News Headlines - 08 March 2020

Lebanon will default on its debt for the first time ever | Al Jazeera

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced on Saturday that Beirut will not repay a $1.2bn Eurobond due next week and will instead seek to restructure its massive debt as the country's dollar reserves dwindle amid an acute financial crisis.
In a televised address to the nation, Diab said the "difficult decision" to default for the first time in Lebanon's history had been made in order to "secure the basic needs for people".

A malfunction causes red wine to flow from faucets in an Italian town | CNN Travel

For a few hours Wednesday, residents of the northern Italian town of Castelvetro realized they could have their Lambrusco not just from bottles -- but also from their faucets and shower heads.
A malfunction at a local winery caused 1,000 liters of ready-to-be-bottled wine to leak into the water pipes.
The glitch lasted about three hours and impacted about 20 homes, said Giorgia Mezzacqui, deputy mayor of Castelvetro, about 10 miles south of Modena.

Coronavirus: From handshake snubs to no kissing, this is how Covid-19 is impacting etiquette - CNN

As authorities around the world scramble to contain the novel coronavirus, which has sickened more than 90,000 people and spread to more than 70 countries and territories, people have been facing a dilemma: How should I greet someone?

ECB tells staff to work from home in coronavirus test - Reuters

The European Central Bank has told most of its over 3500 staff to work from home on Monday to test how it could cope with a shutdown over coronavirus concerns, a spokesperson said Sunday.
The ECB has canceled most of its public events over the next month but said that its rate-setting Governing Council meeting would go ahead as scheduled on Thursday.

Coronavirus: Scots scientist says vaccine trials set for next month | The Scotsman

Dr Kate Broderick, who is originally from Dunfermline, has been working with her team of researchers at pharmaceutical giant Inovio in San Diego, California, to develop a life-saving jab in six months.
However, last night she told The Scotsman her team were around three months ahead of schedule, having carried out successful tests on animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and primates.







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