News Headlines - 05 May 2020

How Neil Ferguson, the architect of lockdown, was brought down by failing to obey his own rules

"Our latest estimates suggest that the virus is slightly more transmissible than we previously thought," he tweeted on March 26.
Yet four days later the professor was feeling well enough to break his own advice to the public and allow his girlfriend, Antonia Staats, to cross London for a visit. The following week she made a second visit to Prof Ferguson's flat, despite telling friends she suspected that her husband had coronavirus symptoms.
There is no suggestion Ms Staats visited him during the period he was self-isolating with the virus. But to some, the tryst shows a staggering hypocrisy and wilful flaunting of lockdown laws.

Japanese decry boomer-era tech as hospitals file coronavirus cases by fax | South China Morning Post

Japan’s stubborn reliance on the fax machine has sparked a Twitter tirade by a doctor, who railed against the legal requirement that hospitals complete paperwork on new coronavirus cases by hand, and then fax it to public health centres to compile statistics on infections... Yet the fax machine still reigns supreme in Japan, with a recent government study showing that virtually every office in the country and one in three households has a machine.

ABS-CBN: Philippines' biggest broadcaster forced off air - BBC News

ABS-CBN said it had been told it could continue broadcasting while it waited for Congress to renew its licence, which expired on Monday.
But the regulator said it must stop on Tuesday.
The channel has in the past angered President Rodrigo Duterte, who correspondents say is well-known for silencing media critics.

Gold's Gym files for bankruptcy after blow from coronavirus pandemic - CBS News

Gold's Gym has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the company announced Monday. Its 700 gyms worldwide will stay open as it looks to restructure during the coronavirus pandemic that has virtually shutdown the entire U.S. economy.
Last month, Gold's Gym permanently closed about 30 company-owned gyms during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ford, FCA, Report COVID-19 Foiled Earnings, Deliveries | IndustryWeek

On May 5, Fiat-Chrysler reported that it had lost 1.7 billion euros, or $1.86 billion, over the quarter with an adjusted net loss of $547 million and an adjusted EBIT of about $109 million. The company reported quarterly revenue of about $22.5 million, but said suspended production had hammered demand and its ability to deliver products. Worldwide combined shipments were down 21%, the company reported... Ford reported its net loss of $2 billion in an earnings call April 28. The Dearborn, Michigan-based truck company also reported negative adjusted earnings of $632 million and said that the COVID-19 virus caused an estimated negative effect of “at least $2 billion.” Quarterly revenue was $34 billion.







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