News Headlines - 26 April 2020

Wuhan declared free of Covid-19 as last patients leave hospital after months-long struggle against coronavirus | South China Morning Post

The city of Wuhan, the initial epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, no longer has any Covid-19 patients in hospital after the last 12 were discharged on Sunday.
Their release ended a four-month nightmare for the city, where the disease was first detected in December. The number of patients being treated for Covid-19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus, peaked on February 18 at 38,020 - nearly 10,000 of whom were in severe or critical condition.

Unprecedented virus lockdown as Muslims mark Ramadan | Al Jazeera

Muslims around the world began marking Ramadan under coronavirus lockdown on Friday with unprecedented bans on family gatherings and mass prayers, while a pushback in some countries sparked fears of a surge in infections.
This year, the holy daytime fasting month will be a sombre affair for many across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
Widespread rules have been imposed banning praying in mosques or meeting relatives and friends for large "iftar" meals at dusk - a centrepiece of the month-long fast.

Japan's economy 'getting worse rapidly' | NHK WORLD

Japan's government says the nation's economy is "getting worse rapidly in an extremely severe situation" due to the coronavirus outbreak.
In its monthly economic report for April, the government downgraded its assessment of the economy for the second straight month.
It's the first time in nearly 11 years that the government has used the word "worse" in its assessment of the economy.

Revealed: Dominic Cummings on secret scientific advisory group for Covid-19 | The Guardian

The prime minister’s chief political adviser, Dominic Cummings, and a data scientist he worked with on the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit are on the secret scientific group advising the government on the coronavirus pandemic, according to a list leaked to the Guardian.
It reveals that both Cummings and Ben Warner were among 23 attendees present at a crucial convening of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) on 23 March, the day Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown in a televised address.
Multiple attendees of Sage told the Guardian that both Cummings and Warner had been taking part in meetings of the group as far back as February. The inclusion of Downing Street advisers on Sage will raise questions about the independence of its scientific advice.

Tom Hanks writes to boy called Corona who said he was bullied - BBC News

US actor Tom Hanks has written a letter and sent a Corona-brand typewriter gift to an Australian boy who said he was bullied because of his name - Corona.
Corona De Vries, 8, first wrote to the Toy Story actor and his wife Rita Wilson after they fell sick with the virus in Queensland... In response, Hanks replied with a letter that began: "Dear Friend Corona".
"Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! Thank you for being such a good friend - friends make friends feel good when they are down."







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