News Headlines - 30 May 2020

India warns airlines of locust swarm flight risk - The Straits Times

India warned airlines on Friday (May 29) that passenger flights could be disrupted and planes damaged by the unprecedented locust swarms currently plaguing large stretches of the country.
The worst insect invasion in nearly three decades has already caused massive damage to seasonal crops, crippling Indian farmers struggling with the impact of a months-long national coronavirus lockdown.
But the swarms have now become so large that the civil aviation ministry said they "pose a threat to aircraft in the critical landing and take off phase of the flight".

Malaysia's Mahathir ousted from party amid power struggle | The Japan Times

Malaysia’s former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, has been ousted from his ethnic Malay political party in the latest twist of a power struggle with his successor, but he has vowed to challenge the move.
The 94-year-old Mahathir, along with his son and three other senior members, were expelled from the Bersatu party on Thursday.
The party has has been split into two camps since intense political wrangling led Mahathir to resign as prime minister in February and the king to appoint fellow party member Muhyiddin Yassin as his replacement despite Mahathir’s objections.

Vietnam: How this country of 95 million kept its coronavirus death toll at zero - CNN

When the world looked to Asia for successful examples in handling the novel coronavirus outbreak, much attention and plaudits were paid to South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
But there's one overlooked success story -- Vietnam. The country of 97 million people has not reported a single coronavirus-related death and on Saturday had just 328 confirmed cases, despite its long border with China and the millions of Chinese visitors it receives each year.

Three Chinese nationals murdered in Zambia - Chinadaily.com.cn

Three Chinese citizens were killed in a vicious attack in a Chinese company's warehouse in Lusaka, Zambia's capital, on Sunday, according to a news release from the Chinese Embassy to Zambia... According to a preliminary investigation by Zambian police, the suspects are two men and one woman from the local area. After entering the warehouse at 29 Makeni Road, they killed the victims, robbed them, and then set a fire to destroy the evidence. The police have arrested two male suspects and are seeking to arrest the remaining fugitive.

Can former Disney executive transform TikTok? - Nikkei Asian Review

In June the 57-year-old will take charge of the Chinese app TikTok, whose presence on the smartphone screens of one billion people around the world has brought it to the keen attention of policymakers from Washington to Delhi.
As a dealmaker at Disney, and then as the head of its streaming service, which has racked up more than 50m subscribers in under six months, Mr Mayer is known as a problem solver who works gruelling hours.







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