News Headlines - 04 March 2020

EU unveils its first climate law | New Europe

Europe’s plan to transition to irreversible climate neutrality was rolled out by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on March 4, a move that will legally bind the EU’s 27 members to the bloc’s climate policies... Reaching climate neutrality by 2050 has been the cornerstone of von der Leyen’s Green Deal, which she unveiled in December. The ambitious target calls for a reduction of emissions and increasing the number of greenhouse gases that are removed from the atmosphere to reach net-zero emissions.

Iran's enriched uranium stocks 5 times over nuke deal limit: IAEA | Al Jazeera

Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium is more than five times the limit fixed under a landmark 2015 deal with world powers, the UN nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday.
An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report said as of February 19, 2020, the Iranian stockpile stood at 1,510 kilogrammes, as opposed to the 300kg limit set under the agreement.

Japan Lifts Evacuation Order for Part of Disaster-Hit Fukushima Town | Voice of America

Japan on Wednesday lifted an evacuation order for parts of Futaba, one of two towns where the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is located, ahead of an Olympic torch relay in the region.
The whole of Futaba, formerly home to some 7,000 people, was designated a mandatory evacuation zone after a massive quake-triggered tsunami in 2011 hit the Fukushima Daiichi plant, damaging the power supply and cooling system and eventually causing a meltdown... But residents will not be able to return to the town immediately because of a shortage of running water and other infrastructure, a town official told AFP.

High school baseball tourney may be no-spectator | NHK WORLD

The organizers of Japan's spring invitational high school baseball tournament are set to hold it without spectators amid the spread of the new coronavirus.
The 13-day tournament is scheduled to begin on March 19 at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan. The event usually draws about half a million spectators.

The Queen tells Prince Harry he’ll ‘always be welcomed back’ in four-hour heart-to-heart to heal Megxit rift - The Sun

THE Queen and Prince Harry had a four-hour heart-to-heart talk at Windsor Castle on Sunday about his future.
She told him over lunch that he and Meghan will be welcomed back if they ever decide to rejoin the royals.







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