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News Headlines - 31 August 2020

Hundreds of livestock rustled from Tochigi, Gunma farms : The Asahi Shimbun

Livestock rustlers have been hitting farms hard in the northern Kanto region in the dead of night, making off with prized calves in Tochigi Prefecture and 670 piglets in Gunma Prefecture. 
Gunma and Tochigi prefectural police are investigating the cases as theft and searching for the culprits.

Tokyo amusement park Toshimaen to close doors after 94 years of history

A family-friendly amusement park in Tokyo ceased operations Monday 94 years after it first opened, with part of the site slated to be turned into a new Harry Potter theme park in 2023.
Toshimaen, which opened in September 1926, was one of the largest amusement parks in the capital with over 30 rides and attractions including a wooden carousel that was made in Germany in 1907 and brought to the park in 1971.
It was also equipped with a 350-meter, doughnut-shaped pool introduced in 1965 which was said to be the world's first lazy river pool.

Osamu Masuko, Mitsubishi Motors executive behind Nissan alliance, dies at 71 | The Japan Times

Former Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive Osamu Masuko, who engineered the automaker’s alliance with Nissan, has died. He was 71... Masuko joined with former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn in forming an alliance in 2016... After he was named president of Mitsubishi Motors in 2005, Masuko worked hard to rebuild its brand image, which had been hammered by a massive, systematic and decadeslong cover-up of defects that surfaced in the early 2000s.
Calm and soft-spoken, Masuko came to symbolize Mitsubishi Motors’ revitalization.

SkyDrive Demonstrates Its First Piloted Flying Car | HYPEBEAST

SkyDrive, a Toyota-backed start-up with a mission for developing flying cars, has recently conducted a public, manned test flight of one its aerial vehicles after years of work. The SD-03, with its glossy white exteriors and sleek aerodynamic body, flew around Toyota Test Field, showing the world that such a thing as flying cars can exist beyond fantasy and fiction.

Portland protests: One person shot dead following clashes between BLM activists, pro-Trump supporters - The Washington Post

One person was shot dead on a Portland street Saturday night during a series of confrontations between members of a 600-vehicle caravan in support of President Trump and counterprotesters who met them in this riverside city, an intensification of the conflict over race and criminal justice that has roiled American communities during a summer of illness and anguish... Police here said they are investigating the shooting as a homicide but warned against forming conclusions about what had occurred because so much was still unclear Sunday, almost 24 hours after the lethal encounter. 

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世界で4億人超、遠隔学習できず ユニセフ「地球規模の教育危機」:中日新聞Web


ノルウェーがリセッション入り、4-6月GDPは過去最悪の-6.3% | ニューズウィーク日本版


スイスGDP、第2四半期は前期比8.2%減 過去最大の落ち込み - ロイター


米ウォルマート、MS陣営に TikTok争奪戦:時事ドットコム


長友がマルセイユ加入へ、指揮官明かす「経験ある選手を求めていた」:AFPBB News

フランス・リーグ1のオリンピック・マルセイユ(Olympique de Marseille)を率いるアンドレ・ビラス・ボアス(Andre Villas-Boas)監督は30日、日本代表DF長友佑都(Yuto Nagatomo)がフリー移籍で加わる見通しだと明かした。……来月に34歳を迎える長友は、新天地で同じ日本代表DFの酒井宏樹(Hiroki Sakai)とチームメートになり、クラブが契約延長を希望しているDFジョルダン・アマヴィ(Jordan Amavi)の控えになるとみられている。
 イタリア・セリエAのインテル(Inter Milan)で7シーズンを過ごし、2018年の年始にトルコ1部リーグのガラタサライ(Galatasaray)に移籍した長友は、日本代表としても122試合でプレーしており、W杯(World Cup)でも直近3大会に出場している。

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News Headlines - 30 August 2020

Abe right-hand man Yoshihide Suga emerges as a top pick to replace him | The Japan Times

Aug 30, 2020
Yoshihide Suga, the chief Cabinet secretary who has been Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s right-hand man for nearly eight years, on Sunday emerged as a leading candidate to take over the nation’s highest political position... His candidacy is seen as a major development in the race to succeed Abe, who abruptly announced Friday that he is stepping down because of a chronic illness. Abe refrained from nominating a successor and said he would not use his influence the selection process for his replacement.
The other key contenders so far are LDP policy chief Fumio Kishida and former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba, both of whom expressed a desire to run shortly after Abe’s surprise announcement.

Japan swim queen Ikee wins first race since leukaemia diagnosis - CNA

Japan's Rikako Ikee on Saturday (Aug 29) won in her first race since being diagnosed with leukaemia 19 months ago... In February 2019, Ikee was diagnosed with leukaemia and has been slowly battling back to full fitness since then.
She was discharged from hospital in December after around 10 months of treatment and resumed training in March.

International cruise terminal set to open in Tokyo on Sept. 10 : The Asahi Shimbun

A new terminal that can accommodate the world's largest cruise ships is ready to go, but is still awaiting its first foreign arrival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, set to open in Koto Ward on Sept. 10, was shown to the media in a preview on Aug. 26.
The terminal was scheduled to start operations in July to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics, but its opening was postponed due to the pandemic.

Banksy asylum boat passengers evacuated

All passengers from the Louise Michel, the boat sponsored by street artist Banksy that became stranded off the coast of Italy, left the vessel on Saturday.
The most vulnerable passengers, numbering 49, were evacuated by Italian coastguards, following distress calls sent out by the Louise Michel. The others were transferred to the Sea-Watch 4 humanitarian ship. Both vessels were east of Lampedusa, a small island south of Sicily, the Marinetraffic site reported on Saturday evening.
The Italian coastguard service said in a statement that “given the danger of the situation, the coastguard sent a patrol boat to Lampedusa that took in 49 people deemed the most fragile, including 32 women, 13 children and four men.” The body of a deceased migrant was also evacuated to Lampedusa.

Dozens detained in Belarus anti-government protest | Euronews

Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the Belarusian capital in the third weekend of demonstrations, demanding President Alexander Lukashenko resigns.
Demonstrations began after the autocratic leader claimed victory in an election on August 9, which opponents say was rigged.
Police said 125 people were arrested in Sunday's rally, but Ales Bilyatsky of the Viasna human rights organisation said more than 200 were detained.

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感染者2500万人超に 新型コロナ  :日本経済新聞


米CDCのコロナ検査縮小指針、大半の州が従わず - ロイター


チェコ上院議長ら訪問団が台湾到着 政府の親中路線と対立 中国の反発必至 - 毎日新聞




大坂なおみ、決勝棄権 準決勝ストレート勝ちも左太腿裏負傷 31日開幕全米OPピンチ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex スポーツ


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News Headlines - 29 August 2020

Iran agrees to grant access by IAEA inspectors to 2 sites

Iran has agreed to grant access to inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency to probe allegations of past nuclear weapons development at two locations that have been the subject of controversy, the two sides said Wednesday.
In a joint statement, they said that under the agreement on resolution of nuclear safeguards implementation issues, "Iran is voluntarily providing the IAEA with access to the two locations specified by the IAEA and facilitating the IAEA verification activities to resolve these issues."
The statement did not set out dates for the IAEA access and the verification activities, but it said they have been agreed.

U.S. Penalizes 24 Chinese Companies Over Role in South China Sea - The New York Times

The Trump administration on Wednesday added 24 Chinese companies to a government list that bans them from buying American products, citing their role in helping the Chinese military construct artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea.
The Trump administration has penalized dozens of Chinese companies in previous months by adding them to the so-called entity list over national security concerns related to advanced technology and alleged human rights violations against Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region. But this is the first time that the administration has used the entity list in relation to China’s encroachment in the South China Sea, which stretches south of Hong Kong and borders the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.

Amazon unveils first Amazon Fresh grocery store in Woodland Hills

Amazon today officially took the wraps off its long-awaited new grocery store concept in Woodland Hills, Calif., under the Amazon Fresh banner.
Located at 6245 Topanga Canyon Blvd., the 35,000-square-foot store isn’t slated to open widely to the general public for several weeks, according to Jeff Helbling, vice president of Amazon Fresh stores. But starting today, Amazon is emailing invitations to thousands of local consumers to be the first to shop Amazon Fresh this week, he said. Hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Jeff Bezos is now worth a whopping $200 billion - CNN

On Wednesday, the Amazon CEO's wealth reached an estimated $202 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, as the company's shares soared. That's up about $87 billion since January.
The explosive growth in Bezos' fortune is being driven by his holdings in Amazon (AMZN). The company's stock is up about 25% over the last three months and 86% so far this year, according to data from Refinitiv.
Bezos, who founded Amazon in 1994, keeps breaking records with his wealth. In 2017, he became the richest person on the planet. And last month, his estimated net worth jumped to almost $172 billion, marking a new global high.

Chadwick Boseman, 'Black Panther' star, has died - CNN

Actor Chadwick Boseman, who brought the movie "Black Panther" to life with his charismatic intensity and regal performance, has died.
Boseman has battled colon cancer since 2016 and died at home with his family and wife by his side, according to a statement posted on his Twitter account. He was 43.

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TikTokトップが辞任 ディズニー出身、就任わずか3カ月:時事ドットコム


「隠れトランプ支持者」は存在、本心明かさない傾向-調査が示唆 - Bloomberg


ワシントンDCで人種差別撤廃求める大規模集会 キング牧師の演説「私には夢がある」を記念 | ニューズウィーク日本版


ノーベル文学賞作家が出頭 反政権派組織捜査で―ベラルーシ:時事ドットコム


ホンダの新EV Honda e、日本での価格と発売日が公開。欧州よりだいぶ高い451万円から - Engadget 日本版

2019年秋に欧州で先行発表されて以来注目を集めていた、ホンダの新型電気自動車(EV)「Honda e」の日本における車両価格と発売日が発表されました。
ベースとなるグレードの価格は、消費税込みで451万円。駐車時の自動アシストやカメラ式センターミラーなど装備が充実した上級グレード「Honda e Advance」は495万円となっています。
ちなみにドイツにおけるHonda eの価格は、それぞれ2万9470ユーロ(約370万円)と3万2470ユーロ(約407万円)であることが既に発表済み。

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News Headlines - 28 August 2020

Shinzo Abe: Japan's PM resigns for health reasons - BBC News

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has announced his resignation for health reasons.
He said he did not want his illness to get in the way of decision making, and apologised to the Japanese people for failing to complete his term in office.
The 65-year-old has suffered for many years from ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, but he said his condition had worsened recently... He will remain in his post until a successor is chosen.

The Legacy of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Departing Prime Minister - The New York Times

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, announced on Friday that he would resign, ending a term in office in which he pursued - with mixed results - a conservative agenda of restoring the country’s economy, military and national pride... The once-popular leader, however, had recently seen a decline in his standing with the Japanese people, and he was criticized for his handling of the country’s coronavirus epidemic and his support for an arrested member of his party.
Here is a look at his time in office and his legacy.

Abe vows COVID-19 vaccinations for all Japan citizens by mid-2021 | The Japan Times

Vaccinations for the novel coronavirus will be secured for all citizens by the first half of next year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced during a news conference Friday in which he put forward a series of policy packages and revisions that, together, represent a shift in the country’s comprehensive strategy to suppress the pandemic... Reserve funds from the country’s second supplementary budget of fiscal 2020 will be used to procure the vaccines, the distribution of which, Abe said, will prioritize the elderly, health care providers on the front lines and those with pre-existing conditions.
The government will provide financial support to vaccine manufacturers and distributors should health problems trigger legal action.

SoftBank Group to sell $12.5 billion of stock in mobile wireless unit | The Japan Times

Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank Group Corp. said Friday it will sell about ¥1.33 trillion ($12.5 billion) of the stock it holds in its Japanese wireless operation, adding to massive asset sales that have helped his conglomerate get back on track after missteps with startup investments.
The Tokyo-based parent said it will sell 927 million shares in SoftBank Corp. through a global secondary offering, about a third of its stake. The carrier’s stock, which closed at ¥1,431.5 on Friday, will be sold at a discount of 3 percent to 5 percent. Separately, the wireless unit said it will buy back up to 1.68 percent of its shares for about ¥100 billion... SoftBank plans to sell 223.5 million shares to overseas investors in Europe and Asia, excluding the United States and Canada, with an extra allotment of 33.5 million shares. Domestic investors will get 670.5 million shares. The company aims to hand over the shares between Sept. 23 and Sept. 25, or five business days after the pricing and other details are settled.

17-year-old arrested after 2 killed during unrest in Kenosha

A white, 17-year-old police admirer was arrested Wednesday after two people were shot to death during a third straight night of protests in Kenosha over the police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake.
Kyle Rittenhouse, of Antioch, Illinois, about 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) from Kenosha, was taken into custody in Illinois on suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide in the attack Tuesday that was largely captured on cellphone video. The shooting left a third person wounded.

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FRB、「物価2%超」容認決定 ゼロ金利維持へ新指針 :日本経済新聞


ホンダ、100億円支払い和解 欠陥エアバッグ訴訟:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


ブラジル各地で2021年のカーニバル日程延期へ。サウヴァドール市は7月開催 - MEGABRASIL


ブラジル、殺人被害1~6月6%増 コロナ下で人出減少も治安改善せず :日本経済新聞


アメリカ スポーツ界で抗議の試合中止続く 黒人男性銃撃で | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 27 August 2020

National security law: arrested Hong Kong activist among group caught by China’s coastguard while fleeing to Taiwan, sources confirm | South China Morning Post

A Hong Kong activist arrested earlier this month over the national security law was among a group of about 10 Hongkongers caught by the China Coast Guard while fleeing to Taiwan, sources have confirmed... The coastguard announced on Wednesday night that its Guangdong force had intercepted a vessel on Sunday morning in Chinese waters off southeastern Hong Kong and arrested more than 10 people.

China Occupying Land In 7 Border Districts, Says Nepal Survey Department: Report

China's expansionist designs is going on unchecked in Nepal as it is slowly and gradually encroaching Nepali land at multiple locations with the tacit support of the present dispensation headed by Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli.
According to a report by the Survey Department of Agriculture Ministry of Nepal, China has illegally occupied Nepal's land in several places spreading over seven bordering districts. The report stated Beijing is fast moving forward and further pushing Nepali boundaries by encroaching more and more landmass... The Nepali, districts which are victims of China''s land-grabbing plan including Dolakha, Gorkha, Darchula, Humla, Sindhupalchowk, Sankhuwasabha and Rasuwa.

Christchurch mosque attack: Brenton Tarrant sentenced to life without parole - BBC News

A white supremacist who killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand will serve life in jail without parole - the first person in the country's history to receive the sentence.
Australian Brenton Tarrant, 29, admitted to the murder of 51 people, attempted murder of another 40 people and one charge of terrorism.
The judge called Tarrant's actions "inhuman", saying he "showed no mercy".

The British Museum Reopens to a World That Has Changed - The New York Times

After being closed for 163 days by the coronavirus pandemic, the British Museum on Thursday became the last of Europe’s major museums to welcome back visitors.
As at other institutions these days, there were hand sanitizer stations and one-way routes, a limited number of visitors, and many masks. But the museum has made some more permanent changes, too.

Apparel maker Renown to sell its brands, go into liquidation - The Mainichi

Failed Japanese apparel maker Renown Inc. said Friday it will sell some of its main brands, including D'urban suit brand, to an apparel group in Osaka for an undisclosed amount.
Renown is likely to go into liquidation after the planned sale of its brands to Koizumi Co.'s group companies on Sept. 30, sources close to the matter said.
Tokyo-based Renown also said it plans to sell its Aquascutum and Simple Life brands to the apparel group based in the western Japan city.
Founded in 1902, Renown filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors in May, as the coronavirus pandemic caused sales to plummet following the nationwide closure of its shops in many department stores to curb virus infections.

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EU通商担当委員に辞任圧力 アイルランドで「コロナ規制違反」:時事ドットコム


スコットランド独立派、勢い増す 英のコロナ対策に不信感 :東京新聞 TOKYO Web


サブスク自転車快走 ドイツ、コロナで利用増:中日新聞Web


男優賞、女優賞を廃止 ベルリン映画祭 性別を区別しない姿勢 | NHKニュース


伝説の終焉へ…リオネル・メッシが16年間過ごしたバルセロナに退団の意思を伝える | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 26 August 2020

Chinese military fires ‘aircraft-carrier killer’ missile into South China Sea in ‘warning to the United States’ | South China Morning Post

China launched two missiles, including an “aircraft-carrier killer”, into the South China Sea on Wednesday morning, a source close to the Chinese military said, sending a clear warning to the United States.
The move came one day after China said a US U-2 spy plane entered a no-fly zone without permission during a Chinese live-fire naval drill in the Bohai Sea off its north coast.
One of the missiles, a DF-26B, was launched from the northwestern province of Qinghai, while the other, a DF-21D, lifted off from Zhejiang province in the east.Both were fired into an area between Hainan province and the Paracel Islands, the source said.

Hong Kong police arrest 16, including 2 opposition lawmakers : The Asahi Shimbun

Hong Kong police arrested 16 people Wednesday on charges related to anti-government protests last year, including two opposition lawmakers.
Pro-democracy legislators Ted Hui and Lam Cheuk-ting announced their arrests on social media.
Posts on Lam’s Twitter account said he had been arrested on charges of conspiring with others to damage property and obstructing justice during a protest in July 2019. The tweets said he has also been accused of rioting on July 21, 2019.

KFC Temporarily Dropping Its Iconic ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Slogan Is A Sign Of The Times

It’s not known how many people actually do lick their fingers after eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, but for now the company is saying, simply, “Don’t.”
This week KFC, part of the Yum Brands! group of fast food brands, said it was temporarily dropping its iconic “It’s finger licking good” slogan from its advertising in light of pandemic safety concerns regarding bringing your hands into contact with your mouth.
“We find ourselves in a unique situation - having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” Catherine Tan-Gillespie, the company’s global chief marketing officer, said in a statement. According to an AP story, KFC called its tagline “the most inappropriate slogan for 2020.”
And while the slogan, which the company has used for 64 years, will be dropped for the remainder of the year, it “will be back…just when the time is right.”

Bette Midler apologizes for mocking Melania Trump's accent

Bette Midler is apologizing for mocking first lady Melania Trump's accent.
The outspoken actress, 74, first sparked backlash Tuesday night as Trump closed out the second night of the Republican National Convention with a speech from the newly renovated White House Rose Garden.
"Oh, God. She still, can’t speak English," Midler tweeted, referring to Trump, who immigrated to the U.S. from Slovenia.
Trump is the second first lady in history born outside of the U.S. and the only first lady to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, according to whitehouse.gov. The first lady can speak six languages, according to CNN, including Slovenian (her native language), French, Serbian, German, Italian and English.

Barcelona fans gather outside Camp Nou to protest as captain Lionel Messi leaves club - Football Espana

Fans of Barcelona are congregating outside the club’s Camp Nou stadium tonight in protest at the planned exit of club captain Lionel Messi.
Groups of supporters of the Blaugrana began to gather outside the club’s home in the Catalan capital on Tuesday after news broke that Messi is leaving Barcelona this summer.

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ロシア反体制指導者に毒の痕跡 ドイツ病院が所見、疑惑深まる:時事ドットコム


グレタさんが復学 1年間の休学期間を終え|日テレNEWS24


米MS、アップル対抗措置に懸念 「フォートナイト」側を支援 | 共同通信


米FB、タイで王政批判団体のアクセス遮断 政府から圧力 - ロイター


日本第1号のメダルが行方不明 1920年五輪、テニス熊谷が獲得:中日新聞Web


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News Headlines - 25 August 2020

UN security council rejects US attempt to extend Iran sanctions | The Guardian

America was rebuffed last week when 13 countries on the security council argued that the US had no legal right to “snap back” sanctions because it had already walked out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.
On Tuesday, Indonesia - which this month holds the security council’s rotating presidency - said that no further action could be taken on the US request, because there was no consensus on the 15-nation body.
The announcement prompted an angry response from Kelly Craft, the US envoy to the UN, who said: “Let me just make it really, really clear: the Trump administration has no fear in standing in limited company on this matter. I only regret that other members of this council have lost their way and now find themselves standing in the company of terrorists.”

Thailand approves new warrant against Red Bull heir over hit-and-run case - CNA

A Thai court on Tuesday (Aug 25) issued a new arrest warrant for the heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune over his alleged involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident in 2012, police said.
Vorayuth Yoovidhya was accused of crashing his Ferrari into a policeman, Wichien Klanprasert, and dragging his body for dozens of metres before fleeing.
Authorities last month unexpectedly dropped the case, sparking public criticism that prompted a government review.

Mexico rocked by claims of corruption against three former presidents | The Guardian

Mexico’s political establishment has been shaken by claims that three former Mexican presidents and an all-star cast of lawmakers and aides may have been involved in alleged acts of corruption.
The accusations were leveled by Emilio Lozoya, the former head of Mexico’s state oil company Pemex, and will boost efforts by the country’s current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to portray himself as an anti-corruption crusader... In a leaked 63-page deposition, Lozoya, who was extradited from Spain in July to face corruption charges of his own, dragged some of Mexico’s best-known politicians into a rapidly unfolding scandal.

Africa now free of wild poliovirus, the World Health Organization says | Euronews

Africa is now free of the wild poliovirus disease, which can cause paralysis in children, The World Health Organization said on Tuesday.
The announcement comes after no cases were reported for four years on the continent, with the last case detected in Nigeria... Pakistan and Afghanistan are now the only two countries believed to still have the wild poliovirus.

Man who believed virus was hoax loses wife to Covid-19 - BBC News

A Florida taxi driver, who believed false claims that coronavirus was a hoax, has lost his wife to Covid-19.
Brian Lee Hitchens and his wife, Erin, had read claims online that the virus was fabricated, linked to 5G or similar to the flu.
The couple didn't follow health guidance or seek help when they fell ill in early May. Brian recovered but his 46-year-old wife became critically ill and died this month from heart problems linked to the virus.

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軍事協定、当面維持へ 韓国は破棄警告を継続 | 共同通信


ロシア政府系組織、Qアノン陰謀論拡散か 米大統領選への影響懸念 - ロイター


スペイン、コロナ感染40.5万人突破 過去1週間で2万人増 - ロイター


120人に3年間、月15万円 独でベーシックインカム実験―新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


バイエルンが7季ぶり6度目のCL制覇! 先発起用コマンのヘッド弾でパリSGとの今季最強決戦を制す | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 24 August 2020

Abe hits history books with 2,799 consecutive days as prime minister : The Asahi Shimbun

Shinzo Abe marked a record 2,799 straight days in office on Aug. 24 as the longest-serving prime minister in the nation's constitutional history amid mounting concerns about the state of his health.
The milestone in terms of a single run in the job surpasses the previous record set by his great-uncle, Eisaku Sato, who served as prime minister from 1964 to 1972. Sato's main achievement was regaining sovereignty of Okinawa in his last year.
With more than a year remaining in his term as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Abe, 65, is on course to extend a record that is bound to stand for many years.

Abe returns to hospital on day he becomes Japan's longest-serving PM

On the day he became Japan's longest-serving prime minister in terms of consecutive days in office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revisited Monday a Tokyo hospital where a week ago he underwent what an aide called "a regular health checkup."
Abe, 65, said he went to Keio University Hospital to be informed about his previous checkup results and undergo additional tests, a government official said.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seen in this undated file photo, became Japan's longest-serving prime minister in terms of consecutive days in office on Aug. 24, 2020, marking 2,799 uninterrupted days as premier and breaking the previous record held by his great uncle Eisaku Sato. (Kyodo)
Reiterating his determination to keep working as the nation's leader amid speculation about his health, he also thanked the Japanese people for giving him strong support in elections in remarks to reporters following the four-hour visit.

Japan's Takeda Sells Drugs Subsidiary to US Blackstone Fund - The New York Times

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is selling its subsidiary in Japan focused on consumer healthcare to U.S. investment fund Blackstone Group.
The deal, announced Monday by the Japanese drugs manufacturer, is valued at 242 billion yen ($2.3 billion), although the exact sales price will be determined later, after adjustments for debt and capital of the subsidiary, Takeda Consumer Healthcare Co.
The deal will likely be completed by March 2021, according to Tokyo-based Takeda.

Venezuela says most-used border crossing from Colombia is now open - Reuters

Venezuela on Friday said its most-used crossing along the border with Colombia was now open following a brief closure this morning for disinfection, after Colombian migration authorities earlier said it had been closed... Colombia is a top destination for Venezuelans fleeing the political, economic and social crisis in their country. Some 1.7 million Venezuelans reside in Colombia.
Since March, when Colombia declared a national lockdown to combat the new coronavirus, around 100,000 Venezuelans have returned home.
Another 40,000 are waiting to cross the border, according to Colombian migration authorities, amid weekly limits by Venezuelan authorities on the number of citizens allowed to return.

22-year-old panda gives birth to cub in Washington | NHK WORLD

The oldest giant panda in the United States has given birth to a cub. Mei Xiang, at 22, reportedly became the second oldest panda in the world to do so.
The cub was born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington. It is the first baby giant panda in the US capital in five years.
Zoo officials say Mei Xiang showed signs of pregnancy last month, and that zookeepers confirmed the birth as she was seen nursing the newborn cub last Friday.

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TikTokが米政府提訴へ 「売却の大統領令に異議」と声明 | 共同通信


「マスク5歳以下は不要」WHO指針…12歳以上は大人と同様 : 読売新聞オンライン


満員のライブ会場で「コロナ感染実験」、ドイツの科学者が実施 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)

今回のプロジェクトは「Restart-19」と呼ばれるもので、ライプツィヒのコンサートホールに約2000人を集めて実施され、ドイツ人シンガーのティム・ベンツコ(Tim Bendzko)が出演した。

さらば日本型鉄道ゲージ 樺太の発展を支えて1世紀 ロシア仕様に変更:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


佐藤、2度目のインディ500優勝 3年ぶりに伝統レース制す―自動車:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 23 August 2020

Female protest leader gunned down in Iraq's Basra - Reuters

A female activist was killed on Wednesday and three others wounded when unidentified gunmen opened fire on their car in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, security and health sources told Reuters.
It was the third incident this week in which gunmen targeted an anti-government political activist, after one activist was killed and four others had their car fired upon in a separate incident... The recent wave of violence begun when activist Tahseen Osama was assassinated on Friday, prompting a return of street demonstrations for three days in which security forces opened live fire on protesters who lobbed the governor’s house with rocks and petrol bombs and blocked several main roads.

Iran nuclear: Fire at Natanz plant 'caused by sabotage' - BBC News

Iran's nuclear body has said that a fire last month at a major nuclear facility was caused by sabotage.
But the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) did not say who it believed was behind the incident at the Natanz uranium enrichment site.
Some Iranian officials have previously said the fire might have been the result of cyber sabotage.
There were several fires and explosions at power facilities and other sites in the weeks surrounding the incident.

Turkey Discovers Large Natural Gas Reserve In Black Sea. Here’s Why That Matters

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey had discovered its largest-ever deposit of natural gas in the Black Sea, a move that could help the country reduce its dependence on energy imports from other countries, including Russia.

'Shocking': Outrage in Israel over alleged gang rape of teenager | Al Jazeera

The alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by some 30 men in the Red Sea resort of Eilat has sparked outrage in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling the incident "shocking".
Reports that the alleged perpetrators, said to be in their 20s, queued outside the minor's hotel room awaiting their turn to take advantage of her inebriated state prompted protests in several Israeli cities on Thursday.
The girl had reported the alleged crime to police in Eilat last week but the case had previously gone largely unnoticed.

Protests Persist Against Belarus’s Leader Aleksandr Lukashenko - The New York Times

One day after President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus promised to crush with an iron fist the protests that have broken out since his re-election this month, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the capital, Minsk, on Sunday to show their determination to force him out of office.
After a week of rallies and publicity stunts in support of Mr. Lukashenko, who has led Belarus, a former Soviet republic, since 1994, many expected the protests against him to ebb. But by late Sunday afternoon, a sea of people had filled the main Independence Avenue in central Minsk, blocking all traffic there and on side streets.
Some estimates put the number of demonstrators at well over 100,000, in what appeared to be a repeat of a similar rally a week earlier.

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レバノン元首相暗殺、1人有罪 ヒズボラ指導部関与「証拠なし」―国際法廷:時事ドットコム


ファイブアイズ 情報機能高め協力推進を - 産経ニュース


EU、米ロブスター税撤廃 20年ぶり削減、摩擦緩和も:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


米欧新聞、手数料下げ交渉要求 アプリ契約でアップルに書簡:東京新聞 TOKYO Web




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News Headlines - 22 August 2020

New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern delays election over coronavirus fears - BBC News

The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has postponed the country's general election by a month amid a spike in coronavirus cases.
The vote was due to take place on 19 September but will now be held on 17 October instead.
Ms Ardern said on Monday that the new date would allow parties "to plan around the range of circumstances we will be campaigning under".
Earlier this week, the country's largest city went back into lockdown.

Goodyear tires: Trump 'cancels' the tires as he campaigns against 'cancel culture' - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump is calling on his followers to not buy Goodyear tires and threatening to remove them from his custom presidential limousine, despite previously railing against "cancel culture," after an employee posted a viral photo of a company policy banning "Make America Great Again" and other political attire in the workplace.
"Don't buy GOODYEAR TIRES - They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS. Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!)," he tweeted Wednesday morning.
The tweet came in response to an employee who posted a photo, obtained by CNN affiliate WIBW, from a Topeka, Kansas, Goodyear plant that showed a slide during a training that "Black Lives Matter" and LBGT pride apparel were "acceptable" and "Blue Lives Matter," "All Lives Matter," "MAGA Attire," and other political material were "unacceptable."
Goodyear issued a statement following the President's tweet stating "the visual in question was not created or distributed by Goodyear corporate," but that it asks its associates to "refrain from workplace expressions in support of political campaigning for any candidate or political party, as well as similar forms of advocacy that fall outside the scope of racial justice and equity issues."

PepsiCo hires WTO chief Azevedo as trade body's leadership void drags on - Reuters

Departing World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevedo will join PepsiCo Inc (PEP.O) as chief corporate affairs officer, the soft drink and snack foods giant said on Wednesday as the WTO remains far from deciding on a successor.
PepsiCo said in a statement that Azevedo will oversee its public policy, government affairs and communications efforts in a newly created role that works with governments, international organizations and other stakeholders. He will also join PepsiCo’s executive committee.

Mauritius arrests captain of oil spill ship | NHK WORLD

Police in Mauritius have arrested the Indian captain of the Japanese-owned vessel that has spilled about 1,000 tons of fuel oil into the Indian Ocean.
Police told NHK that Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and his Sri Lankan deputy are under arrest on suspicion of endangering safe navigation.

Libya crisis: Rival authorities announce ceasefire - BBC News

Libya's rival authorities have announced an immediate ceasefire.
The Tripoli-based and internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) published a statement that also calls for elections in March next year.
The truce was also agreed by an ally of Gen Khalifa Haftar, who controls large parts of the east and south of Libya.
Libya has been riven by violence since Col Muammar Gaddafi was deposed by Nato-backed forces in 2011.

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EU、英とのFTA「合意の可能性低い」 交渉難航続く :日本経済新聞


米国が対イラン制裁再発動に着手 英独仏は不支持を表明:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


グリーンランドの氷床融解、19年は史上最多 「北極圏の温暖化反映」研究チーム - 毎日新聞


ロリ・ロックリン被告に禁錮2月 娘2人不正入学で : 日刊スポーツ


渋野は予選敗退 野村、3打差9位浮上―全英女子ゴルフ:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 21 August 2020

House of Lords: Temporary move to York rejected by repairs body - BBC News

Peers will not be packing their bags and moving to York after a proposal to relocate the House of Lords during rebuilding work was effectively axed.
Boris Johnson wants the Parliamentary authorities to look at the idea of moving the Lords out of London while the Palace of Westminster is revamped.
But the body in charge of the project said it would not be considered.

IS 'Beatles' will not face death penalty in US - BBC News

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh are accused of being the last two members of an IS cell dubbed "The Beatles" because of their UK accents.
The US sought the UK's help in the case but a legal fight over the use of the death penalty has stymied co-operation... In a letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel, US Attorney General William Barr said the US authorities would not seek the death penalty against the two men and "if imposed, it will not be carried out".
In the light of the assurances, he said he hoped the UK would share "important evidence" about the men promptly.

Shiori Ito sues LDP lawmaker over her use of ‘likes’ : The Asahi Shimbun

Journalist Shiori Ito is suing a lawmaker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party for "liking" a number of Twitter posts that she said smeared her reputation after she went public with her rape accusation.
Ito, 31, who has become the face of Japan’s #MeToo movement, filed a libel lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court on Aug. 20 against Mio Sugita, a Lower House member of the LDP. She is seeking 2.2 million yen ($20,800) in damages.
According to the complaint, Sugita's account liked multiple disparaging messages, such as, “Ito screwed up sleeping her way (into a job),” and “Ito set up a honey trap,” which were tweeted in June and July of 2018.

Surge in passport sales delivers Vanuatu a record budget surplus | The Guardian

Surging demand for Vanuatu passports has driven an unexpected record surplus, funding Covid-19 bailout packages and cyclone recovery... Vanuatu citizenship costs US$130,000. About $80,000 goes directly to the government: the remainder stays with the agent, who must be a born or naturalised Vanuatu citizen, and who pays a 15% tax on their revenues.
The figures suggest at least 650 people have received Vanuatu citizenship under the programme since the beginning of the year.
Vanuatu passports are sought-after because they allow visa-free access to the EU, the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, and other states that are otherwise hard to visit for some nationalities.

Scientists harvest more eggs from near-extinct northern white rhino - Reuters

Scientists racing to save the northern white rhino from extinction have harvested 10 more eggs from the last two females alive which they hope will help create viable embryos that can be incubated by other rhinos acting as surrogates.
Neither of the remaining northern white rhinos on Earth - a mother and her daughter - can carry a baby to term, so scientists want to implant the embryos into southern white rhinos instead.
The last male northern white rhino, named Sudan, died in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy in 2018.

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70人以上の米共和党政権元高官、民主党バイデン氏支持 : 読売新聞オンライン


バノン前大統領首席戦略官を逮捕 国境の壁めぐり詐欺か:朝日新聞デジタル


米加州での山火事、4人死亡確認 6万人以上が避難:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


「女性優遇は非生産的」 掲載の独化学誌、批判浴び謝罪:朝日新聞デジタル


パリSGは約1600億円を投資してCL決勝進出 - 欧州CL : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 20 August 2020

Three Gorges Dam hits record levels as flooding continues in China - UPI.com

Fear is growing again in China the Three Gorges Dam could be breached as rivers across the country continue to overflow and rise to record levels.
About 260,000 residents in the southwestern city of Chongqing have been evacuated, and thousands of shops in the city were submerged underwater by Thursday, state-owned Beijing News reported.
The dam, which was built in 2003 and spans the Yangtze River in Hubei province, is expected to receive a record 76,000 cubic meters of water per second as heavy downpours continue in the region, according to the report.
Chinese authorities have said 10 of the dam's floodgates were opened on Wednesday, discharging 48,000 cubic meters of water per second.

Taiwan Representative Office opens in Somaliland - Taiwan Today

The Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland opened Aug. 17 in Hargeisa, paving the way for enhanced bilateral cooperation benefiting the people on both sides, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
During the launch ceremony, President Tsai Ing-wen delivered a recorded message from the Presidential Office in Taipei City, saying friendship between the two countries is based on the common values of democracy, justice and the rule of law.

Paperwork for virus subsidy shifted to new firm after flap : The Asahi Shimbun

On Aug. 14, the ministry signed a new contract with consulting company Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC, based in Tokyo, to handle the administrative paperwork for subsidies to be paid out under the second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year.
The company will take over from Service Design Engineering Council, which had been in charge of payments from the first supplementary budget... The contact awarded to Deloitte Tohmatsu is worth 42.7 billion yen ($404 million), with 41.6 billion yen to be used to assess the applications and 1 billion yen to offset fees for the bank transfers of the subsidies to the companies... When Service Design Engineering Council won the first contract for the job, it was paid 76.9 billion yen. But it paid Dentsu 74.9 billion yen to handle the actual paperwork.

Tax authority penalizes Nissan over Ghosn expenses : The Asahi Shimbun

The taxation bureau determined that Nissan had failed to properly declare about 1 billion yen in income over a five-year period through March 2019... The taxation bureau identified more than 200 million yen used for repeatedly traveling abroad in corporate jets. It also discovered about 100 million yen in rental fees for condominiums in Tokyo, Paris and Amsterdam, along with other items from Ghosn’s personal expenses.
His elder sister had received consultation fees, apparently declared under the guise of a fictitious business deal, which is believed to be the reason the tax bureau imposed the tax penalty on Nissan for that portion of outlays.
Nissan paid the corporate tax after it deducted those expenses from taxable income, but the tax bureau refused to accept those as expenses.

Sota Fujii becomes youngest shogi player with two major titles | The Japan Times

Fujii, who had already earned the title of Kisei, made the achievement at the age of 18 years and one month by winning four matches in a row in a seven-match series against Oi title defender Kazuki Kimura, 47, in Fukuoka.
The previous record of 21 years and 11 months was set by ninth-dan player Yoshiharu Habu, 49.

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ロシア反体制指導者が意識不明 毒盛られた可能性:時事ドットコム


[軍港移設先で合意]負担軽減につながるか | 沖縄タイムス+プラス


米 香港への3つの優遇措置を停止や撤廃 国家安全維持法に対抗 | NHKニュース


独仏、WHOの財務・権限強化を提言 コロナ禍で脆弱性=内部文書 - ロイター


日英EPA交渉、英国産チーズの扱い焦点に 優遇措置に日本慎重 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 19 August 2020

Mali coup: President quits after soldiers mutiny - BBC News

Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta has resigned, after being detained by soldiers on Tuesday.
In a televised address he said he was also dissolving the government and parliament, adding: "I want no blood to be spilled to keep me in power."
He and PM Boubou Cissé were taken to a military camp near the capital Bamako, drawing international condemnation.

Arrest of Chinese spy in Delhi raises concerns about Dalai Lama’s security : The Tribune India

The recent arrest of a Chinese spy in Delhi who was allegedly involved in a multi-crore hawala racket and was allegedly spying on the Dalai Lama has drawn concerns from the community in exile about their spiritual leader’s safety.
A Chinese spy, who is believed to be involved in a hawala racket involving Rs 1,000 crore, was caught from Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila---a hub of Tibetan exiles in Delhi.

'Tiger King' zoo closes after feds suspend its license - CNN

The zoo featured in the "Tiger King" documentary announced late Tuesday it is closed to the public after its federal animal exhibition license was suspended.
The US Department of Agriculture said it suspended the exhibitor license for Greater Wynnwood Exotic Animal Park and Jeffrey Lowe on Monday. Lowe and the park's previous owner, Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who went by the name Joe Exotic, were among the characters in the Netflix streaming phenomenon "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness."

Apple Reaches $2 Trillion, Punctuating Big Tech’s Grip - The New York Times

It took Apple 42 years to reach $1 trillion in value. It took it just two more years to get to $2 trillion.
Even more stunning: All of Apple’s second $1 trillion came in the past 21 weeks, while the global economy shrank faster than ever before in the coronavirus pandemic.
On Wednesday, Apple became the first U.S. company to hit a $2 trillion valuation when its shares climbed 1.4 percent to $468.65 in midday trading, though they later declined and ended the day flat.

France makes wearing face masks at work compulsory from next month | Euronews

France is now mandating masks in all workplaces, from the Paris business district to factories in the provinces, as it tries to contain growing virus infections but avoid shutting down the economy.
Tuesday’s announcement by the Labour Ministry makes France one of the relatively few countries in the world that are universally requiring workers to wear masks on the job, though they’re routinely worn in many Asian countries and increasingly required in public places beyond... France currently has among the highest infection rates in Europe, and already requires masks in public indoor spaces like restaurants and in many areas outdoors.

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ベラルーシでデモ参加の日本人男性逮捕 禁錮15年も(テレビ朝日系(ANN))


新型コロナ終息後の旅行 行き先の人気 日本が1位 | NHKニュース


新型コロナ「第二波がこない」スウェーデン、現地日本人医師の証言 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)


地名の付いた料理は、本当にそこの名物なのか? | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


武藤嘉紀所属のニューカッスル 今度はシンガポールの投資会社が買収に乗り出す:中日スポーツ


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News Headlines - 18 August 2020

S&P 500 Sets First Record Since February, Erasing Its Coronavirus Plunge - WSJ

The S&P 500 closed at its highest level ever Tuesday, capping a remarkable rebound fueled by unprecedented government stimulus and optimism among investors about the world’s ability to manage the coronavirus pandemic.
The benchmark U.S. stock index rose 0.2% to close at 3389.78, surpassing its prior record of 3386.15 from Feb. 19 and erasing a historic plunge during February and March that ended the longest-running bull market in history. The S&P 500 is now up 4.9% this year.

German watchdog launches Amazon investigation: report | DW

Germany's antitrust authority, the Federal Cartel Office (BKA), is examining whether Amazon is abusing its dominant market position, the agency's head Andreas Mundt told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.
"We are currently investigating whether and how Amazon influences the price-setting of third-party traders on the marketplace," Mundt said.
After the coronavirus pandemic began, there were complaints that Amazon had blocked some traders because of allegedly excessive prices, he noted. "Amazon must not be a price controller. This applies even now," Mundt said.

Microplastic in Atlantic Ocean 'could weigh 21 million tonnes' - BBC News

A study, led by the UK's National Oceanography Centre, scooped through layers of the upper 200m (650ft) of the ocean during a research expedition through the middle of the Atlantic.
Such an amount of plastic - 21 million tonnes - would be enough to fully load almost 1,000 container ships.
The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Britney Spears opposed to dad returning as her caretaker - New York Daily News

Britney Spears is dead-set against her dad returning as her personal caretaker after he took a leave of absence from the court-approved role last year.
In a new conservatorship filing this week, the pop star makes clear she wants dad Jamie Spears permanently replaced by the woman who stepped in to handle her day-to-day affairs on a temporary basis... The conservator in charge of Spears’ person has the right to restrict and limit her visitors, hire and manage her security guards and access all records for the Grammy winner’s medical and psychiatric treatment.
Spears’ lawyer Samuel Ingham filed the new paperwork Monday, saying his client also wants a change when it comes to her dad’s tight control over her business affairs.

Rio Ferdinand gets six-month driving ban after being caught speeding | Sky News

Former England footballer Rio Ferdinand has been banned from driving for six months after he was caught speeding in his Mercedes.
The ex-Manchester United star, 41, was clocked doing 85mph on the A27 at Hangleton in Hove, East Sussex, on 22 July last year, Crawley Magistrates Court heard.

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米 CIA元工作員を逮捕 中国に機密情報を売り渡した疑い | NHKニュース


日立、英政府とウィルファ原発建設計画の再開条件を協議-広報担当者 - Bloomberg


前国王、UAEに滞在 スペイン王室確認:時事ドットコム


フィンランドのマリン首相、感染疑い 軽い症状、検査受ける:時事ドットコム


テニス錦織圭が新型コロナ陽性 1年ぶりの復帰戦は欠場 :朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 17 August 2020

Japan GDP drop breaks postwar record amid pandemic : The Asahi Shimbun

Japan’s economy suffered its biggest contraction on record in the April-June quarter amid the pandemic, as consumers closed their wallets, businesses shuttered or were spooked out of making investments, and exports plunged.
Japan’s gross domestic product shrank at a rapid clip, falling at an annualized rate of 27.8 percent in the second quarter, marking the steepest drop on record in the postwar era, according to a government report released Aug. 17.
The economy contracted 7.8 percent in the April-June period from the previous quarter, preliminary figures released by the Cabinet Office also showed.

Abe hospital visit raises speculation about his health | The Japan Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a hospital on Monday, raising concerns about whether he is still fit enough to lead the nation through a pandemic and an economic downturn.
Abe entered Keio University Hospital in the Shinanomachi district of Tokyo at about 10:30 a.m. His aide and a hospital official told reporters the visit was a followup on his regular medical check-up in June.

Japanese officials sought a Nissan-Honda merger | Financial Times

Japanese government figures tried to bring Nissan and Honda together for merger talks this year, in a sign of growing concern in Tokyo over the future of the country’s once mighty car sector.
The suggestion to create a national champion was first made to the companies at the tail-end of 2019, according to three people familiar with the matter, amid fears that Japan’s vast car-manufacturing base was losing its edge as the shift towards self-driving electric vehicles unleashed greater competition.

Ainu group's fishing lawsuit is first to seek confirmation of indigenous rights | The Japan Times

A group of Ainu, an ethnic minority in northern Japan, filed a lawsuit Monday against authorities to grant them an exemption from a ban on the commercial fishing of salmon in rivers.
While the law stipulates that the Ainu are an indigenous people, it does not guarantee their self-determination and other tribal rights, with the government citing there are no Ainu tribes.

World temperature record set in California's Death Valley - Reuters

One of the hottest air temperatures recorded anywhere on the planet in at least a century, and possibly ever, was reached on Sunday afternoon at Death Valley in California’s Mojave Desert where it soared to 130 Fahrenheit (54.4 Celsius).
An automated observation system run by the U.S. National Weather Service in the valley’s sparsely populated Furnace Creek reported the record at 3:41 p.m. at the crest of an extreme heat wave, a more frequent occurrence due to climate change.

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CNN.co.jp : トランプ氏とバイデン氏が接戦に、有権者の投票意欲も高まる 米世論調査


TikTok米事業の90日以内売却、トランプ大統領が正式命令 : 読売新聞オンライン


米若者、4人に1人「自殺考えた」 新型コロナでCDC調査:時事ドットコム


UFOの正体に迫れるか アメリカ国防総省が特別チーム設け調査へ | NHKニュース


米LA移住ヘンリー王子夫妻、リゾート地に引っ越し : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 16 August 2020

NASA eyes Oct. for SpaceX ship liftoff with Japanese astronaut aboard - The Mainichi

NASA said Friday that it is targeting Oct. 23 at the earliest for the next launch of a spacecraft developed by U.S. company SpaceX, which is scheduled to carry four astronauts including Japan's Soichi Noguchi.
The mission, previously considered for late September, will follow the first crewed test flight by SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle to the International Space Station. Two U.S. astronauts returned from the ISS earlier this month aboard the capsule, ending their two-month mission.
Noguchi, a 55-year-old veteran Japanese astronaut, and three U.S. astronauts are tasked with carrying out a six-month science mission aboard the ISS, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Taiwan finalises purchase of F-16 jets from Lockheed Martin - CNA

Taiwan finalised the purchase of F-16 fighter jets from US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin on Friday (Aug 14), a source confirmed to AFP, in a deal previously reported to be worth US$8 billion.
The Pentagon announced on Friday a 10-year, $62 billion contract with Lockheed Martin for the new production of F-16 Foreign Military Sale aircraft. Underscoring the sensitivity of the transaction, the announcement did not specify the buyer or buyers, but a source familiar with the matter confirmed to AFP that Taiwan was one of them.

Trump: 'A lot of people' think Edward Snowden 'not being treated fairly'

President Trump polled his aides on Thursday about whether he should let anti-surveillance whistleblower and leaker Edward Snowden return to the US from Russia without going to prison, saying he was open to it... Trump commented on Snowden for the first time as president after accusing former President Barack Obama of spying on his 2016 campaign.

NJ Couple Dies From COVID-19, 2 Days After Losing Son to Virus - NBC New York

A Fairfield couple married for 62 years died from the coronavirus hours apart, just two days after they lost a son to the virus in the first months of the pandemic, Gov. Phil Murphy said during his daily briefing this past week.
Larry and Vicki Freda died from the coronavirus on April 24, Murphy said, two days after their 51-year-old son John died on April 22.

Unilever to rename German 'gypsy sauce' after complaints - Reuters

Unilever’s German food company Knorr will rename its popular “Zigeuner” - or gypsy - sauce as Hungarian-style paprika sauce after complaints that the name is offensive, becoming the latest brand to shift after a wave of protests over racism.

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EU、コロナワクチンさらに購入 最大4億回分、英社から:時事ドットコム


英イングランド、約340万人が新型コロナに感染か-抗体調査で判明 - Bloomberg


EUがベラルーシ制裁合意 大統領選の不正疑惑めぐり:朝日新聞デジタル


地方紙装うニュースサイト急増 米大統領選:中日新聞Web


ロシアが罰金を全額支払い、世界陸連からの除名回避:AFPBB News

ロシア陸上競技連盟(RUSAF)は12日、同国スポーツ省の援助を受け、ドーピング違反で科された罰金などを全額支払ったと明かした。これによりRUSAFはワールドアスレティックス(World Athletics、世界陸連)からの除名を免れた。……世界陸連は先月、RUSAFが罰金や関連費用など約630万ドル(約6億7000万円)を8月15日までに支払わなければ除名処分にする可能性があると発表していた。

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News Headlines - 15 August 2020

VJ Day: UK commemorates 75th anniversary as royals lead tributes - BBC News

The Royal Family has led the UK's commemorations on the 75th anniversary of VJ Day - the day World War Two ended with Japan's surrender.
The Prince of Wales led a two-minute silence at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, as part of a service of remembrance.
Later, in a TV address, his elder son Prince William urged the public "to learn the lessons of the past".
And a message from the Queen thanked those "who fought so valiantly".

4 members of Abe’s Cabinet visit Yasukuni on war anniversary : The Asahi Shimbun

Four Cabinet ministers visited Tokyo's war-related Yasukuni Shrine on Aug. 15, the anniversary of Japan's defeat in World War II, in a move that is bound to raise heckles in China and South Korea... The ministers who visited are: Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi, often touted as a future prime minister; Koichi Hagiuda, the education minister; Seiichi Eto, the state minister in charge of Okinawa and Northern Territories affairs; and Sanae Takaichi, the internal affairs minister.
The last time a Cabinet minister visited Yasukuni Shrine on Aug. 15 was in 2016 when Takaichi and Tamayo Marukawa, the state minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympics, did so.

South Korea’s Conservatives Outpoll Moon’s Party for First Time - Bloomberg

The popularity of South Korea’s main opposition party exceeded the ruling party’s ratings for the first time in a major poll since President Moon Jae-in took office in 2017, amid soaring real estate prices in Seoul.
The approval rate for the conservative United Future Party rose to 36.5%, up from 34.6% a week ago, a weekly Realmeter poll released Thursday showed. Moon’s ruling Democratic Party fell to 33.4% from 35.1% a week ago, it said.

Doctor deaths from Covid-19 in India have reached 'alarming' levels, Indian Medical Association says

The Indian Medical Association has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing the "rising concerns of safety of doctors during this Covid crisis," saying that almost 200 doctors have died across the country because of the virus... According to the IMA, 196 doctors across India have died because of the coronavirus as of August 7.

The True Coronavirus Toll in the U.S. Has Already Surpassed 200,000 - The New York Times

Across the United States, at least 200,000 more people have died than usual since March, according to a New York Times analysis of estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is about 60,000 higher than the number of deaths that have been directly linked to the coronavirus... That suggests that the official death counts may be substantially underestimating the overall effects of the virus, as people die from the virus as well as by other causes linked to the pandemic.

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ベラルーシ、数千人が「人間の鎖」 選挙後の暴力に抗議:AFPBB News

ベラルーシで13日、アレクサンドル・ルカシェンコ(Alexander Lukashenko)大統領が6選を果たした大統領選挙の結果や、選挙後に起きた警察による暴力的な取り締まりに抗議するデモが行われ、数千人が「人間の鎖」をつくった。

ベラルーシ原発稼働で駆け引き 輸出のロシア、影響力拡大狙う:中日新聞Web

ロシア国営原子力企業ロスアトムによると、原発輸出計画は十二カ国の計三十六基で世界最多。イランやインドなどへの輸出実績はあるが、旧ソ連圏ではベラルーシが初めてだ。 ベラルーシでの計画は福島第一原発事故の最中の二〇一一年三月十五日、プーチン大統領が売り込んで決まった。原発が完成するとリトアニアやポーランドなどへの電力供給態勢が整い、間接的にロシアの覇権が西に広がる。

米国の「5Gクリーンネットワーク」企業にソフトバンクと楽天追加 - ケータイ Watch


ソ連の北方領土侵攻で記念硬貨 200万枚発行―ロシア中銀:時事ドットコム


バイエルンが8ゴール圧勝でCLベスト4進出!…大敗のバルセロナは12季ぶりの無冠 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 14 August 2020

Early trials show potential of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is making progress on Bnt162b1, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate that is undergoing development and for which the U.S. government has secured access to 300 million doses in 2021. The results of the phase I/II clinical trials were published in Nature on August 12.

Big cats' droppings help German circus weather coronavirus crisis - Reuters

One creature’s droppings can be another’s treasure, as Germany’s Krone Circus is finding out during the new coronavirus pandemic... Customers have told lion tamer Martin Lacey they swear by the stuff.
“I am told it keeps cats away from the garden, and since then we have learned that also it keeps the animals away from the car, where they eat all the electric cables,” Lacey said... The jars sell for 5 euros each, with some of the money going towards a charity to improve the living conditions of captive animals.

Abe Cabinet support rate falls to 32.7%, nearing record low | The Japan Times

The approval rate for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet fell to 32.7 percent in August, the second-lowest level since his current administration was launched in December 2012, a Jiji Press opinion poll showed Friday.
The rate was down 2.4 percentage points from July. The lowest support rate for the Cabinet was 29.9 percent, marked in July 2017.
The disapproval rate for the Abe Cabinet in this month rose 2.0 points to 48.2 percent, the second highest level since its launch, after 48.6 percent in July 2017.

Post-merger Japan opposition party likely to have over 140 lawmakers | The Japan Times

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People have been in talks to join together and mount a united front against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition.
The CDP, the nation’s largest opposition party, currently has 89 lawmakers - 56 in the House of Representatives and 33 in the House of Councilors. The DPP has 40 and 22, respectively, for a total of 62.

Dentsu posts a profit despite COVID-19 revenue fall - AdNews

Dentsu Group posted a profit for the first half with the Japan-based global advertising group slashing costs to meet falling revenue from COVID-19.
Organic revenue for the six months to June was down 8.9% but underlying operating profit was up by 14.6% to 52.7 billion yen.
The revenue slide was more than offset by cost savings, including reducing wages and bonuses, to mitigate the impact of the economic downturn.

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イスラエル、UAE国交正常化 トランプ氏「歴史的合意」―対イランで協力重視:時事ドットコム


米、中国5社の取引先排除 政府調達で、ファーウェイなど―日本企業への影響必至:時事ドットコム


NYタイムズ、20年以内に印刷やめる? CEOが予測:朝日新聞デジタル


「フォートナイト」がApple・Google提訴 課金問題視: 日本経済新聞


クアルコム、逆転勝訴 スマホ半導体独禁法違反認めず 米高裁「市場競争妨げない」 :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 13 August 2020

Turkey′s Erdogan threatens Greece over energy dispute in Mediterranean | DW

Turkey's president on Thursday threatened Greece against rising tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, after Turkish gas exploration vessel Oruc Reis resumed operations there earlier this week... Turkey on Monday sent the vessel to explore off the coast of the Greek island of Kastellorizo, accompanied by several Navy ships. Greece responded by sending its own military vessels to monitor the situation.
Erdogan's remarks come after unconfirmed reports in Greek media that a vessel from Greece hit a Turkish ship escorting the Oruc Reis. The Greek Defense Ministry denied attacking the Turkis ship, with a ministry spokesperson telling AFP: "No incident happened."

Americans' confidence in police falls to its lowest level in nearly three decades, new Gallup poll shows - CNN

Americans' confidence in police has hit a new low -- aided in large part by a growing gap between Black and White people about how much they trust officers.
Around 48% of Americans said they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in police, down from 53% the previous year, according to a new Gallup poll... Gallup has polled Americans on their confidence in police for nearly 30 years. This is the lowest it's dropped since the first policing poll in 1994 (the previous high was 64% in 2004), Gallup said.

Trump Wants to Block Post Office Funding to Stop Mail Voting | Time

President Donald Trump escalated his attacks on mail voting on Thursday, when he seemed to say clearly what he has insinuated for months: that his opposition to funding the U.S. Postal Service, and additional election resources, is part of a deliberate effort to make it more difficult for Americans to vote by mail in November.

Protests Take On Thailand's Monarchy, Despite Laws Banning Such Criticism - The New York Times

While the country’s absolute monarchy was toppled by a bloodless revolution in 1932, Thailand remains bound by royal traditions. The father of King Maha Vajiralongkorn reigned for 70 years and was the world’s longest-serving monarch at the time of his death in 2016.
Thailand’s student-led anti-government protests, which have gained momentum this summer, have addressed everything from the disappearance of activists critical of the military and monarchy, to the enduring power of a 2014 coup leader who now serves as prime minister.
Over the last few days, however, they have added a new element to the mix: direct criticism of a royal institution that, through decades of street and student protest, tried to position itself as floating above politics.

Shinzo Abe under fire for coronavirus response, survey shows - UPI.com

According to U.S.-German communications consultancy Kekst CNC, Abe's ratings are lower than that of U.S. President Donald Trump or British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Tokyo Shimbun reported Thursday. Both the United States and Britain have confirmed higher numbers of COVID-19 cases than Japan.
The survey, which polled 1,000 respondents from the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden, France and Japan, shows Abe scoring minus 34 points. Trump scored minus 21 points and Johnson received minus 12 points, according to Kekst.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the highest score, or 42 points, for her response to the virus, the poll shows.

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ベラルーシ大統領選の対立候補、リトアニアに滞在:AFPBB News

ベラルーシで9日行われた大統領選をめぐる騒乱が2晩にわたって続いた中、6選を目指したアレクサンドル・ルカシェンコ(Alexander Lukashenko)大統領の主要対立候補となったスベトラーナ・チハノフスカヤ(Svetlana Tikhanovskaya)氏がリトアニアに滞在していることが分かった。リトアニア外相が11日、明らかにした。……ベラルーシでは抗議活動により1人が死亡。首都ミンスクでは10日夜、大勢の人々が路上に繰り出し、ルカシェンコ大統領がチハノフスカヤ氏から勝利を奪ったと主張した。

独連立与党SPD、メルケル氏後任候補にショルツ財務相指名 - ロイター


OECD公的債務1270兆円増 加盟37カ国、コロナ対策で膨張 | 共同通信


ツイッターに返信制限機能 中傷・嫌がらせ防止:時事ドットコム


米マクドナルド、前CEOを提訴 社員と性的関係、調査欺く | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 12 August 2020

Hong Kong media tycoon Lai, activist Agnes Chow released on bail | Al Jazeera

Media tycoon Jimmy Lai, owner of Hong Kong's Apple Daily, and pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow, have been released on bail after they were arrested as part of a crackdown under a new national security law imposed by Beijing.
Lai was released in the early hours of Wednesday, flanked by his lawyers, and greeted by supporters who chanted "fight till the end" and "support apple, have an apple a day", referring to the pro-democracy tabloid... In total, 10 people were arrested on Monday, with the targeting of pro-democracy opposition figures in the semi-autonomous territory drawing international criticism and raising fears that Beijing is revoking freedoms promised under the "one country, two systems" formula that has been in place since the end of British colonial rule in 1997.

‘Free Agnes’ goes viral in Japan after Hong Kong activist arrested : The Asahi Shimbun

Chow, who was released on bail late at night on Aug. 11, expressed gratitude for the widespread support she received in Japan on social media.
She said the lyrics of the hit song “Fukyowaon” (Discord), by popular Japanese all-female idol group Keyakizaka 46, came to her mind while she was detained. The song is about having the strong determination to stick to one’s beliefs and resist pressure from others to give in.

Japan’s opposition DPP party to split as merger talks hit impasse | The Japan Times

Some members of Japan’s Democratic Party for the People will not participate in a merger with a larger opposition party due to disagreements over policy, the former’s leader said Tuesday.
Yuichiro Tamaki said he is among the lawmakers choosing to splinter off rather than join forces with the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, ending months of discussions aimed at building a united front against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition.

SoftBank posts $11.8bn net profit in first quarter - Nikkei Asian Review

SoftBank Group on Tuesday reported a net profit of 1.25 trillion yen ($11.8 billion) in the April-June quarter thanks to the merger and sale of its stake in U.S. mobile carrier Sprint and a recovery in its $100 billion Vision Fund, marking a return to profit after its worst ever loss in the previous quarter.

Disney ends the historic 20th Century Fox brand - BBC News

Walt Disney has brought to an end one of the best-known names in the entertainment industry, 20th Century Fox.
It comes as the legendary House of Mouse has rebranded one of its TV studios as 20th Television.
It follows January's rebranding of the 85-year-old film company 20th Century Fox as 20th Century Studios.
Last year Disney completed a $71.3bn (54.7bn) deal to buy the bulk of Rupert Murdoch's Fox media assets.

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英GDP、4~6月は最悪の20.4%減 欧州主要国で突出 :日本経済新聞


ロシア、新型コロナワクチンを世界初承認-臨床試験は未完了 - Bloomberg


世界の感染者2000万人 米州中心に止まらぬ勢い―1カ月半で倍増・新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


米民主党の副大統領候補に黒人女性のカマラ・ハリス上院議員 | NHKニュース


米、香港から輸出は「中国製」に 国安法制裁、貿易で同一の扱い


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News Headlines - 11 August 2020

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily vows to ‘fight on’ after owner arrested : The Asahi Shimbun

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily tabloid responded with defiance on Tuesday to the arrest of owner Jimmy Lai under a new national security law imposed by Beijing, promising to “fight on” in a front-page headline over an image of Lai in handcuffs.Readers queued from the early hours to get copies of the pro-democracy tabloid a day after police raided its offices and took Lai into detention, the highest-profile arrest so far under the national security law.

Lebanese government resigns after Beirut blast, public anger

Lebanon’s prime minister stepped down from his job Monday in the wake of the catastrophic explosion in Beirut that has triggered public outrage, saying he has come to the conclusion that corruption in the country is “bigger than the state.”
The move risks opening the way to dragged-out negotiations over a new Cabinet amid urgent calls for reform. It follows a weekend of anti-government protests after the Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut’s port that decimated the facility and caused widespread destruction, killing at least 160 people and injuring about 6,000 others.
In a brief televised speech after three of his ministers resigned, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said he and his government were stepping down.

After shooting near the White House Trump briefly leaves press briefing - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump was abruptly evacuated from the White House briefing room by security on Monday after shots were fired outside the building.
Trump returned to the briefing room minutes later, confirming a shooting.

Boris Johnson warns 'long, long way to go' for UK economy - BBC News

Boris Johnson has warned the UK has a "long, long way to go" before the economy improves, after official figures showed the largest drop in employment in over a decade... Between April and June, the number of people in work fell by 220,000, the Office for National Statistics said.
The drop in the number of people employed was the largest quarterly decrease since May to July 2009, the depths of the financial crisis.

Sex and coronavirus: How to have it safely - BBC News

The Terrence Higgins Trust has published advice suggesting people avoid kissing, wear a face covering and choose positions that aren't face-to-face during sex.
It may sound tough, but people need to find a way "to balance our need for sex and intimacy with the risks of the spread of COVID-19", the Trust says.

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香港で新聞創業者逮捕 米大統領補佐官が強く非難 | NHKニュース


中国の論文数、世界一に 米国抜く、日本4位―文科省:時事ドットコム


カナダ、アルミ製品で米に報復関税  :日本経済新聞


「幸福の黄色いハンカチ」の原作者 ピート・ハミルさん死去 | NHKニュース


ユベントスがサッリ監督の解任を発表! セリエA9連覇も…CL敗退&イタリア杯優勝逃す | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 10 August 2020

Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow arrested under national security law | The Japan Times

Prominent Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow was arrested late Monday under China’s new national security law, a police source and a statement on her verified Facebook account said.
“It’s now confirmed that Agnes Chow has been arrested for ‘inciting secession’ under the national security law,” her Facebook account said.
A police source confirmed that Chow was among 10 people arrested on Monday in a national security investigation.

Trump postpones G7 summit until after US election - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump said Monday that he will look to postpone the G7 meeting until after the election in November, after a previous delay due to Covid concerns... The presidency of the G7 rotates annually, and Trump is this year's chair.
The summit was slated to be held at Camp David in June, and after a tentative plan to postpone the meeting and switch to a virtual conference, Trump had floated in May the idea of doing it in person in the fall.

FTC commissioner's message to working parents after testifying while breastfeeding: 'The stress is real'

On August 5, Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter of the Federal Trade Commission received widespread praise on social media for testifying before the Senate, via video call, while breastfeeding her newborn baby... Slaughter, who was testifying about the FTC’s role in supporting kids, working adults and health-care patients during this time, was met with kind reactions from reporters and political leaders, including Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) who complimented her daughter’s “beautiful head of hair” and said how “well-behaved” she was.

Huawei: Smartphone chips running out under US sanctions - The Mainichi

Chinese tech giant Huawei is running out of processor chips to make smartphones due to U.S. sanctions and will be forced to stop production of its own most advanced chips, a company executive says, in a sign of growing damage to Huawei's business from American pressure... Production of Kirin chips designed by Huawei's own engineers will stop Sept. 15 because they are made by contractors that need U.S. manufacturing technology, said Richard Yu, president of the company's consumer unit. He said Huawei lacks the ability to make its own chips.

Greece accuses Turkey of ′threatening peace′ in the Mediterranean | News

Greece on Monday accused NATO ally Turkey of "threatening peace" in the eastern Mediterranean after Ankara resumed searching for oil and gas near the remote Greek island of Kastellorizo.
The Greek foreign ministry said that Turkey's decision to deploy a seismic research ship constituted a "new serious escalation" and "exposed" Turkey's "destabilising role."
The Greek ministry said the country "will defend its sovereignty and its sovereign rights."

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独、帰国者のコロナ検査義務化 新規感染1000人超えで - ロイター


欧州、広がる反マスク 「自由の侵害」と反発―新型コロナ:時事ドットコム


米ディズニー19年ぶり最終赤字 パーク閉鎖・映画延期で  :日本経済新聞


フォードCEOが退任へ 6年で3度目、創業家に焦り :日本経済新聞




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News Headlines - 09 August 2020

More than a dozen killed in 'devastating' India plane crash | Al Jazeera

At least 18 people were killed and more than 150 others injured when a passenger jet skidded off a hilltop runway after landing in heavy rain in the southern city of Kozhikode in India.
Hardeep Singh Puri, the Indian civil aviation minister, told ANI news agency on Saturday 18 people including two pilots were killed in Friday's "unfortunate" crash.

Mahinda Rajapaksa sworn in as Sri Lanka's PM after record victory | Al Jazeera

Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa has been sworn in as the country's prime minister for the fourth time after his party secured a landslide victory in parliamentary elections that cemented his family's hold on power.
Mahinda took oath on Sunday before his younger brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, at a prominent Buddhist temple on the outskirts of the capital Colombo.
Mahinda served as the island nation's president from 2005 to 2015 and is highly popular among the ethnic majority Sinhalese for ending the country's 25-year civil war with Tamil rebels in 2009.

First Somaliland representative to Taiwan arrives - Focus Taiwan

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu on Sunday welcomed Somaliland's first representative who arrived in the country Friday in preparation for the upcoming opening of the self-claimed African state's representative office in Taiwan.
In a tweet, Wu welcomed the arrival of Mohamed Omar Hagi Mohamoud, saying he has "braved Chinese pressure" to take up the post in Taiwan. "The fact 'sovereignty & friendship aren't for sale' deserves international recognition," Wu tweeted.
Wu was referring to a Somaliland media report earlier this month that Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi rejected an offer by the Chinese government in exchange for ending exchanges with Taiwan.

Washington aims Clean Network program directly at stopping China and Huawei | ZDNet

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday the extension of Washington's 5G Clean Path program to encompass carriers, app stores, cloud computing, and subsea cables under the Clean Network umbrella.
Pompeo said the extension was needed to guard against "aggressive intrusions" by the Chinese Communist Party, and called other nations to create a "Clean fortress" around citizen's data.
Under the Clean Carrier label, the United States will seek to ensure Chinese carriers aren't connected to US telco networks.

US Lawmakers Ask 6 Top Universities to Hand Over Records of Foreign Donations | Voice of America

Three members of the U.S. Congress are asking six of the nation’s top universities to hand over records of donations they have accepted from certain foreign nations, including China and Russia, citing concerns that these multimillion-dollar donations present a growing national security threat.
Letters aimed at helping the members to “further understand the effects of adversarial foreign direct investments in the U.S. higher education system” were sent to the presidents of Harvard, New York University, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and University of Delaware. The letters sent this week ask the presidents to provide all records of gifts from China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia since January 2015.

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ベラルーシ初の原発稼働へ 1号機に核燃料注入開始 - 産経フォト


バイデン氏また失言 黒人軽視するような発言で批判:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


世界のコロナ死者、70万人超す 昨年のエイズ犠牲者上回る


米輸出、上半期は15.7%減 新型コロナで貿易低調


ザルツブルク音楽祭100周年、新型コロナ対策で規模縮小し開幕:AFPBB News

世界屈指の権威ある夏の音楽フェスティバル、ザルツブルク音楽祭(Salzburg Festival)が1日、厳格な感染対策を講じつつオーストリアで開幕した。……今年で創設100周年を迎えたザルツブルク音楽祭は、当初計画していた200公演を大幅に削減。1か月にわたる期間中、110公演が行われる。……チケット販売数は例年の23万枚から、今年は8万枚に縮小。感染者が出た際に接触者の追跡ができるよう、各チケットには購入者の個人情報が記録される。

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News Headlines - 08 August 2020

New York Times' digital revenue exceeds print for first time ever - CNN

Digital revenue for The New York Times (NYT) exceeded its print revenue for the first time in its history, the company reported Wednesday in its second quarter report. The Times added 669,000 digital subscriptions for a total of 5.7 million digital-only subscriptions and a total of 6.5 million subscriptions overall. The company set a goal in 2019 to reach 10 million subscriptions by 2025.

NASA astronauts aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule return to Earth - The Washington Post

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley completed a fiery, high-speed journey back from the International Space Station on Sunday, splashing down in calm Gulf of Mexico waters off the coast of Pensacola, Fla., hundreds of miles from a churning Tropical Storm Isaias in the Atlantic in a triumphal denouement to a historic mission.
It was the first time in the 59-year history of crewed American space travel that astronauts had used the Gulf as a landing site, adding to other firsts that marked a new chapter in NASA’s human spaceflight program: the first launch of American astronauts to orbit from U.S. soil since the Space Shuttle was retired in 2011 and the first launch into orbit of humans on vehicles owned and operated by a private company.

Mauritius declares emergency over oil leak from Japanese ship

The Mauritius government declared a state of environmental emergency on Friday over a large amount of fuel that leaked into the sea from a stranded Japanese-owned bulk carrier off the country's coast.
The wreckage of the Panama-flagged vessel Wakashio "represents a danger for Mauritius," which does not have the skills to refloat stranded ships, said Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth in a Twitter post, accompanied by an aerial photo showing a dark brown swath of oil leaking from a tilted ship spreading in blue turquoise waters.

UAE starts first nuclear reactor at controversial Barakah plant | Al Jazeera

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on Saturday that it has started operations in the first of four reactors at the Barakah nuclear power station - the first nuclear power plant in the Arab world.
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), which is building and operating the plant with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) said in a press release that its subsidiary Nawah Energy Company "has successfully started up Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, located in the Al Dhafrah Region of Abu Dhabi".
That signals that Unit 1, which had fuel rods loaded in March, has achieved "criticality" - a sustained fission chain reaction.

Africa tops 1 million coronavirus infections: WHO - The Mainichi

The number of confirmed new coronavirus cases in Africa has topped the 1 million mark, with the death tally now standing at more than 22,000, the World Health Organization said Friday... The surge reflects the over 530,000 infections reported in South Africa, which account for more than half of the total on the continent. The country ranks fifth in the world for confirmed virus cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Among 54 African nations, the other hardest-hit countries include Egypt at around 95,000, Nigeria at more than 45,000, Ghana at about 40,000 and Algeria at over 34,000, according to data from the U.S. university.

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米、香港行政長官ら11人に制裁 対中圧力一段と :日本経済新聞


米の次期駐日大使、日本に「同盟内で一層大きな責任を負うよう促す」 : 読売新聞オンライン


ロシア閣僚が国後島訪問 石碑に「国旗降ろさず」、ソ連兵追悼:時事ドットコム


[FT]ロシア 極東のデモが表すモスクワとの「距離」


政治経験なしアラフォー主婦に注目 夫を拘束され「独裁者」の対抗馬に ベラルーシ大統領選:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


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News Headlines - 07 August 2020

Abe vague and brief at first news conference in nearly 50 days : The Asahi Shimbun

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s first news conference in nearly 50 days lasted for only 15 minutes and came amid criticism that he has been missing in action during the resurgence of novel coronavirus infections... Also on Aug. 6, The Asahi Shimbun lodged a formal protest with the Press Office of the prime minister’s office over a male staff member who grabbed the arm of an Asahi reporter who was trying to ask Abe a question.

Japan's NHK to combine channels, cut back on AM radio under new plan - The Mainichi

Japanese public broadcaster NHK on Aug. 4 disclosed its midterm business draft plan for fiscal 2021-2023 that specifies reducing satellite TV and AM radio channels and cutting back 63 billion yen (about $597 million) in expenditure over three years, among other proposals... NHK will combine its BS1 and BS Premium satellite TV channels, and is considering also including BS4K later on. It will also combine NHK radio 1 and 2 into one. The specific date of reduction will be revealed in the future. The broadcaster will mull what to make of BS8K after the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games that are scheduled to be held next summer.

Toyota profit sinks 74% on 40% drop in revenue - MarketWatch

The Japanese auto maker said it booked net profit of 158.84 billion yen ($1.50 billion) for the quarter ended June, compared with net profit of Y619.13 billion a year earlier... First-quarter revenue dropped 40% to Y4.601 trillion.
Operating profit fell 82% to Y77.4 billion for Japan and dropped 61% to Y42.8 billion for Asia excluding Japan, while its North American operations posted Y68.5 billion loss, compared with Y112.6 billion profit a year earlier.

Japan curry chain operator Ichibanya opens 1st restaurant in India - The Mainichi

Japanese curry restaurant chain operator Ichibanya Co. opened its first eatery in India near the capital New Delhi on Monday hoping to tap into the market with a population of over 1.3 billion, the second largest in the world.
The outlet was initially scheduled to open in spring, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Ichibanya, operator of CoCo Ichibanya curry restaurants in Japan and abroad.
Since a vast majority of people in India do not eat beef and pork based on their religious beliefs, the restaurant's menu is based on dishes using chicken, seafood and vegetables, the company said.

Foreign Office cat Palmerston retires to countryside - BBC News

In a "letter", he says he has moved away from Whitehall and is now climbing trees rather than "overhearing all the foreign dignitaries' conversations".
The black-and-white rescue cat, who has more than 105,000 Twitter followers, arrived from Battersea in 2016.
He has been known to clash with Larry, Number 10's main mouse-catcher.

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NY州が全米ライフル協会を提訴、解散要求|TBS NEWS
銃を持つ権利を擁護し、「アメリカ最強のロビー団体」といわれるNRA(全米ライフル協会)をめぐって、ニューヨーク州は会長らが資金を私的に流用した疑いがあるとして、協会の解散を求めて提訴しました。  ニューヨーク州は6日、裁判所にNRAの解散を求める訴訟を起こしたことを明らかにしました。ニューヨーク州によりますと、会長をはじめとする幹部は、NRAの資金を使い、プライベートジェットでカリブ海のバハマに家族旅行をするなど不正を繰り返し、この3年間で少なくとも6400万ドル(日本円で67億円あまり)を私的に流用した疑いがあるということです。
トランプ氏、「TikTok」「微信」との取引禁止-大統領令 - Bloomberg
ロシアによる英政府機密文書不正入手、関係者2人が証言 - ロイター
昨年12月の英総選挙に先立ち、フォックス前国際貿易相の電子メールアカウントからロシアのハッカーが英政府の対米貿易関係の機密文書を盗み出し、政治工作に利用していたことが、2人の関係者によるロイターへの証言で改めて裏付けられた。 この機密文書漏えい問題は、ロイターが昨年初めて伝えていた。今回の関係者の話では、フォックス氏への不正アクセスは昨年7月12日から10月21日までの間、複数回にわたる。盗まれたのはフォックス氏が国際貿易相を辞任した7月24日の前だったのかどうかは分かっていない。 ラーブ英外相は先月、漏えいの事実を認めた上で、ロシア側が違法な形で入手した英政府の文書をインターネットで拡散させることを通じ、総選挙に介入を試みたとの見方を示した。
EU、レバノン支援に41億円 国家再建も手助け:時事ドットコム
英アストラゼネカのワクチン供給、21年初めから :日本経済新聞
加藤勝信厚生労働相は7日、英製薬大手アストラゼネカが開発を進めている新型コロナウイルスのワクチンについて、1億2千万回分の供給を受けることで基本合意したと発表した。供給は2021年初めに始まり、3月までに3千万回分を確保する計画だ。同年夏の東京五輪・パラリンピック開催を意識した。 アストラゼネカは英オックスフォード大学とワクチンを開発しており、9月にも実用化をめざす。

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News Headlines - 06 August 2020

Japanese population shrinks by record 500,000 - Nikkei Asian Review

The number of Japanese citizens fell by 505,046 last year, the steepest decline in data going back to 1968, official figures released Wednesday show.
The tally sank for an 11th consecutive year in 2019 to 124.27 million as of Jan. 1, according to an annual government survey based on the national resident registry. The natural decline, or the difference between deaths and births, came to an all-time high of 511,998.
Just 59.3% of Japanese nationals were in the working-age range of 15 to 64, the smallest share on record. With the population steadily graying, measures by both the public and private sectors -- such as higher retirement ages -- that encourage seniors to continue working will be needed to keep the economy growing.

U.S. didn't have to drop atomic bombs on Japan to win war - Los Angeles Times

The accepted wisdom in the United States for the last 75 years has been that dropping the bombs on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, and on Nagasaki three days later was the only way to end the World War II without an invasion that would have cost hundreds of thousands of American and perhaps millions of Japanese lives. Not only did the bombs end the war, the logic goes, they did so in the most humane way possible.
However, the overwhelming historical evidence from American and Japanese archives indicates that Japan would have surrendered that August, even if atomic bombs had not been used - and documents prove that President Truman and his closest advisors knew it.

Nintendo profits jump 400% thanks to the Switch and 'Animal Crossing' - CNN

The company said it made 145 billion yen ($1.37 billion) in operating profit for the quarter ended June, marking a 428% surge compared to the same time a year ago. That blew away expectations from analysts, who had estimated about 62 billion yen of profit, according to data provided by Refinitiv.
Nintendo also doubled sales from a year ago, taking in about 358 billion yen ($3.4 billion).
The results show that months into the pandemic, people are still turning to the Nintendo Switch game console in droves. Nintendo sold about 5.7 million of the devices from April through June, marking a 167% increase year-over-year.

Sony to develop satellite with University of Tokyo and JAXA | The Japan Times

Sony Corp. said Wednesday that it will develop a satellite jointly with the University of Tokyo and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA.
The Japanese company will develop a camera for use in a satellite that can be controlled remotely from Earth in real time.
It aims to use images captured by the camera, such as those of outer space and Earth, in its entertainment business.

News Corp posts wider loss as coronavirus pummels advertising revenue | Fox Business

The New York-based company, which owns the Journal, HarperCollins Publishers and newspapers in the U.K. and Australia, said its fiscal fourth-quarter loss was $397 million, or 67 cents a share, compared with a loss of $51 million, or 9 cents a share, a year earlier. The wider loss was partly due to noncash impairment charges of $292 million and higher restructuring costs related to the coronavirus crisis, News Corp said.

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茂木外相が訪英 帰国後隔離なし、首相外遊向け前例づくりか:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


米中対立、報道でも再燃 中国人記者のビザ更新で :日本経済新聞


トランプ氏の関連企業を詐欺容疑で捜査か NY連邦地検:朝日新聞デジタル


英雄が一転、国を脱出 スペイン前国王の「栄光と凋落」(ロイター)


米コダック株にインサイダー疑惑 コロナ薬開発巡り :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 05 August 2020

Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands - Reuters

A powerful blast in port warehouses near central Beirut storing highly explosive material killed 78 people, injured nearly 4,000 and sent seismic shockwaves that shattered windows, smashed masonry and shook the ground across the Lebanese capital... President Michel Aoun said that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, used in fertilisers and bombs, had been stored for six years at the port without safety measures, and said it was “unacceptable”.
He called for an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday and said a two-week state of emergency should be declared.

1/3 Brazilian ministers contract coronavirus | NHK WORLD

An increasing number of Brazilian government officials have been infected with the coronavirus, including one-third of the Cabinet ministers.
Eight ministers have tested positive so far, such as the chief of staff, education minister, energy minister, and science minister. The wife of President Jair Bolsonaro also contracted the virus.
The president confirmed in early July that he had the virus. But since testing negative later last month, he has traveled around Brazil urging people not to be afraid of the virus.

Osaka to study gargle for anti-virus effects | NHK WORLD

Yoshimura said doctors instructed about 40 coronavirus patients to gargle with a mouthwash containing an antiseptic, povidone iodine, four times a day in June and July. The patients had mild or no symptoms and were quarantined at designated accommodations.
Among patients who used the mouthwash, only nine percent tested positive for the coronavirus in PCR tests conducted on the fourth day. Forty percent of those who didn't use it tested positive.
The prefecture plans to launch a study involving about 1,000 patients with mild or no symptoms to find out the efficacy of the gargle against the virus.

South Korean court moves closer to sale of Japanese steel-maker assets | The Japan Times

A South Korean court on Tuesday gained the right to order the sale of assets belonging to a Japanese steel-maker over a 2018 top court wartime forced labor compensation order that has roiled ties between the two countries.
Monday was the last day before the Daegu District Court's Pohang branch could legally consider court documents regarding its seizure of the Nippon Steel Corp. assets, by way of publishing them on its website for the last two months.
The court is expected to begin considering in earnest the ordering of the assets' sale to pay each of the four Korean plaintiffs the 100 million won (¥8.9 million) in damages the Supreme Court found they are entitled to receive.

Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow convicted of assembly charges over police HQ siege - The Mainichi

A Hong Kong court on Wednesday convicted prominent activist Agnes Chow of rallying in an unauthorized protest that saw thousands of protesters besieging the police headquarters amid a rising anti-government movement last year.
The West Kowloon Magistracy convicted Chow, 23, of taking part in and inciting others to join an unauthorized assembly on June 21 last year, where a crowd rallying at the legislature complex protesting against a proposed China extradition bill and police brutality against protesters in past demonstrations moved to blockade the nearby police headquarters.

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ベイルート大規模爆発 ゴーン容疑者の住宅も被害か ブラジル紙 | NHKニュース


ウイグル族のモデル、中国の収容施設から動画 BBCが入手 - BBCニュース


米厚生長官が台湾訪問へ 断交後で最高位 :日本経済新聞


スウェーデンGDP、8.6%減 経済優先でも過去最悪―4~6月期:時事ドットコム


大谷、今季は投手復帰せず 「打撃妨げない」―米大リーグ・エンゼルス監督:時事ドットコム


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News Headlines - 04 August 2020

Japan gov't says no problem with Abe's health after blood-vomiting report

The top Japanese government spokesman denied Tuesday that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been in poor health following a report in a weekly magazine that said the premier had vomited blood at his office in July... The latest edition of the weekly magazine Flash, which hit newsstands Tuesday, said speculation is rife that Abe vomited blood on July 6, pointing out that the premier's schedule showed no activity for about five hours that afternoon.

SoftBank Group failed to declare ¥40 billion in taxable income in fiscal '18 | The Japan Times

SoftBank Group Corp. said Tuesday it had failed to declare about ¥40 billion ($377 million) in taxable income in the business year through March 2019... Of the ¥40 billion, about ¥17 billion was underreported after the group miscalculated the yen value of a dollar-denominated debt it owed to a subsidiary in Japan by applying an incorrect foreign exchange rate, the sources said.
The authorities also did not accept SoftBank Group’s booking of about ¥14 billion as expenses for reward payments to an overseas subsidiary that manages the SoftBank Vision Fund, a venture capital fund focused on the technology sector, the sources said.

Lord & Taylor, Oldest U.S. Department Store, Files For Bankruptcy : NPR

Lord & Taylor, the oldest U.S. department store chain, has joined the cascade of retailers tumbling into bankruptcy during the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday's filing comes less than a year after Lord & Taylor was acquired by an online clothing-rental startup called Le Tote... At almost 200 years old, Lord & Taylor is credited with launching the first personal shoppers in the 1950s and even inventing the department store window display in the 1930s, featuring bleached cornflakes for snowflakes.
Selling itself to a 7-year-old startup was the company's last-ditch effort to bounce back. Last year, before the sale to Le Tote, Lord & Taylor had closed its flagship store on Manhattan's 5th Avenue and sold the iconic building to WeWork.

News Corp: Rupert Murdoch's son James quits company - BBC News

Mr Murdoch has previously criticised News Corp outlets, which include the Wall Street Journal, for climate change coverage.
In recent years James Murdoch has also found himself at odds - politically - with his father, BBC North America correspondent David Willis says.
Whilst Murdoch Senior has pledged support for Donald Trump, James Murdoch has reportedly contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of Mr Trump's Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Neil Young Sues To Stop Trump From Using His Songs : NPR

One of America's most beloved musicians, Neil Young, has filed a civil lawsuit against President Trump's reelection campaign. Young's mission: to get Trump supporters to stop rocking out to "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Devil's Sidewalk" at his campaign events and rallies.
The copyright infringement lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in New York, was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter and is available to read in full on Young's website.

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TikTok買収不成立なら禁止 期限は9月、米大統領が交渉容認 | 共同通信


サルビーニ前副首相、免責剥奪 難民上陸阻止、裁判に―イタリア:時事ドットコム


CNN.co.jp : 病菌が操る「ゾンビゼミ」、腹部脱落したまま飛行 交尾で感染拡大


テイラー・スウィフト 史上初の全米シングル&アルバムチャート初登場1位/デイリースポーツ online

テイラーの最新シングル「cardigan」が8月8日付の全米シングルチャートで1位、最新アルバム「フォークロア」が同アルバムチャートで1位を獲得したもので、テイラーはこれにより、全米シングルチャート(ビルボードHot 100)と全米アルバムチャート(ビルボードHot 200)で同時に初登場1位を果たした史上初のアーティストになった。

マー君、7年連続モモクロ新曲で登場!楽曲制作ファンキー加藤も歌に参加― スポニチ Sponichi Annex

メジャー7年目に挑むヤンキース・田中将大投手(31)の今季の登場曲が、ももいろクローバーZの「On Your Mark」に決まったことが2日、発表された。……田中は楽天時代からももいろクローバーZの楽曲を登場曲に使用し、14年のメジャー移籍後は毎年オリジナル制作された新曲を使用してきた。

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News Headlines - 03 August 2020

Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls,'; Virginia Giuffre Says

In recently unsealed court documents involving dead child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman named Virginia Giuffre, who publicly accused Epstein of sex trafficking, said that she once saw former Democratic President Bill Clinton on Epstein's island with "two young girls" from New York.

Alstom gains EU okay to acquire Bombardier's rail business - Reuters

France’s Alstom SA (ALSO.PA) clinched EU antitrust approval on Friday to acquire Canadian rival Bombardier Inc’s (BBDb.TO) rail business in a deal that will elevate it to the world’s second-largest rail maker after China’s CRRC Corp (601766.SS).
Alstom’s success in gaining EU clearance for the deal valued up to 6.2 billion euros ($7.4 billion) contrasted with its failed attempt last year to combine its rail assets with Siemens AG (SIEGn.DE), which was vetoed by regulators because the companies refused to offer more concessions.

KLM to cut workforce by up to 5,000 as passenger numbers plunge 95% - DutchNews.nl

KLM is to cut its workforce by between 4,500 and 5,000 full time jobs in the coming years as income plummets due to the coronavirus crisis, the Dutch flag carrier said on Friday.
Some 1,500 temporary contracts will not be renewed and some 2,000 jobs will go through a voluntary redundancy scheme. But some 1,500 people will lose their jobs, including ground, cabin, cockpit crew and administrative workers.
The airline has been hit by a 95% drop in passenger numbers and booked an operating loss of €493m in the second quarter of the year. This takes the first half loss to around €800m, and, according to chief executive Pieter Elbers, the worst result in the company’s history.

Iraq prime minister calls early elections for June 2021 | Al Jazeera

Iraq will hold its next parliamentary elections nearly a year early, in June 2021, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has announced.
"June 6, 2021, has been fixed as the date for the next legislative elections," he said on Friday in a televised speech... Al-Kadhimi came to power in May after months of protests forced his predecessor to resign.
The next parliamentary elections had originally been due to take place in May 2022. Iraq's parliament must still ratify the election date.

Buenos Aires Times | A decade on, hero Chilean miners are bitter and divided

A decade ago, 33 Chilean miners became a symbol of hope and solidarity after surviving for more than two months trapped deep underground in the Atacama desert. Today, the men are at odds, mired in trauma, illness, jealousy and bitterness.

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セブン&アイ、米コンビニ「スピードウェイ」2・2兆円で買収…米での事業拡大狙う : 読売新聞オンライン


米軍、ドイツ駐留の1万2000人削減へ 「戦略的」再配置 - BBCニュース


EU、サイバー攻撃に初制裁 ロ中や北朝鮮対象 :日本経済新聞


レイプ疑惑の内相に批判 任命の大統領にも矛先―仏:時事ドットコム


F1イギリスGP決勝速報:終盤に大波乱! ハミルトンがタイヤを引きずりながら優勝。レッドブル・ホンダのフェルスタッペンは2位表彰台


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News Headlines - 02 August 2020

Mexico's coronavirus death toll becomes third highest worldwide - Reuters

Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus deaths rose to 46,688 on Friday, health ministry data showed, placing the country’s death toll from the pandemic at third highest in the world, overtaking Britain, according to a Reuters tally.
The health ministry registered 8,458 new cases, a record for a single day, as well as 688 additional deaths, bringing the total to 424,637 cases and 46,688 fatalities.

Brazil reopens international flights to tourists even as coronavirus deaths spike - The Straits Times

Brazil on Wednesday (July 29) reopened international air travel to foreign tourists, which had been banned since March, even as the country's coronavirus outbreak ranks as the world's second worst... Brazil, the country worst hit by Covid-19 after the United States, on Wednesday reported a record number of new deaths and confirmed cases.

Greater Manchester declares major incident after rise in Covid-19 cases | The Guardian

A major incident has been declared in Greater Manchester in response to increases in coronavirus infection rates across “multiple localities”.
The decision to up the readiness of emergency and public services to react to the escalating Covid-19 transmission rate in the region comes after the government announced new lockdown restrictions for parts of north-west England on Thursday.

EU strikes deal with Sanofi for supply of potential COVID-19 vaccine | DW

The European Union has reached an agreement with French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi for the supply of 300 million doses of the potential coronavirus vaccine, the bloc's executive arm announced on Friday.
The deal will allow all 27 member-nations to purchase the vaccine once it is proven to be safe and effective.

SpaceX Highlights From Crew Dragon and NASA Astronaut Return - The New York Times

The first astronaut trip to orbit by a private company has splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico. Two astronauts dropped out of orbit in what was the first water landing by NASA since 1975, when the agency’s crews were still flying in the Apollo modules used for the historic American moon missions.

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CNN.co.jp : ベルリンで大規模デモ、新型コロナ対策の行動制限に抗議


香港警察、海外の民主活動家6人を指名手配 国安法違反の疑い - BBCニュース


インドがフランスから購入の戦闘機到着、中国への警告を暗示:AFPBB News

インドに29日、フランスから購入した戦闘機「ラファール(Rafale)」36機のうち、最初の5機が到着した。ラジナート・シン(Raj Nath Singh)国防相はこの到着に合わせて、領土問題で緊張関係にある中国への警告を暗示した。

在日米軍トップ「尖閣周辺で日本を助ける義務まっとうする」 | NHKニュース


デンマークのヨアキム王子、脳血栓で手術 容体は安定:AFPBB News

デンマーク王室は26日、ヨアキム王子(Prince Joachim、51)が脳血栓のためフランスで手術を受け、現在容体は安定していると明らかにした。……王位継承順位第6位のヨアキム王子は、女王マルグレーテ2世(Queen Margrethe II)と仏出身の故ヘンリック殿下(Prince Consort Henrik)の次男で、フレデリック皇太子(Crown Prince Frederik)の弟。

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News Headlines - 01 August 2020

PM Abe stops donning his much-touted government-sponsored mask

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday appeared for the first time in public since April without wearing his much-touted government-sponsored mask, which has been derided as a symbol of his administration's out-of-step policy against the coronavirus pandemic.
Instead of donning what became known as the "Abenomask," which was so small that it rode up on his face, Abe seemed more comfortable wearing one similar to commercially available ones, which fully covered the lower half of his face.

Germany suspends Hong Kong extradition agreement after election delay and amid national security law furore | South China Morning Post

Germany has suspended its extradition agreement with Hong Kong, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, following other Western countries in a move that reflected widespread concern over Beijing’s national security law in the city.
Maas made the statement on Friday, on the same day Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam postponed a September 6 election of the city’s legislature by a year, and put independence activist Ray Wong Toi-yeung - who has been granted asylum status by German authorities - on a wanted person’s list over national security offences.

Apple removes thousands of game apps from China store: research firm - Reuters

Apple Inc removed 29,800 apps from its Chinese app store on Saturday, including more than 26,000 games, according to data from research firm Qimai... The takedowns come amid a crackdown on unlicensed games by Chinese authorities.

Brazil to issue new 200 reais bank note - Reuters

Brazil will issue a 200 reais bank note, the currency’s largest denomination, for circulation around the end of August, the central bank said on Wednesday.
The note, at current exchange rates worth just under $40, will join the country’s two, five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 reais notes.
The new note will feature the maned wolf, and an estimated 450 million of them will be printed, the central bank said.

South Africa Murder Rate: 58 People Die on Average Every Day in Crime Spike - Bloomberg

The number of murders in South Africa climbed to the highest level in more than a decade as the police force struggled to get to grips with violent crime.
The number of homicides rose by 1.4% to 21,325 in the 12 months through March -- an average of 58 a day -- the police service said in its annual crime-statistics report. The murder rate of 36 per 100,000 people was little changed from the previous year and compares with an international average of seven per 100,000. The number of rapes, sexual offenses and car hi-jackings also increased, but property-related crime declined.

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ユーロ圏4~6月期GDP、年40%減 過去最大の下落:朝日新聞デジタル


米、失業給付加算が失効 経済対策で与野党協議不調:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


ツイッターのハッキング事件、17歳の男を逮捕-米司法省は3人訴追 - Bloomberg


ボストン爆破テロで死刑破棄 量刑審理差し戻し―米高裁:時事ドットコム


米実業家ハーマン・ケイン氏死去 トランプ集会参加後、コロナ感染:時事ドットコム


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