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News Headlines - 30 April 2020

Coronavirus: South Korea reports zero new local cases for first time since February | South China Morning Post

South Korea on Thursday reported no new domestic coronavirus cases for the first time since February, the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said.
KCDC reported four new infections, all imported cases, taking the national tally to 10,765. The death toll rose by one to 247, while 9,059 have been discharged.Of the total, 1,065 were imported cases, where more than 90 per cent were Koreans, according to a KCDC statement.

Japan enacts 25.69 trillion yen extra budget for coronavirus package - The Mainichi

Japan's parliament enacted Thursday a 25.69 trillion yen ($240 billion) extra budget for fiscal 2020 to finance an emergency package aimed at aiding the economy and people hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nissan won't reopen Sunderland plant until June as staff remain furloughed - Mirror Online

Nissan will keep its Sunderland plant closed for at least another month, the carmaker has said.
Until then, the majority of employees will remain furloughed, with Nissan saying Government support was key to being able to do that... The Sunderland site is Britain's biggest car plant and built nearly 350,000 vehicles in 2019 - it employs almost 7,000 workers.

SoftBank net loss to widen to $8.4bn - Nikkei Asian Review

SoftBank Group expects its net loss for the year ended March to widen to 900 billion yen ($8.4 billion), 150 billion yen more than its previous forecast, due to new losses related to its investment in U.S. office space provider WeWork... SoftBank had previously expected 800 billion yen in non-operating losses but now expects that figure to rise to 1 trillion yen, 700 billion yen of which is related to WeWork.

Beijing to reopen museums - Xinhua

Museums in Beijing will reopen on May 1, the first day of the upcoming five-day May Day holiday, said the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage Wednesday... Visitors are required to undergo an epidemic prevention safety inspection, follow museum staff's guidance and keep a safe distance from each other during their visits.

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アメリカの1~3月GDP -4.8% 11年ぶり低水準に | NHKニュース


米国の感染者100万人超え 死者、ベトナム戦争上回る―新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


新型コロナ:NY市長「容認できない」、ユダヤ教葬儀に「数千人」  :日本経済新聞


イギリスの死者、2万6000人超に 集計法変更で急増=新型ウイルス - BBCニュース


ジョンソン英首相、男の子が誕生 婚約者との第1子 :朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 29 April 2020

Coronavirus: Sweden's Anders Tegnell stands by unorthodox strategy

Tegnell: We are doing two major investigations. We may have those results this week or a bit later in May. We know from modeling and some data we have already - these data are a little uncertain - that we probably had a transmission peak in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, which means that we are probably hitting the peak of infections right about now. We think that up to 25% of people in Stockholm have been exposed to coronavirus and are possibly immune. A recent survey from one of our hospitals in Stockholm found that 27% of staff there are immune. We think that most of those are immune from transmission in society, not the workplace. We could reach herd immunity in Stockholm within a matter of weeks.

UK hospital first to widely use new respirator hoods to protect medics on frontline of coronavirus fight | London Evening Standard

Frontline health workers at a UK hospital have become the first in the country to be widely kitted out with a pioneering respirator hood when treating Covid-19 patients.
The PeRSo device consists of a fabric hood with a plastic visor to protect the face. It delivers clean air through a High Efficiency Particulate Air (Hepa) filter using a fan mounted on the wearer's belt.
Staff at University Hospital Southampton have begun wearing the equipment, which was developed from a prototype created in less than a week.

British Airways to cut up to 12,000 jobs as air travel collapses - BBC News

British Airways is set to cut up to 12,000 jobs from its 42,000-strong workforce due to a collapse in business because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The airline's parent company, IAG, said it needed to impose a "restructuring and redundancy programme" until demand for air travel returns to 2019 levels.
The pilots' union Balpa said it was "devastated" at the news and vowed to fight "every single" job cut.

Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry

A Japanese comedian apologized Wednesday for his recent remarks that men can look forward to seeing "pretty girls entering (the sex industry) after the coronavirus is over" as they would be in need of money and obliged to take such jobs temporarily.

Online sexual Abuse In South Korea | Public Radio International

In South Korea, one story that might be bigger than coronavirus is the "Nth Room" sexual abuse scandal. Nth Room sex scandal is about an online chat room where criminals blackmailed women and children into doing sexual acts on camera. Kelly Kasulis reports from Seoul that the scandal has spurred an examination of sentencing for these crimes.

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拡大ウイルス、欧州起源か ゲノム解析で判明―感染研:時事ドットコム


トヨタ、4年ぶり世界販売首位 19年度、独VWを上回る


トランプ氏「消毒液発言」で責任回避 混乱相次ぎ不信招く :日本経済新聞


世界の軍事費、過去10年で最高 米中印がけん引―国際平和研:時事ドットコム


米国防総省が「UFO映像」を公開 正体は未確認のまま:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 28 April 2020

European doctors warn rare kids' syndrome may have virus tie

Doctors in Britain, Italy, and Spain have been warned to look out for a rare inflammatory condition in children that is possibly linked to the new coronavirus... The cases were also reported to have features of toxic shock syndrome or Kawasaki disease, a rare blood vessel disorder. Only some of the children tested positive for COVID-19, so scientists are unsure if these rare symptoms are caused by the new coronavirus or by something else... Kawasaki symptoms include a high temperature that lasts for 5 days or more, a rash and swollen glands in the neck, according to Britain’s National Health Service.

Dutch court approves euthanasia in advanced dementia cases - The Mainichi

The Netherlands' highest court ruled Tuesday that doctors can carry out euthanasia in patients with advanced dementia if the patient has earlier made a written directive.
The Supreme Court ruling solidifies in law a practice that already was being carried out on rare occasions in the Netherlands.

Abducted Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee opens Taiwan shop | The Guardian

The part-owner of a Hong Kong bookstore specialising in texts critical of China’s leaders has reopened his shop in Taiwan after fleeing Hong Kong because of legal troubles.
The opening and accompanying news conference came days after a masked man threw red paint at Lam Wing-kee while he sat alone at a coffee shop in Taiwan. Lam suffered no physical injuries and showed little sign of the attack other than a red tint to his hair.

Nissan warns of nearly $900m loss as sales collapse | Financial Times

In a statement on Tuesday, Nissan said it likely suffered a net loss of as much as ¥95bn ($891m) for the fiscal year that ended in March, reversing its earlier forecast for a net profit of ¥65bn.
The company blamed the loss on a decline in vehicle and components sales as well as reserves it had set aside for its finance and leasing arm, which analysts said would be hit hard if the outbreak led to a further decline in used car prices in the US.
With cities across the world in lockdowns, Nissan saw its year-on-year March sales in the US, Europe and China fall 48 per cent, 51 per cent and 45 per cent, respectively.

Next year's Olympics will be cancelled if pandemic not over: Games chief | AFP.com

The comments, in an interview with a Japanese sports daily published Tuesday, come as medical experts doubted whether the pandemic can be sufficiently contained by next year to hold an event drawing participants and spectators from around the world.
The pandemic has already forced a year-long delay of the Games, which are now scheduled to open on July 23, 2021.
But Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori was categorical when asked by the Nikkan Sports daily whether the Games could be delayed until 2022 if the pandemic remains a threat next year, replying: "No."

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先進国にデフレの影 消費者物価上昇、5年ぶり低水準  :日本経済新聞


米GDP、4~6月は40%減 議会予算局が予測下げ :日本経済新聞


欧州GDP、最大15%縮小の恐れ ECB総裁がEU首脳に警告 - ロイター


独IFO業況指数、4月は過去最低で最大の低下幅 V字回復見込めず - ロイター


世界の航空旅客数、9月までに12億人減の見通し 新型コロナ各社に打撃:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 27 April 2020

Bank of Japan adopts unlimited JGB purchases to buoy economy in pandemic | The Japan Times

The Bank of Japan expanded monetary stimulus on Monday and pledged to buy unlimited amount of bonds to keep borrowing costs low as the government tries to spend its way out of the deepening economic pain from the coronavirus pandemic.
The move puts the BOJ in line with other major central banks that have unleashed unprecedented amounts of monetary support as the health crisis stokes fears of a deep global recession.

Japan economy minister Yasutoshi Nishimura negative for coronavirus | The Japan Times

Economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura has tested negative for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, after a member of the Cabinet Office staff was found to be infected late last week... The infected staff member, who is on the Cabinet Office’s COVID-19 response team, accompanied the minister on an inspection visit on April 19. The staff member was confirmed to have the virus on Friday.

Boeing terminates $4.2 billion deal with Embraer - CNN

Boeing has terminated its $4.2 billion deal with Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer, the American company announced Saturday. The deal would have given Boeing a bigger stake in the market for smaller jets and help the company develop airplanes more cheaply... The two had planned to create a joint venture by April 24, but the deadline passed without Embraer satisfying the necessary conditions, according to Boeing, which declined to go into details about the specific unmet conditions. The Brazilian company said it believes it fully satisfied the deal's conditions.

French government announces 'historic' €7 billion aid package for Air France-KLM

France said on Friday it was readying a "historic" package of multi-billion euro loans to help carmaker Renault and flag-carrier Air France through the crisis caused by the coronavirus.
For Air France, a seven billion euro ($7.5 billion) package is planned and for Renault five billion euro ($5.4 billion), Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced.

Coronavirus Ventilator Death Rate: Study Shows 9/10 Don't Make It - Bloomberg

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is one of the largest reviews published to date of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the U.S. The researchers examined outcomes for coronavirus patients who were admitted between March 1 and April 4 to 12 hospitals in New York City and Long Island that are part of the Northwell Health system.
Overall, the researchers reported that 553 patients died, or 21%. But among the 12% of very sick patients that needed ventilators to breathe, the death rate rose to 88%. The rate was particularly awful for patients over 65 who were placed on a machine, with just 3% of those patients surviving, according to the results. Men had a higher mortality rate than women.

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NZ、27日深夜に外出制限を緩和へ 40万人が職場復帰 - ロイター


東京新聞:ベルギー、外出制限緩和へ 5月から、マスク配布も


イタリア、5月4日からの規制緩和策を発表 新型コロナ:朝日新聞デジタル


イギリスのジョンソン首相が復帰 - ロイター


農業の季節労働者、欧米確保に苦悩 英では8万人不足も :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 26 April 2020

Wuhan declared free of Covid-19 as last patients leave hospital after months-long struggle against coronavirus | South China Morning Post

The city of Wuhan, the initial epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, no longer has any Covid-19 patients in hospital after the last 12 were discharged on Sunday.
Their release ended a four-month nightmare for the city, where the disease was first detected in December. The number of patients being treated for Covid-19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus, peaked on February 18 at 38,020 - nearly 10,000 of whom were in severe or critical condition.

Unprecedented virus lockdown as Muslims mark Ramadan | Al Jazeera

Muslims around the world began marking Ramadan under coronavirus lockdown on Friday with unprecedented bans on family gatherings and mass prayers, while a pushback in some countries sparked fears of a surge in infections.
This year, the holy daytime fasting month will be a sombre affair for many across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
Widespread rules have been imposed banning praying in mosques or meeting relatives and friends for large "iftar" meals at dusk - a centrepiece of the month-long fast.

Japan's economy 'getting worse rapidly' | NHK WORLD

Japan's government says the nation's economy is "getting worse rapidly in an extremely severe situation" due to the coronavirus outbreak.
In its monthly economic report for April, the government downgraded its assessment of the economy for the second straight month.
It's the first time in nearly 11 years that the government has used the word "worse" in its assessment of the economy.

Revealed: Dominic Cummings on secret scientific advisory group for Covid-19 | The Guardian

The prime minister’s chief political adviser, Dominic Cummings, and a data scientist he worked with on the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit are on the secret scientific group advising the government on the coronavirus pandemic, according to a list leaked to the Guardian.
It reveals that both Cummings and Ben Warner were among 23 attendees present at a crucial convening of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) on 23 March, the day Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown in a televised address.
Multiple attendees of Sage told the Guardian that both Cummings and Warner had been taking part in meetings of the group as far back as February. The inclusion of Downing Street advisers on Sage will raise questions about the independence of its scientific advice.

Tom Hanks writes to boy called Corona who said he was bullied - BBC News

US actor Tom Hanks has written a letter and sent a Corona-brand typewriter gift to an Australian boy who said he was bullied because of his name - Corona.
Corona De Vries, 8, first wrote to the Toy Story actor and his wife Rita Wilson after they fell sick with the virus in Queensland... In response, Hanks replied with a letter that began: "Dear Friend Corona".
"Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! Thank you for being such a good friend - friends make friends feel good when they are down."

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揺らぐ欧州: 連携不足、理念より自国優先 各国で輸出禁止や国境審査:朝日新聞デジタル


EU、100兆円超の復興基金で合意 新型ウイルス経済対策 - BBCニュース


WHOへのサイバー攻撃相次ぐ 職員らのメールアドレス流出も | NHKニュース


東京新聞:米政権「米国の声」も批判 「中国の宣伝活動増幅」根拠乏しく


東京新聞:米ロ首脳、異例の共同声明 「エルベの誓い」75年、反対も


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News Headlines - 25 April 2020

China sent team including medical experts to advise on North Korea’s Kim - Reuters

China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to three people familiar with the situation.
The trip by the Chinese doctors and officials comes amid conflicting reports about the health of the North Korean leader. Reuters was unable to immediately determine what the trip by the Chinese team signaled in terms of Kim’s health.
A delegation led by a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday, two of the people said. The department is the main Chinese body dealing with neighbouring North Korea.

Ministry refuses to name 4th supplier in troubled Japan mask handout scheme - The Mainichi

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has refused to disclose the name of one of the four companies that accepted government orders to supply cloth masks for distribution to pregnant women in Japan amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, raising suspicion over what lies behind the nondisclosure... On April 21, the health ministry disclosed that the contract amounts for the masks to be distributed in pairs to all households was roughly 5.48 billion yen for Kowa Co., some 2.85 billion yen for Itochu Corp., and approximately 760 million yen for Matsuoka Corp.

Japan 'is overwhelmed with sick patients' - BBC News

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes and the BBC's Tokyo team have been inside one hospital just south of the capital, which has built a makeshift Covid-19 unit in just 10 days, to try to deal with the overflow.

Coronavirus crisis may finally prove that ‘Japan Inc’ does not exist | Financial Times

And yet, aside from some helpful but low-key pledges from the likes of Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Sharp and a few others on mask and gown production, the silence from across the broad sweep of Japan Inc has been noticeable. So much so, say analysts, that (among coronavirus’s many other grim revelations) this crisis may finally provide proof that Japan Inc - as it lives in both domestic and foreign imaginations - does not exist.
The Japan Inc theory as an explanation of how the country works has endured for several reasons. One is the persistence of cross-shareholdings - the interlaced corporate ownership of other companies’ stock that protects managements and seems to ensure collusion.
Another related feature of Japanese companies has been their longstanding scepticism about the idea of shareholder primacy - a scepticism evidenced by piles of cash withheld from shareholders and now seemingly vindicated by this crisis. Historically, Japanese companies have always justified their behaviour with the argument that they exist for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Dyson Says U.K. Government No Longer Requires Its Ventilators - Bloomberg

The company owned by billionaire James Dyson won’t supply the U.K. government with medical ventilators it was developing because they’re no longer required.
Dyson Ltd. had spent 20 million pounds ($25 million) on the project and won’t be seeking any government money to pay for it, the founder said. The company didn’t explain why the order, which it said last month was for 10,000 units of a prototype ventilator called the CoVent, was canceled.

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米失業保険申請、減少も高水準維持 過去5週間で2650万件 - ロイター


米ジョージア州、経済活動を再開 「早すぎる」反発も :日本経済新聞


北米の車生産、トヨタが先陣 労組抵抗で米3社は慎重  :日本経済新聞


新NAFTA、7月1日発効 日本企業の戦略に影響も―米:時事ドットコム


ロ大統領 大戦終結日を対日戦勝記念日に変更する法案に署名 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 24 April 2020

Pro-China Kiribati president loses majority over switch from Taiwan | The Guardian

China’s diplomatic ambitions in the Pacific suffered a setback on Wednesday when the party that switched recognition from Taiwan to China last year lost its majority in parliament over its handling of the move.
In the second round of parliamentary elections, the governing party and allies won 22 seats out of 45, dealing a blow to President Taneti Maamau, who previously enjoyed a comfortable majority of 31.
The rest of the seats were won by members or allies of two other parties: one of which has pledged to switch back to Taiwan, and another made up of MPs who left the governing party to create a new opposition party last fall over Maamau’s handling of the switch.

5 teens arrested for allegedly murdering, assaulting homeless man in central Japan - The Mainichi

Five 19-year-olds suspected of murdering and assaulting an elderly homeless man who was found collapsed on a street in the central Japan city of Gifu in late March were arrested on April 23, police said.

Osaka mayor draws criticism after saying women are slow shoppers - Reuters

In Osaka, Mayor Ichiro Matsui has been appealing to people to take steps to reduce the risk of virus infections, but his remarks over gender shopping behaviour stirred controversy.
“When a woman goes... it will take time,” Matsui said when asked by a male reporter about possibly reducing shoppers’ entry to supermarkets to lower the risk of coronavirus infections.
“If it was you, if you were told to get this or that, then you would go directly... and go home,” he said. “It’s also fine for men to go shopping while avoiding contact.”
Matsui, who also said married couples should avoid going shopping together, drew criticism on Japanese Twitter over his remarks, with users saying they were sexist.

Man waiting to be hospitalized for virus dies | NHK WORLD

A man has died in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, while waiting to be hospitalized for the coronavirus.
Prefectural officials say the company employee in his 50s had been recuperating at home because he had mild symptoms. He lived alone.
But he reportedly told a public health nurse over the phone on Monday that his condition had worsened and that he had a fever.
He died on Tuesday, when he was due to be hospitalized.

Actress Okae Kumiko dies from coronavirus | NHK WORLD

Another Japanese celebrity fell victim to the coronavirus on Thursday. Actress Okae Kumiko died of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 at a hospital in Tokyo. She was 63.
Okae was born in Tokyo and made her debut in a TV drama in 1975. She appeared in many dramas and variety shows, gaining popularity from a wide range of age groups.
Her agency said she developed a fever on April 3. She was hospitalized three days later as her condition deteriorated suddenly. A subsequent test confirmed she was infected with the coronavirus.

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金正恩氏の重体報道は「不正確」、トランプ氏がCNNを批判:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領は23日、北朝鮮の金正恩(キム・ジョンウン、Kim Jong-Un)朝鮮労働党委員長が重体に陥ったとのCNNの報道について「不正確」だと主張し、CNNを批判した。

コロナ禍で年内に1億3000万人が餓死 世界食糧計画が警告|日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL


ドイツ、全州でマスク着用義務付け 買い物や移動時 :日本経済新聞


仏ノートルダム大聖堂工事再開へ 感染防止策整え段階的に


死刑、世界で657件執行 昨年5%減、人権団体報告  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 23 April 2020

Sharp switches face mask sale to lottery as demand surge blocks site

Sharp Corp. said Thursday it will switch its online sale of face masks from a first-come, first-served basis to a lottery after a surge in access to its e-commerce website amid the new coronavirus crisis.
After launching sales of the face masks Tuesday, the household appliance maker received far more hits than expected and had to suspend the website, with no one actually being able to purchase the item.

UK parliament moves to 'hybrid' sessions under lockdown

The UK Parliament will move to a hybrid format while a nationwide lockdown continues - after it was agreed on Tuesday (April 21).
Tuesday's sitting saw only a handful of lawmakers attending in person and more than 100 others joining virtually.
House of Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg told parliament that the new arrangements will initially be in place until May 12, but may have to be renewed.

A 106-year-old woman from Andalucia becomes Spain's oldest COVID-19 survivor after she recovered from the virus - Olive Press News Spain

A 106-YEAR-OLD woman from Andalucia has recovered from coronavirus.
Ana del Valle, from Ronda, lived at a nursing home in Alcala del Valle, where she contracted the virus along with 60 other residents...Ana was born in October 1913 and in less than six months she will turn 107.
That makes her the oldest survivor of the pandemic in Spain, along with one of the oldest worldwide, behind the likes of 107-year-old Dutch survivor, Cornelia Ras.

Stockholm will reach 'herd immunity' within weeks

Sweden's infectious diseases chief has said parts of the country could achieve "herd immunity" as early as next month as debate rages over the rising death toll.
The country's laissez faire experiment with coronavirus restrictions has made it a European outlier - drawing intrigue from around the globe.
Data this week showed the rate of new cases peaking for the first time as deaths continued to outstrip neighbouring countries with strict lockdowns.

Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience | Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

Our bipartisan group of experts in economics, public health, technology, and ethics from across the country, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, has released the nation’s first comprehensive operational roadmap for mobilizing and reopening the U.S. economy in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

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イスラエル・ネタニヤフ首相、続投へ 与野党が連立合意:朝日新聞デジタル


トランプ米大統領、移民受け入れ一時停止発表 新型コロナ対策による失業増で:時事ドットコム


ネットフリックス、加入者大幅増 巣ごもり、3カ月で1577万人 | 共同通信


任天堂「あつ森」米で首位 「隔離生活の癒やし」評価 | 共同通信

米国の3月のゲームソフト販売本数で、任天堂のゲームソフト「あつまれ どうぶつの森」が首位だったことが22日、米NPDグループの調査で分かった。……3月のゲーム機やソフトなど米国全体の売上高は前年同月比35%増の16億ドル(約1700億円)と、2008年3月(18億ドル)以来、12年ぶりの大きさだった。

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News Headlines - 22 April 2020

WHO warns that few have developed antibodies to Covid-19 | The Guardian

“Easing restrictions is not the end of the epidemic in any country,” said WHO director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a media briefing in Geneva on Monday. “So-called lockdowns can help to take the heat out of a country’s epidemic.”
But serological testing to find out how large a proportion of the population have had the infection and developed antibodies to it - which it is hoped will mean they have some level of immunity - suggests that the numbers are low.
Coronavirus tests: how they work and what they show
“Early data suggests that a relatively small percentage of the populations may have been infected,” Tedros said. “Not more than 2%-3%.”

Shrimp Virus To Hit China’s Seafood Industry, Another Blow To Food Security

Shrimp farmers in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have reported outbreaks of Decapod iridescent virus 1 (Div1), a virus that affects shrimp populations. The disease is not known to be harmful to humans, but can decimate shrimp in just a few days. Fears are now mounting about the potential of the virus to threaten the country’s shrimp industry, much like the African swine flu (ASF) crisis did to China’s pork supplies last year. The news comes amid heightened attention on the vulnerabilities and dangers of the current broken food system due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran launches its first military satellite | Al Jazeera

Iran has announced it successfully launched the country's first military reconnaissance satellite after months of failures, a programme the United States alleges is a cover for missile development.
"The first satellite of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been successfully launched into orbit by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC]," said the elite forces' official website on Wednesday.

Fast Retailing to Reopen Two Uniqlo Stores in Berlin BoF

Casual clothing chain Uniqlo plans to reopen two stores in Berlin this week, the first in Europe to resume business after nearly all of its stores there were closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Japan's Fast Retailing Co. operates 98 Uniqlo stores in Europe. All are closed except for one in the Swedish capital of Stockholm where stores and schools remain open, a company spokeswoman said.

U.S. videogame sales surge in March as lockdown keeps people indoor - Reuters

Videogame sales in March hit their highest in over a decade, as Americans turned to games like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” because of lockdowns to stem the spread of the coronavrius.
Sales of gaming hardware, software and accessories in the United States jumped 35% to $1.6 billion last month from a year earlier, according to data from research firm NPD.
The sales and growth are the highest for the month since March 2008, when sales grew over 52% to $1.8 billion, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said.

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EU、買収規制強化へ 新型コロナで中国念頭 :日本経済新聞


FRB総資産、日銀を抜く 「量的緩和」ドル安要因に  :日本経済新聞


グーグルなどに「ニュース使用料」義務化 豪政府が方針:朝日新聞デジタル




独サッカー、5月9日再開に前進 各州首相理解示す


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News Headlines - 21 April 2020

11 unnatural death cases in Japan in March-April were coronavirus-related: NPA - The Mainichi

A total of 11 cases of unnatural deaths nationwide, as determined by Japanese police from mid-March to April 19 where a person died at home or on the streets after there was a sudden change in their condition, were confirmed as being related to novel coronavirus infections, the Mainichi Shimbun has learned.
According to the National Police Agency (NPA), the 11 cases comprise six people from Tokyo, two from Hyogo Prefecture, and one each from the prefectures of Saitama, Kanagawa, and Mie, who are all male.

Istanbul deaths suggest a wider outbreak than Turkey admits - The New York Times

Turkey has surpassed China in its number of confirmed coronavirus cases, as the tally rose to more than 90,000 by Monday, with deaths reaching at least 2,140, according to official government figures. But the true death toll may be much higher.
Data compiled by The New York Times from records of deaths in Istanbul indicate that Turkey is grappling with a far bigger calamity from the coronavirus than official figures and statements indicate. The city alone recorded about 2,100 more deaths than expected from March 9 to April 12, based on weekly averages from the last two years, far more than officials reported for the whole of Turkey during that time.

Brazil coronavirus: Bolsonaro defends joining anti-lockdown protest - CNN

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has defended his participation in a public protest against coronavirus lockdown measures, saying that he was not calling for military action against the country's other branches of government.
Sunday's protest, which was held in Brasilia outside the army's headquarters, gathered dozens of Bolsonaro supporters wearing the country's emblematic yellow and green. Large signs, including one reading "military intervention with Bolsonaro in power," were visible in a livestream of the event posted to the president's personal Facebook page... Brazil has more than 40,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and at least 2,575 deaths, according to a Health Ministry update.
Bolsonaro has said that he expects 70% of Brazil's population to become infected and that the quarantine measures imposed by governors in some of the hardest-hit states, like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are not working.
"I hope this is the last week of this quarantine," Bolsonaro said. "The masses can't afford to stay home because the refrigerator is empty."

Tracking covid-19 excess deaths across countries | The Economist

A better way to measure the damage caused by such a medical crisis is to look at “excess mortality”: the gap between the total number of people who died from any cause, and the historical average for the same place and time of year. The chart above uses data from EuroMOMO, a network of epidemiologists who collect weekly reports on deaths from all causes in 24 European countries, covering 350m people.
Compared to the baseline average of deaths from 2009-19, the flu seasons of 2017, 2018 and 2019 were all unusually lethal. But the covid-19 pandemic, which arrived much later in the year, has already reached a higher peak-and would have been far more damaging without social-distancing measures. Compared with the baseline, EuroMOMO’s figures suggest that there were about 70,000 excess deaths between March 16th and April 12th.

'COVID Toes': Could skin conditions offer coronavirus clues? - ABC News

A growing number of prominent dermatologists treating suspected and confirmed coronavirus-positive patients are reporting patterns and trends of skin conditions, suggesting the skin could be a kind of window about what may be happening with COVID-19 inside the body.
Italian doctors published a series of cases signaling a trend about the skin in late March. In that study, one in five patients had a skin issue, most commonly a red rash or a hive-like eruption.
Dubbed “COVID toes” by the dermatology community, frostbite-like areas of typically red or purple discoloration can appear on the feet can also be seen on the fingers as well, according to Dr. Misha Rosenbach, associate professor of Dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. But the discoloration doesn't appear to have anything to do with the weather.

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NY原油先物、一時マイナス40ドルと暴落 コロナで5月渡し投げ売り - 産経ニュース


米、中国上場企業に再び厳しい目 相次ぐ不正会計で :日本経済新聞


金正恩氏、手術後に危険な状態に陥った可能性-米当局が情報収集 - Bloomberg


報道の自由度、日本66位 「政権批判にSNSで攻撃」:朝日新聞デジタル


五輪の追加負担に「首相合意」 IOC掲載、翌日に削除 - 東京オリンピック:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 20 April 2020

U.S. source: North Korean leader in grave danger after surgery

The US is monitoring intelligence that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is in grave danger after a surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge.
Kim recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, which raised speculation about his well-being. He had been seen four days before that at a government meeting.

15 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested in latest police round up | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Police arrested 15 high-profile pro-democracy figures on Saturday in connection with allegedly “organising and participating in unlawful assemblies,” according to the security bureau... According to the League of Social Democrats, the arrests related to demonstrations on August 18 and October 1, 2019.

COVID-19: Can air-conditioning systems aid in spreading coronavirus? - Gulf News

The early version of a recent Chinese study looks at the possibility of transmission aided by air-conditioning systems in enclosed spaces. The report published by CDC takes into account 10 cases in three families. The only common venue of probable contact of the three families (referred to as A, B and C by the researchers) before being diagnosed as positive for coronavirus was at a restaurant.

Nigerian security forces killed 18 people during lockdowns: rights panel - Reuters

Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous country and biggest energy producer, has recorded 407 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths from the highly contagious lung disease... The NHRC, an independent body, said in a statement dated April 15 that there had been “eight documented incidents of extrajudicial killings leading to 18 deaths” between March 30 and April 13.
It said the killings were carried out by the Nigerian Correctional Service, the police force and army.

Iran Parliament: Virus Deaths Nearly Double Reported Figures - The New York Times

The death toll in Iran from the coronavirus pandemic is likely nearly double the officially reported figures, due to undercounting and because not everyone with breathing problems has been tested for the virus, a parliament report said... Iran on Wednesday put the death toll at 4,777, out of 76,389 confirmed cases of the virus - still making it the Mideast's worst outbreak by far.

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新型コロナ、世界の感染者240万人弱 欧州の死者10万人 :日本経済新聞


感染者数、実際は50倍超か 米スタンフォード大が抗体検査 - 毎日新聞


NY州、20日から抗体検査 1日2000人規模 :日本経済新聞


トランプ氏 韓国与党勝利に祝意=韓米首脳が電話会談 | 聯合ニュース


トランプ氏、正恩氏から「素晴らしい書簡受け取った」…北朝鮮側は否定 : 読売新聞オンライン


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News Headlines - 19 April 2020

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses - The Washington Post

In January 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing took the unusual step of repeatedly sending U.S. science diplomats to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which had in 2015 become China’s first laboratory to achieve the highest level of international bioresearch safety (known as BSL-4). WIV issued a news release in English about the last of these visits, which occurred on March 27, 2018. The U.S. delegation was led by Jamison Fouss, the consul general in Wuhan, and Rick Switzer, the embassy’s counselor of environment, science, technology and health. Last week, WIV erased that statement from its website, though it remains archived on the Internet.

Warm weather may have no impact on COVID-19 - Harvard Gazette

Harvard researchers examining the common cold for hints about how the COVID-19 virus might behave said that summer may not save us and that repeated periods of social distancing may be needed to keep serious cases from overwhelming the hospital system.
The findings, published online in the journal Science on Tuesday, were produced by scientists from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Departments of Epidemiology and of Immunology and Infectious Diseases. Researchers led by postdoctoral fellow Stephen Kissler and doctoral student Christine Tedijanto used close genetic cousins of SARS-CoV-2 - the virus that causes COVID-19 - to model how it might behave in the coming months... In every scenario modeled, they found that warm weather did not halt transmission. That was because, in the case of the common cold, a large segment of the population typically gets sick and develops immunity by spring. With SARS-CoV-2, however, enough of the population will likely remain vulnerable, allowing it to spread even if transmission is reduced in warmer months.

Conservatives protest coronavirus restrictions in Maryland, Texas; Florida beaches reopen to crowds - The Washington Post

As the United States surpassed 700,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, conservative groups organized protests to local restrictions this weekend. The demonstrations, which have bubbled up in Maryland, Utah, Texas, California, Arizona, Washington and Colorado, come as several U.S. governors have taken steps to gradually reopen their states and ease restrictions - some of which kicked in this weekend.

Hacking against corporations surges as workers take computers home - Reuters

Hacking activity against corporations in the United States and other countries more than doubled by some measures last month as digital thieves took advantage of security weakened by pandemic work-from-home policies, researchers said... Software and security company VMware Carbon Black said this week that ransomware attacks it monitored jumped 148% in March from the previous month, as governments worldwide curbed movement to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 130,000.

Gunman kills at least 16 in Nova Scotia in Canada's worst mass shooting - Reuters

A gunman who at one point masqueraded as a policeman killed at least 16 people in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia during a 12-hour rampage, authorities said on Sunday, in what was the country’s worst modern-era mass shooting.
Among the victims of the shooting spree that spread across part of the Atlantic Canadian province was RCMP officer Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year veteran of the force with two children.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the gunman, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, who worked as a denturist, appeared at one stage to have been wearing part of a police uniform. He had also painstakingly disguised his car to look like a police cruiser.

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NY州「ピーク過ぎた可能性」…死者は2週間で最少の540人 : 読売新聞オンライン


新型コロナ重症患者2~4割に腎不全 透析機器確保も課題に―米紙:時事ドットコム


来年の東京五輪・パラ開催は「ワクチン次第、なければ非現実的」=英専門家 - BBC News ニュース

英エディンバラ大学で国際公衆衛生研究を主導するデヴィ・スリダール教授は、今年夏から 来年へと1年延期された東京五輪・パラリンピック の実施は、「ワクチンがあるかどうか次第だ」と話した。……「来年中にワクチンが使えるようになれば、(オリンピック開催は)実は現実的だと思う。効果的で価格が手ごろで、入手しやすいワクチンの実現が、事態をがらりと変える」とスリダール教授は述べた。

五輪=東京大会のさらなる延期、専門家が「時期尚早」との見方 - ロイター


全演奏楽曲紹介:チャリティーライブ「One World: Together At Home」

日本時間4月19日(日)の午前3時から午前11時まで、WHO(世界保健機構)とGlobal Citizen主催、レディー・ガガ(Lady Gaga)のキュレートの元に行われた「One World: Together At Home」チャリティー・コンサート。……新型コロナウイルスの救命活動を行っている医療従事者を称え、支援することを目的に、アメリカから全世界に配信されたこのスペシャル番組では、世界中の医師、看護師、家族の実際の体験を特集し、世界各国から世界をリードするアーティストによる自宅でのパフォーマンスがライヴ配信され、日本でも地上波テレビ、CS/BS、ネット上など様々なチャンネルで視聴可能となっている。

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News Headlines - 18 April 2020

China economy: Beijing contracted in Q1 2020 GDP amid coronavirus

China reported Friday that its first quarter GDP contracted by 6.8% in 2020 from a year ago as the world’s second largest economy took a huge hit from the coronavirus outbreak, data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China showed.
The contraction in the first quarter is the first decline since at least 1992, when official quarterly GDP records started, according to Reuters. China’s government figures are frequently doubted by analysts.

Coronavirus: China outbreak city Wuhan raises death toll by 50% - BBC News

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated last year, has raised its official Covid-19 death toll by 50%, adding 1,290 fatalities.
Wuhan officials attributed the new figure to updated reporting and deaths outside hospitals. China has insisted there was no cover-up.
It has been accused of downplaying the severity of its virus outbreak.

Test and trace: lessons from Hong Kong on avoiding a coronavirus lockdown | The Guardian

Hong Kong, with a population of nearly 7.5 million, had had just 715 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection, including 94 asymptomatic infections, and four deaths as of March 31, according to a new study published on Friday in the Lancet.
Early in the pandemic, it was thought to be at significant risk because of travellers arriving from mainland China, but since early February the outbreak has appeared to be under control.
The semi-autonomous city took the route that the World Health Organization recommends and embarked on a rigorous programme of testing everyone with symptoms. Those who tested positive were quarantined in hospital. All their contacts over recent days were traced and instructed to self-isolate. In early March, about 400 outpatients and 600 inpatients were being tested every day.

Virus Could Kill 300,000 in Africa, Even With Interventions - Bloomberg

The coronavirus pandemic could kill 300,000 people in Africa this year, even with assertive government measures to limit social interactions, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
Overcrowded slums with no access to water coupled with fragile health-care systems make the continent especially vulnerable to the disease, the Addis Ababa-based body said in a report on Friday.

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes | Science

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 surges past 2.2 million globally and deaths surpass 150,000, clinicians and pathologists are struggling to understand the damage wrought by the coronavirus as it tears through the body. They are realizing that although the lungs are ground zero, its reach can extend to many organs including the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, gut, and brain.
“[The disease] can attack almost anything in the body with devastating consequences,” says cardiologist Harlan Krumholz of Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital, who is leading multiple efforts to gather clinical data on COVID-19. “Its ferocity is breathtaking and humbling.”

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東京新聞:感染対策の国民支持、日本が最低 G7対象の仏紙調査で3月に続き


英ロンドンのバス運転手20人死亡、新型コロナの新たな防護措置導入へ:AFPBB News

 父親がバスの運転手だったサディク・カーン(Sadiq Khan)市長は、犠牲となった運転手らへの追悼を主導。また当局はバスの乗客が今後、運転手に近い前方のドアの使用するのを禁止すると発表した。……先月から国内全土でロックダウン(都市封鎖)が敷かれて以来、ロンドンのバス利用者数は約85%減少している。だが必要不可欠な仕事に従事する人々のためにバスや鉄道は本数を減らして運行を継続。これまでに地下鉄および鉄道でも職員4人が死亡している。

99歳の英退役大尉、自宅庭を100往復で医療支援に27億円以上集める - BBCニュース


「求むCOBOLプログラマー」 半世紀前の言語が今脚光を浴びる理由 - ITmedia NEWS

「COBOLプログラマーの皆さん、今がチャンスです」。米ニュージャージー州のマーフィー知事が記者会見でそう訴え、同州の求人に応募するようベテラン技術者に呼び掛けた。COBOLは1959年に開発されたプログラミング言語。「絶滅しかけたコンピュータ言語」(New York Times)とさえ呼ばれる。それが今、突如として脚光を浴びるようになった発端は、やはり新型コロナウイルスだった。
 ITニュースサイトのOneZeroによると、ニュージャージー州はこれまで40年以上にわたり、COBOLで構築された失業保険金給付システムを使い続けてきた。そこへ新型コロナウイルスの流行が起き、自宅待機命令の影響で失業者が激増。失業保険金の受給申請が殺到し、システムがパンク状態に陥った。ところがこの問題に対応できるエンジニアはいなかった。……問題に見舞われたのはニュージャージー州だけではない。New York Timesによると、隣のニューヨーク州でも、3月に失業者が一挙に増えて州労働局のWebサイトへのアクセスが殺到し、システムがダウンした。

海老蔵が”全米に進出”米の人気ドキュメンタリー番組に登場 放送終了後にホームページから視聴できる!:中日スポーツ(CHUNICHI Web)

 「米CBSテレビの60Minutesという番組に出演します。60Minutesは、アメリカCBSテレビで、放送50年を超える長寿番組で、アメリカでもっとも人気のあるドキュメンタリー番組だそうです!! 京都での公演の様子など、撮影していただきました。大変光栄なことです。お時間あれば、是非」とPRした。……放送は、19日午後7時から8時(米国東海岸時間)、日本時間では20日午前8時から9時。放送終了後、番組ホームページで日本からも視聴可能という。

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News Headlines - 17 April 2020

Wife of Japan's Abe criticised for group shrine visit, adding to his coronavirus woes - Reuters

The prime minister’s support has been hurt by what critics say is a timid and sluggish response to the outbreak, and by widespread criticism that he has appeared tone deaf to the severity of the crisis in his own social media posts.
Abe’s wife, Akie, became a trending topic on Japanese Twitter on Thursday, with her name gaining more than 17,000 retweets by mid-morning after a weekly magazine said she had visited a shrine in southwest Japan on March 15.
That was about two weeks after her husband asked schools to close and organisers to scrap or curtail events, but before he declared a state of emergency.

Coronavirus lockdown: Lessons from Hokkaido's second wave of infections - BBC News

In late February, Hokkaido became the first place in Japan to declare a state of emergency due to Covid-19... The policy worked and by mid-March the number of new cases had fallen back to one or two a day. On 19 March the state of emergency was lifted, and at the beginning of April, schools re-opened.
But now, just 26 days after the state of emergency was lifted, a new one has had to be imposed.

Osaka asks for raincoats as medical workers short of anti-virus gear | The Japan Times

The Osaka Municipal Government requested Tuesday that citizens offer unused raincoats as an alternative to protective gear that is in short supply at medical institutions amid a surge in coronavirus infections.
In issuing the request, Mayor Ichiro Matsui said medical professionals at some institutions in the major Japanese city have no choice but to wear trash bags when treating patients.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2021 'very unrealistic unless vaccine is found' - BBC Sport

Professor Sridhar, who is chair of global health at the University of Edinburgh, said the chances of Tokyo 2020 going ahead as planned "all depends on a vaccine"...
"If we do get a vaccine within the next year then actually I think that (Olympics) is realistic. The vaccine will be the game-changer - an effective, affordable, available vaccine.
"If we don't get a scientific breakthrough then I think that looks very unrealistic.
"I think they've made the right decision in saying 'we are going to put it back a year and re-evaluate'.

On North Korea's most important holiday, Kim Jong Un was nowhere to be seen - CNN

April 15 is North Korea's most important holiday, the Day of the Sun.
It celebrates the birthday of the country's founding father, Kim Il Sung, and has in the past been marked with events like satellite launches and massive military parades. The North Korean calendar even begins on April 15 and years are measured from the date of Kim's birth.
But this year, celebrations were more subdued and appear to have come and gone without a public appearance by leader Kim Jong Un, which is unusual.

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トランプ大統領 経済活動再開で指針発表 3段階で 新型コロナ | NHKニュース


ロックダウン解除に向け判断材料の抗体検査始まる アメリカ | NHKニュース


WHO拠出金、条件は「テドロス氏の辞任」 米共和党議員団が提言:AFPBB News

米共和党議員団が16日、世界保健機関(WHO)に任意拠出金を出すならば、新型コロナウイルスのパンデミック(世界的な大流行)への対応を誤ったとしてテドロス・アダノム・ゲブレイェスス(Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)事務局長を辞任させることを条件とするようドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)大統領に提言した。
 米下院外交委員会(House Committee on Foreign Affairs)のマイケル・マコウル(Michael McCaul)共和党筆頭理事率いる共和党議員17人は、パンデミック対策にはWHOが不可欠だと強調しながらも、テドロス氏のWHO事務局長としての能力への「信頼を失った」と述べた。

NY株反発、33ドル高 アマゾン、ネトフリ最高値 | 共同通信


日本の安倍政権だけが「コロナ危機で支持率低下」という残念さ そんな先進国はほかにない | PRESIDENT Online(プレジデントオンライン)


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News Headlines - 16 April 2020

Japan declares nationwide state of emergency amid virus spread

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expanded on Thursday the state of emergency beyond Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures to the entire nation in an attempt to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading further and straining the health care system.
With the declaration now covering all 47 prefectures in the country of around 126 million people, Abe said the government will provide cash handouts of 100,000 yen ($930) to all citizens. He also approved a rare reworking of a state budget days before its planned submission to parliament.

South Korea's ruling party wins parliamentary majority as nation votes amid pandemic | The Japan Times

The country uses a mix of first-past-the-post seats and proportional representation, but even before all the individual constituencies were decided, Moon’s Democratic party had taken 163 seats in the 300-member National Assembly, an absolute majority.
Its sister party was expected to win another 17 proportional representation seats - due to be declared later Thursday - for a total of 180.
The main conservative opposition United Future Party (UFP) and its satellite party were forecast to secure a total of 97 seats.

Sweden: 22 Scientists Say Coronavirus Strategy Has Failed As Deaths Top 1,000

Sweden's relatively relaxed approach to controlling the spread of the coronavirus has come under fire in international media and from many locals in the capital Stockholm, where more than half the country's deaths have been recorded. Now, 22 researchers have publicly criticized the strategy and called on politicians to make changes.
In an opinion piece published today in Dagens Nyheter, the group of researchers from a range of top Swedish universities and research institutes make harsh criticism of the Swedish Public Health Agency and their present coronavirus strategy. They say that elected politicians must now intervene with "swift and radical measures."

Amazon stops accepting new online grocery customers amid surging demand - Reuters

Amazon will begin to put new grocery delivery customers on a wait list and curtail shopping hours at some Whole Foods stores to prioritize orders from existing customers buying food online during the coronavirus outbreak, the company said on Sunday.
Many shoppers recently seeking to purchase groceries from the Seattle-based e-commerce company found they could not place orders due to a lack of available delivery slots. Amazon said it would have to relegate all new online grocery customers to a wait list starting Monday while working on adding capacity each week.

24% of world's large companies risk running out of cash - Nikkei Asian Review

The coronavirus pandemic has battered the global economy, sending cash flows plunging and drying up liquidity for small and midsize enterprises. Now, large companies have been threatened with the same, making it imperative that governments step up support for these bedrock companies lest they suffer the same fate as their smaller counterparts.
Using data from QUICK-FactSet, the Nikkei Asian Review calculated the cash flows of over 3,400 listed companies and discovered that a quarter of them will run out of liquidity if a 30% year-on-year drop in sales lasts for six months... If sales fall 10% over three months, 9% of large companies will run out of liquidity, assuming companies do not roll over maturing debt. In case sales drop 30%, 24% of the companies will run out of liquidity in six months, and 38% in 12 months.

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ドイツの市民が「コロナ対策」に、こんなに満足しているワケ | 現代ビジネス


「外出自粛、22年まで必要」 米ハーバード大が予測:朝日新聞デジタル


公共交通での移動減 東京45% NY87% アップルがデータ公開 | NHKニュース


コロナ患者が少ない日本「玄関で靴を脱ぐ」が功を奏した可能性 | Smart FLASH

4月10日、CDC(アメリカ疾病管理予防センター)が出版している雑誌『Emerging Infection Diseases』のサイト上で、新しい研究結果が発表された。

バンクシーも在宅勤務?「家で仕事をすると妻に嫌がられる」 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 15 April 2020

Experts warn 400,000 coronavirus deaths in Japan | NHK WORLD

The health ministry set up the team to help halt the spread of the virus. They reported their estimate on Wednesday.
They say the number of seriously ill patients would peak about 60 days after the infection starts to expand, if no social distancing measures are taken.
At the peak, 200,000 people aged 15 to 64, and 650,000 people aged 65 or older would be in serious condition. In total, 850,000 patients would need ventilators.
The team says half of them would likely die because of a shortage of ventilators, based on a study from China that showed a similar fatality rate.

TV Asahi anchor Yuta Tomikawa positive for coronavirus | The Japan Times

Yuta Tomikawa, a main anchor of TV Asahi Corp.’s “Hodo Station” evening news program, has been infected with the novel coronavirus, the broadcaster said Sunday... According to the broadcaster, Tomikawa complained of sickness after he last appeared on the show Thursday. He was hospitalized Friday, and tested positive for the coronavirus in a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test he took the following day after showing signs of pneumonia.

Japan sets aside $22 million to buff government’s global image amid pandemic struggles - The Washington Post

As Japan's novel coronavirus infections surge and its health-care system stands on the brink of collapse, the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has an added concern: its image.
An emergency economic relief package unveiled last week earmarked $22 million for the foreign ministry “to dispel negative perceptions of Japan related to infectious diseases,” and to strengthen communications about the situation in Japan - over the Internet and through its embassies.
Artificial intelligence will also be harnessed to monitor social media and see what is being said about Japan abroad. This will give the Foreign Ministry a chance to respond to “wrong information,” the Mainichi newspaper reported.

Locust invasion creates food crisis for 1 million Ethiopians | Al Jazeera

Some one million people in Ethiopia require emergency food aid after swarms of desert locusts damaged 200,000 hectares (half a million acres) of cropland in a region already struggling with food security, the United Nations has said.
The announcement on Monday from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which recently concluded a joint assessment with the Ethiopian government, came as parts of East Africa are bracing for new swarms that could be even more devastating.
Billions of desert locusts, some in swarms the size of Moscow, have already chomped their way through much of the region, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.

Three new Ebola cases detected in Democratic Republic of the Congo | New Scientist

Fresh cases of Ebola have been detected just days before the deadly epidemic in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was to be declared over.
The Ministry of Health on Friday confirmed the death from Ebola of a 26-year-old man in the city of Beni in North Kivu province. An 11-month-old girl treated at the same health centre also died, it was announced on Sunday, and a 7-year-old girl is currently being treated for the virus.
It marks a significant blow for the Central African country, which had previously recorded its last Ebola case on 17 February and was on the verge of ending an outbreak that has killed more than 2200 people since August 2018.

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米、WHOへの資金拠出を停止 トランプ氏表明 :日本経済新聞


世界経済、500兆円超失う IMFマイナス3%成長予測 :日本経済新聞


新型コロナ対策で独自路線を貫くスウェーデン その理由と現在地 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)


エボラ出血熱用の薬「レムデシビル」 日本でも治験始まる | NHKニュース


IOC追加負担は数百億円 22年延期「日本側が難色」―バッハ会長:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 14 April 2020

Photos show bodies piled up and stored in vacant rooms at Detroit hospital - CNN

Photos shared among emergency room staff at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit show bodies being stored in vacant hospital rooms and piled on top of each other inside refrigerated holding units brought into the hospital's parking lot.
CNN acquired the photos from an emergency room worker.
Two other emergency room workers confirm the photos are an accurate portrayal of the scene taking place at the hospital during early April, during one 12-hour shift they describe as overwhelming.

Nobody will die from coronavirus in Belarus, says president - Reuters

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday nobody would die from the coronavirus in his country and again rejected any need for the strict lockdown measures adopted by most countries to contain the spread of the pandemic.
It was the latest show of defiance by the strongman leader, who has dismissed worries about the disease as a “psychosis” and variously suggested drinking vodka, going to saunas and driving tractors to fight the virus.

Crown prince proclamation ceremonies postponed amid virus outbreak

The government said Tuesday it has postponed this month's ceremonies to celebrate Crown Prince Fumihito's ascent to first in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne amid the new coronavirus outbreak.
The "Rikkoshi no rei" ceremonies, originally scheduled for Sunday, are intended to proclaim the 54-year-old crown prince's new status, which he acquired after his brother, the emperor, ascended the throne in May last year. A government official said it would be rescheduled to "sometime before the end of the year at the latest," with discussions centered on holding them this autumn.
Two events -- the "Rikkoshi Senmei no gi" ceremony to proclaim Crown Prince Fumihito's new status and the "Choken no gi" ceremony in which he will meet with the emperor and empress following the proclamation -- had been planned for April 19.

How to Watch Lady Gaga’s ‘One World: Together at Home’ Concert Special - Footwear News

Lady Gaga is bringing together the biggest names from all industries to help combat the coronavirus. In partnership with the World Health Organization and Global Citizen, Gaga will be curating a virtual concert special on Saturday, April 18, with appearances by Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and many other stars, to support front-line health-care workers and WHO.
Here’s all you need to know about the “One World: Together at Home” special.

SoftBank foresees $12.5 billion loss as startup bets backfire | The Japan Times

SoftBank Group Corp. forecast a record ¥1.35 trillion operating loss for the fiscal year ended in March, a sign of how badly Masayoshi Son’s bets on technology startups have been battered in recent months.
The company expects to record a ¥1.8 trillion ($16.7 billion) loss from its Vision Fund and another ¥800 billion in losses from SoftBank’s own investments. It has written down the value of investments in companies, including office rental startup WeWork and satellite operator OneWeb, which filed for bankruptcy last month.

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世界の感染者数200万人突破、最多の米68万人…スペイン17万人・伊16万人 : 読売新聞オンライン


新型コロナの致死率は新型インフルの10倍 WHO見解 - 産経ニュース


新型コロナ、回復者に免疫あるか不明 WHOが警告 :日本経済新聞


「マスク外交」切り崩されるヨーロッパ | NHKニュース


チェルノブイリ原発に森林火災迫る ウクライナ | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 13 April 2020

Many Answer Abe's 'Stay Home' Call With Reminder: They Can't - The New York Times

Abe declared a month-long state of emergency in Tokyo and six other prefectures deemed at highest risk of an explosion of coronavirus infections just last Tuesday. The government asked people in those areas - later expanded to all of Japan - to stay at home.
But the “stay home” message has incensed many who note that most Japanese cannot remain at home because the government’s social distancing policy is voluntary and doesn’t come with compensation for cash-strapped workers.
The video posted on Twitter, on a split screen accompanied by a guitar-playing popular singer, shows Abe sitting at home looking bored. Abe reading a book. Abe cuddling his dog, sipping from a cup and flipping channels with a remote.

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio lit up as a doctor, in tribute to healthcare workers | CNN Travel

Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue was illuminated to look like a doctor on Easter Sunday, in a tribute to front-line healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic around the world.
The flags of several countries affected by the outbreak were also projected onto the monument, which towers over Rio de Janeiro... Messages of thanks in various language appeared on the statue, while pictures of medical professionals wearing scrubs and putting on face masks were also shown. The slogan "Fique Em Casa" -- meaning "Stay at Home" -- was projected onto the statue's arm.
This is the second time the monument has been illuminated in response to the pandemic.

Ecuador president slashes cabinet members' salaries in pandemic response - The Jakarta Post

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno and his cabinet members took 50% pay cuts among measures he announced on Friday to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic that has dealt a heavy blow to the Andean nation's economy.
The pandemic in recent weeks has overwhelmed sanitary authorities in the largest city of Guayaquil, where corpses remained in homes or for hours on streets.
The salary reductions will also affect state officials including lawmakers in the National Assembly, who have heavily criticized Moreno's plans to increase taxes to shore up government finances amid the pandemic.

Delay costs IOC 'several hundred million'; Japan pays rest

The International Olympic Committee will face “several hundred million dollars” of added costs because of the postponement of the Tokyo Games, the body’s president said.
Thomas Bach spoke in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt on Sunday.
Estimates in Japan put the overall cost of the postponement at $2 billion-$6 billion. Except for the IOC portion, all added costs will be borne by the Japanese side according to an agreement signed in 2013 when Tokyo was awarded the Olympics.

RMB Capital Demands Resignation of Sanyo Shokai Management and Proposes New Executive Team | Business Wire

RMB Capital ("RMB"), a Chicago-based investment advisory firm, is a long-term shareholder of Sanyo Shokai Ltd. ("Sanyo") and owns more than 6% of the firm’s total outstanding shares. RMB is now demanding the resignation of the existing management team, as the firm believes they should take the responsibility of years of losses. RMB also proposed a slate for a new executive team that is highly qualified to turn around Sanyo’s operation.

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ジョンソン英首相が退院 ロンドン郊外の別荘で療養:朝日新聞デジタル



 医療崩壊に少し遅れてやってきた葬儀システムの崩壊──。その実情を900以上の葬儀事業者が集まるニューヨーク州葬儀事業者協会(New York State Funeral Directors Association)でエグゼクティブ・ディレクターを務めるマイケル・ラノッテ氏に聞いた。

感染による死者の割合 ヒスパニック層や黒人層が高い NY | NHKニュース


「UEFAの脅しが効いた」打ち切り予定だったベルギーリーグ、正式決定が先送りに | ゲキサカ


アサンジ被告、籠城中に女性弁護士との間に2児もうける - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 12 April 2020

Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus | The Guardian

Boris Johnson has thanked the NHS for saving his life as he left hospital to recuperate at Chequers, after a week of treatment for Covid-19.
The prime minister praised two nurses in particular for watching over his bedside in intensive care for 48 hours “when things could have gone either way” - Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal.
Speaking in a video message just hours after leaving St Thomas’ hospital in south London, the prime minister expressed optimism the UK was “making progress in this incredible national battle against coronavirus”.

Did Your Stimulus Check Arrive? Check Your Bank Account

If you check your bank account and find your stimulus check deposited, you may be among the first taxpayers to receive a stimulus check. The first stimulus checks were deposited into bank accounts starting last Thursday. Taxpayers shared the good news on social media, with some posting photos of their online bank accounts.
Single taxpayers who earned less than $75,000 and filed a 2018 or 2019 federal income tax return can expect a $1,200 stimulus check. Married couples filing jointly who earned less than $150,000 can expect $2,400 and each dependent child age 16 or younger can receive $500.

Men account for over 70% of coronavirus deaths in Japan: top gov't official - The Mainichi

Men account for about 60% of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus in Japan and more than 70% of deaths due to the virus in the country, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said during a press conference on April 9.
The top government spokesman, however, said, "It is unknown whether gender plays a role (in infections) as it is said that various factors are linked to patients developing severe conditions, such as their age and whether they have underlying ailments."
The World Health Organization has reported that men account for about two-thirds of deaths attributable to the novel coronavirus in Europe.

Signs missed and steps slowed in Trump's COVID-19 pandemic response | WCIV

By the time President Donald Trump first spoke publicly about the coronavirus, it may already have been too late.
Interviewed at Davos, a gathering of global elites in the Swiss Alps, the president on Jan. 22 played down the threat posed by the respiratory virus from China, which had just reached American shores in the form of a solitary patient in Washington state... Life-saving medical equipment was not stockpiled. Travel largely continued unabated. Vital public health data from China was not provided or was deemed untrustworthy. A White House riven by rivalries and turnover was slow to act. Urgent warnings were ignored by a president consumed by his impeachment trial and intent on protecting a robust economy that he viewed as central to his reelection chances.
Twenty current and former administration officials and Republicans close to the White House were interviewed for this account about the critical weeks lost before the president spoke to the nation on Feb. 26. Most spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about private discussions.

Ecuador’s Former President Convicted on Corruption Charges - The New York Times

A top court in Ecuador on Tuesday convicted Rafael Correa, the country’s former president, on corruption charges and sentenced him to eight years in prison, a blow to a charismatic yet divisive leader and his hopes to lead the nation again.
Mr. Correa, a socialist, was Ecuador’s president from 2007 to 2017, a time when left-wing leaders were ascendant in Latin America, including Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. That left-wing wave has since subsided.
The decision comes as Ecuador faces its most pressing public health crisis in recent memory, one of the worst outbreaks of the new coronavirus in Latin America.

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新型コロナ 世界の感染者177万人 米は死者2万人超で世界最多 | NHKニュース


IMF「世界恐慌以来の不景気に」 TBS NEWS


台湾 12月末にWHOに送った文書公表“武漢で非定型肺炎” | NHKニュース


3日違いの「外出禁止令」で明暗 3月19日の全米初の加州と22日のNY州 - 毎日新聞


新型ウイルス被害は「平等ではない」とBBCキャスター 低所得者ほど感染と - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 11 April 2020

Taiwan Rejects WHO Claim of Racist Campaign Against Tedros - Bloomberg

Taiwan hit back at the head of the World Health Organization as a dispute over the self-ruled island’s exclusion from the body threatened to overshadow efforts to rein in the spread of the coronavirus.
Taiwan’s foreign ministry demanded an apology for what it called unnecessary and slanderous comments from WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Tedros, who is Ethiopian, had earlier accused Taiwan of being behind a racist campaign against him and Africans in general.

Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims - BBC News

Mobile phone mast fires are being investigated amid conspiracy theories claiming a link between 5G and coronavirus.
There have been fires at masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside.
A video, allegedly of the blaze in Aigburth, was shared on YouTube and Facebook, claiming a link between the mobile technology and Covid-19.

Coronavirus Contact Tracing: Apple and Google Team Up to Enable Virus Tracking - The New York Times

In one of the most far-ranging attempts to halt the spread of the coronavirus, Apple and Google said they were building software into smartphones that would tell people if they were recently in contact with someone who was infected with it.
The technology giants said they were teaming up to release the tool within several months, building it into the operating systems of the billions of iPhones and Android devices around the world. That would enable the smartphones to constantly log other devices they come near, enabling what is known as “contact tracing” of the disease. People would opt in to use the tool and voluntarily report if they became infected.
The unlikely partnership between Google and Apple, fierce rivals who rarely pass up an opportunity to criticize each other, underscores the seriousness of the health crisis and the power of the two companies whose software runs almost every smartphone in the world. Apple and Google said their joint effort came together in just the last two weeks.

Coronavirus is the greatest global science policy failure in a generation | The Guardian

We knew this was coming. In her 1994 warning to the world, The Coming Plague, Laurie Garrett concluded: “While the human race battles itself, fighting over ever more crowded turf and scarcer resources, the advantage moves to the microbes’ court. They are our predators and they will be victorious if we, Homo sapiens, do not learn how to live in a rational global village that affords the microbes few opportunities.”
If you think her language hyperbolic, consider the more sober analysis from the US Institute of Medicine in 2004. It evaluated the lessons of the 2003 Sars outbreak, quoting Goethe: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” It concluded that “the rapid containment of Sars is a success in public health, but also a warning … If Sars reoccurs … health systems worldwide will be put under extreme pressure … Continued vigilance is vital.”
Ian Boyd, a former chief scientific adviser to the UK government between 2012 and 2019, recently recalled “a practice run for an influenza pandemic in which about 200,000 people died. It left me shattered.” But did the experience trigger government action? “We learnt what would help, but did not necessarily implement those lessons,” Boyd said.

EU finance chiefs agree on €540 billion virus rescue package | The Japan Times

European Union finance ministers agreed on a €540 billion ($590 billion) package of measures to combat the economic fallout of the global pandemic.
In an emergency teleconference on Thursday, they approved a plan to stave off what’s expected to be a recession of unprecedented size, drawing a round of applause from the participating officials.
It includes a joint employment insurance fund worth €100 billion, a European Investment Bank instrument intended to supply €200 billion of liquidity to companies, as well as credit lines of up to €240 billion from the European Stability Mechanism — the euro area’s bailout fund — to backstop states as they go on a spending spree to help economies back on their feet.

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米大統領、国内の死者“10万人”下回る見通し TBS NEWS

 「死者は最低10万人という予測だったが、実質的には、その数を下回ると思う。仮に6万人でも信じがたいし、決して幸せなことではないが、我々が当初考え、話した数よりも、だいぶ少なくなりそうだ」(アメリカ トランプ大統領)

日本人の6割、政府に不満 新型コロナ国際世論調査 | 共同通信


人工呼吸器、参入に規制の壁 非常時対応に海外格差  :日本経済新聞


中国のマスク輸出数、1か月余りで約40億枚 品質に懸念も:AFPBB News


東京新聞:<新型コロナ>アフリカで治験案、元名選手激怒 ドログバ氏ら「実験室ではない」


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News Headlines - 10 April 2020

Boris Johnson leaves intensive care | The Times

Boris Johnson has left intensive care after three nights and is in the “early stage of his recovery” from a coronavirus infection...
His move from intensive care, where he was taken after his condition deteriorated on Monday afternoon, came after the news that he was responding to treatment. He received standard oxygen treatment but did not require mechanical ventilation.
Some in Downing Street believe that he may need as long as a month to return to work and even then may have to make a gradual return to full duties.

France reports 50 COVID-19 cases aboard aircraft carrier - Reuters

Fifty crew members aboard France’s sole aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, have tested positive for the new coronavirus and parts of the ship have been put in lockdown, the armed forces ministry said on Friday.
A ministry statement said that three sailors had been evacuated by air to a military hospital in Toulon, southern France, home port of the carrier.
A team equipped to carry out tests for coronavirus infection boarded the vessel on Wednesday just after the armed forces ministry had reported signs of COVID-19 symptoms among 40 crew members.

Pfizer clinches coronavirus vaccine deal, sees potential in antiviral treatment - Reuters

U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) said on Thursday that early data has helped it identify a drug candidate with the potential to help treat patients infected with the novel coronavirus.
It also finalized a plan to develop a coronavirus vaccine in partnership with German drugmaker BioNTech SE (22UAy.F) and said the companies hope to produce millions of vaccines by the end of 2020. The companies said they plan to start trials of the vaccine as early as this month.

OPEC and allies agree to historic 10 million barrel per day oil cut

A historic production cut agreement between OPEC and its allies, known as OPEC+, hit a roadblock after Mexico refused to agree to its share of the cuts after a marathon meeting between the oil-producing nations that lasted more than nine hours.
The other members of OPEC+, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, earlier in the day agreed to cuts that would take 10 million barrels per day offline as the coronavirus pandemic saps demand for crude.

Sony invests $400M in Chinese entertainment platform Bilibili | TechCrunch

Sony said on Thursday that it is investing $400 million to secure a 4.98% stake in Chinese entertainment giant Bilibili.
10-year old Bilibili started as an animation site, but has expanded to other categories including e-sports, user-generated music videos, documentaries, and games. The service, which has amassed over 130 million users, has attracted several big investors over the years, including Chinese giants Tencent and Alibaba... In a statement, Sony said the company believes China is a key strategic region in the entertainment business. BiliBili says it targets China’s Gen-Z. The vast majority of its users - about 80% - were born between 1990 and 2009.

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イタリア 医師100人超が死亡 新型コロナウイルス | NHKニュース




米、失業保険申請さらに660万件 3週1600万件超す :日本経済新聞


Zoomの株主が同社のセキュリティ対策の「誇張」で提訴 | TechCrunch Japan

4月7日にカリフォルニアの連邦裁判所に訴状を出した株主のMichael Drieu(マイケル・ドリュ)氏は、彼自身そしてその他の人も結果として「かなりの損害を被った」と述べた。訴えによると、ドリュ氏は149.50ドル(約1万6000円)で50株を購入したが、その1週間後に1株あたり120.50ドル(約1万3000円)で売却したときに損失を出した。

チリ最高裁、容疑者を出国禁止に 筑波大生不明事件:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 09 April 2020

Federal Reserve unveils details of $2.3 trillion in programs to help support the economy

The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced a bevy of new moves aimed at getting another $2.3 trillion of financing into businesses and revenue-pinched governments.
Stock futures jumped after the announcement, which came moments after the government reported that 6.6 million new jobless claims were filed last week.

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources - ABC News

Concerns about what is now known to be the novel coronavirus pandemic were detailed in a November intelligence report by the military's National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), according to two officials familiar with the document’s contents.
The report was the result of analysis of wire and computer intercepts, coupled with satellite images. It raised alarms because an out-of-control disease would pose a serious threat to U.S. forces in Asia -- forces that depend on the NCMI’s work. And it paints a picture of an American government that could have ramped up mitigation and containment efforts far earlier to prepare for a crisis poised to come home.

Drone video may show inmates burying coffins on NYC's Hart Island

Disturbing new drone video shows a crew of city inmates in protective gear burying coffins in a mass grave on Hart Island - where the city says it may bury the mounting dead from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The newly released footage, shot Thursday, shows more than a half-dozen white-clad prisoners lower wooden coffins into the ground, then stand by as a bulldozer and backhoe dump mounds of dirt on at least 20 of the boxes, which are lined up at the end of a long trench.
Burials are a common sight on the island, where the city has used inmates to inter the Big Apple’s anonymous and unclaimed dead for 150 years. But the number of coffins in the video in the midst of the coronavirus plague hanging over the city presents an eerie picture.

Irish Prime Minister to Work As a Doctor During Country's COVID-19 Crisis | Time

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister, has rejoined the country’s medical register and will begin working one shift a week, as the country grapples with a growing COVID-19 outbreak.
The Health Service Executive (HSE), the country’s health and social service provider, appealed to all non-working healthcare professionals on March 17 to “be on call for Ireland,” amid a rising demand for health services... Within three days of the HSE’s announcement, 50, 000 former healthcare professional registered, including Ireland’s leader.
Varadkar will assist in conducting phone assessments of people who may have been exposed to COVID-19, joining his parents, sisters and partner who all work for health services.

Scientists shrink Tokyo time clock to prove Einstein’s relativity theory | The Times

Japanese scientists have used a Tokyo tourist attraction to demonstrate one of the hypotheses of Einstein’s theory of general relativity - that time goes faster at higher altitudes.
The physicists placed an extremely accurate clock close to the top of the 634 metre Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest telecommunications tower, that dominates the northeastern skyline of the city.
They discovered that at a height of 450m each second is five in a hundred-trillionths of a second faster than one registered on the ground. The discovery has potential uses in making minutely precise measurements of changes in the earth’s crust.

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米大統領選、民主バイデン氏指名確実 サンダース氏撤退 :日本経済新聞


東京新聞:<新型コロナ>「パンデミック」予言 ビル・ゲイツ氏 「全米一律で封鎖」提言


ツイッターCEO、1100億円拠出へ 新型コロナ対策で :日本経済新聞


米五輪委が218億円の資金不足 東京五輪延期で“パンク寸前”|日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL


プレミアリーグの選手たちが団結!…医療機関支援の基金「#PlayersTogether」設立 | サッカーキング

プレミアリーグの選手たちが、新型コロナウイルスと戦うNHS(イギリスの国営医療サービス)支援のための基金『#PlayersTogether』を設立した。……声明によると、プレミアリーグの選手たちが話し合いを行い、クラブやリーグとは独立した選手主導の取り組みとして、新型コロナウイルス対策支援の寄付金を適切に分配するための基金『#PlayersTogether』を設立。150以上あるNHS慈善団体の全国的な包括組織である『NHS Charities Together(NHSCT)』と提携して支援を行うという。……プレミアリーグの選手たちは、これまで給与カットなどの経済的支援を行うようプレッシャーをかけられていた。イギリスのマット・ハンコック保健相は2日に「プレミアリーグの選手がまずできるのは給与カットを受け入れ、自分たちの役割を果たすことだ」と減給を受け入れるよう要求。プレミアリーグも翌3日、新型コロナウイルスによる経済的影響を受けて、全クラブが選手たちと年俸30パーセントに相当する給与カットについて協議すると発表していた。……なお、ハンコック保健相は8日、選手たちの声明を受けて自身のツイッターで、「この寛大な決断を暖かく歓迎する。君たちは役割を果たしている」とコメントしている。

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News Headlines - 08 April 2020

Coronavirus: tens of thousands say goodbye to Wuhan as city ends 11 weeks of lockdown | South China Morning Post

Towns and cities across China were preparing for the return of thousands of residents on Wednesday after people locked down for weeks in Wuhan, the city at the epicentre of the initial coronavirus outbreak, were finally allowed to leave.
An estimated 55,000 people left the city by train alone on the first day the railways reopened, heading to all parts of the country, from Shanghai to Beijing, Shenzhen to Chengdu, according to the local railway authority. More than 100 commercial flights also took off from the city, the first departures since runways, like the roads and railways, were closed down on January 23.

Boris Johnson improving and sitting up in bed, chancellor says | The Guardian

Boris Johnson remains in intensive care but his condition is improving and he is sitting up in his hospital bed, the chancellor has said.
Rishi Sunak said the prime minister was “engaging positively” with medical staff as he gave an update on Johnson’s condition at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.
He said Johnson was receiving “excellent care”, adding: “The latest from the hospital is the prime minister remains in intensive care where his condition is improving.

UK government admits Covid-19 antibody tests don’t work | Financial Times

The UK government has admitted that none of the 17.5m antibody tests it ordered in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic work well enough to be used... The failure of the tests is a significant setback and suggests Britain may be further away from being able to launch an effective programme of mass testing.
The government is working with nine companies that have developed coronavirus antibody tests, which screen for whether someone has recovered from the disease and is likely to be immune. The tests are being assessed by researchers at Oxford university - but each one has so far proven unreliable.

Ruby Princess coronavirus deaths to be subject of criminal investigation by NSW Police homicide squad - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Police have launched a criminal investigation into whether the operator of the Ruby Princess downplayed potential coronavirus cases before thousands of passengers disembarked in Sydney last month.
Eleven passengers have died from COVID-19 since the vessel docked at Circular Quay on March 19 - the latest being a 78-year-old who died in Queensland earlier this afternoon.
NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said there were "many unanswered questions" about the cruise, which was operated by Carnival Australia.

US prosecutors allege bribes in 2018, 2022 World Cup votes

Prosecutors revealed new details of alleged bribes paid to FIFA executive committee members to gain their votes for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup and charged a pair of former 21st Century Fox executives with making illegal payments to win broadcast rights for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.

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日本の緊急事態宣言は「見せかけ」 海外メディア - 産経ニュース


在日米軍司令官、関東地域に公衆衛生上の非常事態を宣言 - ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 米市長、命令違反の飲み会摘発を指示 捕まったのは妻


医療用マスク200万枚盗難…被害額6億円 スペイン


東京新聞:資産首位はアマゾンのベゾス氏 長者番付、12兆円で3年連続


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News Headlines - 17 April 2020

Wife of Japan's Abe criticised for group shrine visit, adding to his coronavirus woes - Reuters

The prime minister’s support has been hurt by what critics say is a timid and sluggish response to the outbreak, and by widespread criticism that he has appeared tone deaf to the severity of the crisis in his own social media posts.
Abe’s wife, Akie, became a trending topic on Japanese Twitter on Thursday, with her name gaining more than 17,000 retweets by mid-morning after a weekly magazine said she had visited a shrine in southwest Japan on March 15.
That was about two weeks after her husband asked schools to close and organisers to scrap or curtail events, but before he declared a state of emergency.

Coronavirus lockdown: Lessons from Hokkaido's second wave of infections - BBC News

In late February, Hokkaido became the first place in Japan to declare a state of emergency due to Covid-19... The policy worked and by mid-March the number of new cases had fallen back to one or two a day. On 19 March the state of emergency was lifted, and at the beginning of April, schools re-opened.
But now, just 26 days after the state of emergency was lifted, a new one has had to be imposed.

Osaka asks for raincoats as medical workers short of anti-virus gear | The Japan Times

The Osaka Municipal Government requested Tuesday that citizens offer unused raincoats as an alternative to protective gear that is in short supply at medical institutions amid a surge in coronavirus infections.
In issuing the request, Mayor Ichiro Matsui said medical professionals at some institutions in the major Japanese city have no choice but to wear trash bags when treating patients.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2021 'very unrealistic unless vaccine is found' - BBC Sport

Professor Sridhar, who is chair of global health at the University of Edinburgh, said the chances of Tokyo 2020 going ahead as planned "all depends on a vaccine"...
"If we do get a vaccine within the next year then actually I think that (Olympics) is realistic. The vaccine will be the game-changer - an effective, affordable, available vaccine.
"If we don't get a scientific breakthrough then I think that looks very unrealistic.
"I think they've made the right decision in saying 'we are going to put it back a year and re-evaluate'.

Hacking against corporations surges as workers take computers home - Reuters

Hacking activity against corporations in the United States and other countries more than doubled by some measures last month as digital thieves took advantage of security weakened by pandemic work-from-home policies, researchers said... Software and security company VMware Carbon Black said this week that ransomware attacks it monitored jumped 148% in March from the previous month, as governments worldwide curbed movement to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 130,000.

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News Headlines - 07 April 2020

Japan gambles on partial lockdown to control coronavirus | Financial Times

Japan is gambling that it can control the spread of coronavirus without a full lockdown as Shinzo Abe declared a “state of emergency” on Tuesday.
The prime minister’s declaration will give governors in seven prefectures the power to request business closures to increase social distancing. It follows a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Japan to more than 4,000 nationwide.
But the closures are not compulsory and many shops, restaurants and factories will be allowed to stay open to keep the economy ticking over, raising questions about how effective the new measures will be.

Tokyo hospital trainees test positive for coronavirus after party - Reuters

One of Japan’s most prestigious hospitals apologised for an “unforgivable blunder” after 40 trainee doctors attended a drinking party and 18 subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus.
Keio University Hospital said one trainee doctor tested positive for the virus last week and that tests on another 98 found 17 more were also positive.
The hospital confirmed that 40 trainees had attended the party after work, and 14 of those present had tested positive for the virus.

Man shot dead for flouting coronavirus rules | DW

A 63-year-old man has been shot dead by police in the Philippines after he became enraged for being told to wear a facemask, marking the first reported case of authorities shooting a civilian for breaching coronavirus restrictions.
The man was believed to have been drunk when he threatened village authorities with a scythe - a sharp blade - in the southern town of Nasipit in Agusan del Norte province, police said on Saturday.

Argentina plans payment freeze on up to $10 billion in local-law dollar debt - Reuters

Argentina plans to postpone payments on up to $10 billion of dollar debt that was issued under local law until the end of the year, the government said in a decree late on Sunday, in a bid to relieve pressure over looming foreign currency payments.
The decree of necessity and urgency (DNU), sent to Reuters, would not affect the just under $70 billion in foreign currency debt issued under international law that Argentina is currently in talks to restructure with creditors.
Argentina’s government has previously said it is looking to restructure $83 billion in foreign currency debt under both international and local law as it looks to avert a sovereign default that would hit its access to global markets.

The $200 Million the Olympics Postponement Took From Team U.S.A. - The New York Times

The anxiety is growing because the postponement has left the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee with a $200 million cash crunch that could leave athletes without the modest living and training stipends they rely on. The deficit comes while the committee simultaneously makes a push for the 2021 Summer Games and the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.
The organizations that run the individual Olympic sports in the United States, known as national governing bodies, were already trying to figure out how they will manage without income they were set to receive from thousands of events that have been canceled because of the pandemic.

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英首相、集中治療室に 新型コロナ症状悪化:AFPBB News

先月末に新型コロナウイルス感染の診断を受けていたボリス・ジョンソン(Boris Johnson)英首相(55)が6日、症状悪化に伴い集中治療室(ICU)に移された。英首相官邸が発表した。……ジョンソン氏はこれに先立つ5日夜、せきと発熱が続いたことを受け、検査のためロンドンの病院に入院。翌6日の昼ごろにはツイッター(Twitter)に、「私は元気だ」と投稿していた。

ケネディ米元司法長官の孫、遺体発見 カヌー中に行方不明:AFPBB News

米国のジョン・F・ケネディ(John F. Kennedy)元大統領の弟、ロバート・F・ケネディ(Robert F. Kennedy)元司法長官の孫娘で、息子とカヌーをしている最中に行方不明になったメーブ・ケネディ・マキーン(Maeve Kennedy McKean)さん(40)の遺体が6日、収容された。……メーブさんと息子のギデオン(Gideon McKean)君(8)は今月2日、メリーランド州の広大なチェサピーク湾(Chesapeake Bay)でカヌーをしていたところ、行方不明になった。ギデオン君は依然見つかっていない。

ポーランドなど3カ国、移民拒否で違法判決 欧州司法裁 - BBCニュース


現代数学の難問「ABC予想」を証明、論文掲載へ 京大・望月教授、8年越しで専門誌に|京都新聞


FIFA理事への買収告発 18、22年W杯招致で米地裁 | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 06 April 2020

Japan state of emergency to cover Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures | The Japan Times

After weekslong pressure from public health officials and lawmakers, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday the government would declare a state of emergency as soon as Tuesday covering Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures amid the growing outbreak of COVID-19, in a step that will empower prefectures to take restrictive measures.
The prime minister is slated to designate authorities in the seven prefectures subject to emergency measures. The declaration also will cover Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Hyogo and Fukuoka prefectures, Abe said in a briefing at the Prime Minister's Office.

Japanese celebrity redesigns signature song as hand washing melody - Reuters

Japanese social media celebrity Pikotaro returned as a leading twitter trend in Japan with a coronavirus hand washing song that repurposes his signature Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) to Pray-for-People-and-Peace.
The video was among the top five in a Twitter trend ranking in Japan on Monday.
Pikotaro, whose real name is Kazuhito Kosaka, wore the same gold animal print outfit he wore in PPAP video that went viral in 2016.

3M denies masks destined for Germany were seized in Bangkok and re-routed to US | The Thaiger

US, Minnesota-based, 3M is denying allegations that 1000s of its face masks, heading for Germany, were ‘seized’ during transit in Bangkok and diverted to the US. The incident is reported to have occurred on April 3. 3M has explained to Germany’s DPA News that it had received no reports of masks being seized or any other paperwork on such a shipment heading to Germany.

Canadians React With Anger at Trump's N95 Mask Export Ban | Time

The premier of a Canadian province that sheltered thousands of stranded American airline passengers after the 9/11 attacks questioned the humanity of U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday after Trump banned the export of N95 protective masks to Canada... Canadians across the country expressed hurt and disappointment that their neighbor and longstanding ally is blocking shipments of the masks from the United States to ensure they are available in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic. Canadian health care workers - like those in the U.S. - are in dire need of the masks that provide more protection against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Russian Man Shoots, Kills 5 Neighbors Over Noise Complaint During Quarantine - The Moscow Times

Police detained a 32-year-old Russian man Saturday night after he allegedly shot and killed five of his neighbors with a hunting rifle in an apartment block.
The incident happened around 10 p.m. in the village of Yelatma, some 320 kilometers east of Moscow in the Ryazan region, Russian media has reported.

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ウイルスとの戦いに「成功します」 英女王が異例の演説 - BBCニュース


新型コロナで脚光のZoom セキュリティやプライバシーの問題で一転逆風 - クラウド Watch

外出禁止やテレワークへの移行などの措置で、Cisco Systemsの「Webex」や、Microsoftの「Teams」などビデオ会議の利用は爆発的に増えている。例えば、MicrosoftはTeamsのユーザーが3月中旬の一週間で1200万人増加したと発表している。これを大きく上回るのが、昨年上場したばかりのZoom Video Communicationsが運営するZoomだ。

新型コロナ禍が報道の自由を切り崩すのか 各国で取材規制、国際団体が警告 - 毎日新聞


原油協調減産へ転換、プーチン氏の負けないシナリオ :日本経済新聞


世界の投信、資金流出が過去最大に 3月55兆円 :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 05 April 2020

Scotland's chief medical officer quits over second home row | The Guardian

Scotland’s chief medical officer, Catherine Calderwood, has quit after facing intense criticism for breaking her own rules to twice visit her second home during the coronavirus outbreak.
In a statement issued on Sunday night, more than seven hours after insisting she would carry on, Calderwood said she had again discussed the controversy with Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and concluded her position was untenable... Calderwood’s resignation follows mounting criticism from opposition leaders, members of the public and villagers in Earlsferry, Fife, where she and her husband have a second home.

Boris Johnson in hospital for tests as symptoms persist

Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests as he continues to show symptoms of the coronavirus.
The British prime minister has been in self-isolation for 10 days after contracting the virus and Downing Street said he went into hospital on Sunday night on the advice of his doctor.

China rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang released after five years in jail | The Japan Times

A leading Chinese human rights lawyer has been released from prison after almost five years behind bars, his wife said Sunday.
Wang Quanzhang, 44, was first detained in 2015 in a sweeping crackdown on more than 200 lawyers and government critics in China as President Xi Jinping tightened his grip on power.
But Wang has yet to return home to his family in Beijing and was instead escorted Sunday to a property he owns in eastern Shandong province for 14 days in quarantine as a precaution against the coronavirus, according to his wife, Li Wenzu.

Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and her son presumed dead after canoeing mishap - Chicago Sun-Times

Authorities were conducting a “recovery” search for the daughter and a grandson of former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, after a canoe they were paddling in the Chesapeake Bay didn’t return to shore, the family said Friday.
The missing relatives were identified as Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, 40, and McKean’s 8-year-old son, Gideon Joseph Kennedy McKean.

Woman arrested for trespassing at Abe's private residence in Tokyo | The Japan Times

A 26-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday for allegedly trespassing on the grounds of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s private residence.
An officer from the Metropolitan Police Department found Eri Shimada standing on the Abe premises in Shibuya Ward’s Tomigaya district at around 11 a.m. and arrested her on the spot.
“I thought I would be able to reset my life if I am arrested,” the woman was quoted as saying, adding that she was not on good terms with her parents, according to investigative sources.

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訪日米国市民は帰国準備を、在日米大使館が呼びかけ TBS NEWS


ダイヤモンド・プリンセス号に対応した日本の医療関係者に米国大使から感謝の言葉 「最高のケアを受けました」 - ねとらぼ


「アベノマスク」海外でも報道 マスク配布に「冗談か」:朝日新聞デジタル

米ブルームバーグ通信(電子版)は2日、「アベノミクスからアベノマスクへ マスク配布策が冷笑を買う」という見出しの記事を配信。「Abenomask」の意味を、「Abe’s Mask(安倍首相のマスク)」と説明し、「アベノマスク」が日本のツイッターでトレンド1位になったことを紹介した。

利用者2億人「Zoom」がセキュリティーに問題と発表 | NHKニュース


CNN.co.jp : 「ブルーラグーン」に警察が黒い染料、全土封鎖後も観光客止まらず 英


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News Headlines - 04 April 2020

China mourns victims of coronavirus epidemic | NHK WORLD

People across China observed a moment of silence on Saturday to mourn thousands who lost their lives in the coronavirus epidemic.
Saturday coincides with the traditional Qingming festival when Chinese visit the graves of their ancestors. The Chinese government designated the day to commemorate those who fell victim to COVID-19.
In the nation's capital Beijing, three minutes of silence was observed as air raid sirens wailed at 10 a.m. local time.

China and South Korea split over Japanese anti-flu drug Avigan in fight against coronavirus

Japan’s neighbours are divided over use of the controversial anti-flu drug ‘Avigan’ in their countries; with China welcoming the trial use, while South Korea has declined, saying “serious side effects” potentially cause fetal damage.
The Trump administration and US expert groups are also at odds over using the unproven drug, joining the latest international debate.
The antiviral drug, also known as favipiravir and developed by Japanese company Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Company, has emerged as a potential drug to treat patients infected with the deadly coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2, for which there is currently no cure.

White House coronavirus task force and CDC differ on guidance over universal use of cloth masks, face coverings - The Washington Post

President Trump announced new guidance Friday that people in the U.S. wear face coverings in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus, a reversal of the administration’s earlier recommendations. But Trump immediately said he himself would not choose to do it, even though “it may be good” advice, reflecting the sharp debate in recent days between the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

USS Theodore Roosevelt: Sailors cheer for aircraft carrier commander who was removed after issuing coronavirus warning - CNNPolitics

Sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier cheered for Capt. Brett Crozier as he disembarked the ship for the last time, an overwhelming show of support for their leader who was relieved of his command after issuing a stark warning about a coronavirus outbreak onboard.
New video obtained by CNN shows a large crowd gathered to give Crozier a warm and loud send off, clapping and chanting his name as he left the ship. It was a clear expression of appreciation for their former commander who was removed for what the acting Navy Secretary called "poor judgment."

Terrorism probe launched after knife attack in southeast France leaves two dead

A Sudanese refugee went on a knife rampage in a town in southeastern France on Saturday, killing two people in what is being investigated as a terrorist attack.
The attack in broad daylight, which President Emmanuel Macron called "an odious act", took place with the country on lockdown in a bid to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
Counter-terrorism prosecutors have launched an investigation into "murder linked to a terrorist enterprise" after the rampage in a string of shops in Romans-sur-Isère, a riverside town with a population of about 35,000.
The assailant – identified only as Abdallah A.-O., a refugee in his 30s from Sudan who lives in the town – was arrested without a fight by police.

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「アビガン」希望国に無償供与へ 官房長官が表明 30カ国から要請  :日本経済新聞


米シェール企業が経営破綻 原油急落で初:時事ドットコム


約60の地方紙、紙媒体の発行停止 新型コロナで広告収入減 オーストラリア:時事ドットコム


英労働党、新党首に親EU派のスターマー氏 :日本経済新聞


C・W・ニコルさん死去 環境保護活動家で作家、79歳:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 03 April 2020

East Africa locust swarms gather as coronavirus curbs delay pesticides - Reuters

Coronavirus-linked flight restrictions are hampering efforts to wipe out locust swarms on the verge of devastating crops in eastern Africa, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said.
The curbs have delayed deliveries of pesticides and, at the current rate of spraying, stocks in Kenya will run out within four days, Cyril Ferrand, FAO’s head of resilience for Eastern Africa, told Reuters on Thursday.

Trump bans export of protective gear after slamming 3M

President Donald Trump on Friday invoked the Defense Production Act to ban “unscrupulous actors and profiteers” from exporting critical medical gear used to protect wearers from the coronavirus.
The president unveiled the new order amid a dispute with U.S. manufacturing giant 3M, which had warned the Trump administration that halting its exports of respirator masks could make them even less available in the United States.

Corona beer stops production - CNN

Production of Corona beer is being temporarily suspended in Mexico because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Grupo Modelo, the company that makes the beer, posted the announcement on Twitter, stating that it's halting production and marketing of its beer because the Mexican government has shuttered non-essential businesses. The Anheuser-Busch Inbev-owned company also makes Modelo and Pacifico beers... Corona's coincidental name with the virus hasn't dented sales. Constellation said sales of its beer brands grew 8.9% for the first three months of this year, with Modelo and Corona being its top sellers. Sales accelerated in the first three weeks of March, the company said, with its beers growing 24% compared to a year ago.

Coronavirus symptoms force Boris Johnson to stay in self-isolation | The Guardian

Boris Johnson is continuing his self-isolation inside Downing Street after the initial seven-day period because he is still showing symptoms of coronavirus.
The UK prime minister has a temperature, and in a video clip released on his Twitter account said he would continue to stay inside his flat at No 11 until it disappears.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Elton John pay tribute to NHS staff | The Independent

Posted on Twitter by NHS England, the short video begins with Chief Nursing Officer Ruth May thanking medical staff working on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak.
“There are a few other people that would like to share their thanks with you,” says May.
The camera then jumps to Sir Elton John holding a placard that reads #ThankYouNHS and #OurNHSPeople.

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新型コロナ、世界の感染者100万人突破 死者は5万人に :日本経済新聞


米国、2週間の失業者1000万人に 新型コロナで経済活動停止:AFPBB News


「感染SOS」の米空母艦長解任 部外者にもメール送信問題視

米海軍のモドリー長官代行は二日の記者会見で、新型コロナウイルスの感染が拡大している原子力空母セオドア・ルーズベルトのクロージャー艦長を解任したと発表した。…… 空母は現在、米領グアムに寄港中。……モドリー氏は、乗組員を下船させる要求そのものは間違っていないと指摘した上で「書簡が漏えいすることに配慮せず、かなり広範に電子メールで配布した結果、不要な混乱を招いた」と解任理由を説明した。指揮系統以外の部外者にも送ったとみられる。

新型コロナ感染拡大 英 ロンドン五輪会場に臨時病院 | NHKニュース


東京新聞:<新型コロナ>非常事態宣言の無期限延長可能に ハンガリー独裁懸念


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News Headlines - 02 April 2020

Two masks, no lockdown: Japan PM's latest coronavirus step riles social media - Reuters

Facing calls to declare a coronavirus state of emergency, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was derided on social media on Thursday for instead offering people cloth masks, pointing to growing frustration with his handling of the crisis.
Abe’s offer of free masks - two per household - came the day after experts had warned Japan was on the brink of a medical crisis as cases rose, especially in Tokyo. The prime minister said on Wednesday Japan was “barely holding the line” in its battle against the virus.

Extend Brexit transition by years over coronavirus, UK told | The Guardian

The largest group in the European parliament has urged the UK government to do the “responsible thing” and extend the Brexit transition period, as coronavirus plays havoc with the timetable for an EU-UK deal.
The centre-right European People’s party (EPP), which unites the parties of 11 EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar, issued a statement on Monday calling on the government to extend the Brexit transition beyond the end of the year.

UK-made tests sold ABROAD despite 'shortage' | Daily Mail Online

A British firm producing millions of pounds worth of coronavirus tests is selling most of them abroad as the UK doesn’t have enough laboratories to use them.
Novacyt has made £17.8million selling its testing equipment to more than 80 countries via its Southampton-based subsidiary Primerdesign.
But only £1million worth has been sold to the UK, raising questions about why Britain is not buying more at a time when there are global shortages of tests.

Big Issue to be sold in stores for first time after street sales paused | The Guardian

The Big Issue is to go on sale in supermarkets for the first time in an effort to make money for vendors left without income during the coronavirus outbreak.
The magazine, normally sold on the street by homeless people, is to be sold in selected Sainsbury’s and McColl’s stores after sales were paused on 22 March to protect the health of its vendors.

Clap for Carers: UK applauds the NHS and other key workers - BBC News

People across the UK have taken part in a second "Clap for Carers" tribute, saluting NHS staff and other key workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
Delivery drivers, supermarket staff, care workers and bin collectors were among those honoured by the nation... The event is now expected to happen every Thursday at 20:00 BST.
Households gathered on balconies, doorsteps and gardens to pay tribute to the efforts of key workers during the crisis.

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コロナ検査、世界に後れ 1日2000件弱で独の17分の1 :日本経済新聞


欧州、検査能力を相次ぎ増強 仏は10倍増、独は週50万件に - 産経ニュース


新型コロナ、異動時期直撃 翻弄される日本企業―欧州:時事ドットコム


東京新聞:米空母、感染で3千人下船へ 寄港地グアムで隔離


ウィンブルドン、75年ぶり中止 戦争以外で初―テニス:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 01 April 2020

Coronavirus pandemic expected to slash China’s 2020 growth to 2.3 per cent, World Bank warns | South China Morning Post

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout could cause China’s growth to come to a standstill while driving 11 million more people in East Asia into poverty, the World Bank warned on Monday... Even in the best-case scenario, the region will see a sharp drop in growth, with China’s expansion slowing to 2.3 per cent this year from 6.1 per cent in 2019, according to a report on the pandemic’s impact on the region.
Under the most pessimistic scenario, growth in China could tumble to be 0.1 per cent, the bank said.

Japan's business mood hits seven-year low as virus revives deflation specter - Reuters

The Bank of Japan’s quarterly “tankan” survey on Wednesday showed big manufacturers’ sentiment turned pessimistic for the first time in seven years as supply chain disruptions caused by the outbreak hit sectors across the board.
Service-sector sentiment also hit a seven-year low as travel bans and social distancing policies hurt consumption, clouding an already dark outlook.
Analysts warn firms are yet to fully factor in the coming business hit from the pandemic and will likely slash spending plans in months ahead.

Abe plans to send cloth masks to every household | NHK WORLD

Japan's Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has announced a plan to provide cloth masks to households across the country to deal with a continued shortage of face masks.
Abe unveiled the plan at a coronavirus taskforce meeting on Wednesday... Abe announced a plan to use the postal system to deliver two cloth masks per one address... Abe also said the necessary cost for the measure will be included in a supplementary budget bill for this fiscal year.

Spark by Naoki Matayoshi - a strange Japanese double act | Financial Times

Spark - a 2016 sensation in Japan that has since spawned a Netflix series - is written by one half of a manzai duo, Naoki Matayoshi. The lifestyle provides much of the setting, in tin-pot theatres and down-at-heel bars. The heroes - or perhaps anti-heroes - are a pair of man-boys awkwardly charting the boundaries of friendship in their mentor-apprentice relationship.

Huawei's 2019 revenues up 19.1% despite U.S sanctions

Chinese vendor Huawei recorded revenues of CNY858.8 billion ($123 billion) in 2019, up 19.1% year-on-year, while its net profit reached CNY62.7 billion, up 5. 6% versus 2018, the company said in its annual report.
Huawei invested 15.3% of its 2019 revenue - or CNY131.7 billion - back into R&D.
Revenue from China increased 36.2% to CNY506.7 billion, accounting for 59% of Huawei’s total revenues, with EMEA (24% of the total) flat at CNY206 billion. Revenues in Asia Pacific (8.2 %) declined 13.9% to CNY70.5 billion, while revenues in the Americas (6.1%) increased 9.6% to CNY52.5 billion.

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トランプ氏「苦しい2週間に」 米の死者24万人の恐れも  :日本経済新聞


10代の死亡相次ぐ 新型コロナ、欧米で報告:時事ドットコム


CNN.co.jp : 米J&J、新型コロナのワクチン 「来年早々」にも供給へ


米ゼロックス、HPへの敵対的買収断念 新型コロナで - ロイター


ベネズエラ民主化へ新枠組み 米国務長官が提案 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


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