News Headlines - 29 April 2020

Coronavirus: Sweden's Anders Tegnell stands by unorthodox strategy

Tegnell: We are doing two major investigations. We may have those results this week or a bit later in May. We know from modeling and some data we have already - these data are a little uncertain - that we probably had a transmission peak in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, which means that we are probably hitting the peak of infections right about now. We think that up to 25% of people in Stockholm have been exposed to coronavirus and are possibly immune. A recent survey from one of our hospitals in Stockholm found that 27% of staff there are immune. We think that most of those are immune from transmission in society, not the workplace. We could reach herd immunity in Stockholm within a matter of weeks.

UK hospital first to widely use new respirator hoods to protect medics on frontline of coronavirus fight | London Evening Standard

Frontline health workers at a UK hospital have become the first in the country to be widely kitted out with a pioneering respirator hood when treating Covid-19 patients.
The PeRSo device consists of a fabric hood with a plastic visor to protect the face. It delivers clean air through a High Efficiency Particulate Air (Hepa) filter using a fan mounted on the wearer's belt.
Staff at University Hospital Southampton have begun wearing the equipment, which was developed from a prototype created in less than a week.

British Airways to cut up to 12,000 jobs as air travel collapses - BBC News

British Airways is set to cut up to 12,000 jobs from its 42,000-strong workforce due to a collapse in business because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The airline's parent company, IAG, said it needed to impose a "restructuring and redundancy programme" until demand for air travel returns to 2019 levels.
The pilots' union Balpa said it was "devastated" at the news and vowed to fight "every single" job cut.

Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry

A Japanese comedian apologized Wednesday for his recent remarks that men can look forward to seeing "pretty girls entering (the sex industry) after the coronavirus is over" as they would be in need of money and obliged to take such jobs temporarily.

Online sexual Abuse In South Korea | Public Radio International

In South Korea, one story that might be bigger than coronavirus is the "Nth Room" sexual abuse scandal. Nth Room sex scandal is about an online chat room where criminals blackmailed women and children into doing sexual acts on camera. Kelly Kasulis reports from Seoul that the scandal has spurred an examination of sentencing for these crimes.







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