News Headlines - 27 April 2020

Bank of Japan adopts unlimited JGB purchases to buoy economy in pandemic | The Japan Times

The Bank of Japan expanded monetary stimulus on Monday and pledged to buy unlimited amount of bonds to keep borrowing costs low as the government tries to spend its way out of the deepening economic pain from the coronavirus pandemic.
The move puts the BOJ in line with other major central banks that have unleashed unprecedented amounts of monetary support as the health crisis stokes fears of a deep global recession.

Japan economy minister Yasutoshi Nishimura negative for coronavirus | The Japan Times

Economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura has tested negative for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, after a member of the Cabinet Office staff was found to be infected late last week... The infected staff member, who is on the Cabinet Office’s COVID-19 response team, accompanied the minister on an inspection visit on April 19. The staff member was confirmed to have the virus on Friday.

Boeing terminates $4.2 billion deal with Embraer - CNN

Boeing has terminated its $4.2 billion deal with Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer, the American company announced Saturday. The deal would have given Boeing a bigger stake in the market for smaller jets and help the company develop airplanes more cheaply... The two had planned to create a joint venture by April 24, but the deadline passed without Embraer satisfying the necessary conditions, according to Boeing, which declined to go into details about the specific unmet conditions. The Brazilian company said it believes it fully satisfied the deal's conditions.

French government announces 'historic' €7 billion aid package for Air France-KLM

France said on Friday it was readying a "historic" package of multi-billion euro loans to help carmaker Renault and flag-carrier Air France through the crisis caused by the coronavirus.
For Air France, a seven billion euro ($7.5 billion) package is planned and for Renault five billion euro ($5.4 billion), Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced.

Coronavirus Ventilator Death Rate: Study Shows 9/10 Don't Make It - Bloomberg

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is one of the largest reviews published to date of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the U.S. The researchers examined outcomes for coronavirus patients who were admitted between March 1 and April 4 to 12 hospitals in New York City and Long Island that are part of the Northwell Health system.
Overall, the researchers reported that 553 patients died, or 21%. But among the 12% of very sick patients that needed ventilators to breathe, the death rate rose to 88%. The rate was particularly awful for patients over 65 who were placed on a machine, with just 3% of those patients surviving, according to the results. Men had a higher mortality rate than women.







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