News Headlines - 17 June 2020

Japan PM Abe defends gov't efforts despite coronavirus business subsidy delays - The Mainichi

Furthermore, Kuniyoshi Noda, member of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, raised a question about Small and Medium Enterprise Agency chief Yasuhiro Maeda meeting with an executive of an association commissioned to handle the administrative work for the subsidy program in the U.S. state of Texas in 2017. Noda said, "It is unacceptable action to be taken by a civil servant," but the prime minister commented, "It is questionable that you criticize one-sidedly without even referring to what exactly the official violated in the ethical principles of civil servants," and defended Maeda by saying, "It occasionally happens that civilians and public employees meet up."

Man dies from rabies, 1st confirmed case in Japan since 2006 - The Mainichi

A man believed to have contracted rabies months ago in the Philippines has died at a hospital in the central Japan city of Toyohashi, the first death caused by the viral disease in the country since 2006, the city said Monday.
The foreign national in his 30s came to Japan from the Philippines in February for work, according to the city government. He began complaining of back and ankle pain, and developed a fear of water, a common rabies symptom known as hydrophobia, around May 11... Two Japanese men died of rabies in 2006 after returning from the Philippines where they were bitten by a dog. No cases of rabies infection within Japan have been reported since 1956.

Mysterious balloon-like object spotted above Sendai

The Meteorological Agency’s Sendai office received a number of inquiries Wednesday morning over a white balloon-like object floating in the sky over the city, leaving agency officials bewildered and some Twitter users excited.

Gucci Grip gets a Japan exclusive release - Esquire Middle East

Gucci has created a limited edition Japan-exclusive take on its Grip watch.
The Grip watch made headlines for its three-window design, and unisex stylings. The new Japan exclusive features the regular gold-tone cushion case, with cutouts that reveal the hours, minutes and date.
Decorating the face is the world ‘Gucci’ written in Katakana, with subtle branding engraved on the bottom right corner.

Rare photo of iceberg ‘most likely’ behind sinking of Titanic emerges over 100 years later | The Independent

A photograph of an iceberg that “most likely” sank the Titanic has emerged more than 100 years after the disaster took place.
It was taken by the captain of another passenger ship crossing the Atlantic, less than two days before the Titanic went down.
The black and white picture was taken by seaman W Wood - a keen photographer - while he was serving as captain on board the SS Etonian on 12 April, 1912.







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