travel to Tokyo to compete in the games until the outbreak has ended, according to 7News Australia.

Coronavirus is speeding up the collapse of local newsrooms - CNN

With local events canceled and restaurants and bars shuttering to crack down on the gathering of large crowds, local newsrooms have not only had to change their coverage. They have also lost out on crucial ad revenue and places to distribute their print products. These changes have an outsized effect on alt-weeklies which rely heavily on advertising from events and local businesses... In response, management laid off staffers, ceased print publishing or temporarily shut down... Meanwhile, local newspaper conglomerate Gannett's stock has been plummeting. When the newspaper conglomerate merged with GateHouse on November 19, the stock opened at $6.70 the next day. On Friday, it closed at $1.61.
Local newsrooms have been struggling for years to secure new revenue streams as Google and Facebook gobbled up much-needed ad dollars. The last thing they needed was a pandemic. The bitter irony of it is that the hit to revenue and jobs is coming at a time when readers urgently need these papers for reliable information about coronavirus in their own communities.

Trump Writes to North Korean Leader in Midst of Coronavirus Emergency - WSJ

President Trump sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praising his efforts to combat the coronavirus and offering U.S. help, according to a statement by Mr. Kim’s sister, published by North Korean state media early Sunday.
In Washington, the Trump administration confirmed that Mr. Trump sent a letter to Mr. Kim about the coronavirus, but declined to confirm that the U.S. president had offered North Korea assistance in fighting the outbreak.

Senators Accused Of Insider Trading, Dumping Stocks After Coronavirus Briefing

In a shocking revelation, it's been reported that a number of senators sold their stock holdings after being briefed about the coronavirus and the massive impact it will have upon the economy, jobs and the stock market. While telling the American public that there wasn’t much to worry about, they bailed out of their stock holdings to avoid large losses.

Europe Bonds Soar as Lagarde Pledges No Limits to ECB Action - Bloomberg

European government bonds from Italy to Greece surged after the European Central Bank launched a 750 billion euro ($810 billion) debt-buying program to keep borrowing costs in check as countries prepare to increase spending to counter the impact of the coronavirus... The Bank of England followed Thursday with its second emergency cut in borrowing costs this month, taking the benchmark rate to a record-low 0.1%. The BOE also announced a boost in its asset-purchase program target to 645 billion pounds ($752 billion), made up mainly of gilts.

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EU「財政赤字GDP3%以内ルール」一時停止、新型コロナで例外条項を初発動 - 毎日新聞


観光客、世界で消えゆく リーマン以来の大幅減予測 :日本経済新聞


廃業予定の豪通信社、謎の買い手候補が登場 廃業計画が中断:AFPBB News

 先月廃業を発表したAAPの経営陣は同日、社員に宛てた電子メールで、複数の買収提案を検討する間、廃業の計画を一時中断すると説明。AAPのブルース・ダビッドソン(Bruce Davidson)最高経営責任者(CEO)はこのメールで、「経営陣も、AAPの取締役会や株主たちもこの展開を予想していなかった」と記している。……同社の主要株主であるメディア企業ナインエンターテイメント(Nine Entertainment)と、ルパート・マードック(Rupert Murdoch)氏所有の複合メディア企業ニューズ・コーポレーション(News Corp)は、AAPが「もはや存続可能ではない」と判断。これを受け先月、従業員約180人には廃業の旨が伝えられた。

EUが大容量動画減を促す コロナ在宅勤務を円滑に : 日刊スポーツ


伝統のF1モナコGPが中止に。主催者が延期は不可能と判断、深い悲しみ示す | autosport web


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News Headlines - 21 March 2020

Japan marks 25th anniv. of deadly sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway by AUM cult - The Mainichi

Japan marked the 25th anniversary Friday of a sarin nerve gas attack by the AUM Shinrikyo cult on the Tokyo subway system that left 14 people dead and more than 6,000 others injured... The cult has been disbanded and its founder Shoko Asahara and senior members were executed in 2018, but successor groups remain active.

Japan's 1st Ordinance to Tackle Gaming Addiction Approved - JIJI PRESS

The Kagawa prefectural assembly passed on Wednesday an ordinance aimed at preventing internet and gaming addiction among children by imposing usage restrictions, the first such ordinance in Japan.
The ordinance was enacted with a majority vote at a plenary assembly meeting of the western Japan prefecture. It is set to take effect on April 1.
As a rough guide, the ordinance stipulates that the daily video game time for people under 18 should be restricted to 60 minutes on weekdays and 90 minutes on holidays.

Coronavirus: Trump says Japan hasn't decided on Olympics - Los Angeles Times

Japanese leaders have yet to decide on holding the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to President Trump.
At a White House news conference on Thursday morning, Trump said he discussed the matter with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a conference call.
“That’s a big decision for him … it’s a tough situation,” Trump said to reporters. “He told us he has not made a decision as to what to do.”
The president’s comments came hours after a scaled-down ceremony at Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, where only a few people were permitted to watch Greek officials hand the Olympic flame to the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee in a traditional ceremony.

Playboy Magazine Is Closing Down, Probably for Good

Playboy has announced that it’s closing down its flagship magazine for the rest of 2020. It seems unlikely, given the wording of the announcement and the state of print magazine-making, that it will ever return. It’s not a surprise, exactly - its circulation and advertising drooped long ago, accelerating as the nudie pictures for which it was celebrated became available everywhere for free. Hugh Marston Hefner, its founder/editor/latter-day reality-show star/loungewear enthusiast, died in 2017, as his faded empire contracted around him, and one got the sense that the magazine was kept going partly because nobody wanted Hef to outlive it.

Coronavirus Spain: Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz dies | Daily Mail Online

Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz has died at the age of 76 after contracting coronavirus.
Sanz was a director at Real from 1985 to 1995 before taking over as President, a position which he held until 2000.
He masterminded their European Cup victory in 1998, where they beat Juventus in the final, ending a 32-year drought in the competition they had once dominated.

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新型コロナ、世界で死者1万人 イタリアが最多 :日本経済新聞


英中銀、追加緊急措置の用意 新型コロナ懸念の高まりで=総裁 - ロイター


米政府、全国民の渡航中止を勧告 TBS NEWS


世界の車生産、4割弱減 新型コロナで操業停止 米では一時8割減 :日本経済新聞


米メディア「東京五輪の延期・中止を」主張相次ぐ | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 20 March 2020

Queen tells UK to 'focus on the common goal' in coronavirus message | The Guardian

The Queen has urged the country to unite and said every individual has an important role to play in the coming days and months to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.
She said the UK is “entering a period of great concern and uncertainty”, but added that the country’s “history has been forged by people and communities coming together to work as one”.
Her message to the nation came as the total number of people who died from coronavirus rose to 137 on Wednesday afternoon. Around four in 10 coronavirus-related deaths in the UK so far have been in London.

Trump to partially close U.S.-Mexico border - POLITICO

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the U.S. and Mexico have agreed to temporarily close the border to nonessential travel to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
U.S. and Mexican officials have been in talks this week over how to work together in responding to the global pandemic while ensuring that bilateral trade and essential travel are not disrupted at the border. It’s a similar move to the U.S. and Canada’s decision on Wednesday to impose travel restrictions at the northern U.S. border... The U.S.' agreement with Mexico and Canada to restrict nonessential travel will go into effect on Saturday.

Malaysia travel ban, virus pushes Singapore closer to first recession in two decades - Reuters

Singapore is edging towards its first full-year recession in nearly two decades as neighboring Malaysia’s travel ban cuts off a key source of labor and the coronavirus pandemic hits the economy, firming the case for the central bank to loosen policy.
The Southeast Asian nation has been widely praised for its response to the outbreak, but spiking cases elsewhere are adding pressure on the small and open economy. It has already signalled a chance of a recession this year and cut its growth forecasts.

Ceremonies to declare Fumihito crown prince cut back over virus : The Asahi Shimbun

Banquets planned as part of a ceremony to formally declare Prince Fumihito’s elevation to the role of crown prince will be cut and the guest list drastically scaled down at the declaration ritual due to the spread of the new coronavirus.
The government’s committee for the imperial ceremonies on March 18 announced the change to prevent the further spread of the infectious disease.
The Rikkoshi-no-Rei series of ceremonies are scheduled to be held in April.
The committee decided to cancel the Kyuchu Kyoen-no-Gi, a stand-up style banquet, scheduled to be held twice at the Imperial Palace on April 21.

Olympic Flame Gets Muted Welcome In Japan As 2020 Tokyo Games Doubts Grow 

The Olympic flame arrived in Japan to a scaled-down welcoming ceremony Friday as doubts grew over whether the Tokyo Games will go ahead on schedule with the coronavirus pandemic causing chaos around the world... Reflecting the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the flame's arrival at Matsushima Air Base in Japan's north was a muted affair after organisers were forced to cancel plans to invite 200 schoolchildren... The nationwide torch relay begins on March 26, starting from the J-Village sports complex in Fukushima that was used as a base for workers during the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.
But organisers have been forced to scale back the relay, closing daily ceremonies to the public and urging spectators to "avoid forming crowds" along the route.

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東京新聞:<新型コロナ>イタリア死者、中国超え 3405人


医療現場が危機的状況のイタリア、医師資格試験を免除し医学生を現場に : 読売新聞オンライン


バイデン氏、フロリダなど3州全てで勝利確実-米民主党予備選 - Bloomberg


最低映画の祭典ラジー賞「キャッツ」が圧勝 セレモニーは新型コロナウイルスの影響で中止 - 映画.com


CNN.co.jp : テニス全仏オープン、9月開催に変更 選手から批判の声も


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News Headlines - 19 March 2020

Crimea was annexed six years ago. - The Washington Post

Wednesday is the sixth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. After a hastily organized and deeply contentious referendum on March 16, 2014, following Russia’s military occupation of the peninsula, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty of accession with Crimean leaders in Moscow two days later... In Crimea itself, the annexation was popular, especially among Crimea’s large population of older ethnic Russians. More than five years later, and billions of rubles of investment later, it remains popular. Here’s what we found from surveys in December 2014 and December 2019.

Man sentenced to death over 2016 Japan care home mass murder - The Mainichi

A Japanese man was sentenced to death Monday over a 2016 stabbing rampage at a care home near Tokyo for people with mental disabilities that left 19 residents dead and 26 others injured.

Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies - CNA

A 57-year-old man in Japan who had threatened to "scatter" his disease after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this month died in hospital on Wednesday (Mar 18), local media reported.

Berlin to build 1,000-bed coronavirus hospital | DW

The Berlin government said on Tuesday it would create a new hospital to cope with a likely huge increase in coronavirus cases.
The facility, which will house up to 1,000 patients, will be set up in the Berlin Messe trade fair exhibition grounds in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of the German capital.
The hospital will be built with the help of the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr.

Iran to pardon 10,000, including 'security' prisoners | The Guardian

Iran is to pardon 10,000 prisoners, including some charged with political crimes, in honour of the Iranian new year on Friday, according to state TV... Iran is the Middle Eastern country worst affected by the pandemic, with a death toll of 1,284, the highest after Italy and China. Health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said that Covid-19 was killing one person in the country every 10 minutes, while 50 new infections were detected each hour.

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NYダウ終値、3年1か月ぶり2万ドル割れ…一時1万9000ドル下回る : 読売新聞オンライン


NY原油、17年ぶり安値 新型コロナ拡大で景気後退懸念 :日本経済新聞


EU、非加盟国からの入域を30日間禁止へ 各国首脳が合意 - BBCニュース


新型コロナ、「第2次世界大戦以来」最大の問題 メルケル首相:AFPBB News

ドイツのアンゲラ・メルケル(Angela Merkel)首相は18日、国民に向けたテレビ演説で、新型コロナウイルスの流行でドイツは「第2次世界大戦(World War II)以来」最大の問題に直面しているとし、包括的な感染抑制措置に従うよう呼び掛けた。……メルケル氏は過去15年の首相在任中、金融危機、2015年の難民危機、そして英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱(ブレグジット、Brexit)といった数々の難問に直面してきたものの、毎年恒例の新年のあいさつを除けば、指導者として長い経歴を持つ同氏がテレビで国民に直接演説をしたことはこれまでなかった。



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News Headlines - 18 March 2020

Suicide note reignites Moritomo scandal that rocked Abe administration | The Japan Times

A cronyism scandal that rocked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration two years ago has suddenly been resurrected, threatening the administration again.
The wife of a former Finance Ministry official who killed himself in March 2018 filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the ministry and Nobuhisa Sagawa, former chief of its financial bureau, seeking damages of ¥110 million.

Hokkaido to lift state of emergency over coronavirus on Thurs.

Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido will lift on Thursday a state of emergency declared late last month following the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, its governor said.
Hokkaido, a popular area for both Japanese and foreign tourists, has had the highest number of infections out of the country's prefectures, but there are signs the spread of the virus has been abating.
However, Hokkaido will still request that people avoid going to high-risk areas.

'Come back Monday, OK?' Hundreds of prisoners escape in Brazil amid Covid-19 anger | The Guardian

Hundreds of prisoners have escaped from four semi-open prisons in São Paulo state in the south-east of Brazil after Easter prison holidays were cancelled and restrictions on visitors tightened because of coronavirus.
Videos showed dozens of prisoners fleeing down a street near one coastal prison and flooding across a soccer pitch on a beach.
There were riots and escapes from semi-open prisons in Tremembé, Porto Feliz and a wing of a prison in Mirandópolis in São Paulo state... The São Paulo state penitentiary department said it had postponed the Easter prison break – one of five annual breaks for prisoners in semi-open regimeswho work in the day – because of coronavirus.

Coronavirus can persist in air for hours and on surfaces for days: study - Reuters

The highly contagious novel coronavirus that has exploded into a global pandemic can remain viable and infectious in droplets in the air for hours and on surfaces up to days, according to a new study that should offer guidance to help people avoid contracting the respiratory illness called COVID-19... The tests show that when the virus is carried by the droplets released when someone coughs or sneezes, it remains viable, or able to still infect people, in aerosols for at least three hours.
On plastic and stainless steel, viable virus could be detected after three days. On cardboard, the virus was not viable after 24 hours. On copper, it took 4 hours for the virus to become inactivated.

Coronavirus and ibuprofen: Separating fact from fiction - BBC News

Stories have been circulating online suggesting it's dangerous to take ibuprofen if you have coronavirus. Alongside genuine medical advice, false messages have been spreading, distorting the facts.
Speaking to the BBC, medical professionals said that ibuprofen is not recommended for managing coronavirus symptoms. Those already taking ibuprofen for other conditions should not stop without consulting a doctor, though.
Both paracetamol and ibuprofen can bring a temperature down and help with flu-like symptoms. But ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are not suitable for everyone and can cause side-effects - especially for people with asthma, heart and circulatory problems.

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CNN.co.jp : 中国、米主要3紙の記者を事実上の国外退去処分に


トランプ大統領、共和党候補指名を確実に  - 産経ニュース


プーチン氏の5選可能 改憲法案は合憲―ロシア憲法裁:時事ドットコム


聖火引き継ぎ式が大幅縮小「残念」森会長は渡航中止 : 日刊スポーツ


IOC オリンピック予定どおり開催へ 準備進める考えを確認 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 17 March 2020

White House Wants to Send Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Soon - Bloomberg

The Trump administration is discussing a plan that could amount to as much as $1.2 trillion in spending -- including direct payments of $1,000 or more to Americans within two weeks -- to blunt some of the economic impact of the widening coronavirus outbreak.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pitched $250 billion in checks to be sent at the end of April with a second set of checks totaling $500 billion four weeks later if there’s still a national emergency, according to a person familiar with the matter.

U.S. Offered ‘Large Sum’ to German Company for Access to Coronavirus Vaccine Research, German Officials Say - The New York Times

The Trump administration attempted to persuade a German firm developing a possible vaccine for coronavirus to move its research work to the United States, German officials said, raising fears in Berlin that President Trump was trying to assure that any inoculation would be available first, and perhaps exclusively, in the United States.
The offer arose from a March 2 meeting at the White House that included the chief executive of the German firm CureVac, Daniel Menichella. President Trump briefly attended the meeting and Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the White House coronavirus task force, was also there.

Trump Refers To The Coronavirus As A ‘Chinese Virus,’ While China Promotes U.S. Conspiracy

The U.S. and China are engaged in a propaganda battle over the coronavirus, with President Donald Trump repeatedly referring to the disease as a “Chinese” or “foreign” while Chinese officials promote a conspiracy theory that the U.S. army brought the coronavirus to China.

JOC deputy head, JFA chief Kozo Tashima tests positive for coronavirus | The Japan Times

Japan Football Association President Kozo Tashima has tested positive for the coronavirus, a JFA source said Tuesday... The 62-year-old had traveled to England, the Netherlands and the United States from late February to early March on official business... During the trip, he watched international friendly matches and attended meetings about the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which Japan is bidding to host.

What the U.S., Europe Can Learn From Asia’s Brutal Virus Fight - Bloomberg

South Korea, which has the highest infection tally in Asia outside of China, is testing more than 10,000 people a day, the fastest pace globally. Researchers there began developing a virus test kit at the end of January -- when Korea had less than 10 infections -- aided by a fast-track regulatory approval system that was set up after the MERS outbreak in 2015.
Efficient testing has allowed South Korea to isolate and treat infected people early, thereby slowing the virus’ spread and lowering the mortality rate to less than 1%.
On the other hand, Japan drew criticism for not testing enough people, which raises the prospect of scores of undetected infected people remaining un-quarantined and spreading the virus more widely. There is rising concern that the U.S. is facing such a quandary as it emerges that the pathogen has been circulating for much longer than known in some states.

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東京新聞:NY株暴落、2997ドル安 下げ幅最大、またも取引停止


仏、15日間外出制限 新型コロナ対策で「戦争状態」 :日本経済新聞


WHO「疑い患者全員の検査を」 新型コロナで各国に要請:AFPBB News

WHOのテドロス・アダノム・ゲブレイェスス(Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)事務局長は、スイス・ジュネーブでの記者会見で、「目隠しされたまま炎と闘うことはできない」と言明。WHOは各国に対し、「検査、検査、検査。疑いのある患者全員を検査するよう」勧告していると述べた。……同氏によると、感染者と死者の人数はいずれも、昨年12月に初めて新型コロナウイルスが発生した中国を除く世界で、同国を上回った。

G7、健康危機は「地球規模」 首脳が共同声明「あらゆる措置」


首相「東京五輪を完全な形で実現。G7の支持得た」 共同声明には記述なし - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 16 March 2020

Trump admits coronavirus 'not under control', as new guidelines unveiled for Americans

President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force released the guidelines as the US government moved to try to blunt the impact of the virus, racing to bolster testing and aid even as financial markets fell and Americans scrambled to reorder their lives... Trump also, for the first time, acknowledged that the virus, which has battered the global markets, may send the nation's economy into a recession, a potentially brutal blow for an incumbent in an election year... Trump, who adopted his most somber tone yet when discussing the crisis, acknowledged that it was “not under control” in the United States or globally, but said he did not yet plan to call for domestic travel restrictions.

Italy reports 349 new virus deaths, taking total to over 2,000 | The Times of Israel

Italy on Monday reported 349 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, taking its total since last month to 2,158, the most after China.
The number of official COVID-19 fatalities has more than doubled since Thursday, when Italy’s toll topped 1,000 for the first time. Italy now has 27,980 infections, compared to 15,113 four days ago.

EU leaders prepare to close bloc’s borders | Financial Times

Brussels is planning a temporary ban on “non-essential travel” to 31 European countries as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission president, said on Monday that the measure would cover EU countries and non-members of the bloc that are part of the 26-country Schengen passport-free travel zone.

Why plague doctors wore those strange beaked masks

Their head gear was particularly unusual: Plague doctors wore spectacles, de Lorme continued, and a mask with a nose “half a foot long, shaped like a beak, filled with perfume with only two holes, one on each side near the nostrils, but that can suffice to breathe and carry along with the air one breathes the impression of the [herbs] enclosed further along in the beak.”
Though plague doctors across Europe wore these outfits, the look was so iconic in Italy that the "plague doctor" became a staple of Italian commedia dell’arte and carnival celebrations-and is still a popular costume today... Plague doctors filled their masks with theriac, a compound of more than 55 herbs and other components like viper flesh powder, cinnamon, myrrh, and honey. De Lorme thought the beak shape of the mask would give the air sufficient time to be suffused by the protective herbs before it hit plague doctors’ nostrils and lungs.

Apple hit with record €1.1bn fine in France - BBC News

France's competition authority has imposed a record €1.1bn (£1bn; $1.2bn) fine on US tech giant Apple for what it sees as anti-competitive practices.
It is the biggest fine ever imposed by the French regulator.
The firm and two of its wholesalers in France were found to have an unfair agreement to control prices.
The investigation began in 2012, following a complaint by eBizcuss, which sells Apple products as an Apple Premium Reseller.

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米FRB 事実上ゼロ金利政策と量的緩和 同時導入 異例の対応 | NHKニュース


ドイツ、仏・スイスなど国境封鎖へ 物流は維持 :日本経済新聞


4時間後「店閉めろ」 突然の営業禁止で大騒ぎ「カフェのないパリなんて…」 - 産経ニュース

 フィリップ首相がテレビで「15日零時から営業を禁止する」と発表したのは、14日午後7時半。実施のわずか約4時間前だ。……15日、パリの観光名所、シャンゼリゼ通りはガラガラ。高級ブティックや飲食店はシャッターを閉め、営業しているのは新聞販売店だけだ。セーヌ左岸の有名カフェ「フロール」も閉店した。…… スーパーは15日、買いだめ客が殺到。レジ前には、カートを山積みにした客が20メートル近い行列を作った。トイレットペーパーや米が売り切れ、棚は空に。……この日は統一地方選の第1回投票日。投票所では、1メートル間隔を置いて順番を待つよう立ち位置が黄色いテープで指定され、滅菌ジェルが各所に置かれた。

自宅の窓から住民合唱、新型コロナで封鎖のイタリア:AFPBB News


議事書き起こし 米新興が存在感 AIセンス、英語95%再現 :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 15 March 2020

Syrian Civil War Enters 10th Year As Russia, Turkey Struggle To Maintain Truce

Syria's bloody civil war enters its 10th year with the government of President Bashar al-Assad appearing to be consolidating his hold on power, backed by crucial military and political support from Russia and Iran.
The conflict began when Syrians took to the streets on March 15, 2011, to protest against Assad’s government, which then launched a brutal crackdown that has led to a conflict that has killed more than 370,000 people and displaced millions.

Local elections and London mayoral race postponed for a year | The Guardian

Local elections and the London mayoral election have been postponed for a year to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. The government made the decision to push back the 7 May elections after the Electoral Commission said the health crisis would have an impact on campaigning and voting... England was scheduled to hold 309 local elections and 40 elections for police and crime commissioners. Four of those PCC positions also have responsibility for their local fire services.

Spain declares state of emergency over coronavirus | Al Jazeera

Spain will be in a state of emergency for the next 15 days to better combat the coronavirus, a dramatic increase to the policy response that will allow authorities to confine people and ration goods.
The state of emergency, which Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Friday and will formally be decided by a cabinet meeting on Saturday, will give the government power to take wide-ranging measures, including temporarily occupying factories or any other premises except private homes.

Coronavirus: Massive obituary columns in Italy show extent of tragedy | The Independent

A reader of the L’Eco di Bergamo - a daily in the Lombardy region where some 10 million inhabitants are currently quarantined - decided to compare the paper’s recent obituary pages to those at the outbreak’s onset.
First, the narrator holds up a copy of the Bergamo paper’s 9 February issue, published when the country had confirmed just three cases. The obituaries section takes up one and a half pages.
He then opens a copy dated 13 March, by which point the number of confirmed infections had risen to more than 17,600 and 1,266 people had lost their lives.
Slowly turning the pages of the local paper, he reveals that just over a month later the number of obituaries takes up 10 full pages.

Designer of Barcelona Olympic stadium dies of Covid-19 | New Straits Times

Vittorio Gregotti, an Italian architect who designed the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics stadium, died Sunday at the age of 92 after catching the Covid-19 coronavirus, Italian media said.
Gregotti died of pneumonia after being hospitalised in Milan having contracted Covid-19, the AGI news agency and the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported.
He also designed the Arcimboldi Opera Theatre in Milan, a futuristic structure built to allow the opera season to continue while the La Scala underwent renovation in 2002-2004.

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仏統一地方選、年金改革焦点に マクロン与党に逆風 :日本経済新聞


ファーウェイ機器を撤去、米で支援法が成立 :日本経済新聞


ビル・ゲイツ、Microsoftの取締役会から退任 - PC Watch

 同氏は2008年6月27日に、Bill & Melinda Gates財団での仕事の増加により、Microsoftでの仕事は非常勤扱いとなった。また、2012年2月4日までMicrosoftで取締役会長を務めていた。

50年ぶりの月面着陸目指す「オリオン」を公開 NASA | NHKニュース


ワインスタイン被告「大後悔」禁固23年判決 : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 14 March 2020

Abe: Japan not in situation to declare emergency | NHK WORLD

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is not in a situation where he needs to declare a state of emergency based on a law that came into effect on Saturday to tackle the spread of the new coronavirus.

U.K. Says Virus Needs to Infect 60% of Britons to Save Lives - Bloomberg

Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, said in broadcast interviews Friday that the infection rate could hit 60% of the British population, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that “many more” families will lose loved ones. The approach is aimed at making sure the right interventions are made at the right time to deal with an outbreak that’s going to last months, officials said... Vallance defended the U.K.’s approach, saying officials are trying to reduce and broaden the peak of the outbreak, “not to suppress it completely.” A 60% infection rate would help build up a degree of “herd immunity,” he said.
Asked why the U.K. was still going ahead with large events, such as Saturday’s Six Nations Championship rugby match, Vallance said it’s about impact, not headlines.

Trump says UK and Ireland now included in European travel restrictions - CNNPolitics

The Trump administration on Saturday expanded travel restrictions from Europe to include the United Kingdom and Ireland as it works to slow the spread of coronavirus... The ban on foreign nationals entering the US from Britain or Ireland will begin at midnight on Monday, Vice President Mike Pence said. He added the decision had been made with the unanimous support of the President's health team.

President Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus : NPR

President Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, according to a statement Saturday from the White House... President Trump, 73, had previously been in contact with at least one official who tested positive for coronavirus following a dinner party at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida last weekend.
That official, Fábio Wajngarten, is the press secretary for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and was photographed at the event alongside Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Brazil's government announced on Thursday that Wajngarten had tested positive for the virus.

Deutsche Bank opts not to redeem $1.25 billion of debt next month - Reuters

Deutsche Bank has said it will not exercise an option to redeem $1.25 billion of bonds next month, a rare move in the industry that could pave the way for other lenders to follow suit.
With the appetite for risky debt severely hit by recent market volatility, Germany’s biggest bank said on Wednesday it would hold on to $1.25 billion of so-called Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bonds rather than repay them at the first opportunity.

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NYダウ終値1985ドル高、過去最大の上げ幅…トランプ氏のコロナ対策を好感 : 読売新聞オンライン


欧州で外国人入国禁止の動き ポーランドとデンマークでも | NHKニュース


米仏のディズニーランドも休園 新型コロナで  :日本経済新聞


東京五輪、ギリシャの聖火リレー中止 引き継ぎ式は実施―新型コロナの影響:時事ドットコム

HOCによると、聖火リレーの見学を控えるよう勧告したにもかかわらず沿道に多くの人が集まったため、保健省や国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)と協議して中止を決めた。 聖火採火式は12日にギリシャ・オリンピア遺跡のヘラ神殿跡で行われ、2004年アテネ五輪女子マラソン金メダリストの野口みずきさんが日本人初のランナーとして第2走者を務めた。その後は東京に引き継ぐ19日まで、ギリシャ国内の遺跡などを巡る予定だった。

オランダ国王、インドネシアに謝罪 独立戦争の「過度の暴力」 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 13 March 2020

Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus | TheHill

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus, freeing up additional resources and funding as federal, state and local governments attempt to combat the rapidly spreading disease.
The move allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to tap into billions of dollars and mobilize personnel more quickly to help state and local agencies and leaders respond.

Philippines' Duterte announces 'lockdown' of Manila to fight coronavirus | The Star Online

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday announced a halt on domestic land, sea and air travel to and from Manila, as well as community quarantine measures, in what he called a "lockdown" of the capital to arrest the spread of coronavirus... It follows confirmation on Saturday of the Philippines' first domestic transmission of the virus, which has killed two people there and infected 53.

Iran asks for billions in loans as virus death toll climbs

Iran said Thursday it asked the International Monetary Fund for a $5 billion loan to fight the coronavirus, the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that it has sought such assistance, in a staggering admission of how fragile its economy has become amid the epidemic and punishing U.S. sanctions... The last time a loan for Iran was approved from the IMF was under its final shah in 1960, well before the revolution that established clerical rule.

Japan police launch probe into man who wanted to 'spread' coronavirus - The Mainichi

Police in central Japan said Friday they have launched a probe into a man who was infected with the novel coronavirus on suspicion of interfering with business activities, after he went to local eateries expressing his desire to "spread the virus."
The investigation came a day after a woman in her 30s tested positive for the virus after coming into contact earlier this month with the man at a drinking establishment in Aichi Prefecture.
The woman who is living with her family in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, worked at the Filipino pub which the man in his 50s from Gamagori, also in Aichi, visited on March 4 despite authorities' instructions to stay indoors, Toyota city officials said Thursday.

Katerina Sakellaropoulou Sworn in as Greece's First Female President | GreekReporter.com

Katerina Sakellaropoulou was sworn in on Friday as the first female President in Greece’s history as the country grapples with the coronavirus scare.
Sakellaropoulou, a 63-year-old senior judge, is now the new Greek head of state and sill serve for a five-year term... Sakellaropoulou was elected by Parliament in January by 261 out of 300 lawmakers, one of the broadest cross-party majorities in Greek history.

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NY株、史上最大2352ドル下落 入国停止措置を懸念:朝日新聞デジタル


米の入国制限で大混乱 猶予2日、欧州空港に長蛇の列 :日本経済新聞


市場揺らす原油戦争 サウジ・ロシア、米標的に増産  :日本経済新聞


プーチン氏が36年まで続投も ロシア下院、大統領任期「リセット」の改憲案を承認 - BBCニュース


東京五輪の中止判断「WHOの勧告に従う」 IOC会長:AFPBB News

国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)のトーマス・バッハ(Thomas Bach)会長は12日、新型コロナウイルスのパンデミック(世界的な大流行)を受けた東京五輪の開催中止・延期の判断について、IOCは世界保健機関(WHO)の勧告に従うと表明した。

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News Headlines - 12 March 2020

Tokyo stock prices close at nearly 3-year low | NHK WORLD

Share prices in Tokyo closed at their lowest level in nearly three years on Thursday. The key index briefly fell more than 1,000 points at one stage.
The benchmark Nikkei Average ended the day down 856 points, at 18,559 -- its lowest level since April 2017. The broader TOPIX index of all first-section shares was down 57 points at 1,327.

Tokyo police arrest two for receiving stolen NEM cryptocurrency | The Japan Times

Tokyo police arrested two men on Wednesday for alleged possession of NEM, a cryptocurrency, that they knew was stolen in a massive cyberattack on a Japanese startup in 2018, according to investigative sources... According to the sources, the two suspects knew that the cryptocurrency they acquired was part of the ¥58 billion worth of NEM stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange operator Coincheck Inc. on Jan. 26, 2018. In the incident, almost all NEM owned by Coincheck’s clients was fraudulently accessed and stolen.
The MPD suspects that the two traded other currencies such as Bitcoin for the stolen NEM in February and March 2018.

Argentina needs 'substantial' relief in $70 billion debt talks, economy minister says - Reuters

Argentina will need “substantial relief” as it restructures nearly $70 billion in debt with international bondholders, the country’s economy minister Martin Guzman told Reuters, signaling a tough tonic ahead for the country’s creditors.
In his first interview with international media since taking up his role in December, the 37-year-old U.S. trained economist, said a March 31 deadline to strike a deal with bondholders may also be affected by a global coronavirus outbreak that was hitting plans for road shows for the government’s debt proposal.

EU announces ‘Clean Hydrogen Alliance’ for launch in the summer - EURACTIV.com

Plans for an EU-wide hydrogen alliance were confirmed on Tuesday (10 March) when the European Commission unveiled its new industrial strategy.
“The Alliance will build on existing work to identify technology needs, investment opportunities and regulatory barriers and enablers,” the Commission said in a statement today, outlining “a new industrial strategy for Europe“.
Hydrogen is “a clear candidate” for an EU-wide initiative aimed at promoting home-grown production of clean gases in support of the bloc’s objective of becoming the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050, an EU official told EURACTIV.

Tom Hanks, Wife Test Positive for Coronavirus in Australia - Bloomberg

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his actress wife, Rita Wilson, have tested positive for the new coronavirus while in Australia for a movie shoot... In Australia to shoot a movie about Elvis Presley, Hanks was set to play the role of the singer’s eccentric manager, who groomed Presley to stardom in the 1950s. Directed by Australian director Baz Luhrmann, filming was due to begin on Monday.

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WHO「新型コロナウイルスはパンデミックといえる」 | NHKニュース


トランプ氏、欧州からの渡航を30日間停止 新型ウイルス対策 - BBCニュース


メルケル独首相「全人口の6~7割感染も」 新型コロナ :日本経済新聞


ぜんじろう「日本人が全部買い占めてる」欧州でデマ - お笑い : 日刊スポーツ


米民主党候補者選び バイデン氏6州中4州で勝利 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 11 March 2020

Japan marks ninth anniversary of 3/11 disaster quietly as virus concerns halt events | The Japan Times

Japan marked the ninth anniversary Wednesday of the massive earthquake and tsunami that rocked the Tohoku region and killed more than 15,000 people in 2011, as health fears over the spread of COVID-19 prompted the cancellation or scaling down of a number of events.
A state-sponsored memorial ceremony that had been held every year in Tokyo since 2012 was canceled for the first time ever, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying he would instead observe a moment of silence and deliver an address from his official residence.

If Olympics Can’t Be Held This Summer, Best to Postpone 1-2 Years: Japan Organizing Official - WSJ

If the Olympics can’t go ahead this summer in Tokyo because of the coronavirus epidemic, the most realistic option would be to delay the event by one or two years, a member of the executive board for the Japanese organizing committee said.The board hasn’t met since December, before the new coronavirus epidemic arose, and hasn’t discussed the impact of the virus on the Games, said Haruyuki Takahashi in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Spring high school baseball tourney cancelled over coronavirus

The new coronavirus outbreak cost Japan a pillar of its spring sporting scene on Wednesday as the Japan High School Baseball Federation canceled its national invitational tournament for the first time in history... It is the first time since its establishment in 1924 that a "senbatsu" tournament at historic Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, will not be held as scheduled. No tournaments were scheduled between 1942 and 1946 during World War II and its immediate aftermath.

Jittery over COVID-19, Toyota and other Japan firms shun base pay hikes | The Japan Times

Many major Japanese firms were reluctant to offer base pay hikes during annual wage talks held Wednesday, with Toyota Motor Corp. forgoing its uniform monthly pay-scale increase for the first time since 2013 as coronavirus jitters pervade.
The decisions over wages could further hurt household spending and the nation’s economy, which is already on the edge of a recession after it shrank in the October-December quarter after private consumption was dented by a consumption tax hike on Oct. 1.

Xi Goes to Wuhan, Coronavirus Epicenter, in Show of Confidence - The New York Times

China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, toured Wuhan, the city at the center of a now global epidemic, for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began, hoping to demonstrate that his government was containing a crisis that has tarnished his image at home and abroad.
Wearing a blue mask, Mr. Xi stopped short of declaring victory, but his visit was clearly intended to send a powerful signal that the government believes the worst of the national emergency could soon be over in China - just as others countries are being struck by their own outbreaks. As if to echo the message, some cities, even in surrounding province of Hubei, announced plans to loosen some of the most onerous limits imposed on millions of people.

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トランプ氏、大型減税を提案 議会と給与税免除議論 :日本経済新聞


仏文化相が新型コロナ感染 仏全土では1400人超 :日本経済新聞


布袋寅泰、ロンドンのトイレットペーパー買い占めを嘆く「人間って、滑稽ね。#ため息」 : スポーツ報知


アフガンで米兵の戦争犯罪「根拠ある」 拷問加担の疑い:朝日新聞デジタル


日本テレビ ジブリとネットフリックス契約に歯ぎしり | 東スポ


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News Headlines - 10 March 2020

Oil Plunges Most Since 1991 After Producers Embark on Price War - Bloomberg

Oil crashed the most in 29 years as Saudi Arabia and Russia vowed to pump more in a battle for market share just as the coronavirus spurs the first decline in demand since 2009.
Futures slumped by about 25% in New York and London Monday as Moscow and Riyadh began an all-out price war after the collapse of talks between members of the OPEC+ alliance last week.
Saudi Arabia slashed its official crude pricing and is threatening record output. Russia’s largest producer, meanwhile, said it will ramp up production next month. What’s more, all of the annual growth the International Energy Agency had anticipated last month has been erased, and oil demand is now expected to contract by 90,000 barrels a day this year.

Afghanistan: Rival 'presidents' hold two inaugurations - BBC News

Two Afghan politicians - who both claim they won the presidential election - have declared themselves president at rival inauguration ceremonies.
The electoral commission says incumbent Ashraf Ghani narrowly won September's vote, but Abdullah Abdullah alleges the result is fraudulent.
The old rivals both held positions in the previous government.

Thailand's disbanded Future Forward Party relaunched as new group, Move Forward - The Straits Times

The remaining 55 MPs of Thailand's now-defunct Future Forward Party launched a new group - Move Forward - on Sunday (March 8), two weeks after the original party's dissolution... Mr Pita vowed to continue the work of Future Forward but without involving its former leaders: "The principles (of Future Forward) will not change, but it will be our own journey and our own decisions... Move Forward will continue to push five Bills proposed by Future Forward, Mr Pita added.
These relate to the revocation of 17 orders by the military junta in power from the 2014 coup until the first half of last year, revisions to labour laws, an end to conscription and to monopoly in the liquor industry and the clean air act.

Japan begins coronavirus travel curbs on China and South Korea | The Japan Times

The government implemented tougher border control measures Monday for travelers from China and South Korea, effectively banning tourists from the two countries through the end of this month, as it fights to prevent a surge in coronavirus infections.
Nearly 3 million visas already issued to South Korean and Chinese nationals, including residents of Hong Kong and Macao, were invalidated... All arrivals from the territories, including Japanese and other foreign nationals, will be asked to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine on a voluntary basis.

BOJ's ETF holdings making on-paper losses when Nikkei below 19,500 - The Mainichi

The Bank of Japan's exchange-traded fund holdings are in the red when the Nikkei stock index is below around the 19,500-point line, its governor said Tuesday, following a market sell-off that briefly sent the index to the 18,800 level... The BOJ's ETF holdings stood at about 27 trillion yen ($257 billion) as of the end of September. At that point, the break-even line was when the Nikkei was around the 19,000-point level, according to Kuroda.

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NY株 一時2000ドル超下落 過去最大の下げ幅 一時売買停止も | NHKニュース


OPEC「落日」 ロシア、打倒シェールへ転換: 日本経済新聞


世界11年ぶり低成長 IMF今年予測、新型コロナ重荷  :日本経済新聞


イタリア 感染者9000人超 移動制限を全土に拡大 | NHKニュース


新型コロナ、パンデミックの恐れ「非常に現実的」 WHO :AFPBB News

 世界のウイルス感染者数が10万人を超える中、WHOのテドロス・アダノム・ゲブレイェスス(Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)事務局長は記者会見で、「パンデミックの恐れが非常に現実的になっている」と述べた。

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News Headlines - 09 March 2020

Japan's GDP contraction revised to 7.1%, fueling recession fears amid coronavirus crisis | The Japan Times

Japan’s biggest contraction in more than five years adds to escalating concerns among policymakers about the length of a likely recession in the world’s third-largest economy as the impact of the coronavirus and a plunge in oil prices causes markets to slide and the yen to gain.
Revised data showed gross domestic product shrank faster than first thought in the October-December quarter, contracting at an annualized pace of 7.1 percent as a tax hike walloped consumption amid a global slowdown, and businesses cut capital spending at the fastest pace since the global financial crisis. The preliminary annualized figure was 6.3 percent.

North Korea has launched at least three unidentified projectiles - CNN

North Korea fired at least three unidentified projectiles Monday, according to US and South Korean officials, the second such move by the Kim Jong Un regime in two weeks.
South Korea's Defense Ministry said it detected different types of short-range projectiles fired from the Sondok area on North Korea's east coast into the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The projectiles had a maximum flight distance of 200 kilometers (124 miles) and maximum altitude of 50 kilometers (31 miles), according to the ministry.

MH17 plane crash trial opens in the Netherlands | The Guardian

The trial of three Russians and a Ukrainian accused of murdering 298 people in the shooting down of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine has begun in the Netherlands.
The presiding judge, Hendrik Steenhuis, said “the loss of so many lives and the manner in which they so abruptly ended is barely conceivable” as he opened the case on Monday at the Schiphol judicial complex, close to the airport from where the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 took off for Kuala Lumpur on 17 July 2014.
The aircraft was shot down over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine by a Buk anti-aircraft missile, killing everyone onboard. The victims came from 17 countries. Most - 193 people - were Dutch nationalsOthers were Malaysian, Australian, Indonesian and British.

Protests and celebrations mark 2020 International Women's Day - CBS News

Women filled the streets of the world's largest cities Sunday to protest gender violence and inequality on International Women's Day, with the mothers of murdered girls leading a march in Mexico City and participants in Paris inveighing against the "virus of the patriarchy."
While many protests were peaceful celebrations others were marred by tension, with security forces arresting demonstrators at a rally in Kyrgyzstan and police reportedly using tear gas to break up a demonstration by thousands of women in Turkey.

Harry and Meghan bow out at final working royals engagement - BBC News

Prince Harry and Meghan joined the Queen and other senior royals at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon.
The couple have been carrying out a series of public appearances in the UK before stepping back as working royals.
From 31 March, they will stop using their HRH titles and receiving public money.

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米市場、リーマン級波乱 長期金利、週間で0.4%低下 株乱高下 :日本経済新聞


バイデン氏支持率急上昇 トップに返り咲き|日テレNEWS24


米の対日兵器輸出、5年85%増 世界で23%増、国際平和研(共同通信)


米、中国企業に米子会社の売却命令 情報流出を警戒 :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:再び人道危機の危険性 緊張高まるトルコ・ギリシャ国境


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News Headlines - 08 March 2020

Lebanon will default on its debt for the first time ever | Al Jazeera

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced on Saturday that Beirut will not repay a $1.2bn Eurobond due next week and will instead seek to restructure its massive debt as the country's dollar reserves dwindle amid an acute financial crisis.
In a televised address to the nation, Diab said the "difficult decision" to default for the first time in Lebanon's history had been made in order to "secure the basic needs for people".

A malfunction causes red wine to flow from faucets in an Italian town | CNN Travel

For a few hours Wednesday, residents of the northern Italian town of Castelvetro realized they could have their Lambrusco not just from bottles -- but also from their faucets and shower heads.
A malfunction at a local winery caused 1,000 liters of ready-to-be-bottled wine to leak into the water pipes.
The glitch lasted about three hours and impacted about 20 homes, said Giorgia Mezzacqui, deputy mayor of Castelvetro, about 10 miles south of Modena.

Coronavirus: From handshake snubs to no kissing, this is how Covid-19 is impacting etiquette - CNN

As authorities around the world scramble to contain the novel coronavirus, which has sickened more than 90,000 people and spread to more than 70 countries and territories, people have been facing a dilemma: How should I greet someone?

ECB tells staff to work from home in coronavirus test - Reuters

The European Central Bank has told most of its over 3500 staff to work from home on Monday to test how it could cope with a shutdown over coronavirus concerns, a spokesperson said Sunday.
The ECB has canceled most of its public events over the next month but said that its rate-setting Governing Council meeting would go ahead as scheduled on Thursday.

Coronavirus: Scots scientist says vaccine trials set for next month | The Scotsman

Dr Kate Broderick, who is originally from Dunfermline, has been working with her team of researchers at pharmaceutical giant Inovio in San Diego, California, to develop a life-saving jab in six months.
However, last night she told The Scotsman her team were around three months ahead of schedule, having carried out successful tests on animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and primates.

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フランス最高裁、Uberと運転手の雇用関係認める :日本経済新聞


米ニューヨーク州が非常事態宣言 新型ウイルスの感染拡大で | NHKニュース


イタリア、ミラノやベネチアなど北部の広範囲を封鎖 新型コロナ:AFPBB News


ドイツ産業機器見本市、7月に開催延期 新型コロナ  :日本経済新聞


新作ボンド映画の世界公開、7カ月延期 新型ウイルス懸念で - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 07 March 2020

Saudi Authorities Widen Security Crackdown After Detaining Two Rivals to Crown Prince - WSJ

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has embarked on a broad security crackdown by rounding up royal rivals, government officials and military officers in an effort to quash potential challenges to his power, Saudi royals and advisers familiar with the matter said Saturday.
Members of the Saudi royal court have told allies that they detained two princes and their supporters because they were plotting a palace coup largely aimed at arresting the rise of Prince Mohammed, these people said.

Mystery of lifespan gap between sexes may be solved, say researchers | The Guardian

The results reveal that individuals with two of the same sex chromosomes live 17.6% longer, on average, than those with either two different sex chromosomes or just one sex chromosome.
The team say the findings back a theory known as the “unguarded X hypothesis”. In human cells, sex chromosome combinations are generally either XY (male) or XX (female). In females only one X chromosome is activated at random in each cell.
As a result, a harmful mutation in one of the female’s X chromosomes will not affect all cells, and hence its impact can be masked. By contrast, as males only have one X chromosome, any harmful mutations it contains are far more likely to be exposed.

Researchers identify two coronavirus strains as China cases dwindle - Reuters

The researchers, from Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cautioned that their study looked only at a limited range of data, and said follow-up studies of larger data sets were needed to better understand the virus’s evolution.
The preliminary study found that a more aggressive strain of the new coronavirus associated with the outbreak in Wuhan accounted for about 70% of analyzed cases, while 30% were linked to a less aggressive type.
The prevalence of the more aggressive virus type decreased after early January 2020, they said.

70 trapped after China hotel used for coronavirus quarantine collapses - CNA

About 70 people were trapped on Saturday (Mar 7) after a hotel being used for coronavirus quarantine collapsed in the Chinese city of Quanzhou in Fujian Province, the city's authority said on its website.

‘The Journalist’ Named Best Picture at 43rd Japan Academy Awards - Variety

“The Journalist,” Michihito Fujii’s drama about a young female reporter who investigates a scandal that extends to the highest reaches of Japanese politics, won the Best Picture prize at the 43rd Japan Academy Awards ceremony, held in Tokyo Friday.
Due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus, no guests were invited and no media were on site to cover the ceremony at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.
Based on Isoko Mochizuki‘s non-fiction book, “The Journalist” was a surprise box office hit last year, breaking an industry taboo against dramatizing real-life political controversy in commercial films.

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CNN.co.jp : ウォーレン上院議員、民主党指名争いから撤退 米大統領選


東京新聞:産油国、減産枠組み解消 3年超の協力関係崩壊も


フェイスブック、政治広告の自主規制拡大 日本など32カ国・地域 :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:スペイン、法改正で女性保護強化 明示的合意ない性行為は「強姦」


ロナウジーニョ元選手 偽造パスポート所持の疑いで逮捕 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 06 March 2020

Korea Sect Leader Seeks Forgiveness for Coronavirus Spike - Bloomberg

The leader of a religious sect at the center of a sudden surge in South Korea’s coronavirus infections knelt and then bowed before a throng of TV cameras and reporters before asking for forgiveness for unintentionally spreading the virus.
In his first public appearance since the outbreak that has claimed 28 lives and infected more than 4,800 people in Korea, leader of the Shincheonji sect, Lee Man-hee, said Monday it was “not the time for casting blame on anyone,” adding that his religious organization was “fully” cooperating with health authorities.

Coronavirus: The Queen wears gloves at investiture ceremony | Daily Mail Online

The Queen wore gloves at an investiture at Buckingham Palace today, the first time she has done so since she began carrying out the ceremonies in 1952, amid warnings about the spread of coronavirus and the deadly danger it poses to the over-80s... Her Majesty wears gloves when she meets the public at events or garden parties - but not at investitures where she carries out the fiddly task of fastening the awards to a hook on the recipients' lapels... The last time she wore gloves for an investiture at all was in 1954, when she recognised Air Marshal Claude Pelly with a knighthood in Yemen.

Cruise ship is held off California coast for virus testing

Scrambling to keep the coronavirus at bay, officials ordered a cruise ship with 3,500 people aboard to stay back from the California coast Thursday until passengers and crew can be tested, after a traveler from its previous voyage died of the disease and at least four others became infected.
A military helicopter lowered test kits onto the 951-foot (290-meter) Grand Princess by rope as the vessel lay at anchor off the coast of San Francisco, and authorities said the results would be available Friday. Princess Cruise Lines said fewer than 100 people aboard had been identified for testing.

U.S. Stymies Chinese Bid to Run Intellectual Property Agency - Bloomberg

The U.S.-backed candidate, Daren Tang of Singapore, won by a vote of 55-28 over Chinese candidate Wang Binying among the governments voting for the leadership of the World Intellectual Property Organization, which helps develop cross-border policies on intellectual property.
While the agency is relatively obscure, the leadership fight had become a crucial battleground in the bid by President Donald Trump’s administration to counter what it has seen as China’s growing influence and assertiveness in international agencies and the U.N. The State Department had made it a top priority to stop China’s candidate from winning the election.
The fight underlines the growing intensity of the U.S.-China rivalry even after the two countries reached a phase-one trade agreement. That tariff war has already sapped global trade, choked supply chains and boosted worries of a new Cold War as competition between the nations intensifies in a range of different forums.

Scientists meet in Havana on diplomats' mystery illnesses

Some scientists who gathered Monday for a two-day conference on the mysterious illnesses suffered by U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana said they suspected pesticides as a possible culprit, although results remained inconclusive.
The dozens of illnesses reported in recent years led the U.S. and Canada to sharply reduce the staffing at their embassies in Cuba. The phenomenon also led to increased tension between Cuba and the Trump administration, which accused Cuba of bearing at least some responsibility for the illnesses.

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英航空会社フライビーが倒産 新型ウイルス、航空業界に打撃:AFPBB News


ドイツ自動車ショー、21年はミュンヘン 70年ぶり移転  :日本経済新聞


名車「フィアット500」がEVに、FCAで初  :日本経済新聞


セブン、米コンビニ買収を断念 2.5兆規模に膨らみ折り合わず - 毎日新聞


仏留学中 日本人女子大学生不明 容疑者引き渡し審理開始 チリ | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 05 March 2020

Japan coronavirus: Infection rate could be 'tip of the iceberg' as experts call for more testing - CNN

Concerns are growing in Japan that the number of coronavirus cases could be higher than reported, with experts questioning the country's approach to testing as infection rates continue to climb.
Japan has come under immense international scrutiny for its handling of the outbreak -- specifically over its quarantine of the stricken Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama Bay.
In neighboring South Korea, infections have surged dramatically, with more than 6,000 confirmed cases after the government tested tens of thousands of people as part of a mass screening drive. But although the Japanese government says it has the capacity to carry out 3,800 tests a day, only 8,111 tests had been conducted as of March 4, according to the country's Health Ministry.

Drop in China exports causes $50bn fall in global shipments: UN | Al Jazeera

The United Nations estimates China's exports of vital parts and components for products ranging from automobiles to mobile phones shrank by an annualised 2 percent in February because of the coronavirus outbreak.
China's reduced exports cost other countries and their industries $50bn, a UN agency said on Wednesday. The world's second-largest economy accounts for a fifth of global trade in intermediate products. Many countries rely on its manufacturing inputs, the UN said.

U.S. Limits Chinese Staff at News Agencies Controlled by Beijing - The New York Times

The Trump administration on Monday limited to 100 the number of Chinese citizens who may work in the United States for five state-controlled Chinese news organizations. The decision is expected to escalate tensions between Washington and Beijing in a diplomatic feud that has caught journalists in the crossfire.
The State Department insisted that it was not expelling Chinese journalists, a step that Beijing took last month against three Wall Street Journal reporters - the first time foreign correspondents had been ordered to leave China since 1998.

U.S.-Taliban Deal Fragile as Attacks Increase | Time

Less than 24 hours after President Donald Trump said he had a “very good talk” with a top Taliban leader and insisted the group wants to cease violence, a U.S. military drone on Wednesday targeted the militant group - retaliation for an uptick in Taliban attacks against Afghan forces.
The mixed signals underscored the fragility of the U.S.-Taliban deal signed last weekend that aims at ending America’s longest war.
U.S. officials said Wednesday’s airstrike was intended as a message to the Taliban to continue to enforce a reduction in violence commitment they had agreed to ahead of intra-Afghan peace talks that are supposed to begin next week.

Ukrainian president removes PM in government reshuffle | The Guardian

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has launched a broad government reshuffle, ousting the country’s prime minister amid falling approval ratings and signs that his reform agenda has stalled.
Oleksiy Honcharuk, 35, was dismissed on Wednesday by a vote of lawmakers in Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, automatically causing the resignation of the government. His term as prime minister lasted less than six months and was beset by political infighting and the release of a secret recording in which he referred to Zelenskiy’s understanding of economics as “primitive”.
Zelenskiy has proposed Denys Shmygal, 44, as his replacement. He is a little-known former official and businessman from western Ukraine who used to work for DTEK, an energy firm owned by Rinat Akhmetov, one of Ukraine’s richest men.

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新型ウイルス致死率3.4%、東京五輪巡りIOCと協議=WHO - ロイター


日本や韓国から米留学生帰国へ NY州がチャーター機


北方領土は「割譲禁止」の対象外 プーチン氏が改憲条文案 - 産経ニュース


豪AAP通信、廃業へ 無料ニュース台頭で打撃:時事ドットコム


蒸留所を守る「ウイスキーキャット」 2万8899匹のネズミ捕獲でギネス認定も|AERA dot. (アエラドット)


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News Headlines - 04 March 2020

EU unveils its first climate law | New Europe

Europe’s plan to transition to irreversible climate neutrality was rolled out by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on March 4, a move that will legally bind the EU’s 27 members to the bloc’s climate policies... Reaching climate neutrality by 2050 has been the cornerstone of von der Leyen’s Green Deal, which she unveiled in December. The ambitious target calls for a reduction of emissions and increasing the number of greenhouse gases that are removed from the atmosphere to reach net-zero emissions.

Iran's enriched uranium stocks 5 times over nuke deal limit: IAEA | Al Jazeera

Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium is more than five times the limit fixed under a landmark 2015 deal with world powers, the UN nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday.
An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report said as of February 19, 2020, the Iranian stockpile stood at 1,510 kilogrammes, as opposed to the 300kg limit set under the agreement.

Japan Lifts Evacuation Order for Part of Disaster-Hit Fukushima Town | Voice of America

Japan on Wednesday lifted an evacuation order for parts of Futaba, one of two towns where the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is located, ahead of an Olympic torch relay in the region.
The whole of Futaba, formerly home to some 7,000 people, was designated a mandatory evacuation zone after a massive quake-triggered tsunami in 2011 hit the Fukushima Daiichi plant, damaging the power supply and cooling system and eventually causing a meltdown... But residents will not be able to return to the town immediately because of a shortage of running water and other infrastructure, a town official told AFP.

High school baseball tourney may be no-spectator | NHK WORLD

The organizers of Japan's spring invitational high school baseball tournament are set to hold it without spectators amid the spread of the new coronavirus.
The 13-day tournament is scheduled to begin on March 19 at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan. The event usually draws about half a million spectators.

The Queen tells Prince Harry he’ll ‘always be welcomed back’ in four-hour heart-to-heart to heal Megxit rift - The Sun

THE Queen and Prince Harry had a four-hour heart-to-heart talk at Windsor Castle on Sunday about his future.
She told him over lunch that he and Meghan will be welcomed back if they ever decide to rejoin the royals.

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バイデン氏9州、サンダース氏は加州含む4州で勝利確実-予備選 - Bloomberg


大富豪ブルームバーグ氏、バイデン氏復活で失速 - 産経ニュース


FRBが0.5%緊急利下げ 市場安定へ追加緩和の余地 :日本経済新聞


トランプ大統領明言 渡航規制強化に日本も検討対象 : 日刊スポーツ


IOC会長が異例の声明 東京五輪開催に向け懸念払拭 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 03 March 2020

Ex-Japan justice minister's aide arrested over election scandal - The Mainichi

Shinsuke Takaya, 43, was arrested by prosecutors along with Hiroshi Tatemichi, 54, a state-paid secretary of Kawai's wife, ruling party upper house member Anri Kawai.
The third person arrested was Yugo Waki, 71, one of Anri Kawai's campaign staff members.
The three are suspected of paying a combined 2.04 million yen ($18,900) to 14 campaign staffers between July 19 and 23 last year, during an upper house election in the Hiroshima constituency. The payments exceeded the legal cap of daily allowances for such workers in violation of the public office election law.

Coronavirus: France to requisition face masks for use by health professionals, those infected

French authorities will requisition all face mask stocks and production in the coming months, President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday, reserving them for use by those infected with the coronavirus and those working in the healthcare industry... Fears of catching the virus have sparked a run on masks as well as sanitising hand gel in France, leading some stores and online retailers to hike prices.
Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said earlier Tuesday that he had ordered France's consumer and anti-fraud watchdog to open an investigation after reports that prices had doubled or even tripled.

2,000 surgical masks stolen from French hospital - France 24

Around 2,000 surgical masks have been stolen from a hospital in the southern French city of Marseille in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, health authorities said Tuesday.
The masks were pilfered from a part of Conception hospital that is accessible only to staff and patients who have undergone surgery, the Marseille hospitals authority (AP-HM) told AFP.

Coronavirus: Iran temporarily frees 54,000 prisoners to combat spread - BBC News

Iran has temporarily released more than 54,000 prisoners in an effort to combat the spread of the new coronavirus disease in crowded jails.
Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili told reporters the inmates were allowed out of prison after testing negative for Covid-19 and posting bail.

BMW gets most radical logo change in over 100 years | Creative Bloq

BMW has revealed a brand new logo to coincide with the release of its i4 concept car and yes, it's another addition to the flat design movement. Gone is the classic black outer ring (now completely transparent), and the 3D and lighting effects have been removed to create a minimal new look. The circle design remains, as do the white and blue colours of the company's home state of Bavaria.
We're fans of the newly clear design. Its simplicity suggests it has been refreshed with digital in mind, but it also acknowledges the logo's 103-year heritage - a solid example of both classic and modern logo design. Jens Thiemer, senior vice president customer and brand, says "BMW is becoming a relationship brand," (the new Tinder?) and the transparent logo was designed to "radiate more openness and clarity".

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日本・韓国など4か国、WHO事務局長「最大の懸念」 : 読売新聞オンライン


日本からの入国、18か国・地域が制限…インドはビザ発給厳格化 : 読売新聞オンライン




新型コロナ懸念で日本人追放、サッカー独1部クラブが謝罪:AFPBB News

ドイツ・ブンデスリーガ1部のRBライプツィヒ(RB Leipzig)は2日、前週末のバイヤー・レバークーゼン(Bayer Leverkusen)戦を観戦に訪れていた日本人グループを、新型コロナウイルスを懸念して会場のレッドブル・アリーナ(Red Bull Arena)から追い出したことを謝罪した。

新型コロナ余波「東京五輪は7月24日に開幕する?」海外で賭け対象…本命は中止・延期/デイリースポーツ online

アイルランドの「Paddy Power」は「オリンピック」の項目で「2020年の開会式は20年7月24日に行われるか」を賭けの対象とした。2日21時現在で予定通りの開幕を示す「Yes」は2・1倍、逆に「No」は1・67倍。英国「betfair」も同じオッズを提示した。事実上、中止・延期が“本命”にされている。

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News Headlines - 02 March 2020

Dow roars back from coronavirus sell-off with biggest gain since 2009, surges 5.1%

Stocks rebounded sharply from their worst week since the financial crisis on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting its best day in more than a decade. Expectations that the Federal Reserve would cut rates drove the gains, which accelerated aggressively into the close.
The Dow closed 1,293.96 points higher, or 5.1%, at 26,703.32. The move on a percentage basis was the Dow’s biggest since March 2009. It was the largest-ever points gain for the 30-stock average.

Weekend rush leaves Japan commissary and exchange shelves short on toilet paper, hand sanitizer - Stripes

Shelves at commissaries on military bases across Japan ran short of toilet paper over the weekend as service members prepared for possible quarantines due to COVID-19.
Shoppers in Japan faced long lines over online rumors that Chinese-made toilet paper wouldn’t be exported, The Japan Times reported Saturday, in spite of industry and official assurances that enough toilet paper for everyone is made in Japan.

Dustin Johnson to sit out Tokyo Olympics - The Boston Globe

On the fence about the Olympics since the start of his golf season, Dustin Johnson decided he won’t be going to Tokyo this summer. David Winkle, Johnson’s manager, said in a text message Monday that the FedEx Cup playoffs hold as much importance to Johnson as chasing an Olympic gold medal. “I feel certain he would choose otherwise if the timing were different, but feels he is making the best decision under the circumstances,” Winkle said. Ranked No. 5 in the world, the 35-year-old Johnson would have been No. 3 among Americans behind Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas.

Defiant Iranian Directors Speak Out About Censorship, Onscreen and Off - The New York Times

When “There Is No Evil,” the new drama by the celebrated Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof, debuted at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday, it was a bittersweet moment for Rasoulof.
Speaking through an interpreter before the film won the Golden Bear, the festival’s top prize, he explained that he could not attend the premiere because he had been banned from leaving Iran and faces a year in prison, the result of the government’s reaction to his previous film, a sharp critique of the country’s clerical leadership called “A Man of Integrity.”

France's winter 'is the warmest ever recorded' | Euronews

The last three months have been the warmest temperatures ever recorded in France, according to data published on Friday.
Météo France, the country's weather agency, said the 1 December- 29 February period had been the hottest since 1900.
Temperatures in France were 2.7℃ above the 1981-2010 average, with conditions in February especially mild... The average temperature during France's meteorological winter is 5.4℃, but the mercury hit more than 20℃ in February in the south.

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米大統領選民主候補者選び ブティジェッジ氏が撤退表明 | NHKニュース


新型コロナウイルス感染拡大 欧州各国で対策強化 | NHKニュース


ルーブル美術館が休館に、新型肺炎懸念で職員が勤務拒否 - ロイター


Netflix、CLAMPや乙一、冲方丁らクリエイター6人と提携。日本発アニメ強化 - AV Watch


マイナス金利、先駆けた欧州はいま ドイツでは訴訟も:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 01 March 2020

Japan’s school closures gives parents a headache | Financial Times

In Japan, the measure has fuelled parental desperation in a country with little culture of nannies and babysitters, exposing inflexible work practices and gender inequality, as well as social gaps created by the rise of single parents and families with two earners.
Experts have decried the decision as politically motivated and some municipalities have refused to close their schools after the sudden move by Mr Abe, who is desperate to stave off any threat to the Tokyo Olympics, and has come under criticism for his handling of the coronavirus.

NASA images show a decrease in China's pollution related to coronavirus - CNN

Satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency reveal that air pollution over China has gone down since the coronavirus outbreak... From January 1 to 20 the images show higher levels of nitrogen dioxide over China, but from February 10 to 25, traces of the gas are hardly visible. Nitrogen dioxide is a yellow-brown gas emitted by motor vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities. It can cause respiratory problems like coughing, asthma, and difficulty breathing.

Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by new virus outbreak

The number of passengers between Feb. 1 and 19 of the Tokaido Shinkansen Line connecting Tokyo and Osaka fell 8 percent from a year earlier, its operator Central Japan Railway Co. said, adding that of those who used other express trains plunged 15 percent.
The pace of decline was the almost same level as was in May 2011, when the nation's economy faced a downturn in the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe that March in northeastern Japan.

Malaysia swears in new prime minister as Mahathir forced out - Reuters

Malaysia’s Muhyiddin Yassin, a Malay nationalist politician backed by the corruption-tarnished former ruling party, was sworn in as prime minister on Sunday after the king picked him to replace 94-year-old Mahathir Mohamad... Mahathir promised to seek a vote in parliament to challenge Muhyiddin’s support, but conceded he might not win.
Muhyiddin, 72, was sworn in at a palace ceremony in front of Malaysia’s king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, and promised to fulfil his duties as prime minister.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announce they are engaged and expecting a baby in early summer | London Evening Standard

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have announced their engagement and that they are expecting a baby in the early summer.
The PM has been dating Carrie Symonds, 31, since early 2019 and made history as the first unmarried couple to live in Downing Street after moving in last July... Ms Symonds, a conservationist and former Conservative Party communications chief, first made headlines when she was romantically linked to Mr Johnson early last year... Earlier this month, a court heard that the Prime Minister and his estranged second wife Marina Wheeler were preparing to end their marriage after reaching an agreement over money.

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アメリカとタリバンが和平合意に署名 TBS NEWS


ジブラルタル、日本からの入境禁止 欧州では初か:時事ドットコム


米韓の合同軍事演習を延期 韓国軍内にもコロナ感染者:朝日新聞デジタル


英BP、米業界3団体から脱退へ 気候変動対策巡り不一致 - ロイター


世界的オペラ歌手ドミンゴ氏、セクハラ疑惑で謝罪 - BBCニュース


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